Fitness model / Big Chest / Muscle Bellies

25, 172cm (5'8"), 77kg (169 lbs)

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Fitness model / Big Chest / Muscle Bellies


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About me

25 yrs of age / All-American

Big & Lean Muscle Bellies

Stay in shape year-around

Southern Accent

Best way to contact me is on OnlyFans! (I stay consistent on there throughout week for request as well as weekly post)
Username: BodyByHunter

Updated Pricing Guide April 15th
Pricing for CAM SHOW
5 min = $25
10 min = $45
15 min = $50

Pricing for CUSTOM VIDEO
5 min = $35
10 min = $55
15 min = $65

In-Person Muscle Worship
(In-Calls/Out-Calls in TN)
(Available for travel)


from Albeit89 [80] on 24 May 2020

This guy is amazing! He such a nice dude who really wants to make sure that you're happy and puts on such a great show. His body is out of this world with such amazing definition and huge muscles and, even better, he really knows how to use it all! His voice just exudes southern charm and really just enraptures you, making you want to do anything he says. That voice really adds to the strong dominance he commands. Outside of that, he really is easy to talk to and wants to make sure that he does right by you. In fact, after I saw his first video, i immediately went back for another. He is the perfect master that knows how to command you while also being an absolute gentleman. My only complaint is that he can't be in the same city as me so that I could see him in person! I cannot wait to see what he send me next and I know I'll be back for plenty more in the future.

Hunter replied...
Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Appreciate your compliments so much!

from alain6901 [4040] on 22 May 2020

I just watched the new custom video Hunter just sent me.
What shall I start with?
Well Hunter, you look amazing. I mean truly amazing.
Those pecs, those abs, those biceps peaks are just insane!
And that incredible smile on your sexy face makes me crazy ;)

I love working with you and hearing you talk about yourself.
It is always so easy and so nice to work with you.
Thanks for your kindness and your trust!
I respect you thoroughly. I am sure you know that.

I am happy to support you and be here for you.

Hunter replied...
Alan I enjoy working with you and providing the content you request because of how friendly and easy you are to work with. Thank YOU for treating me like a human <3 I’m sure I’ll hear from you very soon :)

from alain6901 [4040] on 19 May 2020

Hunter knows how much I truly appreciate him as a person.
He also knows how much I enjoy posting reviews for him. I really do love it.
And I put as much care as Hunter does in the content he produces.

I have already bought custom videos from him and very recently a pre-made video which is amazing.

Hunter, I know you like saying it with your beautiful accent, and yes I agree you have got it all.
Your physique is ridiculous. Such an incredible shape.
Rock hard muscles, definition, symmetry, vascularity.
A handsome face and a beautiful smile.
All that is pure pleasure to look at for sure.
The total package.

But I also like your personality. Your kindness. Your natural way of doing things.
The positive way you interact with me.
I also know you like being cocky and tbh it is not my stuff at all.
But I see you as someone who stays simple and humble even though you like playing the cocky part.

I love working with you.
I love supporting you.
I hope you see me as a quality supporter.
I can't wait to get to know you better and better and enjoy new content soon.
Always take care of yourself Hunter xxx

Hunter replied...
Well this is the BEST COMMENT EVER! And Alan you actually read me perfectly!! Although, I enjoy playing the cocky or dominant scenario when asked.. in real life I am actually a humble country boy who in all realness just loves people, loves training in gym, and spending some time with family. You got me 100% :)

from Freddy3973 [35] on 17 May 2020

Ordered a custom video through him the other day. Couldn't have asked for a better video. His entire body is amazing, extremely nice and responds within a timely manner. He puts incredible care in the video you ask for and knows how to take a request and take it to the next level.

from P. Alex [340] on 16 May 2020

Just had my first show with Hunter. He was absolutely unbelievable. Perfect body, great personality, and got right into my scene. I can’t wait to do another scene with him

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Age 25
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 77kg (169 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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