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Tom H has videos available for immediate download, plus he offers 1-1 cam shows and meet up sessions.

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Ultimate Bicep Worship

Tom H

Duration: 9:22 | $24.99 Buy now

Superman In The Mirror

Tom H

Duration: 12:09 | $24.99 Buy now

Superman Flexing In The Shower

Tom H

Duration: 11:05 | $24.99 Buy now

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About Tom H

Handsome young bodybuilder with awesome physique.

Do webcamshows and make custom videos!

Wrestling, arm wrestling, special shows.


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You can meet up with Tom H for a private flexing session. Please contact him directly to discuss when and where he's available.

Tom H is available for in calls, so you can meet him at his place.



185cm (6'1")


102kg (224 lbs)

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English, Hungarian

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Review summary

Fan rating: 88

Tom H has 92 positive reviews, 0 neutral reviews and 4 negative reviews.

Detailed reviews

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I have been dealing with him for a while now. He is always very kind and professional. I cannot believe that such a perfect body is real!! He always sends videos and he deserves your support so get in touch with him, you will be amazed!!!

TouchyFeely (?)
Posted on 1 June 2017

Tom H is a great and nice guy. super easy to deal with him. he is patient and accommodating. bought his video which was totally amazing. his muscles are truly an work of art.

jimlob98 (?)
Posted on 20 April 2017

His body is godly, the hard muscle flexing under tight skin. The power is bursting out of him like a super hero!
He also plays perfectly to the camera, he knows exactly what he's doing.
He is a true master of muscle and i feel very lucky to have seen his videos and his amazing body.

TouchyFeely (?)
Posted on 19 April 2017

Tom H is a statue of masculine power and muscle.
I bought videos from him and I just watch him flexing over and over.
This man is truly perfect in every single way!

TouchyFeely (?)
Posted on 9 April 2017

Just had a great cam show with this stud! Responded to all my requests. Love the hairy pecs too. Total Alpha Stud!

petemac (?)
Posted on 8 April 2017

I return to Tom H over and over again. He has gained A LOT of muscle since the photos on his page were taken. He is one of the few guys who claims to have a huge dick and actually has a huge dick, which stays hard. All of his muscles are well developed, from top to bottom. He is a nice guy as well.

Graphp (?)
Posted on 8 April 2017

Love him, i ordered a custom video and I think is one of the best customs i received, he still big and ripped and made a great work, i purchased to his "superman video" tickling hot 😍

DanielRadmon (?)
Posted on 27 March 2017


mykola azarov (?)
Posted on 12 February 2017

I was very impressed with the high quality HD videos he posted on TBF, so wrote to him asking for custom video, to be similar to these.

Huge disappointment. The video was very low-quality and grainy. I had asked for close-up upper body posing only, he did poses I didn't ask for and shot video across the room in dimly lit room. I even requested he leave shirt ON, but he took it off anyway. Almost everything I requested, I received the opposite. When I sent email expressing all of my concerns, this was his reply: "u told i need HD stuffs ? "

That about sums it up. Do not recommend.

ADAM1 (?)
Posted on 15 January 2017

I bought 8 custom videos from this model, 7 under the name of JohnnyD and one under the name TomH. JohnnyD was great, very responsive and always delivered, but with Tom, there was just endless frustration. Three months since I placed my last custom video order for Tom, but yet only received first half of the video. Recognizing his busy life style, i only sent Tom a gentle weekly reminder asking him what the status of the video is , all of my emails were ignored, and the final response I got from him was a rude email accusing me not accommodating enough of his personal life. Seriously?

I hope the nice side of JohnnyD will one day return, but before then, I will sadly have to move on from this model. Hope you will have better luck than me.

Fzpanda (?)
Posted on 7 January 2017

Beautiful guy!

MarkRyan (?)
Posted on 13 December 2016

Ordered a custom video. Made as requested. Kept me informed throughout of when to expect video. Thank you

ywtbo (?)
Posted on 27 November 2016

Such a true musclegod. Wish to worship him

Musclefan71 (?)
Posted on 6 November 2016

Unfortunately left hanging 3 months after paying him for custom video. One excuse after another of why he could not deliver on my request. Confirmed it was actually him first through video chat. Please think twice before paying him for anything. Not trustworthy. Avoid please.

hypnopowerman (?)
Posted on 27 October 2016

Had an outstanding exchange with Johnny.
He is friendly, responsive, and easy to chat with.
A gentleman and a true athlete. At ease with himself and his training regimen.
He is in outstanding shape these days, with great size, and a superb balance between outstanding, wide deltoids and matching quads. Huge and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
Connecting with Johnny is the sort of exchange that makes you want to train harder, and train smarter, because it all leads to better health, and a better sense of self-worth.
Connecting with Johnny was a real win-win.

bigluigi300 (?)
Posted on 22 August 2016

Awesome camshow! Johnny is massive and impressive, and really attentive.

alezubiri (?)
Posted on 14 August 2016

I just bought Johnny's 2 for 1 video. Oh my God! He is so hung, one of the longest dicks I have ever seen! His muscles are so impressive: thighs, shoulders, chest, huge biceps, 8 pack abs, no body fat, you name it! So handsome, bright blue eyes, thick hair!

Please come back to Skype, Johnny! Have not seen you in so long!!

Graphp (?)
Posted on 31 July 2016

hello, is it possible to meet you? When in competitive form... Discretion assured... Yours sincerely.

Visconti (?)
Posted on 21 March 2016

more videos

stanly (?)
Posted on 1 February 2016

My experiences with Johnny so far have been quite positive. Ordered a few custom videos from him in the past month or so, and haven't been disappointed yet. He is quite accommodating to the requests and willing to rectify the mistakes.

In terms of promptness of video delivery, as the reviewer below stated, it does take a bit longer to get the videos. But given his extremely hectic schedule, I can be a little more forgiving about that.

Will certainly be buying more videos from Johnny in the future.

Fzpanda (?)
Posted on 10 January 2016

I really hate to post a negative review, but my experience with Johnny has been underwhelming. After having requested a relatively simple video, he gave me something completely different. And after acknowledging that it was incorrect, he subsequently has sent numerous e-mails saying the video was complete, but has yet to send the video. I'm sure my experience with him is an outlier, because all these other reviews can't possibly be coincidental. But I just wanted to post my two cents on this. It's a shame, because he had the potential to make a lot of money from me.

ec9791 (?)
Posted on 9 January 2016

very cool posing!!!!

Alex.14 (?)
Posted on 28 November 2015

I had a muscle show with Johnny. He is just gorgeous. Great with super muscles and strong. He can even 120kg buddy lifting above his head. His muscle in tight shorts show was very impressive

gorillapress_Fan (?)
Posted on 25 November 2015

Really nice guy! Very handsome. He accomodated all of my requests. His body is very well developed, from broad shoulders to 6 pack abs, from huge biceps to massive thighs! As a bonus, he is also quite hung! I hope to be back again very soon!

Graphp (?)
Posted on 1 November 2015

Johnny did exactly what I requested, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. He is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! He is also very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommended getting videos from him!

Francis (?)
Posted on 1 November 2015

Just had a show with Johnny and he is awesome. He's gotten big! So handsome & nice but he's got attitude when he poses. There is nothing bad to say about this god.

Studly (?)
Posted on 25 October 2015

I've been a fan of this Hungarian beast for a while! That face, those lips and finally that physique-enough said. Johnny is cool and chill. Gives great muscle cam shows!

Muns87 (?)
Posted on 14 October 2015

Hello musclelovers, I really do not understand why some members post a neg response to this muscle beast. Remember they are hard working men wanting to create that awesome muscle physique for us to enjoy and be satisfied.
This magnificent bodybuilder spends hundreds of hours in the gym, with his nutrition, with his supps to focus on one idea! To be the best bigger better than the last competition.
Johnny is in the midst of 3 competitions in the fall and winter. Carb loading and depleting as he creates the possible shaped muscle, with definition and vascularity.
His passion and determination goes far beyond the gym it is to be on the stage and win.
He loves to be admired, appreciated and worshiped.
I visited him today and can say without a doubt....WOW
Wide lat spread, quads with amazing definition, pecs beautifully shaped with striations deep and rippled. Majestic traps and delts in his most muscular pose.
He is so much better in person than some of the photos.
Easy going guy who wants and needs the appreciation from all his fans and newcomers.
Recommend him 1000%.....Handsome greek musclegod ready to show all his mighty physique

paul duchai (?)
Posted on 4 October 2015

Tried for weeks to get a show. At the end i gave up, told him that and wished him good luck for his contests. He responded very rude. Not a nice behavior :(

German muscle fan (?)
Posted on 1 October 2015

Another excellent show - always blows my mind! So willing to please and so sexy.

chrisstockton (?)
Posted on 28 September 2015

I just purchase my first videos from this awesome muscle god. I can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! Johnny is very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommend getting videos from him!

Francis (?)
Posted on 27 September 2015

This guy is amazing!! I can not recommend him more to anybody that wants a show, he is reliable and keeps his word, many people online that do cam shows can learn from this guy! he is my favorite for shows!! keep up the good work dude!!!

bazzagood (?)
Posted on 26 September 2015

Just received a custom video . He looks AWESOME. He is ripped to shreds !!!! He is a real nice guy to deal with, very honest and sincere. His arms are huge and his abs are cut...he looks AMAZING !!! I highly recommend....I am going to buy another.

Jakester (?)
Posted on 23 September 2015

Just got a show from Johnny. What an amazing MEGASTUD! He is the real deal... Huge ripped up muscles, cute, and great personality.
Thanks bud.

scarecrswiss717 (?)
Posted on 20 September 2015

i'll be the enthusiastic 65th review... a real gentleman, a complete package - i can't imagine anyone being unsatisfied!

chelm (?)
Posted on 13 September 2015

very nice boy and very sexy. I appreciated much your body.....

luker81 (?)
Posted on 12 September 2015


Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 9 September 2015

FANTASTIC show, very highly recommended, he's awesome :)

Mark (?)
Posted on 28 August 2015

Johnny is nothing short of amazing!!!! He is in INCREDIBLE shape right now and is in contest prep! But what I like the best is that he remembered what I liked from the first show we did; and then gave me even more of it! He did all I asked politely and respectfully and was just a lot of fun to be with! Incredible big muscles and a big heart and smile to match! Do a show with him TODAY and you will love it!

stevep (?)
Posted on 16 August 2015

He is the best 1000 stars best body best face best muscle

Milan (?)
Posted on 12 August 2015

AWESOME. No, really, give this guy a try, you wont regret it! He simply has the best body, perfect in every way, and is a very nice guy too.
Respect him, be polite, and he will not dissapoint you. 5 Stars!!!

K2 (?)
Posted on 12 August 2015

Wowww! What a show.. He delivered it so well and perfect with that muscular body and handsome face. You wont regret session with him

davidiandavidian (?)
Posted on 28 July 2015

Johnny was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had some technical difficulties, so sent me a free video as a consolation. The show actually I ordered was amazing, would highly recommend!

feverish (?)
Posted on 21 July 2015

Great shows. Easy to work with and very willing to please. Get a show with him and while youre at it grab some of his videos. Would highly recommend.

manet1 (?)
Posted on 20 July 2015

Reliable good looking guy. Very accommodating. Will be back for more as he gets closer to show time.

bascat (?)
Posted on 13 July 2015


Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 11 July 2015

I love this guy. I ordered a custom video and he delivered in three days, without me having to remind him. He really wants his customers to be satisfied. And of course he is drop dead gorgeous. A+++

buckspa (?)
Posted on 28 June 2015

Ordered custom videos from Johnny and he sent me 2 great videos! Very nice guy with hot muscular body and very good looking. Go cam with him or order a custom video and you won't be disappointed!

bosbo (?)
Posted on 28 June 2015

Johnny is amazing, He is so strong !! his body is huge! and amazing face!

cash4master81 (?)
Posted on 27 June 2015


Milan (?)
Posted on 23 June 2015

Great skype session. Hot body. Can't wait for him to be in competition shape

alexp (?)
Posted on 23 June 2015

Fantastic show with this guy - so handsome and huge, and very polite ego deal with. Highly recommend.

chrisstockton (?)
Posted on 22 June 2015

I ordered several videos from Johnny. He is the best out there, unbelievably gorgeous, ripped body, wow. And he is great to deal with, easy going and not money hungry, although with what he has, he could be. He is a gift to mankind, the perfect example of masculinity.

buckspa (?)
Posted on 17 June 2015

Johnny is great performer and such a nice guy in one. Its always a peasure talk to him and its a total awe to watch him flex his amazing competitive physique....especialy his amazing quads...cant recomend him enough!

piity77 (?)
Posted on 17 June 2015

Wow......fantastic custom video...this guy is the best,handsome and big muscles.
Delivered exactly what I wanted with a great attitude.
Highly recommend a video or show from him

ucl1964 (?)
Posted on 16 June 2015

Handsome, ripped, Polite, accommodating, professional, courteous, sexy. Of course, I will be back! You are awesome! x

bigtitsfag (?)
Posted on 8 June 2015

great guy , great show, highly recommended AAA+

scottyboy (?)
Posted on 8 June 2015

I ordered a custom video and he did a great job and gave me all that I asked for. He is physique is great and he pays great attention to detail. I am already working with him on my second custom video!

marsman (?)
Posted on 7 June 2015

This guy is amazing!! very cool, easy going and has lots of muscles! I would do a cam show with him any day! even in off season he is still ripped! recommend him to anybody that is into muscle flexing!!

bazzagood (?)
Posted on 6 June 2015

I ordered a custom video and received it within 24 hours. The video was very good. I would recommend Johnny to others.

tomboy927 (?)
Posted on 2 June 2015

Beautiful muscles, perfectly shaped biceps, killer looks, and laser blue eyes. This guy must has a 10 inch cock. You must try Dangerously Johnny/Johnny Danger!

joran (?)
Posted on 1 June 2015

bought a cam show with Johnny... he was AMAZING. Fully committed to making sure i enjoyed myself. His body is even better than the pics give him credit for. Watching his massive muscles shift and flex was truly a treat! will DEF be buying another show with him ;)

Einlondon (?)
Posted on 25 May 2015

I ordered my first custom video from Johnny. Great shape, huge muscles.
He was really friendly and helpful when messaging me and kept me up to date with the progress of my video. There was a delay in getting the video, but Johnny explained and was vey apologetic, and he even gave me a complementary video whilst I was waiting for the one I ordered, which I was really impressed with and shows what a great guy he is.

Will definitely be back for more!

leighton209 (?)
Posted on 13 May 2015

I received another great video from Johnny. Filled out muscled body (especially legs) and great posing. I like his haircut and body hair too.

Personable, professional, and kind cam guy.

I will definitely be back for more videos.

sfo13m (?)
Posted on 23 April 2015

very sexy young bodybuilder. beautiful face and nice muscular naked body like a greek god.

muscworshiper (?)
Posted on 20 April 2015

Omg!! what a great guy. reliable 100% all went so smoothly like we have been dealing all our lives. the video vas great, he sent it with no problem.
Will contact him soon again!

Botis (?)
Posted on 19 April 2015

One of the best cam shows I have ever had - this guy is so friendly and easy to deal with. The show itself was amazing - did everything I asked for and more! Fantastic body and model good looks. I strongly recommend!

chrisstockton (?)
Posted on 8 April 2015

I found Johnny through the best flex, and I have become a fan of Johnny. He has a beautiful body, is nice guy to chat with, and a is handsome and a great muscle flexer.

I have bought several videos from him, and I can't get enough. I highly recommend him.

sfo13m (?)
Posted on 7 April 2015

Good show, thanks alot, hope to see you ripped soon :)

robero1975 (?)
Posted on 5 April 2015


Milan (?)
Posted on 5 April 2015

I had a real meet with this amazing MUSCLED HUNK! He looks even better in real than on the photos. Very nice,relaxed big musclegod. Cool nice to talk to ALPHA MALE with huge muscles that he flexes ! amazing experience!

tycho27 (?)
Posted on 5 March 2015

Incredible and most handsome guy with superb built. If you wish to have a great time with a muscle god make sure to see Johnny :*

tiafilm (?)
Posted on 3 March 2015

Johnny is the best! Very handsome and with a great personality to match. Those blue eyes and dark brown hair go well with his muscles and height not to mention the biggest dick I have ever seen on a guy (no joke). I will be a regular with Johnny!

joran (?)
Posted on 27 February 2015

I purchased a custom vid from Johnny and he was great to work with. He gave me a preview to verify his cam quality -- something not everyone is willing to do -- and he kept me updated on the progress of my vid. Very professional and reliable.

musclepup (?)
Posted on 27 February 2015

Johnny is the hunkiest musclegod- deep sexy eyes, mischievous badboy smile, very hot and superflex shows. i totally enjoyed them!!

tycho27 (?)
Posted on 25 February 2015

Johnny is an incredible guy! such awesome body! I love to see each part of his muscles, especially his beautiful wide lats, just like a wing! Also good personality, very polite and friendly. Easy to talk with. This won't be my last deal with Johnny.

errorna (?)
Posted on 24 February 2015

Had a cam show with Johnny and he was the most friendliest person on Earth. He is so handsome (his eyes are beautiful) and his Had a cam show with Johnny and he was very friendly. He is so handsome and his muscle is perfect. Definitely worth a cam with him!!! Highly recommended. is perfect. Definitely worth a cam with him!!! Highly recommended.

Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 22 February 2015

Johnny is a incredible model, a serious sportman and, in the same time, a horny boy. His body is spectacular in every details! His play, unmissible.

cesar777 (?)
Posted on 21 February 2015

Had a cam show with Johnny and he was the most friendliest person on Earth. He is so handsome (his eyes are beautiful) and his muscle is perfect. Definitely worth a cam with him!!! Highly recommended.

bosbo (?)
Posted on 20 February 2015

Very cute guy, with an amazing physique. His legs are from another planet, so impressive, and a beautiful smile.

Posted on 16 February 2015

Johnny is one of the best charming men on here! Awesome shows. He is a BEAST during contest prep. The body of a bodybuilder with the face of a model. Those lips!

Muns87 (?)
Posted on 15 February 2015

Very good show, great muscles and very accommodating! cant wait to do a show again!

bazzagood (?)
Posted on 15 February 2015

nice boy with a great body

Uriel1 (?)
Posted on 15 February 2015

Not even great physique show, but also very good talk....very nice guy with huuuge muscles especialy the quads....u can go wrong with this athlete.
I will be back ;)

piity77 (?)
Posted on 6 January 2015

Great guy with a fantastic body and handsome face. Very accomodating.

Sammael (?)
Posted on 18 October 2014

had a great camshow with Johny great shape

Ozsport63 (?)
Posted on 8 October 2014

i have seen very few guys as beautiful as this one. definitely worth every single penny. i ended up paying for several shows in a row because i couldn't get enough...

azertd (?)
Posted on 27 September 2014

Received an amazing video from him. He has a incredible body and insane vascularity. And I can't forget his good looks. Those eyes and his lips, so dreamy.

Coolmanrico (?)
Posted on 25 September 2014

great show, vry willimg to please

sam22uk (?)
Posted on 24 September 2014

he is the greatest most ripped ALPHA MALE, so worth it!!!

tycho27 (?)
Posted on 24 September 2014

Johnnydangerously gives amazing cam shows. He is so hot. He has the body of a muscle god! I definitely recommend him. Reasonable prices too.

MIKEGM1979 (?)
Posted on 21 September 2014

fantastic show!! Awesome body!

armmuscles1 (?)
Posted on 21 September 2014

Gentleman, I had the luck of the Irish and finally had that camshow with Johnny. I want to say that he is 110%better in person photos do not do his amazing vascular flexed physique justice. He is a young man with a passion, desire and intense dedication to make it to a pro card. He is competing in 3 junior bodybuilding shows leading up to the world juniors in Finland, this competition season. To see him pose is an amazing muscle control style with enormous vascularity present. Has a freak wide lat spread and delts and traps that are mountainous when he poses his most muscular shot. Laid back young man who appreciates the attention, handsome and will give you the best show possible. Recommend him highly....10++++

paul duchai (?)
Posted on 18 September 2014

Just had my first cam with Johnny. This guy is stellar! Good looking, a sexy incredible body and just an awesome show. He's got insane veins popping up when he flexes his body and one huge set of quads.

MrFlippers (?)
Posted on 10 September 2014

Johnny is a masculine, muscular & vascular bodybuilder. He is also a cool guy, very kind & beautiful. Great show.

Studly (?)
Posted on 30 May 2014

Cool guy! He is the real deal!

papat34 (?)
Posted on 13 May 2014

Great mass and shape. Looks huge flexing on cam, really easy to deal with.

DoonB (?)
Posted on 12 May 2014

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