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I ordered a custom video few weeks ago, and after having paid his onlyfan subsription and payment for the video, i received an old video he already published few time before on this site. Very deceiving.

aixois1978 [631] on 29 Nov 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
Bullshit bro, if you have a problem, come to me instead of crying like a baby and complaining. All Probs can be resolved with a simple message. I make 10k per month so I don’t need your money and would prefer for you to be satisfied with your video than crying like a baby.

Just got another one best custom from AJ, worth the queue!

poter [110] on 27 Sep 2023

I did 2nd custom video from him and well done again!

poter [110] on 5 Sep 2023

I contacted him by skype and I made a custom from him, it is amazing which fulfill my request! Then i paid him 2nd time, he had reply my message and on the status of En Voyage so i am sure will be delayed since every human has personal life. After many days, i greet him again. He apologized and explained to me sincerely. He is a good man for my view. :)

poter [110] on 30 Aug 2023

Purchased custom video. I can't his custom video because there's no compatible source for that video. So i asked it for him how to watch this video then. He said he'll try another manner. However, even after few days, there was a no answer, and he only induced payment of other videos.
I've had a terrible experience and i'll never subscribe him again

Mangoroco [35] on 17 Aug 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
Im returning from holiday today. I explained I can’t send videos as my internet isn’t good. If you would like my video let me know and I’ll send it too you next week

Confirm scammer. For those on his OF. Please reconsider before sending him the money before you tell him of your custom. He rejects my custom after I had paid him 40 on OF. In the end he simply blocked me and tell me not to contact him. Contact him for custom at your own risk.

Fagpussyboi [260] on 1 Jun 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
This is a lie, I’ve never blocked anyone on my OnlyFans and I’ve always given my customers my best by providing them with a custom video that satisfies their needs. Thanks

I've commissioned the first video from this "massive" and "beautiful bodybuilder". It was such as discovery! He's absolutely friendly and perhaps one of the biggest bodybuilder in here! Recommended.

KavanS [2789] on 28 May 2023

Purchased a custom video. Extremely prompt with delivery. Did exactly what I asked for. Hes looking so amazing. If you love smooth muscle guys in peak condition, This is your man. Would 100 percent buy again.

doctorcid [715] on 21 May 2023

Purchased a custom video from ajfitness. He is professional and courteous. Delivered my videos promptly. Highly recommend

Fzpanda [2265] on 20 May 2023

Just received my first custom video from AJ and I’m so thrilled with the results! AJ was really easy to communicate with and super responsive. He followed my script and delivered an amazing video. His vibrant energy and personality really shine through not to mention his amazing body and killer biceps which he shows off so well. I’m already looking forward to arranging my next video. I would highly recommend!! Thanks again AJ!

mikej5 [130] on 19 May 2023

Scammer. He offers a special offer for customs. I sent money and script. He then does not acknowledge the script or the payment and says that was only for that day. But it was sent on that day. Don’t trust him.

mishka [2605] on 13 May 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
Hi I’m sorry you feel that way, I am always willing to give you a custom as compensation. I believe I gave you a custom for the promotion price but if I’m wrong I’m willing to acknowledge that and compensate you. Take care and thanks for the feedback.

Requested a video from AJ and he delivered in great time. Did everything I requested in the script and made an awesome video. Thanks!

mb707 [690] on 11 May 2023

F-ing AMAZING! Just viewed a custom vid I ordered (turn around time was less than 24 hours...) and the vid was one of the best I've seen! AJ took great time to provide exactly what I ordered. I'm looking forward to the next custom vid!

bignicka [270] on 26 Apr 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
Thanks so much for the support bro. I’m on holiday until the 9th so I hope my other clients read this and understand I usually get back to you very quickly. I want you to have an amazing experience and I hope to provide that.

No words! Just book a show! I have not cum that much in forever!

gofg [960] on 25 Apr 2023

AJ Fitness replied...
Thanks bro it really means a lot and I’m so happy you enjoyed the show.

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