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Masterful Alpha; THE MuscleGod you CRAVE

30, 179cm (5'10"), 92kg (202 lbs)

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Body and Soul has 38 reviews.

from jsonyal87 [283] on 29 March 2020

Did a first show with him last night. It was great! He was easy to talk to and just the right balance of kind of cocky. What a body, too. Guy is naturally gifted and ripped.

from Scott29 [145] on 9 January 2020

Had to leave another review of this Superman! Amazing body, awesome voice, and the best Alpha attitude there ever was. His Whole attitude Makes you feel like you’re in the presence of a true Greek God.

from davparis [177] on 3 January 2020

Had an mazing worship session yesterday night.
Wow, so powerful, you will be just under the domination of a pure Muscle God.
If you want to know how it feels to be dominated, then you are at the best place on this website.
Thank you so much, need to do it again and again ...

from Rimiko58 [610] on 28 December 2019

I have received custom videos from and had cam shows with, so-called "Alpha" guys. None come even close to Body and Soul, not in body or attitude. He is the real deal. Don't miss out!

from jDogg345 [925] on 7 December 2019

The size of his body, his cocky attitude, the tone of his'll succumb in no time. Don't even give it a second thought.

from Scott29 [145] on 19 November 2019

This should count for 2 reviews, but just bought this stud’s 2nd vid and he’s even more Alpha than before. Tells you how perfect he is and puts you in your place.
ALSO, I’ve had more Skype cam shows with this Musclegod and he never disappoints. So Alpha, so huge and rock hard, the perfect Musclestud. If you like cocky, confident, rock hard muscle THIS is your guy!

from Scott29 [145] on 7 November 2019

Just had my first (of many more to come) cam show with this legit Musclegod!! He is exactly what you see in these pics but way more. He truly embodies the word “Musclegod”. He flexed his amazing muscles for 10 straight minutes that kept me amazed and In awe.

from joshmore [70] on 22 October 2019

this guy's great. just recovered from a show with him and his body is such a treat to look at. the way he talks about his muscles fired me up and you can tell he appreciates and is motivated by the admiration. just chatting with him, you can tell he's a nice guy and is really in touch with himself, which just makes his all the better to work with. looking forward to working with him again.

from wwinsorii [45] on 11 October 2019

Easy to contact and very efficient and professional.

Body and Soul replied...
Thank you! I look forward to working with you again. Come by any time

from davparis [177] on 7 October 2019

This man knows how to make you feel very little. Just look at him, listen to him, and you'll understand where is your place ...
Thanks for being so perfect !

Body and Soul replied...
Thank you for the candid review. I'll be seeing you again soon

from Sparkle12425 [428] on 24 September 2019

I Just came from great hot show from this muscle hunk.he is nice and communicative that i like.He is so muscular and ripped,shredded and super sexy that will blow u very impress tht i will return for more.

Body and Soul replied...
Awesome! Glad you enjoyed our time together. Hope to see you soon

from wwinsorii [45] on 23 September 2019

Super chill and easy to communicate with. Definitely will be back.

Body and Soul replied...
Right on, thank you

from davparis [177] on 27 August 2019

wow, this man is just hot. The perfect alpha musclegod.
What a chest. He made the perfect show i wanted. Go for him, don't be shy

from graygriffin [80] on 20 August 2019

Great guy! Always down for a show and isn't one to put you off. Could not recommend a better guy for a show!

Body and Soul replied...
What an awesome review. Always a pleasure interacting with you my man

from Adad [170] on 31 March 2019

Probably the best guy around. His body and pecs are phenomenal and real. Very meaty. He is very considerable and a natural dominant guy. I had few shows with him and he always delivered and more. His chest is the best thing around.

Body and Soul replied...
Thats what I like to hear! I appreciate you and your honest review. Dont be a stranger

from billygoatj445 [15] on 20 February 2019

great guy :) took my ideas into consideration and was very thoughtful with them. looking forward to more

from musclebitch [114] on 20 February 2019

He is everything thing that i expect in a MUSCLE GOD. A true ALPHA that lives up to His Name Body and Soul. He could very well call himself Mind, Body, & Soul - Intelligent, Alpha Presence, and Muscle God Body.

Body and Soul replied...
All around elite specimen. Thanks for the kind, honest words

from rolling2445 [276] on 20 February 2019

This man is a real professional. He has many great qualities in a cam guy: incredible physique, EXCELLENT verbal, nails 'cocky' out of the park, great moves, has responded to all my requests and remembers my kinks. I also get the hit that he enjoys his work: he jokes and laughs at my jokes. Really a top notch cam guy and you should definitely give him a try.

from trebazz [2576] on 1 February 2019

Very cool dude

from wack0333 [90] on 20 December 2018

I just had my first show with this alpha stud and he is a total god. Perfect arms, pecs, and abs, total package, has a great dom attitude. I highly recommend him

Body and Soul replied...
<3 Hell yeah, thank you! Hope to see you again soon

from brouny12 [395] on 18 December 2018

wow, what a great guy, does an amazing show, wow, is very massive and muscular, he could work on his legs, lol jkjk but for real, no one once to see those legs, I mean does he even work them? lol ok, done with jokes, haha, but seriously he is an awesome person, great body, he works hard at it, wow!!!!!!

from Studluv [25] on 12 December 2018

Fully committed show, hot body and wonderful interactions. His accommodating attitude on camera drives me crazy as he knows exactly what your looking for. Guy is a real stud.

from jaydeeworshiper [31] on 26 November 2018

Dear. God. This is truly a superior being and benevolent KING of humankind. I did my first (and second) show(s) with this, my new ruler, just today, and he not only earned my worship, but also captured my soul for life. He's kind, sexy, smart (and creative) as EFF and he embraces his soaring role in life with supreme gusto and Absolute masculinity. Straight -- and never needs to ever say it -- he oozes it. He's so good, you don't even need to see his face, or even his physique after a while, for it sears itself into your brain forever. His body is indeed GLORIOUS, and his voice, eloquence, knowledge, depth are (somehow equally) unquestionably MASTERFUL. He is art. Living art. To me, there are no longer any others who will ever stupefy me or live up to this magnificent being as HE has done. Adore him. Trust me (and him). I now do.

Body and Soul replied...
If this isnt a complete description of me and what I have to offer, I dont know what is. Good work Jaydee, you are appreciated beyond words can say

from bigone14 [7555] on 7 September 2018

'Body and Soul' is the first person that I have done a cam show with, my personal preference being videos. We messaged for a while before he convinced me to do a show and I am very glad that I agreed. He is a super nice guy with an amazing body. I was impressed with the level of interaction; he asked what I was in to and what I would like to see and made an effort to focus on that; would respond to my messages during the show basically like we were having a conversation as he posed and showed-off. That interaction really humanized the whole experience, instead of some kind of business transaction mentality, and made the experience all the better for it. I would definitely recommend him and I will be back for more.

from hectorjap [225] on 19 June 2018

Damn! 10 stars for this guy. He has an amazing body! Perfect bicep size and solid abs. He was very kind, I had some problems with my payment (delay from my card) but he understood and wait for me to do the show. One of the best bodies over here. I know this is the guy you are looking for!

from Rimiko58 [610] on 30 May 2018

I had the pleasure of experiencing a cam show with "Body and Soul" and I have one word to describe it: Wow. Obviously a great body but I discovered that he is a really nice guy. I was a bit nervous as this was my first "live" show...he made me feel comfortable straight away. I'd give him 10 stars, if that was possible.

from brouny12 [395] on 17 April 2018

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, Just had a show with this guy, such an awesome person, great guy to talk to, does a great show, his body looks awesome, looks like he works very hard on it, and he dosent skip leg day, but i'm not much of a leg person tho, it happens, I definetly recommend this guy to everyone, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

from Jamminola [170] on 30 March 2018

Absolutely and positively the very best on here! A total gent and so proffessional in every possible way. Really easy going, friendly before, during and after our show..and a body that’s just takes your breath away. Hoping this will be the first of many shows. Couldn’t recommend more highly. Thanks dude.

Body and Soul replied...
<3 much love for such a great review! Hope to see you again soon my man

from graygriffin [80] on 17 February 2018

Amazing show!! This guy is ripped but not at all standoffish. You won't regret a show

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 8 January 2018

A 5 star review for this cam guy! I just had my first show with him and he did not disappoint. His physique is perfect and will leave u amazed. His abs and biceps were my favorites but his legs were killer as well. Probably one of the nicest cam guys I’ve dealt with in a while. Very easy going and easy to work with. Took my requests with no issues. Will def be returning back for more.

Body and Soul replied...
Man, that's awesome. Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words!

from Metgot [1130] on 8 January 2018

Very well built and loves to show off! Very professional and friendly, loves to flex and be worshipped! I usually don't do cam shows, but I did one and I am completely addicted andI will for sure be coming back for more of this muscle Beast!!! I would HIGHLY recommend him!

from kjuvik [70] on 27 December 2017

Had my first show with this guy today and even though it was last minute he was able to accommodate me with the schedule. His flexing was on point and was able to deliver everything as discussed showing off his hard work. Couldn't ask for more.

from Phil [55] on 19 December 2017

Amazing show ! Great guy with an insane body. Highly recommended

from Have12 [10] on 16 December 2017

Had an amazing show with this guy, really down to earth and friendly and of course incredibly ripped!

from rolling [65] on 18 November 2017

Just had a great show with this gentleman. The transaction was quite straight forward and the show was great. He has an excellent physique, quite lean with a hairy chest and enjoys showing it off. He also had incredible abs and obliques. Will definitely ask for another show.

from muscle [710] on 17 November 2017

Great body, but what is wonderfully refreshing about him, is that he is real, chill, beautiful with a great personality. I had a great show with him and look forward to my next one. He is al around a wonderful gentleman.

from BDson [261] on 12 November 2017

If this is who I think it is, run to get a show. I had one a while ago from another site. The guy is kind as extremely good at shows.

from lembas32 [355] on 31 October 2017

Had my first show with this guy the other night, he delivered on everything we discussed and agreed upon. Highly recommend him, he has a few problems when it comes to getting payment (if you're outside the US), but he's aware of it and is willing to prove to you he's not there to scam anyone.

Body and Soul replied...
Thank you for the great review! I enjoyed our time together the other day, and hope its the first of many

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Age 30
Height 179cm (5'10")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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