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I just received my first custom video from the handsome Troy today! I am wanted a striptease video with lots of muscle flexing and showing off his physique and Troy delivered it in spades! He is so handsome, and sexy as hell! He's got such an amazing physique that it's almost hard to believe that he's not using PEDs or steroids. Nope, Troy is all natural and natural has never looked so amazing on a guy like him! Not only can Troy display a cocky attitude, but he's also proved to be one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet. He's very laid back and down to earth. He has very sexy eyes and a smile that makes me swoon anytime, and those dance moves! Thus guy is an entertainer, so he knows how to bring it in anything does!

Whenever Troy would flex his sculpted biceps, I could feel my lust and desire to touch and feel them start to get stronger. I love how Troy can not only be cocky and dominant, but very seductive with his dance moves and the way he flexes and poses his body. If I ever got to muscle worship this sexy stud, in person, I think I would bust from feeling him up, everywhere, and feeling how hard, every muscle gets when he flexes them!

Troy is very sweet and knows how to satisfy your desire for muscle. If you love the fitness model type physique, then you're sure to love Troy! Give him a chance to make your muscle worship fantasies and fetishes a reality! You'll be glad you did. I certainly was. Thank you, Troy, for making this steamy video. I hope to do more with you in the future! It was a fun ride, my man! I can't wait to see how much you turn me on in our next one, stud! Thanks for making it! Your muscle control is amazing!

I wish you much love and happiness for your future! God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [837] on 3 Jun 2024

Deploy Troy replied...
What a wholesome review Shawn, thanks for leaving such a great review for me! I’m real grateful you enjoyed your first video, and I’m real hype to make that many more for you!! Looking forward for the day we could meetup in person, too! Until next time my guy, keep being yourself! I always admire your attitude and personality, greatly.

Troy is an alpha muscle model dream that came true for me in a meet up I just got to do with him. Even with short notice, Troy showed up and went above and beyond. He's even better looking in person and those muscles....yeah, rock solid. Added bonus is he's fun to talk to. Wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!

stracer82 [308] on 24 Mar 2024

Deploy Troy replied...
Grateful for the review my man, and it was a honor to meet up with you too! Looking forward to much more sessions in the future! Until next time💪🏽🙌🏽

Customs are hit or miss on this site. As someone who’s requested the same video time and time again and been disappointed time and time again, when I pay for one I’ve slowly come to terms with the 50/50 chance of it being either awesome or not what I requested.

I’ll be honest and say Troy isn’t usually the kind of content creator I go for. Nothing against him, but his videos just didn’t really hit it for me—until I checked out one on a whim and found it to be exactly the tone I was looking for. So I hit him up, put my request in. Kind of a niche one, but he picked up on it immediately and ran with it.

A few things about Troy as a communicator: first, he’s prompt. He makes sure you feel special and heard and understood the entire time, which is rare. We’ve all felt like the next in line at a cash register for some of these guys, but not Troy. Second, he makes sure he’s delivering exactly what you want. He is fully aware that he’s providing a bespoke product and he wants to be rock solid in delivering as high quality a product as he can, and he does it in a way that’s kind, considerate, and thoughtful.

Turnaround time was very quick for the video—again, either a great or a terrible sign. But he fucking nailed a concept that many guys on here have tried unsuccessfully to do. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally go “okay, that’s as good as it’ll ever be, done.” As for the content… I mean LOOK at him, he’s a beautiful physique and he utilizes it so effectively, with a verbal component that pairs like a fine wine. I know I’ll keep coming back to his work.

This was really a remarkably positive experience. If Troy treats everybody like he treated me, two things will happen: (1) he won’t be nearly as cost effective as he was with me; and (2) he may have to quit his day job. I see him learning and improving over the course of his videos thus far and especially with my custom—this learning curve will lead him to even better content for others, and I’ll definitely come back for another from him.

10/10 experience, HIT THIS GUY UP.

gottagetbigger91 [545] on 29 Dec 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
I’m utterly grateful an honored you’ve taken the time out of your day to write such a lengthy, thoughtful, an honest review my guy. Thanks for keeping it real and giving me a chance at the end of the day. If I were the consumer, I’d want to only put my time into someone that has it out to try a give me an amazing show/video as well. I can’t fit in every shoe, but I sure as hell can try and stuff my foot into all of them, haha. Happy new years my guy!

I rarely do videos but had to try with Troy - you will be glued to the screen staring at an anatomy chart - bicep shape and peak that will fuck with the most discerning bicep lover ; a fucken rock solid eight pack, quads that have every head, teardrop and inner quad muscle that touch, hung like a horse, even looks big when soft and back that is shredded up.

we did a video where he tries to flex and make me explode even while im edging and struggling. First time I only got through 4 mins...this dude is a natty superhuman

selling points - native English speaker, great communications skills, does his best every time and understands what you put down

Jay.45 [5396] on 17 Oct 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Much love jay, thank you for the review!! Always willing to up the notch in the videos for you too!💪🏽

words are not enough to describe thisamazing ripped swxy man....check out his bicep video - amazing peaks

nynine [504] on 28 Sep 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you so much!!! Hammer curls are paying off, keep up with the bicep videos soon to come!!

man, what a god! those baseball biceps and a killer attitude makes you go into full worship..

Shoreman12 [365] on 20 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you my guy, whenever you want more worship sessions, you know where to find me ;)

An awesome guy with an absolute killer body and personality. Aims to please. Like as said in the other review super easy to talk to. He knows how to show off what he has worked so far for. Extremely appreciative too. I got a flex show/muscle worship Skype session with him and going to have many more to come.

Ajones3838 [380] on 7 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you Alex!! As many shows as you want, I’ll be here ;)

downloaded his video, wow, awesome physique, so ripped

Ozsport63 [3870] on 2 Aug 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
I appreciate it, ozsport! Stay tuned for more videos ;)

Troy is stunningly handsome and has that muscle model physique we dream about. Easy to talk to.

stracer82 [308] on 30 Jun 2023

Deploy Troy replied...
Thank you!! There’s more videos to come: stay tuned! ;)

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