Shredded Muscle Perfection with Tom H

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Prepare yourself for 10 minutes of shredded muscle perfection. Tom H is one of the most handsome hunks you could ever wish to meet. And getting up this close to his huge, shredded and quite simply perfect muscular physique is an admirers dream come true. He doesn't need words to get you excited. He's flexing for your sheer enjoyment.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Legs | Vascular


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Yet another Best Flex video whose title perfectly describes its content. I live and lust for shredded muscle perfection and the uber handsome Tom always delivers! In this video he's raised the bar even higher. He's ripped of course and the excellent lighting highlights his muscular beauty to... perfection! Tom's pecs are my favorite and they are particularly full and alluring here but we get it all this time: back, biceps, legs, everything a muscle god like Tom has in such abundance! Cameraman is masterful too!

I saw a pic of Tom somewhere recently where he hadn't shaved his torso. Let me join my fellow admirer @harlanny to ask that someday Tom might treat us to this aspect of his gorgeousness. His hotness could only be enhanced by a nice layer of fur!

in2muslmen [31290] on 16 Nov 2020

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Tom H is the ultimate man. The muscle exploding under his skin has more to say than any man. He is pure, raw power. Forget about freedom, this man is the ultimate Alpha

TouchyFeely [1876] on 24 Aug 2020

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The lighting & posing were great. It was awesome to see the striated muscle close-up.

sfo13m [12573] on 1 Dec 2019

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