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Bought another custom vid from Roman! Still as great as ever! Very kind and great to work with. And if you want him to play a mean dominant role, he's really good at that too. Looking in fantastic shape! Thank you again, Roman! Highly recommended.

Maxxiboi [340] on 11 Jun 2024

I have stopped counting how many videos you have done for me
So many 🤣
Each time it is amazing to watch all your muscle groups pumped
I love love love the way you pose
Every single inch of your body is perfection from face to feet
I am so happy about what we share
I am so proud to know you
You are simply the best

alain6901 [7740] on 1 Jun 2024

Roman Shark replied...
What can i say more!? A simple thank you isn t enough never 🙏🙏🙏

Bought a custom video from Roman a while ago, but it was delayed after he fell ill. It missed some parts from the original request, but he made up for it fairly quickly. He's in great shape, and plays a dominant role very well! Definitely recommend him, and looking forward to doing more with him in the future.

Maxxiboi [340] on 18 May 2024

He knows how to pose!!!! He is a great bodybuilder!!!!! I really like his hard sweaty posing in green posing trunks!!!!

Muscle Beach [1087] on 4 May 2024

He is always a security commissioning videos to Roman with a super fast delivery. He's no words but facts.

I asked him to pose with leggings and I'm not even sure how they didn't tear apart. His legs are long and huge, a body part that I've always admired from him.

I'm quite sure that people have been fantasizing about being crushed by those massive quads.

Again another spot-on delivery.

KavanS [3094] on 1 Apr 2024

It's been a while since I requested a video commission to Roman (due to some time off the web) and as always, he delivered an amazing product. This guy is so big and you can clearly see this on his pictured and on the video to purchase. My favorite muscle part are the quads. They're long and massive, he should start recording while he crushes stuff, such as a football ball or some(one)thing else.

Highly recommended.

5 stars are not enough for him.

KavanS [3094] on 29 Mar 2024

Roman is one of my go to guys for always making phenomenal custom videos. Always performs my script to every detail, and brings fantasy to reality. Videos are always amazing quality. Such a sweet guy and he is an absolute beast 💪 Probably some of the biggest quads on this site! Thanks again Roman!

mb707 [715] on 27 Mar 2024

Alpha Roman is an exceptional man and expert performer. He is so sweet it’s addictive… after the first custom he so masterfully created for me, i will keep begging and praying for more!

TouchyFeely [1891] on 27 Mar 2024

Roman always delivers great content. In the shows he flexes like a real beast, putting his traps right in your face and what about his wrestling videos ? He always destroys his opponents. He is the real deal.

Kevmax [515] on 2 Mar 2024

Another day and more happiness
Thank you
You are the only one
This I can say 🙏🏻😊

alain6901 [7740] on 1 Mar 2024

Roman Shark replied...

Hey my big boy!

It’s a bit weird to post a review for you here because I am not a fan or a customer.
I know you personally and our connection is much much more than that.

You are special to me and you know it.
I want to say thank you for everything we share.
For the trust you give me.
For all our laughs and good vibes.
For being here every day.
For sharing so many things together.
For letting me be near you at anytime and for accepting my care and my support.
Yes you are that special person I care for.
You are my champion.

I love being here to support you.
To have faith in you.
To believe in your power and great potential.
To believe in your bright future.
You will be a Pro and forever my champion.

I love your personality and ofc I love love love your perfect physique and super handsome face.
You are pure masculine beauty and strength.
Admiring you on video is total pleasure for me.
Everything about you is perfection.
Huge back.
Pumped af shoulders.
Amazing pecs and crazy arms.
Powerful legs.
Strong abs.

No one can compare to you.
Every cm2 of you is just perfect.
You have natural aura and class.
But most of all, you are a good person.
Not an actor, not a liar, just a good and kind man.

I am glad I know you. It is a privilege. An honour.
Every day, you bring happiness into my life.
Thank you for this.
I love to support you the best I can and I promise you to continue doing my best for you.
You deserve that. You deserve the best.


alain6901 [7740] on 27 Feb 2024

Roman Shark replied...
You are my favorite! That i can say🙏

Was a privilege to get another custom video from the legend himself. Always so friendly and professional, taking my ideas and making them a phenomenal reality. Roman really focuses on all my suggestions and delivers high quality videos so quickly too. Roman is one huge muscle god and always a pleasure to work with him!

mb707 [715] on 13 Feb 2024

Roman Shark replied...
Thanks my friend! Is a pleasure 🦾

Without a doubt, Roman is the perfect bodybuilder on the website. All his features are perfect: biceps, shoulders, chest, abs, back and legs. He also possesses a very kind, quite and gentle personality. Listening to him speak in his native language, I fantasize that this guy should be in the movies, the perfect protagonist. The videos come to me regularly every month. He never fails.

pomona [6090] on 1 Feb 2024

Roman Shark replied...
Thank you my friend! I ll keep to delivery same good quality content always🙏

Roman is the Best guy on this website, always in great shape and easy to comunicate with.

Kevmax [515] on 31 Jan 2024

Roman Shark replied...
Thank you ,my friend!🦾

I had another show with his man, and won’t be the last, he’s so muscular and handsome, can’t get enough, worth it 100%

Josueeeew [60] on 13 Jan 2024

Roman Shark replied...

This guy is awesome, handsome, muscular, dominant, easy to communicate, Id be getting shows weekly, recommend

Josueeeew [60] on 2 Jan 2024

Roman Shark replied...
Thank you my secret admirer hehehe

He is very affordable both in price and talking, I had no problems with him and he was very nice with me ! Got the video very quickly and he did everything I asked for and more, I truly recommend him !!! Thank you Roman !

Wonhotits [145] on 1 Jan 2024

Roman Shark replied...
Thanks for the feedback🙏

I just received my first video from Roman Shark and wow am I impressed! He responded super fast and did the video within an hour of request. He gave me exactly what I wanted and his body is amazing! He has the sexiest body hair covering his perfect muscles. Roman Shark has the perfect body for wintertime cuddling by the fire. I will be a repeat customer and so will you!

AlwaysMirin [3640] on 28 Dec 2023

Roman Shark replied...
Thx man! i ll do all things at high level🦾

Roman is quite possibly one of the sexiest guys I've ever seen. He's so handsome and has an incredible physique. He's also very virile and masculine. He was very responsive and sent my requested video quickly. I would definitely recommend!

jjwhigg [100] on 26 Dec 2023

Roman Shark replied...
thx buddy🦾

5 star for Roman, great body great role play !!

cccarlosss [717] on 23 Dec 2023

Roman Shark replied...

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