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Horney,Great body,Sexy accent.Latin Hunk. grt sex

25, 185cm (6'1"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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Mark Magnus has 27 reviews.

from Fzpanda [635] on 25 November 2018

Smooth transaction. Delivered in time

from usefulpig [634] on 30 October 2018

PERFECT! No other words describe this GOD. And he is not shy. He loves to be worshiped. He is polite but can be as ALPHA as YOU want. I do not regret worshiping this guy.

Mark Magnus replied...
???????????? ALWAYS an ALPHA

from gstadt [60] on 14 October 2018

Magnus is amazing.. He has ripped muscle and will show you all. You can tell he loves to be watched.highly recommend. I will have more shows with him.

from jsonyal87 [261] on 25 June 2018

Really incredible cam show with this guy this weekend. He was so polite, easy to deal with, and he put on an amazing show for me. I told him what I was into and he took it there and beyond! Super impressed and will be back for more. So hot, too!

from nicegent [95] on 10 May 2018

Best show I've ever had. He did exactly what I wanted and more. Such a nice guy to have a show with and knows exactly how to make your dreams come true. I highly recommend!

from Muscularryan [776] on 10 February 2018

Fantastic, beautiful and hot muscle guy. His arms are huge and pecs are to die for. He is a absolute sweet heart also and does not disappoint. Hope to have more shows with him soon!

from ardenu1 [41] on 30 December 2017

This guy is just simply amazing, the show was really great, he knows how to deliver a very entertaining show. His body is very well built and he has a handsome face as well. I will recommend him if you want to have a great show

from matters26 [26] on 1 October 2017

Always have a great show experience with this master of a man! He's sexy in every way, from his looks, to his smile, to his laugh and to his personality. If you have show requests, he always puts genuine effort in making sure you're getting the best experience he can offer.....and he fucking delivers. He's easy to talk to and very naturally down to Earth but can be very dominant and verbal as you can tell hes getting really into the show. Its something that will always keep me coming back. Already looking forward to my next show with him.

from Francis [660] on 27 July 2017

I have a great show with him, he is very responsive to my request, do the show what ever I ask for, a perfect bodybuilder not to be missed with. Definitely will come back for more!

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx Francis it was so grt to be in cam show with u . Hope to see u soon and have fun together 😈😈

from Bip10132 [1065] on 17 July 2017

Had another show with my bb again he is perfect. He is very responsive to my requests. I ordered him the gladiator costume and he gave me two shows. Everything about this man is perfect. If you are having a show with him for the first time ask him to speak spanish because it makes the show better. Then Ask him to show you his pito he loves exercising it and its so sexy. This man loves talking with you will do anything. He play with his pito make his culo dance in order to make you feel arrecho and if you don't know spanish he'll teach you. This guy deserves to be #1 of the bestflex

Mark Magnus replied...
Hello Bryant thx so much for ur words and it is so grt to have cam shows with u and I hope to keep doing more so far. Take care and a big hug

from jngrand93 [275] on 17 July 2017

Awesome guy! Ordered a custom video and he delivered it within hours. He's huge, ripped, and knows how to control just about every muscle he has. Definitely recommend him!

from ja8690 [290] on 16 July 2017

This guy is the real deal! Huge muscles with more to spare. If you love pec shows, this guy is for you. He aims to please. All I wanted was pecs, and that's exactly what I got. I'm sure I'll be seeing more muscles in the future, but he was so kind and sexy. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Magnus replied...
uhmmm I enjoyed with u so much and i hope to see you soon. my big pecs r waiting for you.

from I love Superman!!! [15] on 27 June 2017

I just finished a show with this guy
He's amazing!
Incredible body, sexy accent, polite and eager to please
I'll be back for more!

Mark Magnus replied...
hey Superman fan it was nice to meet and like very much our show. Hope to see u soon

from Bip10132 [1065] on 13 June 2017

I had come across Mark´s page many times but I never had the courage to message him. I sent him a skype request a long time but I didn´t ask for a cam show until early June. When i finally had the courage to talk to him he gave me a fair price for a show. Out of curiosity I asked if he did cum shows and he gave me another great deal and also said that he had a lot of milk i immediately scheduled a show with him. This man is amazing he will do anything you want. he will flex his muscles stroke his cock all while making you feel comfortable. If there is one thing i would you all to do is to book a show with him and if you do ask him to speak spanish as his voice can get anyone hard. I have done three shows with him and i will be coming back. Also if you don´t feel satisfied he will compensate for it. When you´re with Mark you will notice that you will be spending most of your night with him. He´s kind considerate, understanding, sexy and a good cummer. I can´t wait for our next show and hopefully for our first meet up soon. Trust me once you have your first show with you´ll be addicted and be coming for more

Mark Magnus replied...
thx so much for ur words

from pokemon [22] on 28 April 2017

You are the best I love your videos you flex so good your biceps omg your pecs

from Shawn_1978 [384] on 9 January 2017

I did a live show with Mark Magnus on 1/2/2017 and let me tell you, the man sure knows how to flex and pose to keep you turned on so much, that you don't want to look away!

The man has a huge chest that is very thick and heavy with muscle and looks fantastic when he flexes and poses them. He also wore a pair of blue jeans that were form fitting to his quads and muscle ass and he looked amazing in them. He would flex his glutes and you could see them working through his jeans. Also, the same when he flexed his quads, you could see the muscles flexing through the pantlegs. That just built up the anticipation for me for when it came time for him to reveal his amazing quads. He flexed and posed, as if he was on the bodybuilding stage, flexing in a competition. He showed off his routine, very well, while being very attentive to the poses I wanted to see most.

His body is rock hard and massive, and his vascularity is very sexy. Mark is a true professional who will go out of his way to make sure you get the show that you desire. I highly recommend him! I hope to do some shows with him soon! Keep pumping Mark! you look awesome buddy! may 2017 be an even better year for you, big man! God Bless!

from demichaels12 [20] on 7 August 2016

WOW, where to start... Mark is the most amazing. He is stunningly handsome, massive Greek God body that overpowers you. His muscles are HUGE and hard as steel. He love to flex for you, you can't resist him, he pulls you close, he loves to play and please. He likes to make you feel good as you worship him. He is the best! I want to meet him in person, he would be explosive beyond belief in person ...... Thanks Mark - love you man!

from Marylandguy77 [695] on 5 May 2016

Mark was amazing. Had a show with him last night and first, he has a great cam and second, his show was super hot. Did everything I asked. I will be having another show in the near future!

Mark Magnus replied...
Hello Marylandguy.. thx for your words bb .. and I hope to see u soon and have good sex again

from spindolla [5] on 3 February 2015

I'll be glad to meet you in Bogota. please email. thanks.

from Visconti [90] on 31 December 2014

Just no worry, complete discretion from me...
Have good feasts end of year 2014!

from Visconti [90] on 26 November 2014

I'll be glad to meet you...

Mark Magnus replied... u doing? too

from Coolmanrico [776] on 6 August 2014

Just had an amazing cam show with him. His body is a work of art, huge and ripped everywhere. Even his skin is radiant. Every muscle was impressive, but for me his pecs were the highlight of the show. Once I told him I wanted more pecs he flexed them harder while telling me what he was going to do to me with them! Yeah, I'm blushing even thinking about it. Highly recommend him, because I'm planing on doing many more show with him. Thanks!


Mark Magnus replied...
Ur welcome Rico and my big pecs are waiting for u bb

from inmovie89 [2635] on 31 July 2014

i did a second show with him. he is just amazing.
amazing muscle with incredible veins, and kind personality.
don't wait till do a show with him.
he is the best model i have had show with.

Mark Magnus replied...
thx bb.. it was a pleasure to be with u.kisses

from alnuit [65] on 31 July 2014

This guy is the bomb. His pecs alone can make you explode- but he also has an ass that won't quit and other sizable attributes that make him an all-in-one package! He is the real deal!

from inmovie89 [2635] on 25 July 2014

turly amazing

from inmovie89 [2635] on 25 July 2014

turly amazing

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx bb anytime.kisses

from paul duchai [480] on 23 July 2014

The artistry of beauty is exhibited in the shape, symmetry, vascularity and muscle control with his incredible physique. Your eyes are captivated with his sultry movements of muscles as he prepares to hit pose after pose until the muscles are displayed ready to be devoured by the eyes. Handsome man with awesome confident attitude with laid back personality that aims to pleasure your every demand in the session of muscleworship. I recommend him highly and this is a must for true real musdcleworshipers to enjoy.....10+++++

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx Paul it was nice to be with u in pvt.Hope to see u soon.I really enjoy our meetings.Take care my love

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Age 25
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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