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30, 188cm (6'2"), 89kg (195 lbs)

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from Techno12 [933] on 28 March 2019

He knows how to move sexy on camera also he's super enthusiastic which is a plus!

from Fzpanda [635] on 19 February 2019

Bought a custom video from him. There was some issue with the video, but he offered to remake it. Good guy to work with .

from littlelunch [4464] on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from Mark, the more he does the more he gets what like to see. Always a pleasure to deal with, super sexy and super polite. Thanks Mark.

MarkFlexberg replied...
Thank you! :)

from littlelunch [4464] on 27 August 2018

Mark sent me yet another great video. He quickly learns your likes and dislikes then never fails to produce awesome content. He is a really nice guy who has always delivers as promised. Well worth a look in every sense!

from a90 [330] on 22 November 2017

Honest guy. He failed to deliver a video, as the request was not easy, and still refunded me. This is a guy who can be trusted

from littlelunch [4464] on 1 August 2017

Mark has now done a few custom videos for me now, and he is always easy to talk with and listens to what you want. The results videos were well worth the cash.

from GlennG [10] on 18 July 2017

Fantastic custom of what I asked for. Mark was away travelling, but on his return, produced a great video! Thanks very much Mark :)

from GlennG [10] on 8 July 2017

I asked Mark for a custom video a while ago. He said he could do the video, no problem for a cost of 40 dollars. In the meantime, he said he could do the custom, and another one he had already that I think I would like, for 60 dollars. I agreed, and payed him by paypal. I received the "already made" one straight away, which was fine. Then, he offered me another video that wasn't chargable, but not what I asked for. I asked him when could the custom one be made, and he said he is "busy this week, I will let you know." So, 60 dollars later and no custom video I asked for has been made or sent to me after 2 weeks already. Not sure its because Mark (are you reading this?) thatyou know I don't live in the same country as you, or you just had no intention on making the video?? at least you should be honest to your customers! Enough said, won't deal with again unfortunately.

from Shawn_1978 [384] on 13 February 2017

I ordered a custom video from Mark Flexberg and needless to say he blew me away. He gave me everything I asked for in the video and beyond! I asked him what I wanted in the video and asked him to also make it sexy for me as well. He promised that it would be hot and he didn't disappoint me. His body is very ripped and vascular and his muscle bulk and definition is amazing. He posed like a professional pro, and since he's competed in bodybuilding a few times, he knows how to pose and do it well. His big muscled body makes him look amazing, whether he is wearing jeans or just posing in his underwear. Mark is also very handsome and included commentary during his flexing which made the video even sexier. I was turned on from start to finish! Mark indulged me in my muscle worship fantasies and he was more than happy to bring them to life for me, in one hot, sexy, flex filled, muscle video! I will definitely want to do more videos and fantasy ideas with Mark! I highly recommend him! Just tell him what you want, be specific about what you like to see, and he will make it happen for you! Thank you so much, Mark! I look forward to seeing you model more sexy clothes and things that you look to show off on your amazing physique! I wish you much love and much luck as you work towards your bodybulding goals! God Bless you, man!

from Fatty [466] on 2 December 2016

I had my first video from Mark today, and it was mind-blowing!!! He has a fantastic athletic body - his beautiful face, sculpted muscles and flawless skin could be from a statue of a Greek God. It is a dream come true to watch him flex! He is eager to please and it was wonderful to watch him move from one pose to another.

He is a very kind and intelligent guy and he made my video very quickly. I've already asked for a second one, and I know I will be back for more!

from hypnopowerman [615] on 2 September 2016

Love this guy! Easy to communicate with and clearly enjoys what he does. Highly recommended!

from mmmmuscles [70] on 14 April 2016

sweetest guy ever

from thacmb [80] on 8 October 2014

Wowwwww! Mark is a first class stud. I came across him by accident, and let me say, I can't believe what I have been missing. He's not only incredibly HOTTT, but he's an absolute pleasure to speak with. Very personable and accommodating. I'll be back for many more shows and chats. Thanks my man!

from abc12321 [25] on 22 July 2014

Great show great biceps and a really nice guy

from scottyboy [190] on 7 June 2014

great show, everything promised and more.. would reccomend

from xxxmanxxx [1535] on 6 June 2014

Just had a show with Mark. Amazing guy, eager to please and really into showing off. Highly recommended.

from DavidG528 [25] on 11 May 2014

He is so nice.. Great show... amazing bod :) check him out

from Musclefan11 [5] on 11 May 2014

It was a GREAT show! Mark is very handsome and charming guy! A very great body and show..! I will definitely be back for another show.

from youp555 [310] on 30 April 2014

Great show! Very charming and eager to please. Highly recommend!

from muscleluv19 [75] on 28 April 2014

It was a great show. He has a great body and I loved every minute of it!

from sydneyguy34 [15] on 25 April 2014

Extremely sexy and nice guy...friendly to deal with and not pushy. He loves to show off and appreciates when guys appreciate him. Don't hesitate to do a show....if you love huge biceps, smooth skin, and a toned physique you don't regret it.

from davebmxer83 [15] on 8 April 2014

Very friendly, with a great body and huge biceps. Nice show, thanks!

from tomc198 [1987] on 29 March 2014

Just had a show with Mark, even better looking than the pictures here. Really loves to flex, I will definitely be back for another show. Thanks again Mark.

from motionrotation [250] on 13 March 2014

Very handsome and charming guy.... and a very great body and show.... charms and body always work well together

from Fob [380] on 23 February 2014

looks great, really nice guy.. can see that a lot of hard work gone into that body and didn't stop flexing for the whole show.. really worth a show :):):)

from jimlob98 [25] on 7 February 2014

Good and friendly guy. The biceps are magnificient. Good control of muscles. Open minded and fun guy to talk with. Would like to talk with him again

from DoonB [2818] on 5 February 2014

No issues buying multiple times from this guy. Handsome and friendly. Great body and attitude.

from bluefire [40] on 5 February 2014

A very handsome man and super friendly. Had a lovely time with him. Amazing body

from Twolve1 [940] on 5 February 2014

Outstanding. Did a custom video and he turned it around extremely quickly and was very responsive to email. I would recommend him to anyone if you want a good video or show.

from jeni [260] on 2 February 2014

Very sexy, fun show --pictures here don't do justice.

from gmara777 [75] on 2 February 2014

Very good show. A great body combined with a great attitude. you got a new fan!

from Libert [665] on 31 January 2014

a muscular fitness body, very nice show, a guy allways welling to please, i must come back for an other show :)

from DoonB [2818] on 31 January 2014

Friendly guy, looks good on cam

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Age 30
Height 188cm (6'2")
Weight 89kg (195 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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