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I admired Golden John when he first joined this website, he was cut, strong, muscular. Now he appears full in the face, bloated and not the same as before. I say this with the hope he sees this not as criticism but as a genuine message for him to try and rediscover his aesthetic greatness. I live in hope. Thanks

eire22 [871] on 25 May 2024

He is a great bodybuilder with hard muscles and amazing proportions!!
He knows how to pose. I orded a custom video, he delivered quick and in great quality.
I also bought the wrestling video here!! It's very hot!! Please do more wrestling videos man, in posing trunks and long sweaty matches!!

Muscle Beach [1087] on 17 Dec 2023

Golden John is a serious athlete, scientific in his approach, honest, responsive and a rising star. He has an incredible work ethic, is capable of maintaining elite condition even in the off season. So much detail in his physique, fantastic muscle control as well. Great videography. i have purchased regularly each month from him for several months and will continue to support him as he strives to achieve his goals!

harlanny [20087] on 16 Dec 2023

According to my humble option, Golden John is a very reliable person and when he says one thing, he really does or produces it. I've commissioned a total of 2 videos and he went above and beyond to my expectations. Talking about his physique, it is amazing, well built, ripped (in all of the three videos). Furthermore if you want a bodybuilder with a "deep" voice, he is the deal. I'll surely come back for more.

KavanS [3094] on 14 Dec 2023

I just received my second video from John and I was once again amazed by his performance. I give him 10 stars. His shape and muscularity is stunning, and his posing is a work of art. I'm looking forward to ordering another video soon.

gusty55j [10475] on 31 Oct 2023

Out of curiosity I've commissioned the first video to this guy and it is worth every single second. He has one of the most ripped physique on this platform. He is accommodating and finally I've found someone who can do what I've asked for to other bodybuilders. He has attitude, he is a great pose, he is friendly and very communicative and what he says he does. I'll come back for more!

KavanS [3094] on 17 Oct 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you, much appreciated! 🙌🏽💪🏽

I ordered another custom video from Rob (John) and it was even more perfect then last time...
If you havent seen him yet do yourself a favor and contact him...he will fullfill your ideas on point with addition of his own thoughts...very creative, perfect actor - just the best choice for roleplay on tbf
Well and then there is the physique - ripped with every straition visible, thick veins on places i havent seen them before...chest straitions are crazy, his bis and tris are insane ...muscle on muscle...and wait when he shows you the back...insanity
However my fav part are his legs and strong, so massive and yet shreded and veiny....
Like i said if you havent see deff should...cause this is pure five star perfection...

Ryans [2545] on 17 Oct 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you so much! Don’t expect less from me, I will do the best every time. ✅

Just got a custom from Golden John and it is amazing! His shape is off the charts, ripped to the max! Veins and striations everywhere! His legs are beyond amazing. He followed all directions perfectly and definitely delivered!

veinlvr [34547] on 14 Oct 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you so much bro! Glad you like it and can’t wait for the next time! 💪🏽

500% Pure alpha muscle. Not only is John a complete alpha male his physique is mind blowing... John is super fast to deliver high quality custom content and I cant wait to to arrange my next video. If you want to witness a future Mr Olympia in action... get in touch with John ASAP!

sub4biceps [1873] on 28 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you so much for your words, it means a lot to me and I’ll make sure to not let down your expectations. 👌🏽🙌🏽

I just ordered my first video from John and I was blown away. He gave me exactly what I hoped for. He's very friendly and completed my video in 24 hours. I will by buying more from him for sure.

gusty55j [10475] on 28 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thanks man, much appreciated and looking forward for the next time, can’t wait! 🙌🏽😉

Oh man this dude is definitely Golden. Unbelievable!!! I had a custom video with John, and I was extremely surprised and elated. Sometimes you don’t know what you are going to get, but oh man!! He is the coolest sweetest guy you could meet here. No hesitation or issues…..extremely friendly and welcoming….open-minded…and on top of all of that he is ripped like fkn hell. He isn’t just ripped; it’s all incredibly defined and separated. You have to see the sick chest striations. I bet this man can hold a piece of paper between those fkn pecs!! And the biceps…..this beast is packing some serious guns!! His back taper is also wide-spread with the chiseled Xmas tree at mid-section. Don’t even talk about the quads, or that insane fkn set of donkey glutes!! Lol
I prefer the “nice guy” to being dominated, so if that’s your thing also—-he’s got this!! He talks to you looking at the camera with this unbelievably cute face and smile….sweat running from the flex work….So irresistible and worth it!!!! Do your next video here with John!! He follows a script, delivers quickly, and completely takes you over.
John….dude…..I can’t WAIT to see what the fk you do for me next…..or in BULK phase!!!
Thanks for being a genuinely good dude!!

IcyStony98 [4895] on 26 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Much appreciated, every word! 🙌🏽 And don’t expect less from me in the future. 😉

Wow, what a man !
So ripped, so muscular, no fat, and so good at showing his muscles !
You'll love to worship him. I loved it !
The perfect alpha ...

davparis [1052] on 25 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you! The show we had was a pleasure, looking forward for the next time! 🙌🏽

Dominated once again by the pure alpha muscle energy of Golden John! I received today my third custom video from him and it was all that I wanted and more! John really knows how to add in a few surprises to make each video special. And he always delivers such memorable dialogue—the things he says will instantly imprint in your mind. His muscles seem to get harder and larger each day so I think I’ll need to keep ordering from him to see the amazing progress. For the best in BME (big muscle energy) get in touch with John!

AlwaysMirin [3640] on 24 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thanks for your awesome review and for your loyalty, don’t expect less from me anytime! 💪🏽🚀

Purchased a custom video from John. He was professional and delivered the video timely. Highly recommend.

Fzpanda [2285] on 24 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thanks, much appreciated and looking forward to the next time! 💪🏽🙌🏽

Just had a cam show with John, he is the best, he is friendly, honest, and in competition shape, had a great show, and I highly recommend him to all.

xxxmanxxx [2885] on 23 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you bro, much appreciated and can’t wait for the next time. 🙌🏽💪🏽

My second video, and I still can't get enough of his muscles dominating me. As always, fulfilled every single one of my requests and giving extra effort to do the best show. Especially when I asked him to record right after he just got back from the gym, all pumped up. Can't get the whole experience out of my mind. Will come back again!

Craig22 [1530] on 22 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Love it when my work is appreciated and that’s why I will do better and better everytime you comeback. Thanks man! 🙌🏽

Got my custom video a few minutes ago! He did exactly what I wanted him to do and showed off what I wanted him to show 😋 I got the video in less than 24 hours which is the fastest I have ever received a video from someone on this website! I will definitely be requesting another video soon! 😁👍🏻

jadster16 [2140] on 20 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
And I’ll make sure you won’t get less for the next one. 😈 Thank you so much! 💪🏽

I just received my second video from Golden John. As always talking to him is so much fun and part of the hypnotic muscle worship journey he takes you on. Turnaround time on the video was same-day. The video itself—well he just takes over and dominates you from the very first second. It comes so naturally to him and before long you’ll be in full worship on your knees. His body is absolutely perfect and when combined with his deep voice and alpha talking you may experience permanent brain damage. I know I have! Will be back for so many more videos while his body is competition ready like this.

AlwaysMirin [3640] on 20 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
I’ll make sure I’ll give you the best domination experience each time you come back, thank you so much for the review and for your trust! 💪🏽

Totally great guy. I’ve been waiting for so long this guy is available here. We talked and agreed on a video and it was marvelous. Thank you Robert for an outstanding video.

camfanluigi [647] on 11 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Thank you too for your trust and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💪🏽

John was very nice, personal and easy to deal with and delivered what he promised, very impressed with his video and will definitely order more in the future!

bazzagood [276] on 5 Sep 2023

Golden John replied...
Glad you liked the video and our interaction, not to mention that I’m waiting for the next one! 🙏🏽💪🏽

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