35, 189cm (6'2"), 107kg (235 lbs)

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from Brian_Ur [20] on 6 January 2019

Perfect balance of brains/brawn

from Lovedoveyxo [70] on 23 December 2018

When you ask him for a Skype show he makes you go to a different site to pay etc. just annoying.. however he is hot

from Fzpanda [855] on 23 September 2018

Placed a custom video order with him. His video was very different from my specifications, but he offered to give a discount on my 2nd video to rectify the situation. When I did approached him nicely for the 2nd video, he didn’t only refuse to honor the discount , but also went crazy and started to verbally attack me. Extremely rude and lacks the most basic professionalism. Do not recommend.

RAMONDAVOS replied...

from that1time [70] on 2 October 2017

i've done a lot of shows and he is by far one of -- if not the -- best there. his body is amazing and his attitude is great. he can play any role you want him to, but his alpha mode is great. love doing a show with ramon. if i could give more than 5 stars i would

from chicago_27 [20] on 8 July 2017

This guy is a total douche bag, would NOT recommend.

RAMONDAVOS replied...

from tactenn [520] on 14 October 2016

I have chatted with Ramon and have been noting less than pleased. He is a One In A Million kind of guy. He lives up to and surpasses his his want to make you happy !!!!! I can agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY to what 0m74 said about him. He is a PERFECT combination of Looks, Muscularity, Personality and Heart !!!!!
TOPS in my opinion !!!

from RubenB [5] on 16 November 2015

Saw ramon years ago and now again after a long break and he looks stunning ,the looks of a greek God , nice and friendly as he has always been with amazing symmetry ,amazing face body combo

from Ozsport63 [1048] on 16 November 2015

do not understand where the negative post would come form Ramon is a real awesome guy, very friendly and he looks great.

from jonjon [135] on 15 November 2015

if you want an arrogant guy and a fake cum shot, look no further! nothing more to say really

from Ozsport63 [1048] on 6 November 2015

Ramon was awesome, very friendly and a great natural body with huge arms, looks much better in person, lovely guy. recommended

from Om74 [860] on 4 November 2015

Hui Ramon's wonderful to describe his body will not be easy, because the words sound rather trite, because they are used repeatedly. But he has a great modeled athletic body. It is beautiful to look at how he moves and how he does his show. He is very humorous and just gorgeous. His beautiful face with laughter and cute grimaces makes him a whole fully perfect body. I would appreciate it once personally encountered!

from Sammael [1295] on 3 November 2015

Amazing guy, really nice to deal with and picture perfect. The pics are 100 % accurate. A real professional, in every aspect.

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Age 35
Height 189cm (6'2")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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