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Always loved seeing him in cam shows. His personality is beyond kind. Have been doing shows with him occasionally, and everytime he always delivers on what we discussed.

rubeng2016 [515] on 4 Dec 2023

Roman Shark replied...

Best guy on this website, polite and kind. Plus he has a phenomenal body 💪🏻

Kevmax [475] on 30 Oct 2023

Had a very pleasant experience getting a custom video. Easy to talk to and pretty quick with producing the content. Did exactly what I had asked for, and was accepting of my requests. And of course, an incredible muscular body!

hornet88 [70] on 26 Oct 2023

i asked Roman to do a video for me.Things were going well.he said he would agree to the video and we found common ground on the price of the video.when i asked him how long it would take to do the video he accused me of trying to scam him.i dont understand that i think its very rude

montrosebeach3 [2290] on 25 Oct 2023

Roman Shark replied...
you know…here you should to pay for a video first . Or what do u expect !? first custom with Roman...and DAMN! He must have one of the greatest bodies I've ever seen!!! What a total god! Quick delivery too! Wow! Looking forward to more!!! and by the way, legs and glutes to die for!! (or from!!)

beefy4muscle [6992] on 15 Oct 2023

I've another amazing experience with this fella and as always he didn't let me down. I admire how much precise and how much he sticks to what he says. He always gives me a time frame for the delivery of the video and he delivers exactly as agreed. This guy deserves more than 5 stars, if possible, 1000 might not even be enough. Highly recommended.

KavanS [2728] on 6 Oct 2023

I bought a customer video. He is very friendly and delivered fast. His body is perfect - a few days before a competition. Highly recommended

ferdi.1 [110] on 5 Oct 2023

What can I say more. Amazing dude with great body and a good character. Love doing shows with him

were123sg [105] on 29 Sep 2023

Amazing muscle flex cam show today with the incredible Roman Shark. So handsome, and he's 6 days out from competing so his condition is truly fantastic. Very friendly guy provides a truly excellent muscle cam show. Will definitely do more shows with him. A+++

musclefan101 [540] on 25 Sep 2023

Simple review: Always the best and most reliable guy in here! Amazing body that improves video after video!

KavanS [2728] on 25 Sep 2023

Ordered a video and had it by the next day! He has an amazing shape with great posing. Nice eyes as well :)

visionS1 [220] on 24 Sep 2023

Best guy on the site, always polite and very easy to talk with. Plus he is a mountain of muscles.

Kevmax [475] on 20 Sep 2023

Fantastic transaction. He's 10 days out and a glistening god. Polite, responded very quickly and is a specimen. Highly recommend.

rolling2445 [668] on 20 Sep 2023

I ordered a custom video from him and had it in a matter of a few hours, Great flexing and lots of nice close-ups. He has a competition soon, so he was cut and defined. Definitely a thumbs up and very recommended

gsplover [1199] on 16 Sep 2023

10 out 10! Roman is great, easy to talk to and delivered professional quality. Highly recommend. Great physique as well 💪🏻

Bristol81 [115] on 10 Sep 2023

Roman is a pro in the making. He's a dominating force, powerful, beautifully sculpted. Been purchasing multiple videos from him for a couple of years, but his recent progress is off the charts. Great guy, honest, and a pleasure to watch pose! Highly Recommended.

harlanny [19072] on 5 Sep 2023

Since my previous review (September 2022) I have continued to purchase their videos every month; excellent works that has been improving in quality and variety.
Roman Shark is big guy, honest and respectful. What a presence he has, extremely charismatic! Just over a month before his next competition, his shape is surprising and impressive. He will be a great success. I 100% would recommend him.

pomona [5515] on 5 Sep 2023

Received a great duo custom from Young Markus and Roman Shark, both are in the final weeks of competition prep and are looking damn fine. They bounced off each other well in the custom and really understood and worked with the idea I gave them to bring it to life.

Delivered on time and impressive as always from Markus. This was the first time I’ve dealt with Roman and he had a great vibe with Markus, I would certainly order again.

littlelunch [11826] on 10 Aug 2023

Good looking muscular guy. Really easy to deal with and is super friendly. He did a video with Young Markus. They were great videos. He is worth contacting, you won't be disappointed

pownat [1688] on 7 Aug 2023

I’ve bought now 3 videos from Roman. Not only is each one better but he looks better with each one. He’s super easy to deal and very easy going and attentive to what you want. He’s prepping for a show and is only going to get better I will keep coming back.

Darksky23 [220] on 6 Aug 2023

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