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Just watched his videos. This guy can act! Combined with perfect aesthetics with his lean, muscular build, he is the best. He is obviously super disciplined. This is the guy all guys want to look like build wise, but only few achieve. I just have a couple of simple requests: More chest and abs close up and sustain the poses for maybe 10 more seconds. Thanks Travis.

Will.27 [305] on 20 Jan 2022

Had a great show with Travis recently. It took a minute to line up our schedules, but it was worth it. Naturally charming and masculine with an amazing physique. He's professional and seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Recommended!

HeyMuscles [160] on 10 Jan 2022

dude got some new shredded rock hard muscle and is back flexing and destroying....always gives his best and has great shows. never disappoints.

Jay.45 [4424] on 6 Jan 2022

Travis is back, for the best . . . and the best. We all missed his confidence, his angel face and this devil body and attitude. you'll have a crush for him, he will be your new addiction for 2022 !!!

yeaheurope [678] on 5 Jan 2022

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Awesome body , those

vulcan [510] on 25 Aug 2021

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nice custom vid, love it

timo.muscle [720] on 22 Aug 2021

I just love Travis. He is a fantastic person. Done a lot of business with him and I don’t foresee myself ever stopping.

BDFLEXGA [1770] on 26 Jul 2021

I just love Travis. He is a fantastic person. Done a lot of business with him and I don’t foresee myself ever stopping.

BDFLEXGA [1770] on 24 Jul 2021

Haven't had a guy be so professional, reasonable and responsive in a while. Delivered on the show, looked great, sounded great, and just all around a pleasure. Just what I wanted. He's the total package without any drama. I'll be back for more :)

youp555 [570] on 17 Jun 2021

We did not do a show or video due to my specific request being outside of his comfort level. Despite the outcome, he was hella respectful the entire convo, and politely informed me in a non-judgmental manner. Impressionable enough to turn down a request and still receive a 5*****

If you are into aesthetic muscles shown artistically via cam or live show, then this is 100% your man!

856chiboy [618] on 30 Apr 2021

Travis is quick, professional, charming, attentive, and he gives a great custom! Will be back for more, 100%

gottagetbigger91 [460] on 10 Feb 2021

Messaged Travis for a custom vid and he came through within a day. I really appreciated his updates on the delivery progress which was reassuring and the final product was awesome!! I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath after watching the vid!! Travis can definitely play different roles and play them well. Satisfied customer here!!

yoonv5 [630] on 25 Jan 2021


BDFLEXGA [1770] on 14 Jan 2021

Contacted Travis on his OF for a quick custom vid and he came through perfectly. He’s everything you see and hear and more. So naturally an Alpha and cocky af!

Scott29 [170] on 12 Jan 2021


scooby [723] on 3 Jan 2021

I got all of his videos and I reached out for a custom vid. He seems like a pretty chill dude and is extremely nice. He is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect and hot!

MarkRyan [1025] on 3 Jan 2021

Got my first video from Travis yesterday. Wow.

Cannot recommend more - he's a good communicator, has a fantastic physique, and seems ready for anything. He puts a lot of effort into the stuff he does, I can tell that immediately. One of the best here on TBF, hands-down.

atrbg20 [415] on 28 Dec 2020

I had the most amazing cam show with Travis last night. despite being arranged at quite short notice and during the holiday period, Travis was very flexible and was free for a ten minute show. Wow! He looks even better than in his photos, as he slowly undressed, flexing all the while, and tempting me to reach out to feel how hard his sculpted body is. He's such a great guy, good to chat with, and looks like a Greek God statue come to life. I can't wait for the next time!!

PeterAndrews14 [116] on 27 Dec 2020

I've bought several of his videos and they've all been fantastic! He's always entertaining and puts on a great show, including custom requests where he's really nailed what I've asked for every time. As if that wasn't enough, he's also extremely nice and great to deal with. Definitely highly recommended!

Andrew1446 [1655] on 27 Dec 2020

Ive done a couple shows with Travis now. So professional, so accomodating, so beautiful to look at <3 Great guy who will always put a smile on your face. Really the whole package. Face, body, attitude, and when you see those eyes on camera you will be hooked! Ill be back many more times :)

qwfgjs [1580] on 22 Dec 2020

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