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Rafa's really good at listening to video requests and worked hard to make sure it's how I wanted it. Loved it so much that I got a second right after! Fantastic job! Thank you so much!

Maxxiboi [150] on 3 Apr 2022

Always have fantastic and fun shows with this guy. Best pecs on here, and love how he shows off, verbal muscle worship. Hope to see him in the flesh one day. Sexy as hell.

nicegent [725] on 26 Nov 2021

Man this guy is a damn sexy and did a great show with all I asked for

chocs [4976] on 6 Nov 2021

Just got my first custom video from this Muscle God…

I have to admit he nailed everything single thing I love just by giving him a description of what I like.

He knew exactly how to flex and what to say so have me going crazy with his sexy deep voice!

Massive pecs, shoulders and rock hard biceps!

Totally check this Muscle god out!!!

Metgot [2015] on 26 Sep 2021

Rafa is a favorite of mine. I have gotten many camshows from him, and can't get enough. Looks amazing and has the best pecs ever.

Just had the best show yet, was hotter than ever. Can't wait for another.

nicegent [725] on 11 Sep 2021

I am sorry to leave this review, but just wanted to share my experience with Rafa.

I purchased several videos from him, and I loved them all! (I have left positive reviews for him in the past) I paid him about double the average price for an athlete on this site. In his defense, I offered the price before he could even let me know what he charges, because I really wanted to see him on video. My requests were a bit unusual role plays (wrestling), but definitely PG-rated and not really that difficult.

I purchased 7 videos from him within a 3 week period. At one point, he told me was reconsidering making videos because they were too time-consuming and he didn’t need the money. But he resumed and made several more. He was friendly and attentive and I thought I had struck the jackpot. But all of the sudden on my last request (6 weeks ago), he said he was too busy to make the video because of his work (which I totally understood), and has ignored me ever since. I would have purchased many more from him if he would have let me. He ignores my messages on Skype even though I can see he is online and my messages are being read. I feel really let down that he abruptly stopped doing business with me, and wish he would have just let me know why so I didn’t have to keep scratching my head. Apparently I have been “fired” as a client without any explanation or notice. But I will appreciate the videos he DID make for me. Good luck to you, Joey

ADAM1 [10242] on 3 Aug 2021

Got a custom video from him. And wow! Those are some the the meatiest bouncy pecs ever! One of the best videos I’ve gotten and I can’t wait to do it again!

chompsticks.15 [2085] on 21 Jul 2021

One word: Amazing! Super nice guy and got me a video an hour after I made a request! Best custom video I've ever bought, he knows how to do it! Will definelty be back for more......and more.......and more! Thanks again, Rafa!

bradjohnson15 [60] on 9 Jul 2021

Ordered a custom from Rafa and it was done superbly and timely. Thanks Rafa!

feandkh [541] on 16 Jun 2021

I just finished my next Custom Video and I was even more blown away. When Rafa does a close up, you can only imagine how hard they really are. What got me was when he did the most muscular pose. Between the Veins, the rock hard muscle, the freaking amazing pecs. I was in AWE !!!! Rafa knows what muscle worshippers want and like. Very Easy to support this man !!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 14 Jun 2021

It has been about 2 years since I got a custom from Rafa. I noticed he is doing Custom Videos and I immediately got Rafa to do a new custom request. DAMN - From 2 years ago to today, what a difference. He is more shredded than I have ever seen him. His Pecs are just amazing. I love when he bounces them and then flexes them, how HARD they actually are. What a personality and physique. I immediately ordered a 2nd one and will probably do a 3rd one. Rafa is that good. !!! You need to support this man as he is a true gem.

djmuscleflex [22872] on 13 Jun 2021

Mateo Muscle replied...
So happy that you enjoyed them! Thank u.

Amazing shows every time :). always looking better too. love the dominant, sexy attitude, and way he shows off. keeps me coming back for more.

nicegent [725] on 9 Jun 2021

Mateo Muscle replied...
Excited to continue to show off more for ya. :)

What can I say, his pecs are amazing! He definitely delivered and within a few hours, highly recommend!

AntBrown [245] on 9 Jun 2021

Mateo Muscle replied...
Thank you! Happy to please. ;)

The best chest on this site. Just had a wonderful cam show with this man. continues to grow and knows exactly how to show it off!

jt3333_33 [4586] on 9 Jun 2021

Mateo Muscle replied...
Glad you enjoyed! :)

This man. Phew! I wanted a facefull of pecs, and he delivered! One of the best displays of pec bouncing power I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing! Also, very quick to respond and easy to deal with. Very friendly! Thanks man!

Shadowace819 [716] on 8 Aug 2020

Been camming with Rafa for about 2 years or so and each show, it gets better. Can't wait to meet up with you one day

myperfectlover [2125] on 26 Jul 2020

I have gotten a few cam shows with him. Amazing guy and loves to show off, looks better and better each time. Can't wait for more.

nicegent [725] on 25 Jul 2020

I had my first cam show with this incredible handsome beast.Rafa is so sexy n huge that i felt the need to worship alll over his sexy muscular body mmm.also he is very kind and friendly.

Sparkle12425 [535] on 8 Dec 2019

Mateo Muscle replied...
Looking forward to your next. ;)

Definitely one of the hottest guys on the site. Loved every minute of my cam show with him. He's big all over, and the best pecs for sure, and a sexy voice too. Good cam quality. I highly recommend getting a camshow from him. I will be back for more.

nicegent [725] on 6 Dec 2019

Mateo Muscle replied...
Had a good time showing off for you. ;)

Sadly, doesn't appear he is doing videos anymore.

I sent an email to him on May 6 requesting custom video. He initially replied, but has not responded to numerous emails since.

Hoping he comes back online soon!

ADAM1 [10242] on 12 May 2019

Mateo Muscle replied...
Hey Adam, sorry for not getting back with you. Please reach out to me again. I’ll be sure to take good care of you.

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