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20, 169cm (5'7"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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Willy has 42 reviews.

from bennyshazz [185] on 28 June 2020

Got a custom video from Willy. Was super easy to work with, the video was delivered fast and he is literally a muscle god. If you like super ripped ABS check him out right now as his are insane!

Willy replied...
Thank you :)

from SandTN [402] on 12 December 2019

He puts good videos of several minutes on his OnlyFans page. You get a great sample of what custom videos he provides. He looks great, as always, and treats the customer right.

Willy replied...
Thank you ??

from heterosp [101] on 11 December 2019

Did a very complicated role play with Willy, and he easily handled it! Natural actor, abs for days, total Superman- can’t wait for my next show with him!

Willy replied...
Thank you ??

from Cammybags [10] on 21 November 2019

Willy was super fast, did everything I asked of him perfectly, and looked mouth-watering the whole time. He is the best!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much :)

from Karuc [85] on 13 November 2019

Absolutely amazing. Willy is super nice and easy to talk to, open minded and - obviously - freaking hot. I got a custom video from him and after only 20 minutes I was already watching it. Ill definetely be back for more of this gorgeous stud. :)

Willy replied...
Thank you!!

from Bbcc [66] on 19 October 2019

Love him . Hot young everything you want in a show . Very professional. You get what you pay for

Willy replied...
Thank you :)

from RoryHill [190] on 6 October 2019

Such a good experience getting a video from this guy! So easy to talk to and quick to reply. I got a premade vid which was too good so ended up getting a custom vid the next day! Absolutely amazing alpha with dominating muscles and solid muscle! I’ll definitely be getting more vids in the future. A genuine guy who wants to take your fantasies and make them a reality!!

Willy replied...
Thank you :)

from talin1 [22] on 4 October 2019

Best show iv ever had I he's is the best guy on here

Willy replied...
Thank you ????

from NCBorusa [12] on 3 October 2019

Absolutely amazing beyond description. Friendly, easy to direct, quick to respond - and most importantly - you get EXACTLY what you expect - down to the last detail. This is one experience you will not forget - and you will want more. Don't be hesitant...the show will be great and the host is second to none.

You will wish you had contacted him sooner. Thank you, Willy.

Willy replied...
Thank you so much!!!!

from squashme [705] on 28 September 2019

Huge thanks to Willy for a custom vid he delivered - very quickly done and exactly what I wanted him to do. Not to mention his great build! ) Highly recommend!

Willy replied...

from longbyname [1062] on 20 August 2019

sensational show after a long time since our last show he reminded me of how incredible he is! thanks so much Willy. He is so polite and respectful

Willy replied...
Thank you :)

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 17 August 2019

I ordered my first custom video from Willy Wigren last night and received the video this afternoon.

Will has an amazing physique! And is incredibly handsome as well. He showed off in the tight jeans I wanted to see on him, and blue posing briefs, as well. Will has a body made for showing off anything you like to see on him. And he will make it look good with those big bulging muscles he has from head to toe!

Will went to work, in this video as the very charming, yet cocky, muscle stud who was on a mission to make sure that I enjoyed his body and he flexed and posed it, perfectly. He included sexy talk that kept me turned on, as well as teased me with his tree trunk quads and cute muscular bubble butt! He wanted to make sure that he made the right impression on me that would leave me wanting more of him, and the charming, sexy, muscular Will Wigren accomplished his mission: To addict me to his handsomeness, and, most of all, to his amazing muscles. All I knew in that moment is that if I had been in that room with this handsome muscle stud, I'd want to worship those muscles until he got too tired out from flexing to do it, anymore! Will really does have a physique that you will want to worship for hours! And he's a really nice guy, too! He was prompt from payment to delivery, and was so easy to do business with. I hope to do more videos with Will Wigren and see what other amazing talents this young stud possesses! If you like the cute college looking type of muscle guy, whose is ripped and chiseled, then Willy Wigren is the kind of man you want to fulfill your muscle worship fantasies!

Thank you for this wonderful video, Will! I hope to work with you again, handsome man! God Bless!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much man!!!!

from frank321 [155] on 9 August 2019

Willy has a great body, obviously a competitive level bodybuilder, but he never gets hard and doesn’t cum.

from SandTN [402] on 21 July 2019

He does some hot videos and he's fast with delivery.

from TM95 [315] on 24 June 2019

Really good guy on top of being easy to look at. He asks the right questions and does his best to please you. He is probably one of the top 3 on the site.

from longbyname [1062] on 28 May 2019

Sensational action video ;) Cant wait for next one

Willy replied...
????? Thank you

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [720] on 27 May 2019

You should make arm wrestling videos with your bro. Only real stuff tho - don't fake it.

from qwigybo [170] on 16 April 2019

There aren't enough superlatives to describe this guy. Yeah, he's got the looks and physique, but what really sets him apart from other guys is his professionalism. He really strives to give you a satisfying show every time, is open-minded and intuitive, and is never a douche....although he's great at role play so he can be one if you want ;-). If there any problems or delays he communicates them so you're not in the dark. Highly recommended!

Willy replied...
Thanks so much

from dumbfag64 [70] on 15 February 2019

Interacted with and gotten a few videos from this stud. Amazing body, great attitude, and loves showing off. Great person to serve and interact with

Willy replied...
Thank you!!!!

from musclelvr [490] on 15 February 2019

Willy is a very accommodating guy he has a great personality and a physique to die for makes excellent custom videos and quick turnaround on them. Paul C.

Willy replied...
Thank you so much :)

from qwigybo [170] on 12 February 2019

Fantastic. Aside from his killer physique and looks, he's also a great and cool guy to deal with!

Willy replied...
Thanks so much :)

from Francis [910] on 9 February 2019

Had a great show with Willy. Amazing body, ripped, muscular body & shredded physique especially his big arms and loves flexing and showing off. Makes sure you enjoyed the show and does whatever you ask for. Gonna to bought his new vid from his Indiebill site

Willy replied...
Thank you so much!

from alain6901 [4559] on 9 February 2019

I just bought a new vid from his Indiebill.
He has an amazing physique and he is a great guy to deal with.

Willy replied...
Thanks so much :)

from SandTN [402] on 4 February 2019

I got one of the videos at his Indiebill site and that was an easy process and the quality was good. He looks great, as always.

Willy replied...
Thanks so much :)

from alain6901 [4559] on 3 February 2019

I just chatted to him on Skype and also bought his first tbf video.
He is really nice to chat to and has a friendly attitude.
I will definitely buy more since his physique is really amazing and his attitude is great.
Absolutely huge and incredibly sexy!

Willy replied...
Thank you Alain :)

from DoonB [4167] on 25 January 2019

Bought a custom video from him. He delivered in a few hours which I really appreciated. He looks so thick flexing on cam and loved to show off!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much :)

from Einlondon [105] on 22 January 2019

Just had an amazing show with Willy. He was quick to respond, and super accommodating during our live show. This guy's photos seriously do not give him enough credit for such an incredible body. Thanks man! Can't wait to see you again!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much man! It was great doing a show with you ????

from thetallg [764] on 17 January 2019

I have personally never had issues with him. He is big, young and growing even more. totally into dom if you like that, i am sure he won't mind not doing that too. He does seem bigger every time I see him. Bigger as in muscles, not more fat, huge difference!

Willy replied...
Thank you man :)

from littlelunch [6574] on 10 January 2019

A great second custom from Willy, he is a ball of alpha energy with a stunning body and great attitude.

A great attrition to BestFlex

Thanks big man

Willy replied...
Thank you :)

from Jakester [1750] on 22 October 2018

He came back ...
He was busy moving..
Sent my videos...and he is still INCREDIBLE.
Looks AWESOME..and Alpha..Dominant...

Willy replied...
Thanks man.

from Jakester [1750] on 20 October 2018

paid for videos over 6 weeks ago....and NOTHING.
don't want to say any more...because I was a loyal customer.
even helped him out
very disappointed.

Willy replied...
Please shoot me a message on skype

from youp555 [310] on 11 February 2018

Great show! Guy looks phenomenal over video and was up for a fun roleplay! Thanks Willy!

Willy replied...
Thank you!!

from MuscleLover22 [136] on 8 January 2018

I have paid for muscle cam shows before. Some of the hottest looking guys can have no clue how to please. BUT not Willy. I would rate Willy at the VERY top of my list in ALL categories. He's a young Man of his word, considerate, gives his all, and met my highest expectations. All muscle admirers have favorite muscle guy "types." They vary widely. Willy is exactly what lights me up. Young, perfect muscles to satisfy my obsession. I like to muscle worship and he knows what to say to make me feel fucking lucky that he is allowing me to watch him flex. (Of course, worshiping, that is MY OWN fetish. Yet I know whatever your personal fetish or desire is, just let him know and he will deliver) Willy loves to flex, show off and be admired. No objective muscle admirer, whatever their body type, could say anything negative about his body. Look at his photos. They are current, accurate and if anything, do not do him justice. It is amazing when he appears live on your screen. And he knocks himself out to deliver on your personal requests. And for me, he exceeded my expectations.

Willy replied...
Thanks my man!!!

from steveej004 [505] on 7 October 2017

Had a show today. What a great guy. So handsome and a fantastic body. Very easy to work with and pleasant. Thank u Willy. 5*****

Willy replied...
Thanks so much man!

from DanReason [40] on 2 October 2017

Perfect Muscle Guy, super accommodating to anything you want.
Really good verbal play and amazing body, will be back again!

Willy replied...
Appreciate it!

from Dungu789 [485] on 11 September 2017

What a great show. Awesome physique, great quality, incredible personality and superb shape and definition. For sure someone to look at for going forward, Incredibly vascular too - my word - like road maps. Amazing for someone so young. Ask for the most muscular - its his money shot for sure in my books! Well done man - keep it up!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much!

from Jay.45 [3667] on 9 September 2017

This dude is a rock solid shredded muscle god. real bad ass and will pose you into submission

Willy replied...
Thanks alot!

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 3 September 2017

Just had my first show with Willy. His young physique is exploding with rock solid muscle! His massive biceps and pecs were my favorite. His abs were thick too though. Loved every minute of the show. Will def be back for more.

Willy replied...
Thank you!

from fusion9876 [35] on 12 August 2017

Very muscular young guy, terrific show, stunning posing. professional and decent. HIGH RECOMMENDED

Willy replied...
Really appreciate it

from RSully94 [175] on 12 August 2017

Just did a show with Willy today after finally having our schedules mash up and all the stars aligning. I must say, the abs on this guy are superb, and the rest of his body is pretty sexy too ;) .

As with a lot of others I've done shows with he seems pretty comfortable with what I ask him to do. He's got a gorgeous face too. Glad I finally had the chance to do a show with him.

from Will M. [194] on 8 August 2017

Sadly this young stud does not live up to his once sterling reputation. I contacted him almost a week ago for a simple custom video, and he said he would record it later that same day. I was patient at first, but he has strung me on for a week with no reason for the delay. It is one thing for legitimate personal issues to cause delay, but another to just waste time with no explanation. Hate to see guys ride a high then become untrustworthy.

Please read the transcript of our conversation (via Google Docs) to support my unbiased review:

from Rackfan [1230] on 30 March 2017

Terrific show with this extremely muscular guy. Posed to perfection. Stunning. Highly recommended.

Willy replied...
Thank you!

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Age 20
Height 169cm (5'7")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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