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26, 175cm (5'9"), 84kg (185 lbs)

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Michael Bradley has 26 reviews.

from Fzpanda [1715] on 27 August 2020

I don’t remember how many videos I have purchased from Michael, but this one is even better than the ones I have bought from him in the past :)

from gigator39 [285] on 28 July 2020

One of the easiest guys to work with and has a great physique. Highly recommended.

from gsplover [756] on 16 May 2020

Great sexy show with this man. Easy to transact and reasonable too. Hot man and very good looking. Great torso (just my style....)

from Jaynuke1 [7835] on 2 May 2020

First video from Michael was delivered to me this morning. Crazy ripped physique. Very nice to deal with and the video was completed in less than a day. Thanks Michael!!!

from DoonB [5148] on 14 April 2020

Bought a couple of custom videos from him so far. He does look great on cam and very easy to work with. Really delivers fast and a quality physique.

from oilboy4u [1000] on 7 April 2020

Got my custom done super fast and was a pleasure to work with. Hot as hell and the body to die for. Looking forward to more from him

from Fzpanda [1715] on 5 April 2020

My third custom of the week, and again it turned out flawlessly. Enough said.

from alain6901 [4784] on 4 April 2020

I got my first custom video from Aleks.
He is very reliable and quick to deliver!
Extremely sexy body and for sure he knows how to show it off!
Tight abs, strong and hard pecs and arms!
And beautiful blue eyes too ;)

from gardenweasel1 [760] on 4 April 2020

Had a live camshow with Michael. Wow. Verbal and sexy. Eyes to die for...but his body is off the scale. It's all sculpted and hard but his abs were especially amazing. Friendly sexy muscle stud. Amazing flex show.

from nezri359 [305] on 2 April 2020

This man is simply amazing, he's easy to talk to, charge reasonably, and deliver as you wanted + on time.

from gigator39 [285] on 2 April 2020

My experience with Michael was fantastic. Very easy guy to work with and exceeded all my expectations. Ordered a custom video last night and it was Delivered early this morning as promised. The first thing to notice is Michael's physique looks even better in motion than in photos. Eight pack abs with deep cuts, bright eyes and one of the most aesthetic bodies I've seen on this site. He delivered an excellent role play performance and even exceeded the length we originally agreed. I'd recommend Michael to anyone and especially while he's in his current condition. Exceeds 5 stars.

from Francis [965] on 1 April 2020

After my first show with Michael, immediate request another custom video from him. The video he done for me is awesome did exactly what I ask for, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. He is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! He is also very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommended getting more videos from him!

from Sammael [1640] on 1 April 2020

Bought a video from Michael yesterday and got it today. It was exactly what I asked for and more! His body is crazy sexy, his muscles are insane and you can tell he likes to show off. Highly recomended.

from Hartxxx [304] on 31 March 2020

I ordered a custom video and was very specific about the kind of shows I like. Michael pretty much did what I asked. Lots of verbal, and teasing. It was very hot. Quick turnaround too. I highly recommend Him.

from acceleratedpulse [95] on 29 March 2020

An absolutely legendary body and he knows just how to move it. Extremely handsome and sexy, he could win a competition today. Excellent at showing off and a great tease if you want that too. Very professional and attentive, could not recommend more.

Michael Bradley replied...

from Fzpanda [1715] on 29 March 2020

This guy is simply amazing, received my 2nd custom video, and will certainly be getting more .

from thetallg [812] on 29 March 2020

Multiple shows in for me and this god is still performing. Some guys get lazy after the first couple of shows, I guess they figure they just have you as a customer. Michael has proven he is no that kind of guy. He is something this industry has had a hard time providing as of late. Anyway, this is a great place to be and i do not see myself stopping.

from fannh [555] on 29 March 2020

Really good experience with this model, and very lean. Great show!

from jadster16 [1215] on 28 March 2020

I ordered a 15 minute custom video from Michael today. I’d like to start off by say, the pricing is absolutely amazing! Especially for what I asked for him to do in the video. Michael is absolutely gorgeous. He is VERY handsome and has an incredible muscular body. His English is great (I asked for him to speak in the video) and he did exactly what I requested from start to finish. Michael is one of the very few guys on this site that I can add to the list of guys I trust. I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a custom video or a cam show from this sexy muscle stud! Five stars is not enough!

from ucl1964 [1125] on 28 March 2020

Wow. Fantastic video which really showed off his big muscles. Friendly and easy to deal with too. Highly recommended.

from yoshi22 [326] on 28 March 2020

Michael looks amazingly ripped and shredded. Ready to compete tomorrow. In the custom video I requested, he flexes close to camera his huge arms, massive chest and the best six packs on TBF. Amazing condition for an stunning athlete.

from gofg [665] on 27 March 2020

What a lovely, genuine and hot guy! Loved it! Love him! Will be back for more!

from frankiep [395] on 27 March 2020

Just got to do a show with Michael. What an amazing experience. His body looks like it was carved out of stone and he really enjoys showing it off. His main focus is on you and that you are enjoying the show as much as he enjoys showing off. He is new to the scene but wont be long before he has many fans and great reviews..

from Francis [965] on 26 March 2020

Had my first cam show with this young huge muscle man, Michael did exactly what I want, the show he provided to me was amazing. He is absolute stunning, ripped & shredded body by looking at this huge muscle, veins, biceps & abs will blow your mind. I highly recommended him to everyone not to be missed. Definitely will come back for more

from Fzpanda [1715] on 26 March 2020

Professional and easy to work with. Delivered my custom video in just a few hours.. highly recommend

from thetallg [812] on 24 March 2020

So I found Michael elsewhere and after doing a show with him I told him about thebestflex. This guy loves to show off, not just a nice and pretty ripped body, but his smirk will get ya too. This guy is quite the package. Great cam and internet quality , his English is really quite good, and you can tell he really likes to show off and perform. Reach out to him, you won't regret it. He is one of the "if only there were more than 5 star" kind of guys.

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Age 26
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 84kg (185 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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