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Aesthetics at its best

Hey guys!! I am a professional fitness/fashion model traveling the world..wanna have some adventures with me?? Add me on skype for fun and more.. XXXX

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You can meet up with Poseidon for a private flexing session. Please contact him directly to discuss when and where he's available.

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183cm (6'0")


88kg (193 lbs)

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English, Greek

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Fan rating: 51

Poseidon has 53 positive reviews, 1 neutral reviews and 2 negative reviews.

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Ordered a video an received it within 24 hours. And it was just what I wanted. Great video and a great guy to deal with.

Googam (?)
Posted on 15 May 2017

I ordered two videos after our live show and Poseidon delivered exactly what he promised. He's very professional, friendly, and extremely hot!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 7 April 2017

I had my first live show with Poseidon this morning and immediately ordered a custom video after the show. He really is strikingly handsome, very nice, and easy to deal with. I can't wait to see what he does with the custom video!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 1 April 2017

Super sexy and handsome guy!

eurocasper (?)
Posted on 24 March 2017

I have done another crazy show with him ..Fucking A!

Lilo (?)
Posted on 10 March 2017

Highly recommended!! Hot show!!Oufff

Lilo (?)
Posted on 3 March 2017

This guy puts on great shows while looking good doing them. You won't regret taking a chance on him.

mary_b (?)
Posted on 9 February 2017

Requested a custom video, Poseidon is a very engaging guy and even though he was unwell and the video was late, he always kept me updated when he would do the video. Was really nice to deal with and is amazingly hot! Would recommend!

coolio00 (?)
Posted on 28 December 2016

I just got my first video and am extremely pleased with what I was sent. Handsome, great body, did everything I asked...what else could you ask for

plh (?)
Posted on 28 December 2016

Paid for videos; never received. Could be mis-communication but I doubt it.

NYCer (?)
Posted on 26 December 2016

he is hot like hell :)

legend (?)
Posted on 25 November 2016

This men like a grece god. His beautyful body.. shoulder...arms... this cool chest and 6pack.. mhh great men. Also his cute face with nice smile... poseidon the wather god is very perfect. I hope i can meet and see him again.

Om74 (?)
Posted on 21 November 2016

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome show. We will be doing more shows in the future

silent64 (?)
Posted on 23 October 2016

Amazing! Very polite and very professional. Have purchased a couple of videos from him and all of them are delivered on time and as promised. Definitely check him out.

wilsonal (?)
Posted on 12 October 2016

An unbelievable performance. He went above and beyond what I wanted. Can't recommend him highly enough. Plus he's easy to work work with and very willing to please.

Geo (?)
Posted on 25 September 2016

I loved my 10 minute show with Poseidon... his body is that of a god and he understood that the show must remain a secret - he turned the secret into something quite hot actually ;)

hellotwink123 (?)
Posted on 16 September 2016

This guy keeps you yearning for more and more every time you have a show with him. It is hard to decide what his best attribute is: unbelievably handsome, breathtaking face and incredible body; a true Greek god. He is very professional and delivers shows that are second to none – an experience that should not be missed.

bac_1_11 (?)
Posted on 21 August 2016

He's beautiful, but was whispering and difficult to hear. There are also different prices for different things, so beware that what you might expect to have in a show will change the price.

sydneyguy34 (?)
Posted on 16 August 2016

The best model here- friendly, handsome face, great body, big feet :)

footlover46 (?)
Posted on 19 July 2016

This guy is incredible in shows! Hot body and really sexy. Love the accent!!!

FunTimes (?)
Posted on 16 July 2016

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a show. Do yourself a favor and get a show with this stud. He is very handsome and a please to deal with. AWESOME!!!

silent64 (?)
Posted on 4 July 2016

if you want spend some time with a special men, with an amazing body and with the cutiest face ever see poseidon is the right one word the BEST

amami (?)
Posted on 11 April 2016

Guy is one of the best. He has great muscles. And very patient!

rubeng2016 (?)
Posted on 3 March 2016

Poseidon is an incredibly hot muscle man with a great body and handsome face. He is pure confidence!

rubeng2016 (?)
Posted on 19 February 2016

I just had my first cam session with a Greek God, Poseidon. He is the most beautiful man, tall, muscular, lean, and stunningly handsome. He is better built and looking than his photos. Put that together with his personality and you have all the best. Really a good guy, he gives you a good feeling. Don't meet many men like Poseidon, he is exceptional. Take a session with him, you will experience the best session ever!

Poseidon, thanks again, I really enjoyed our session, i will be back - take care.

demichaels12 (?)
Posted on 19 February 2016

i just did a cam show with Poseidon and I can't get over how gorgeous he is. his body is lean, ripped, and amazing, but unlike alot of webcam models his face is just as hot as his body. staring into his dark eyes and watching his full sexy lips was just as big of a turn on as the rest of his body. this guy is amazing and i highly recommend him.

ddestef (?)
Posted on 28 November 2015

Great show amazing body. highly recommend

Philip (?)
Posted on 25 November 2015

Great body, honest and fun to talk to!

youp555 (?)
Posted on 3 November 2015

Probably the best looking man I've ever seen on internet. Very attentive, awesome show.

alezubiri (?)
Posted on 19 October 2015

The meeting with this cool Greek man , was simply brilliant . He showed me his steely and very good fashion shaped bodies . His individual muscles exceeded the overall picture of the Greek sea-god . Whether its defined 8pack - his muscular game with the beautiful chest , his strong arms with big muscles , his sexy legs , his round butt in hot pants , his perfect shoulder ... just fantastic . Not to forget his unforgettable smile on his beautiful face . The idea with the Hutverkleidung and his bewitching movements while showing his great body was also great. Incredibel. My overall image is wonderful , I am looking forward to coming back with ihm.Yammie ;) really is the hot guy , thank you very mutch

Om74 (?)
Posted on 9 October 2015

I had my first show with Poseidon. He's a gorgeous young man, probably the best looking cam stud available.

buckspa (?)
Posted on 6 October 2015

well i've just had an amazing 20 mins with him.He is hot and reliable.His super model look is an extra of course...Amazing body and amazing kindness.If you don't mind paying extra he can fulfill your dreams guys... (SonerYaman)

Asphy (?)
Posted on 23 September 2015

The best worship sessions of my life!!!!

Gramatic (?)
Posted on 7 September 2015

Great guy, great show and wonderful personality. Beautiful Man!!

muscle (?)
Posted on 6 September 2015

the best.. love him

scottyboy (?)
Posted on 5 September 2015

Im in love with this guy...Top quality

Gramatic (?)
Posted on 4 September 2015

The real king of Aesthetics..Great show,he always delivers!!

Houlio (?)
Posted on 4 September 2015

Second show that Im doing..He is the definition of Greek god!!! :) Love him!

Lampelo (?)
Posted on 4 September 2015

He does great webcam shows and is a super-friendly men as well. Very good! Keep on this track, man! ;-)

RiJo (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

Second show im doing,VERY SATISFIED!!!!

Gramatic (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

Gorgeous and stunning.Hot as hell!!!!I highly recommend

Spanios (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

First time doing a show with him. He is the ultimate muscle master!!

Houlio (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

Beautiful!The definition of aesthetics!! MY FAVORITE MUSCLE MAN!!!!

Lampelo (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

3rd time I am doing a show with him.He is just getting better and better.Model 10

Tsakalos (?)
Posted on 2 September 2015

He was busy and distracted but did a show anyway. Didnt read what i like and what not and delivered a mediocre show. He looks hot, for sure, but i dont wanna do a show with him anymore.

German muscle fan (?)
Posted on 1 September 2015

He is a greek god. My favorite!!

Tsakalos (?)
Posted on 24 August 2015

hot hot hot...well worth it

scottyboy (?)
Posted on 22 August 2015

Nice show,really great body!highly recommended!

Xatze (?)
Posted on 10 July 2015

A greek god, simply superb...what a great show ;)

Tsakalos (?)
Posted on 10 July 2015

great guy, nice body, highly recommended

xxxmanxxx (?)
Posted on 24 June 2015

Greek god,perfect body!!!!Best experience gonna do it aagain!

Ismael (?)
Posted on 24 June 2015

Really customized the show into my likings..great im role play and muscle worshipin.perfect 10 model plus very professional

Muscleworshiper69 (?)
Posted on 24 June 2015

Had a pvt show with this guy..literally a greek physique and very professional

Enerko (?)
Posted on 21 June 2015

2nd cam show - he performed past the time limit and as before, really customized the show to my liking. Muscle model body and looks.

stracer82 (?)
Posted on 21 June 2015

Poseidon does great shows and he is very professional!

mistermzun (?)
Posted on 26 May 2015

I took a chance and did a show with Poseidon and I'm glad I did. He's super nice, has Greek God good looks and a muscle model body. His abs and biceps were perfection. Costs reasonable. Not sure what happened with the other review but I'm satisfied.

stracer82 (?)
Posted on 21 May 2015

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