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Deploy Troy reviews

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I rarely do videos but had to try with Troy - you will be glued to the screen staring at an anatomy chart - bicep shape and peak that will fuck with the most discerning bicep lover ; a fucken rock solid eight pack, quads that have every head, teardrop and inner quad muscle that touch, hung like a horse, even looks big when soft and back that is shredded up.

we did a video where he tries to flex and make me explode even while im edging and struggling. First time I only got through 4 mins...this dude is a natty superhuman

selling points - native English speaker, great communications skills, does his best every time and understands what you put down

Jay.45 [5062] on 17 Oct 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Much love jay, thank you for the review!! Always willing to up the notch in the videos for you too!💪🏽

words are not enough to describe thisamazing ripped swxy man....check out his bicep video - amazing peaks

nynine [503] on 28 Sep 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you so much!!! Hammer curls are paying off, keep up with the bicep videos soon to come!!

man, what a god! those baseball biceps and a killer attitude makes you go into full worship..

Shoreman12 [365] on 20 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you my guy, whenever you want more worship sessions, you know where to find me ;)

An awesome guy with an absolute killer body and personality. Aims to please. Like as said in the other review super easy to talk to. He knows how to show off what he has worked so far for. Extremely appreciative too. I got a flex show/muscle worship Skype session with him and going to have many more to come.

Ajones3838 [375] on 7 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you Alex!! As many shows as you want, I’ll be here ;)

downloaded his video, wow, awesome physique, so ripped

Ozsport63 [3553] on 2 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
I appreciate it, ozsport! Stay tuned for more videos ;)

Troy is stunningly handsome and has that muscle model physique we dream about. Easy to talk to.

stracer82 [298] on 30 Jun 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you!! There’s more videos to come: stay tuned! ;)

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