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Taking some time off from camming

23, 195cm (6'5"), 101kg (222 lbs)

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Rippedreaper997 has 63 reviews.

from littlelunch [6354] on 18 December 2019

RR is a consummate professional who is a joy to work with and always delivers when promised. Super friendly and very observant of what you want out of your show. Then when the cam starts the gloves are off, he will impress and have you needing more. Super tall, super alpha and super built. Next show already in planning! Thanks big guy

from frankiep [390] on 9 November 2019

Beginning of October I had a reallygr8 show with reaper as well and he really knows how to put on a good show intend to see him again soon

from weststew [255] on 29 October 2019

I had an amazing show from ripped reaper, even with a challenging script he delivered all i asked for. thank you, will be back.

from atrbg20 [240] on 25 October 2019

Ordered a custom video from this massive stud - he's the total package. Cocky, muscled, absolutely massive, and attentive to detail - I definitely recommend him!

from DoonB [4027] on 26 September 2019

Great guy and really easy to work with. Super tall muscle!

from surfahripz16 [1072] on 10 September 2019

TBF is known for its quantity of str8 MuscleMasters. But every now and then you come across a quality flex machine who has that something "extra."

Rippedreaper997 is one of TBF's quality finds -- he goes the extra mile to provide verbal domination/humiliation as good as you can get on the net.

With reasonable rates, quick responses, and smooth transactions, this rough-looking ("rough" as in rough trade) Alpha prides himself on making his cam shows something you won't quickly forget.

He deserves his 5*****star ratings, but in return those who submit to this role playing can expect (like it or not) a middle finger from him. It is what it is.

from unchiuvierme [75] on 7 August 2019

Another show today and probably the best yet. And more gains since July already. You are working really hard and the way you kept getting me to focus and stay in the game was brilliant. Thank. One of the best I have ever had.

from unchiuvierme [75] on 21 July 2019

Another great session. Getting bigger and more shredded year after year and learning more about the scene but still a pleasure to deal with. Fair but firm. Progressing all the time.

from surfahripz16 [1072] on 19 July 2019

Ripped, shredded, swole, sent .... this cocky Alpha is solid AF and solid at what he does, which is commanding your attention as he moves in for the kill.

Above all, he comes across as trustworthy and will deliver what you ask for (if it's a reasonable request).

5 ***** except for our bad Skype connection (which made his verbal draining sound at times like a huge sucking sound instead English being spoken) and except for his headless appearance (like the Grim Reaper). But do not let these exceptions stop you from striking up a conversation with this Alpha.

from Drippy_ [260] on 9 July 2019

Had to come leave a second review, because my experience with Reaper has only gotten progressively better with each video. The kindest guy on this website, no question about it! Absolutely love and adore Reaper. No one has ever put as much effort into the content they provide me like he does. I’m truly blown away by how perfectly he does my videos, he takes the time to actually listen to all of your requests and has never once missed anything that I’ve asked for, every video has been STELLAR! His pictures are 100% accurate and he looks even more stunning on camera, he is in really great shape! If you’re debating on getting a video from him, please do and don’t pass up the opportunity, he is such an amazing person. Thank you Reaper, I really appreciate you!<3

from littlelunch [6354] on 8 July 2019

Ripped Reaper continues to deliver top class videos for me and has become a real ‘go to guy’ for my customs. He is exceptionally easy to deal with and really listens to your requests to assist him deliver an outstanding cam show or custom video. If you haven’t already let this 6’5” muscle beast flex and amazing you!

from frankiep [390] on 11 June 2019

Just saw him on cam and he put on a great show

from trebazz [2576] on 28 May 2019

Very cool guy to work with. Great conversation, and responds quickly always. He's always striving to get bigger and reach his goals. I'd highly recommend!

from Drippy_ [260] on 29 April 2019

Words cannot describe how INCREDIBLE Reaper is! Genuinely the most nice, caring and reliable guy that I have met on this website hands down. Not only is his body carved to perfection and breathtaking to look at, his personality is top of the line, and he treats you with the upmost respect. He is also a great conversationalist, and keeps you updated on when your video will be ready. You are truly missing out on an amazing experience if you haven’t contacted him yet. He is literally the full package and I can’t stress that enough. Thank you again Reaper! <3

from Azmodan [131] on 7 April 2019

Another hot video and bigger than before! I can't wait to see him improving and it's an honor to help him to reach his goals!
So if you want this awesome guy to become a massive god then give him a try! U won't regret it!

from littlelunch [6354] on 21 March 2019

A great first custom from RippedReaper. He is very easy to deal with and really did great with my custom idea. Delivered on time and with a high quality video it terms of him AND the definition lol

Thanks big man

from larrydope444 [560] on 13 January 2019

Just bought a video from this guy and damn is he hot. He responded quickly and was apologetic when the video was a little late. Would highly recommend.

from Azmodan [131] on 17 December 2018

Outstanding and cool guy! The video was exactly as I wanted, he listened to what I was saying. But not only that, he is responsive and always open for a little talk. He tries to get bigger and I can't wait to see that happen! So guys, give him a try and help him to reach his goals. 150% recommended!

from Jayballet [4630] on 5 December 2018

I love him ?? He is only going to get bigger and better. Really good at naturally dominating as well as kind and fair. A true muscle god and alpha. You won’t be disappointed talking with this guy

from Jayballet [4630] on 5 December 2018

I love him ?? He is only going to get bigger and better. Really good at naturally dominating as well as kind and fair. A true muscle god and alpha. You won’t be disappointed talking with this guy

from a90 [410] on 25 November 2018

This guy just gave me second custom video, he is the best actor on here. If you want professional videos. he is the guy. I like his style and I recommend

from a90 [410] on 24 November 2018

One of the best cam guys. He is a real athlete and has a great friendly personality. I recommend as he is patient with his customers too and flexible too.

from unchiuvierme [75] on 7 November 2018

Had another great show thank you. And you are getting bigger. Not the hugest guy on the site but lean and T.I.G.H.T. and like a fucking marble statue. And a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again. Probably one of the best worship sessions I've ever had so thanks for improving on the previous session. Had a ball.

from Hymn [35] on 22 October 2018

He made a great video for me. His body has gotten even bigger than in the pictures. He knows exactly the right angles for shows or videos. He will leave you drooling and in awe!

from unchiuvierme [75] on 17 October 2018

I had another session with him and he is more lean and rock hard. It was sublime at moments to see his abs when they caught in a certain light. Always reliable and fair and a very cool Alpha with a brilliant sports - lean body

from bigone14 [7555] on 15 October 2018

Just did my first show with him and it was awesome! He is so willing to work with you to give you the fantasy that you want, it's such a pleasure to work with him! Would highly recommend and I will definitely be going back for more!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 14 October 2018

awesome show with Nik he is growing each time i see him check him out

from bignicka [205] on 11 October 2018

Ordered a custom vid and got exactly what I was looking for...and a little more! Very responsive and timely in responses and delivery!

from TillXXX [528] on 17 September 2018

I received my video and it was really nice.

from bigone14 [7555] on 19 August 2018

Just did my first custom video. He was a pleasure to work with and has a great body. Would definitely recommend him and I plan on going back for more in the future.

from cccarlosss [180] on 18 August 2018

Great guy, great body, nice lips.......I love him...

from smf27 [100] on 20 June 2018

I had a fantastic time with Nik.

from mbell1700 [200] on 2 May 2018

Awesome video.Exactly what I needed,all points covered and very creative. Recommend A++++

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 22 April 2018

had another great show with Nik last night, hes is so friendly and obliging, his muscles are growing and he plans to hit 100kg soon.

from Jayballet [4630] on 17 March 2018

So I have been camming with Nik for about 3 weeks now consistently. He’s extremely loyal and gives you his time without asking for much in return. Really knows what muscle worship, dom, etc is about. Very empathetic and is able to understand your dreams and make them a reality. Don’t hesitate to hit him up for a show or video, he’s so professional and real??

from Jayballet [4630] on 2 March 2018

I’m just starting out with Nik, but he’s got an incredible ability to be humble and kind but still be in charge of every situation. He’s made for this industry and will go
Far. He’s naturally alpha and will
Make your dreams reality. I’ll be seeing him and helping him out for a long time.

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 11 February 2018

had a great show with Nik, hes is really getting some lean muscles mass and he is great guy so friendly

Rippedreaper997 replied...
My favorite man, thanks!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 13 December 2017

jut had another show with Nik, he looks awesome, getting bigger each time i see him

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 29 November 2017

Nik is the most amazing guy, super friendly and he loves showing off his muscles.
highly recommended

from unchiuvierme [75] on 31 October 2017

Awesome lean muscle. Very trustworthy and really enjoys the rush of being worshipped with a great, natural Alpha mentality. Really friendly and connected. Refreshingly uncynical. Recommended

from hornyboy1234 [260] on 29 October 2017

I just had an amazing show from him at an amazing price. He is so hot. The perfect age, physique, and more ;) I will do another show with him VERY soon

from jmx2749 [70] on 28 October 2017

He was very verbal, gave a hot show - this guy is super lean and shredded

from willcummin69 [38] on 16 October 2017

Nik is an ex-basketball player who has done well in building his physique in just the last year and a half. He's got an amazing body and I know we're all awaiting his further progress. More impressive than that, he is the absolute friendliest guy on this site and is HIGHLY recommended. And yes, definitely ask to see his ass!

from VG.13 [40] on 9 October 2017

Great lean muscle Alpha that is the real deal. You'll want more and more as you watch this guy grow. You've got so see him flex head-to-toe. Sweet muscle butt too.

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 3 October 2017

had another great show with Nik, he is so ripped, highly recommended

from steveej004 [500] on 24 September 2017

What a great guy. Easy to deal with. Speaks perfect English. Great body and personality. Honest and trustworthy. Cam with him please. You will not be disappointed. He’s amazing. 5***** guy!!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 23 August 2017

this guy is awesome, super friendly and eager to please

go support him guys you will not be dissappointed

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 23 July 2017

this guy is the best

Rippedreaper997 replied...

from garsbuffoon [155] on 16 July 2017

I noticed he is tall and he is the tallest dude I've cammed with so far. He did what I asked and I was glad that we had fun.

I want to say this to others. This guy is a victim of someone reporting him to Paypal for stolen account and whoever that person was really fucked his Paypal up by revealing his cam show off activity. Try as best as we can to prevent this from happening to any possible camguys that we love to watch.

Rippedreaper997 replied...
I'm glad that you had some fun, just like me. Thank you :)

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 10 July 2017

This guy is awesome, highly recommended

Rippedreaper997 replied...
<3 :)

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 23 June 2017

Love seeing Nik flex, he is certainly growing

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you :)

from tim40208.57 [35] on 21 June 2017

I just had a second show with the Reaper - the guy is looking better and better. This guy is one to watch - he works hard and his body is responding. I plan on following his progress - check this guy out!!

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you Tim! I appreciate that!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 18 June 2017

Nik is a delight to chat with and does great shows, highly recommended

Rippedreaper997 replied...

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 8 June 2017

this guy is hot, you will not be disappointed.

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you for review! :)

from tim40208.57 [35] on 4 June 2017

Very nice guy - really enjoyed the show.

Rippedreaper997 replied...
It was my pleasure too :)

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 1 June 2017

Had another great show with this guy, so friendly and he is definitely growing adding muscles. He will be a beast in no time

Rippedreaper997 replied...

from thetallg [758] on 28 May 2017

He is the real Alpha! Others are just copycats, his muscle simply makes you weak!

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 27 May 2017

caught up with this muscle stud again last night
he is awesome, loved watching his muscles in action. he is going to grown into a muscle beast

Rippedreaper997 replied...
hehehe thanks!

from gamblinbear [583] on 24 May 2017

This REAPER is RIPPED and those KILLER QUADS are freakin' AMAZING... Don't miss out on a show from this awesome guy...

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thanks :)

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 21 May 2017

had another show with ripped, he is getting more muscled and he is super friendly

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thats because of you :)

from Jmcooke [10] on 26 April 2017

Hey he's so great I had a good time so hot and sexy will keep coming back

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you, can't wait for the next show!

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 24 April 2017

nice guy very tall great legs

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thanks man

from rubeng2016 [290] on 2 April 2017

Just had an amazing show with this guy. He is one tall and handsome guy. He's really nice to talk to, very accommodating and with a mind blowing hot body. Professional, kind, quick and responsive. Give him shows as he is worth it!

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thanks buddy!

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Age 23
Height 195cm (6'5")
Weight 101kg (222 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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