Muscle Worship Fantasy with Tom H

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Imagine walking in on your hunky roommate in the bathroom, just as he's finished showering. He wants some lotion applying and you jump at the chance to help. He knows you're turned on just by his presence, so the opportunity to touch his massive muscle body, to rub in the lotion as he flexes hard - he knows this is going to send you over the edge and in to a muscle fantasy.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Legs | Muscle worship | Oiled muscle | Private flex shows


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How can one man be so effing gorgeous every time we see him? Tom has once again given us another sexy beyond belief video to showcase his muscle god perfection.  While I envy the hand that gets to experience Tom's muscular beauty with such intimacy, I'm so glad that we get the proxy to worship his mountainous pecs, peaked biceps, and also his broad back. The pec worship alone is so extensive and could go on forever as far as I'm concerned! Tom is his handsome AF, indifferent, muscle god self as always and has delivered another peerless video with so many closeups of his vascular muscularity.   

in2muslmen [31290] on 12 May 2020

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Never a bad video with Tom. FREAKING gorgeous. I want to be the magic hands guy or the camera man someday.

popetristn [3876] on 6 Mar 2020

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Tom H is the brightest star in the universe. I feel so jealous for the hand that gets to touch him. But I’m also very happy to see him being worshipped. He should be worshipped always, by everyone! His body is a work of art, we are so privileged to see it like this!

TouchyFeely [1876] on 1 Mar 2020

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An amazing guy carefully and lovingly worshiped. Tom H.'s in awesome shape. TheBestFlex used some sort of lotion which is way better than oil--oiled musclemen just look greasy to me. I'm really looking forward to seeing some more of this guy.

b [830] on 11 Feb 2020

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This was a fantastic video! I loved the close-ups and the oiling. Tom was in contest condition; his muscles are full and hard and the skin is lean on top of his muscles. This is an amazing look.

The best part for me was the oiling of his pecs and legs, which Tom helpfully flexed.

sfo13m [12573] on 8 Feb 2020

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