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The One And Only Irish Muscle God!

27, 190cm (6'3"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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HornyIrishStud has 98 reviews.

from RBJ89 [475] on 31 December 2019


Niall was great to work with; very honest and open and took my thoughts into consideration, I'll definitely be back for more!

from RBJ89 [475] on 31 December 2019


Got my custom video today. It was everything I had hoped it be. This guy is great!

from musclelvr [350] on 31 December 2019

Me and HornyIrishStud been doing videos since May of 2017 he is the nicest guy and very top notch in his professionalism and his videos he makes always answers my messages I Highly Recommend Him.

from vulcan [165] on 14 December 2019

Another custom vid and another very satisfied customer.........Thanks buddy..........Looking bigger and better then ever. Looking forward to my next custom

from musclelvr [350] on 1 December 2019


Does the very best on his videos for me he knows me as Paul.

from Zerohero99 [140] on 2 November 2019

Got my 1st custom with Niall. Quick and easy. Follow the script very closely. Happy with the vid and will def order again.

from littlelunch [5659] on 26 October 2019

Another great video from Niall. He always delivers a great show on time and does a great of interpreting your idea to produce a hot video you’ll watch again and again.

from GordonC [5] on 14 October 2019

This was the first video that I have got from Niall and I was not disappointed. He was so easy to talk to and organise things with, he took everything that I wanted and made the hottest video I have ever seen. The video was made so quickly, literally within hours and was absolutely perfect. An absolutely solid muscular body, hard thick cock and the most perfect ass to worship. I cannot get enough of the video and I will definitely be getting more in future. Thank you so much!

from bonbon12 [55] on 13 October 2019

Been chatting to Niall now for over 3 years. He has always been a total gent and an all round nice guy to deal with. He has a great sense of humour and is great to look at and delivers great shows and vids. Always on time and really high quality. He pays huge attention to detail and makes sure you are getting exactly what you want. Would highly recommend.

from trebazz [2256] on 11 October 2019

Highly recommended! So easy to work with, looks and he definitely enjoys what he does. So handsome and flawlessly does scenarios! The best on here.

from bbsponsor78 [10] on 9 October 2019

I've known HornyIrishStud for 18 months now and during that time I've purchased several videos. All have been delivered in HD and in each one he went over and above my expectations to deliver my fantasy. But more importantly I've organised meets with him on 4 occasions now - the most recent just two weeks ago. Each time I meet him his physique consistently improves, his muscles just keep growing bigger and bigger. He arrives on time is fully honest, reliable and discreet. From the time he arrives he makes me feel special and that I'm totally in charge. He always tells me he is with me to deliver my dream and fantasy as best he can. He allows me to strip him fully naked view and touch every muscle. His physique is incredible. He is 6' 3" of pure Irish solid muscle beef and he loves to flex and show it all off. Every inch of him is massive and when I say every inch I mean it! This guy is the best on the best flex. I would highly recommend him for personal/custom vids and meets. Love ya HornyIrishStud we will be meeting again in the next few weeks - that's a promise!

from emortera [155] on 8 October 2019

I have been chatting with him for almost half a year and he has done several private cam shows and the experience has been very pleasing. He is very kind and a decent and honest guy. A true gentleman. And his muscular physic is as awesome as in the pictures and very much is worth the price to see him pose and flex it to display in fully. Highly recommended.

from musclelvr [350] on 7 October 2019

Hornyirishstud has done many custom video for me in a timely manner and he gives his videos his best effort and has never disappointed me so give him a try you won't be sorry he is truly a man's man.

from Arussell18 [511] on 7 October 2019

He is the best guy on here without a shadow of a doubt

from Quadfan [780] on 7 October 2019

The best on here. So easy to work with, looks like he genuinely enjoys what he does and let’s be honest, he’s off the scale good looking. Highly recommended

from debonaire1978 [845] on 7 October 2019

I've gotten several custom videos from Niall. This guy is amazing. He really puts his all into every performance and goes above and beyond. He's honest, easy to work with and responsive. He's open to a variety of ideas and his physique is absolutely amazing. He's one sexy stud. And his voice is going to drive you insane.

from DoonB [3580] on 6 October 2019

Always looking ripped and hot! Great biceps and lean abs. He never disappoints!

from fitbiguy85.42 [532] on 6 October 2019

Gorgeous and sexy man. Beautiful eyes that make you fall in love with him. The most amazing body I have ever seen, and he truly knows how to show it off. For a muscle worshipper he is simply the best. A muscle god with an amazing smile that makes your heart beat faster.

from littlelunch [5659] on 6 October 2019

Another great custom from Niall. He is always the consummate professional to deal with. He really listens to your ideas and goes to great lengths to make your muscle fantaises a reality.

Add to that his sexy accent and smoking hot body and you have one of the top guys on BestFlex. If you have not yet ordered from Niall then you are missing a trick.

Thanks as always big man.

from mango50 [135] on 6 October 2019

Responsive, professional, skilled, and HUGE - Niall is easy to work with and very capable at fulfilling custom requests. I ordered a custom vid, had some issues, and he sent another within a few hours. I am really glad I contacted him and highly recommend him for other muscle fans.

from Jay.45 [2715] on 6 October 2019

The muscles and confidence on this guy are perfect !!! Hard as a rock, tough and totally in to creating a show that will get you dripping !!!! Try him !!! You will not regret it !!!

from FunTimes [180] on 6 October 2019

Amazing on cam! Hits all the marks...face, body, and that voice!

from dddc [365] on 6 October 2019

Custom video exceeded expectations! Loved every second of it, probably one of the sexiest men on here!

from vulcan [165] on 21 August 2019

Just watched my second custom vid with this great guy and it's hard to believe that it was even better then the first one ( which had already blown my mind ).....the guy even looked more buff if that were possible. Once again he took note of exactly what I was after and boy , he outdid himself , giving me a custom vid that I could tell he took time and effort and care into making it just right.........a great and awesome guy

from vulcan [165] on 19 August 2019

Just got a custom video from this guy and have to say I am lost for words. Delivery was so fast and great quality. Fantastic physique and a matching personality. This guy knows how to listen to what you want and deliver it to perfection...can't praise or thank him enough

from Arussell18 [511] on 18 June 2019

One of the best guys on this site, sad he is out of the game, if you ever come back Niall hit me up

from Arussell18 [511] on 31 May 2019

Stud is the only word to describe him

100% S.T.U.D

from Keo21 [5] on 13 May 2019

This would be five stars as my dealings with him have been good but lately he is uncontactable if you can handle long waits and replies then try to contact him

HornyIrishStud replied...
Sometimes we need to take time away. That’s not a crime. I’m not sure who you are either. Your name isn’t in my Skype. Could you PM me and reference this message. Thanks man

from Azmodan [131] on 14 February 2019


This guy is one of the best here. In the past I ordered many videos and every single one of them was an unique experience. He gives always everything to make sure, that the videos are like u want them. And when you got a video, it's unbelievable, how breathtakingly awesome he is. Huge, ripped muscles, a gifted flexer and he knows exactly how to dominate. That's what I was looking for and he didn't disappoint me, even when some of my requests were a little bit difficult or longer in description.
Besides that, he is a really great person, always happy to make new videos, it's easy to talk to him and, what impressed me the most, is that he treats you with a lot of respect. I find this kind of attitudes became rare these days, so thank you for everything my friend and keep up your great work!

from Garrett33 [6] on 9 February 2019

What can I say? He’s a total alpha stud. Did a private video and he left nothing to the imagination. Build, ripped, total flexer and a major show off. Add the Irish accent in and he’s a total charmer too. Loads of verbal domination too - a walking wet dream, I’ll be getting my hands on another video soon.

from MikesBigArms [1928] on 24 January 2019

This horny Irish stud, is an "Irish Muscle God" and I had the pleasure of being worked up into a frenzy, during my show yesterday. He put me over the edge with pleasure. This guy really knows hot to hit every hot button I have. Niall is 100% Grade-A, Prime Beef !!! He is also very friendly, and one of the nicest guys' on "TheBestFlex". He has this way about him that puts you immediately at ease, And his body? Oh man, he is shredded and gets pumped so fast during a show. You can tellI his physique kills it in the gym every day, and the results show. Definitely recommend this Irish Muscle Stud. I rate Niall *****5 Stars

from littlelunch [5659] on 24 January 2019

Niall is as charming as he is hot! Yet another custom smashed out the ball park. He really love to show you beautiful body that has taken real dedication to chisel. Add in the accent and the good old Irish charm and the man is a true giant on the site.
Fun and easy to work with, tell him your dream and he will flex it into reality.

from sfo13m [6591] on 24 January 2019

Contacted HornyIrishStud for a fantastic custom video. HornyIrishStud has a sexy accent and a great, muscular physique.

from littlelunch [5659] on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from this Irish Stud. Sexy man, sexy accent and always a pleasure to work with. Thanks Niall

from rolling2445 [175] on 12 November 2018

Just ordered my second video from Niall. It's a been bit and I don't know why I waited. He had it to me within 24 hours and he looks amazing. He delivered what I asked for, which was a extra cocky, verbal flexing. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you!

from debonaire1978 [845] on 9 November 2018

He's absolutely amazing!! I've ordered several custom videos from him. Each of them involved role playing and he was fantastic. He brought the story to life and has exceeded my expectations every single time. He's an honest and professional guy who wants to deliver a great product. His body is out of this world and his voice is going to leave you wanting him even more. Don't walk... RUN to this guy. You won't regret it.

from J@ckie123 [170] on 7 November 2018

Forgot to leave a review for my most recent purchase but thank you again! 3rd video I’ve had and they’ve all been great.

from mb707 [480] on 27 October 2018

Such a sweet attractive and muscular guy. Would very much recommend. Recently purchased a video and was really impressed! Amazing accent too.

from themassacre [65] on 22 August 2018

I have bought both pre-made and custom vids from Niall and both were excellent. The videos are super hot, excellent quality and he delivers exactly what you ask for. He is also a nice guy who is quick to respond to requests. I definitely recommend him and I will be purchasing more videos in future.

from sfo13m [6591] on 14 August 2018

I recently bought a video from HornyIrishStud after buying some of his videos here on the best flex. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

The combination of his rugged handsomeness, beautifully accented voice, cocky, dominant attitude, and fantastic physique makes for great video-viewing pleasure.

I will definitely keep HornyIrishStud on my go-to cam-guy list.

from nws02873 [47] on 25 July 2018

Recently got a 2nd custom video off this absolute muscle god, and it was even better than I hoped. He is such a professional and eager to please his fans. And that body, my god that body is phenomenal - absolutely ripped, barely an ounce of fat on him, but still huge and powerful looking. Very tempted to meet him in person, will probably blow my mind.

from Matty.35 [25] on 24 July 2018

Niall has an incredible body and his eagerness to please makes his meets a whole lot of fun. He goes out of his way to bring his best and really makes you enjoy yourself.

I recently had my second meet with him and all I can say is wow... a fucking good time with a very sexy man. Money well spent.

His amazing ass and huge chest deserves a review of their own...

from IMJ009 [1175] on 23 July 2018

Perfection! Perfect face, perfect definition, perfect proportions.
And the quality he delivers is just as perfect :)
Cannot recommend him enough!

from Shiwa [148] on 4 July 2018

Every video is a new experience. His body isn't the only thing improving, his skills in doing videos like I want them to be, also improve! There is so much love and detail, that's why I will always come back. Keep up the great work my huge irish friend ;)

from Arussell18 [511] on 25 June 2018

A real stud, full of Irish charm and that sexy irish ruggedness
Also one of the nicest guys on here
Body of a god and private vids that are just amazing, can't wait for what is to come

from jstevens [1545] on 16 May 2018

I just received a fantastic custom video from Niall. He was very friendly and responsive to my requests, and quickly delivered an amazing Video! Given the friendly communications and hot flexing video promptly delivered, I will definitely be making another request from Niall soon.

from RoryHill [175] on 13 May 2018

Another amazing vid from this sexy stud! Niall just gets better each time I get a vid from him, body is bigger and more shredded than ever! He was able to turn my fantasy into a hot reality, I gave him a quite complex scene but he delivered just like he always does. Always easy to talk to and really quick to do the vid which was made and sent within a few hours. Top quality guy, if you're thinking of getting a vid I'd definitely reccommend!

from IMJ009 [1175] on 13 May 2018

Niall really is fantastic! Super hot, up for anything, quick on deliveries.
He is also the only guy I keep coming back to. He gets you hooked somehow

from littlelunch [5659] on 4 May 2018

Recently had a custom made by Niall who took my idea and gave it his own spin with awesome results, a great guy to watch and deal with. Polite and friendly, responsive with a quick turnaround on the custom.

A quality stud and a credit to the Flex, thank you!

from bbsponsor78 [10] on 27 April 2018

This man's ID name says it all - IrishMuscleStud. I've been lucky enough to have several custom videos from Niall and he has performed my every fantasy perfectly. But this week I had the pleasure in meeting him for real for a muscle worship session. I can tell you he looks great in the photos and vids but wow this guy is a massive muscle stud in person. His personality makes him a lovely guy to chat too and he made me feel super comfortable. I spent hours worshipping a sexy muscle god and I enjoyed every minute of it. This man is dedicated to bodybuilding and making his physique even bigger. He has so much potential. I know that I will be meeting him lots more and buying plenty more vids from him. I want this Irish Muscle Stud in my life for a long time so i can continue to watch every inch of him grow!

from CuteStudMD [85] on 22 April 2018

I just received my first video from Niall this morning and it was amazing! I gave him a pretty complex scenario to act out, and he delivered! He was also extremely friendly and easy to work with prior to sending payment. He took the time to ensure that he understood exactly what I was asking for and wanted. I will definitely be purchasing more videos from Niall in the near future From start to finish, this was an awesome experience.

from inmovie89 [2645] on 17 April 2018

just had a show and it was truly amazing. will come back for him again

from bennyshazz [170] on 12 April 2018

I just got a custom video today from Mr HornyIrishStud and he lives up to the name. All requests were in my video and he is the perfect package of sex appeal and muscle. More important he gets an A+ in the Customer Service department. Very responsive to emails and was happy to answer all my questions throughout the process. He is a real stud who delivers. I will be buying from again.

from Shiwa [148] on 8 April 2018

Words can't describe how amazing this guy is. Ordered two custom videos and they were delivered very quickly. He did everything I wanted. Stunning and amazing body, just like his character. Very easy to deal with, polite and respectful. I can't wait to order another one. Highly recommended! Keep up the great work my friend :)

from jDogg345 [880] on 30 March 2018

In a word: perfect.

from dcbrit [2360] on 18 March 2018

Niall is an awesome guy! I've ordered several vids from him and they have all been spectacular! He has an incredible shredded physique, is incredibly handsome, and is such a nice guy.

from Williamfan [80] on 11 March 2018

Wow he is amazing in role play i should have ask for more and for the price he give so much he made me feel so week and i was really in his play just buy you wont regret

from RoryHill [175] on 8 March 2018


This is the third video I've got and it's the best one yet! Everything and more that I wanted was in the video. Promised that he'd gotten more ripped and shredded since the last time and didn't disappoint. Bit of a wait for the video but kept in contact throughout.
One of the best, if not the best, cam model I've had videos from; confident, amazing muscular body and all round genuine nice guy. If you're thinking of getting a vid, go for it. You'll definitely get hooked like I am!

from alain6901 [2260] on 11 February 2018

The second video is really good too!
Niall is one of the most handsome guys and a very nice person above all.
I love him to bits!

from alain6901 [2260] on 21 January 2018

Niall is such an awesome guy! Loved the first video I bought.
Handsome face, incredible sexy body and unlike many, he is really nice, friendly and reliable.
I'll be buying more videos and I'm excited to meet up with you in Ireland ;)
Take care my Niall.

from plh [360] on 20 January 2018

I just received my third video from one of the most handsome and nicest guys have the pleasure of meeting, not to mention he has an Awesome Irish accent. Its been a while since my last video and John went from looking really good to looking unbelievable. He has transformed his body but remains a genuinely nice guy! Everyone should have a chance to see what I mean!!!

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 18 January 2018

Niall is definitely a 5 ***** stud! A great looking guy in amazing shape! He is very friendly and honest and delivered the promised video quickly! A great experience all around - I highly recommend him for shows and custom videos!

from nws02873 [47] on 18 January 2018

Ask for a custom vid, got it the next day exactly how I wanted it.
Really friendly, easy to deal with and a body to die for.
I highly recommend you get a vid of this guy, genuinely cool dude.

from xxxmanxxx [1845] on 18 January 2018

Great person to cam with, easy to deal with and very honest, looks great and is very nice. Highly recommend him.

from meonly74 [285] on 17 January 2018

I have been buying from this guy for a long time now. Never has he been rude or mean. Very patient and has delivered really fast and been really nice. Ill keep buying from him as long as he's selling. He's pretty much a good online friend now.

from maxmuscle1000.80 [20] on 16 January 2018

Not recommended. After a conversations about doing a vid I was unable to send payment right away which I had explained I was busy. I was met by a barrage of rude comments including. Go f*** your mother. This behaviour is not acceptable.

HornyIrishStud replied...
Hahaha. Guys, please contact me for screen shots of this full conversation. 3 times he has time wasted me. Non stop chatting about how he was going to pay. Trying to change the subject each time when it came to payment. Time wasting is not acceptable. I could be using this time to chat to my real fans, potential customers, making videos or anything else I can do. Again, I have the screen shots of this conversation. Just read all my other reviews. I am a top cam guy that does amazing shows and videos! Having my time wasted is totally unfair!! Grow up!

from IMJ009 [1175] on 14 January 2018

Another great video from him. If you like alpha guys, be sure to get a show or video from him. He's quick to deliver too.
Deserves to be #1 on this site. Best on here and I've seen vids from quite a few on this site

from Rackfan [1200] on 14 January 2018

Great cam show, lovely muscles flexed to perfection and a lovely Irish accent to tell you just how strong he is! Highly recommended.

from smitty.17 [1410] on 11 January 2018

Horny, irish and a stud, what more could you ask for :)
Great to work with, very responsive and the video was exactly what I asked for.

from meonly74 [285] on 10 January 2018

This guy is so freaking awesome. Very honest, respectful and he always delivers fast and great vids, exactly how i asked for. Been buying from him for some time now and just gets better.

from Libert [695] on 6 January 2018

Wauu, what a great video that this guy has custom to me.
He looks even better than in the pics, he do exactly as i asked to him.
He es also very cool and an honest guy.
I will ask you for a new video probably very soon.

Very recommended!!!

from gigator39 [200] on 4 January 2018

Was really happy with the first custom video so i decided to get another one right away, which is definitely not something i consider often. Says a lot that I would think about getting another one so soon.

The second video was even better than the first. I can say now after messaging back and forth a bit, he was really concerned with making sure the experience was enjoyable and making the video exactly what I wanted. He seems like a very laid back and honest guy. The time difference between us made it so I asked him to do it not long before I went to bed. He promised to have the video done by the time I woke up and he did. :) He mentioned he pushed his gym session back to get it done on time.

Niall looks great, has an easy-going personality and is very easy to work with. A++

from frankiep [380] on 3 January 2018

I requested a webcam show with him. He was very acommodating. Did whatever I asked for and was really interested in my enjoyment of the show. A great personality and even more important a really amazing rock hard muscular body that he enjoys showing off. Hope to see him as much as possible

from Williamfan [80] on 2 January 2018

I ask him to made a custom video and i reveive it fast and even that he was making sure i know wjere he was in the conception of the video and the little wait was worthing it because that was so amazing

from gigator39 [200] on 2 January 2018

Got my first custom from Niall today and i have to say i was really impressed. We went from first message to finished video in only a few hours. Really awesome turnaround.He looks as good as his pictures but even better in motion. Great performance too. The video i wanted required some acting ability and he really delivered there as well. He also went above and beyond on working with me on payment methods which he really didn't have to. Already thinking about the next one. Highly recommended.

from RoryHill [175] on 30 December 2017

Got my first video today and really impressed!
Easy to talk to, up for everything I wanted and keen to please; even asked me how I'd like specific things done which I found really good as some other cam models ask what you want and don't even do it properly.

The vid was made within the day, even sent proof he was sending it over and kept in touch to make sure I'd received it and to see if I liked it.

Definitely enjoyed it, handsome guy, absolutely amazing body and great personality. Already planning my next video!

from DeputyDawg [805] on 28 December 2017

Had a great show with him. He did a video preview as stated in his profile.

Super nice guy with a great body to match :)

Good to know there are some good cam folk out there vs. the jerks with attitude.

from Dungu789 [485] on 26 December 2017

Great performance, and super guy. ordered a custom vid from him and it was great.

Superb physique, great personality, very responsive and super humble and honest too.

Highly recommended

from Matty.35 [25] on 16 December 2017

Met up with Niall in Dublin recently for a private show and boy am I glad I did! He’s super handsome, has an absolutely amazing body and is really chilled and fun to hang out with. He’s also very keen to please..

Will definitely be organising another meet soon!

from DoonB [3580] on 6 December 2017

Got my first video from Niall. He’s amazing! Great body, did exactly as I asked and delivered within a few hours.

from IMJ009 [1175] on 29 November 2017

Did an amazing job on the video I asked for. Delivered quick and he's a friendly guy. Good at domination stuff too!

from Ragabrel [570] on 20 September 2017

I paid for a video near the end of July. Still haven't received it, and recently this guy has broken off contact after repeated attempts to reach him

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 26 June 2017

Niall is a great guy! Very friendly, easy to deal with and he delivers the videos very quickly! I've gotten two from him and he paid attention to what I asked for and delivered the video I requested!! I highly recommend the HornyIrishStud! The name says it all. He is Horny, he is Irish (the accent is great), and he is definitely a Stud!!

from Dungu789 [485] on 21 May 2017

What an incredible experience!

Great guy to deal with, great personality, great physique and very responsive and well worth the money spent.

Awesome video from him, great quality, good sound and lighting and the content top notch!

Highly recommended - any doubters should not be worried at all!

from Mezzy [200] on 15 May 2017

Bought a custom vid from this incredibly hot guy and got exactly what I asked for. Stunning guy, great body, eager to please and very approachable. Thanks!

from Andrew1446 [1035] on 7 May 2017

I got a custom video from him. It was perfect, exactly what I had asked for. He could not have been nicer or easier to deal with. Definitely recommended for anybody looking for a great show!

from Buck700 [560] on 10 December 2016

What a gentleman! From the outset, every contact with him was friendly. During our first cam show, he was both charming and accommodating - not to mention that Irish accent, those baby blues, and his amazing physique! I highly recommend this guy!!!

from plh [360] on 5 December 2016

Just received a custom video and am thrilled with the results. One good looking dude but also a great guy. More vids to come for me

from hypnopowerman [645] on 21 September 2016

Niall was an absolute professional working on my custom video. He took the time to commit to role play scenario I was looking for. Great communication!;A+++!!!

from lembas32 [355] on 30 August 2016

Amazing show, willing to please and very honest. Knows how to put on a performance and looks just as good on cam as in his photos. Very reasonable with prices also. Would definitely recommend :)

from rubeng2016 [290] on 26 April 2016

Man is awesome. Real hot stud!

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 25 February 2016

Got a second, longer show from him tonight. He delivered an amazing show! He took the time to make sure he knew exactly what I was looking for and then performed just the way I wanted. He definitely aims to please. Great show!

from kam320 [130] on 24 February 2016

This guy is amazingly nice and fun - really worthwhile seeing. Great personality and amazing body. Really knows how to pose. Can really recommend him.

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 23 February 2016

I just had a show with HornyIrishStud. He was very accommodating to requests and put on a great show. Very easy to talk with and discuss things with about the show. And he performed quite well. Check him out!

from Marylandguy77 [755] on 22 February 2016

Just had a great show with him! It was fantastic and he did everything I asked. Had a great cam and also sound. Top quality at a fair price. Highly recommend and I will have another show soon.

from xorne [273] on 21 February 2016

Easy to do business with. Very good looks and a sexy voice!. The body of a greek god! I recommend him!

from DaveDe [255] on 13 February 2016

Couldn't wait for the second time around so I got another show just half an hour later and boy was it better than the first. His endurance and physique and incredible combined with his boyish good looks and sexy Irish accent. Definitely coming back again!

from DaveDe [255] on 13 February 2016

Super nice friendly guy willing to please and definitely worth every cent spent on him. Does amazing shows and is always delivering just what he promised if not more! Highly recommend him.

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Age 27
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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