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Verified review

Incredible first show with Sam. Will certainly be back for more very soon.

msclelover [496] on 19 Mar 2023

I received another custom video from Sam. He is more massive and defined than before. His posing is always flawless. Always professional, and a great sense of humor. Sam is also a really nice guy.

andy0105 [50] on 10 Mar 2023

I got a custom video from Sam and all I have to say is damn - he's a delicious muscle god with giant biceps and not just that but monster pecs, great legs, huge shoulders, a jacked back, an absolute beast - and so friendly and easy to talk to too - you won't regret getting a video from him, his prices are great and he's an awesome person I will definitely get more videos form him in the future. I can't wait to see him grow bigger and bigger be like Atlas and Hercules combined - those 23 inch biceps are amazing.

MasterMarcus17 [225] on 3 Mar 2023

Where do you find a 6'7'', 275lbs phenom and shredded.. he truly is a masterpiece who can dominate all around him

eire22 [810] on 2 Mar 2023

huge, nice guy, funny too, very positive experience. i had 2 cam shows with him and hope we'll have more

leanhairy [465] on 8 Feb 2023

Sam Lord replied...
Oh thanks man. I like to get on with people and have fun. I enjoyed the time with you. Thank you.

He is a very trustworthy and caring person. Fully recommended

EthanTK [935] on 3 Feb 2023

Sam Lord replied...
Oh thank you. I want to be. I don’t want to cause any problems.

This man is an intense beast, huge size, fantastic muscularity, definition, vascularity, knows how to get up in the camera and dominate it. Very rare for a bodybuilder to be this huge, this defined, this intense. Nothing but quality muscle on his frame, nice guy too! Highly recommended.

harlanny [16201] on 3 Feb 2023

Sam Lord replied...
Oh thank you for helping me with this review. I am really grateful. I will always aim to please. And any problems, I will just refund. Thank you again.

Verified review

He's so open to new ideas, and he got a killer body and a charming smile. Such a cute person too! 💕

nezri359 [1220] on 30 Jan 2023

Sam Lord replied...
Oh wow. Thank you for your comment. You were great too and enjoyed it with you.

Just had a Skype session with this big guy he just keeps getting bigger and better as the months go on. Keep up the good work big man

Leicswrestle [258] on 29 Jan 2023

Sam Lord replied...
Thanks for the motivation man. I really appreciate. That is my goal. Thank you for your support aswell.

Very quick response and I received the video within 1 hour! He's massive and really tall. Quality could be improved but he was new and super open for suggestions and improvement. Definitely recommended

iheatrad.97 [4335] on 22 Nov 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Hey thanks man for the review. Yes, I am going to get a better camera set up soon, to make the videos even better. Light ring, tripod & new laptop. But thanks for the feedback. This really helps me. & glad you liked the video. Sam

Received my first custom video from Sam. What can I say, he’s massive and very good at showing off his physique. He’s kind and patient and listens to your request. His biceps are huge and his chest is incredible. Highly recommended for a custom!!

Jaynuke1 [9090] on 12 Nov 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Thanks for writing me a 5 star review to let everyone know what I am like. I appreciate it & I’m really glad you were happy.

Received my first custom video from this giant muscle beast. What an amazingly powerful physique! So easy and honest to deal with him in arranging the custom. This definitely won't be my last one. I encourage anyone into massive muscle to contact him for a skype show or custom!!

tiki3012 [17272] on 7 Nov 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Wow. Thanks Man. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed too. You were also a pleasure to work with too. Thanks again.

I recommend this guy, he has an incredible physique and he has made me a wonderful personalized video.

RaulGRG [35] on 25 Oct 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Hey thnx Man. It took a few days to set up. But I appreciate your time & patience and I’m happy you liked the video.

I had a custom video done with this man. He's the real deal. Easy to communicate with and super strong.

armwreslr [1475] on 8 Oct 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Thanks for the 5 star review. Glad you were happy with your custom vid. This is always my aim. I am open to all special requests.

Great guy, ordered a group of videos from him, some of which are received. He is forthright honest, and diligent. He has an amazing lean massive frame capable of extraordinary size. his conditioning is superlative. Well spoken easy to deal with, focused athlete, highly recommended.

harlanny [16201] on 6 Oct 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Hey thanks Man. You were pleasure to work with too. Learnt a lot from you about best camera angles etc. got some good ideas too. Thanks again.

What an incredible guy! Sam was super friendly and we easily arranged some custom content. His physique is just spectacular-a huge beast of a guy, just like the photos. Sam was very accommodating and created some amazing content-his double bicep front pose is outstanding. Would recommend Sam for sure!

mb707 [650] on 24 Sep 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Wow. Thnx man. You were also super cool. You made the experience so easy. Smooth and nice conversation. I really enjoy and I like that you are into the huge hulking muscle. See you again soon.

I just had a Skype show with Sam. He keeps improving, and his physique was ripped. He did a great posing and flexing show. Sam is super nice, and is worth following on his journey to grow more massive.

andy0105 [50] on 23 Sep 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Hey man, thank you for supporting me & joining me on my bodybuilding career. You are a true bodybuilding fan and I really like it very much when guys are so into the muscle, veins, shreds and sheer size. Makes me want to get bigger & bigger until I am the biggest man in the world. Thank you. 💪🏿

I ordered my first custom video and it was love at first sight. In the first part, He wore a fit t-shirt and his muscles popped everywhere: toned, shredded, veiny, in short words perfect!!! He is exactly like in the pictures posted here, definitively. When you watch him, you just can't but to admire the hard work and discipline he made in order to develop his amazing body shape: slim waist, wide lats and back muscles, huge delts, shredded quads and very well pumped biceps and pecs. Plus, he is very reliable, kind, honest, patient and extremely easy to deal with and, last but not least, VERY VERY warm! I highly recommend this young Black Muscle Master....

Worshipper2020 [975] on 20 Sep 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Oooh. Hi there. It was such a horny worship session. I enjoy it so much when guys are so into the muscle and freakiness of it. You are a perfect worshiper for me and I loved flexing for you. Hopefully one day we can meet. Thank you so much and thank you for your patience while I sorted it all out. Until next time ……..

I purchased my first custom video from Sam. His physique is huge and really shredded, and his posing is flawless. He kept me informed about the status of my video. Sam is very honest and super friendly. He is just about the nicest guy out there. I will definitely keep it touch with him.

andy0105 [50] on 18 Sep 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Thnx man. The whole thing went really smooth with you and you were very understanding and patient. I also really enjoyed aswell. Thank you for reviewing me. Hope you keep in touch, even just to say hi.

An absolute gentleman to deal with, he really wants you to enjoy the show!

longbyname [1662] on 17 Sep 2022

Sam Lord replied...
Thank you so much for your support and thank you for your time. I really enjoyed. And if you are unhappy, I will rectify or refund. Please contact me again one day.

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