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Dennis is the peak of professional to deal with and always shredded. Really worthwhile to order a video from him

DoonB [6140] on 16 Jun 2024

Dennis replied...
It's two sided job-done, I love the relationship we have

he is amazing!!! perfect body, perfect performer. Some of the best muscles you can find here, and he knows how to make you horny.

mmari [463] on 21 Feb 2024

Very nice boy and reliable, he does his best to satisfy. I ordered a custom video, he thought the quality was bad so he did an other one for free. Easy to talk to, one of the nicest guys on this website !

aixois1978 [653] on 28 Jan 2024

Dennis replied...
appreciate the opportunity to work with you! thanks for the great review

I had amazing show with Dennis! I loved his body and everything about him!

andrew1989 [1020] on 6 Dec 2023

Dennis is one of the best guys here, he made me such an AMAZING video I had to watch it again!
He is super massive, well defined, shredded and cut with a physique that look like came straight of the greek statues (and they can be shy next to him for sure), he has one of the most beautiful blue eyes I know but more over he is kind, honest, easy to communicate and lean back of a guy that dealing with him is great pleasure.
I can't recommend this guy enough! 10 out of 10, this guy is the real deal.
It's a privilege to support this great pro-athlete in the making, what an awesome guy!

Thank you Dennis for the great video you made me and how personal and kind you've been, will definitely come again regularly with you!

beddubi [14914] on 23 Jul 2022

Dennis replied...
I truly appreciate everything u just said and I'm very proud to accept what u are thinking of me!

Dennis never disappoints! He’s getting contest ready and man oh man does his muscles look good right now! I’ll always be addicted to you!

chompsticks.15 [2391] on 29 Jun 2022

This sexy guy is super nice, kind and easy to communicate what you want on the show..i had my first cam show and I was surprised how sexy and muscular he looks in real life than his pictures and makes it much more fun watching him flex for you. I will come back for more.highly recommend.

Sparkle12425 [625] on 13 Jun 2022

This is one of the most beautiful men here. In my opinion. His body is really so amazing! He delivered my order on time and I was very satisfied. I look forward to further orders with him. Highly recommended!

Yazmik [555] on 19 Feb 2022

received some new custom videos from Dennis and he is looking mighty muscular.
Easy to deal with and very reliable

Ozsport63 [3870] on 15 Dec 2021

So freaking shredded right now. Thank you for all the videos! Friendly, nice and evil when you want him to be! ;)

chompsticks.15 [2391] on 3 Nov 2021

recevied the an amazing video form Dennis, he is competition ready and this video he was still hairy before shaving for competition in 2 days, i was blown away, if you have not spent time with Dennis, do yourself a favor and do so, he is super frinedly and reliable

Ozsport63 [3870] on 8 Oct 2021

Just had my first video and it wont be the last. What a truly incredible athlete! incredible density and symmetry and so lean it was incredible! You will not be disappointed!

sub4biceps [1873] on 1 Oct 2021

Dennis replied...
appreciate ur support mates!

Denis is literally the most AWESOME and kind hearted dude I've ever had the supreme pleasure of knowing! He is so attentive and understanding! First time requesting a custom posing video; and my man Denis more than just delivered bigtime! If you are looking for a real true genuine experience; Denis is your guy folks!!!! He's got a BEAST physique and loves to show if off!


ib17052 [175] on 12 Sep 2021

just received an amazing duo posing video of Dennis and Mary having a flex off, awesome quality

Ozsport63 [3870] on 22 Aug 2021

i've had the pleasure to have a flex show with Dennis, and he was shredded like hell. his mood was both friendly and cocky, making me feel comfortable. definitely a positive experience.

leanhairy [470] on 17 Aug 2021

Holy shit, Dennis is sitting at 4% body fat right now. I pretty much had a stroke when I saw him. If you love ripped, this is your moment boys!

thetallg [1362] on 16 Aug 2021

Dennis replied...
don't die please

Received my 2nd Video from a Duo custom Request and I am quite literally blown away. What a difference 2 weeks makes. I can't imagine Dennis getting any more ripped than he already is but his muscles just pop. His vascularity is beyond belief and he absolutely knows how to draw in a muscle worshipper and tease with his muscles. I respect Dennis for his honesty and professionalism. He works hard for his physique and you can absolutely tell. Dennis is truly a work of art !!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 31 Jul 2021

received a great video form Dennis, he is ripped and so easy to deal with

Ozsport63 [3870] on 20 Jul 2021

This is what shows are about! He’s absolutely a pleasure. He was nice, completely welcoming and totally more than I expected. Great body, face and such a great smile too! He knows how to please you and your desires. This was my first show he did for me and I know it won’t be my last. Love this guy!

metric [80] on 17 Jul 2021

Dennis replied...
pleasure doin such.

Well I received yet another mind blowing video from Dennis. OMG, this man is a freaking animal. His physique is extremely tight. He is vascular, he is ripped and he knows exactly what a muscle worshipper wants in a video. He slow flexes and films closely which makes you feel like your could reach out and feel them. Dennis is a true gentleman and delivers when he says he is going to. True Professional and awesome physique !!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 16 Jul 2021

Dennis replied...
djmuscleflex ? res-pect! and Attitude.

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