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39, 180cm (5'11"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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from ghostinus [280] on 23 May 2020

I bought several custom vids from this big guy in the past.
He delivers really fast, is very friendly to chat with and did exactly what I asked for everytime.
Can only encourage you to give that perfectly muscled buff guy a try.
You wont regret it, thats for sure

from Yazmik [295] on 8 May 2020

I ordered a custom role-play video from this beautiful muscular man. He has amazing skills and knows exactly what I need. He did his job very well and the video was amazing! I am very satisfied and happy. The communication was very good and friendly. He has really big muscles and a big tool, which he showed beautifully in the video! I highly recommend this man! I will definitely order again! Thank you!

from smoker11 [37] on 5 August 2019

total muscle for worship

from yeaheurope [560] on 31 July 2019

Farris is extraordinary. Ripped like hell, wonderful smile, veiny, sexy, how knows how to flex perfectly. He is a masterpiece, never been disappointed by him

from trebazz [2636] on 5 April 2019

amazing and talented guy!

from alex_28 [649] on 16 December 2018

Dont know where to start.. This guy is so handsome, friendly and hot at the same time. He has a very muscular and perfect sculpted body, big biceps, quads, pecs, back, you name it. The way he moves, flex and the way he talks to you makes the show so intense and crazy hot! This was my first but not my last show with this King! 10 stars or even more from me! :)

from ywtbo [85] on 12 March 2017

This guy is impressive!! Ordered a custom video and was made within hours of ordering it on the same day !!!
Strongly recommend and swift !!

from matters26 [26] on 5 February 2017

farris always delivers the best experience possible in every way. his perfectly sculpted body and adorable smile match his warm personality to deliver an experience not like any other to be offered. highly recommended

from jaewest21 [10] on 20 November 2016

This guy is great

from Om74 [1195] on 4 November 2015

wow - something you've never seen her! Muscles everywhere. Perfectly trained. Nice and crisp. From the steely thighs over his 8pack washboard abs, to his muscular chest, which has plenty to offer. At defined neck and shoulders up to his football-like biceps tatoo poor. The best part, however, is the combination of his body with his show. Simply ingenious and beautiful. He is very personable and always good humor and his smile underlines everything

from Max B [60] on 18 September 2015

Hey, well if your looking for a cam show, go no further.. This trustworthy, friendly hunk is awesome.. The muscle tone of his body is amazing, and he shows it sooo well.. His pec's and biceps are to be seen - incredible.. recommended... R

from tomafr [60] on 21 March 2015

That man is pure perfection, really nice guy, very accomodating, and huge ripped body. He gave me a great show, so I would highly recommand him!

BigXander replied...
tks man

from paul duchai [495] on 18 March 2015

Hello true muscle-lovers!!!! This is my 3rd visit with this symmetrical physique champion. All I continue to say is amazing, awesome, dreamy, exciting and the beauty of flexed muscle controlled muscles for ones enjoyment. OH YEAH.Laid back guy who wants and needs to be admired and worshiped each inch (cm). Motivate his desires and he will give a masterful muscle performance of controlled biceps, pecs, traps and defined quads to the eyes of the lustful beholder. Once again has out done himself to give the 150% in his Skype camshow. One and all, meet and see and view this alpha man's mountain of hard flexed muscles for you to be pleasure.....THANK YOU< (Farris)

BigXander replied...
thank you my friend

from Walter Pazzi [780] on 4 March 2015

Amazing pvt, he's body is so prfect and absolutely hot!!!! I want to see him every second.

BigXander replied...
tks man

from paul duchai [495] on 14 January 2015

Hello all, Had another AMAZING muscled worship show from Farris. Extremely symmetrical and the muscle control is incredible. Easy going individual who puts one at rest to enjoy his awesome physique. The separation and definition of individual muscle are sheer joy to se and watched as the striations of his pecs ripple up and down. Ask him to show his hamstrings so ripped for the winter season. He tops his muscle posing off with his huge symmetrical peaked biceps hard as steel and then his most muscular pose with the delts traps and chest combined exploding for your enjoyment. He is a total gentleman and I am soooooooooo looking forward to face to face worship session when I travel to Bucharest this EASTER. Happy as a clam, ;-)....10+++++++

BigXander replied...
Thank u my friend

from Coolmanrico [887] on 4 December 2014

Just had an awesome cam show with Farris. His body was amazing and ripped. He aimed to please, asking me my favorite muscles before flexing them intensely.

BigXander replied...
Tks man

from sfo13m [9551] on 16 November 2014

Amazing flex cam show. It was my first with Farris. A nice guy, he aimed to please me and I was very satisfied. Will return for more shows.

BigXander replied...
thank you

from scarecrswiss717 [127] on 1 November 2014

My 2nd show and quite an amazing dude. Great looks. Thanks bud

BigXander replied...
tks man

from scarecrswiss717 [127] on 23 August 2014

Just got a cam show. Love this guy, he is the real deal!

BigXander replied...
thank you

from paul duchai [495] on 15 June 2014

It has been a few months to have visited with this awesome muscled beast. I must say that his physique is more ripped and defined and the muscle control beyond comprehension. He is a handsome muscled bber wanting to show muscle on muscle and needs the appreciation and worship from his fans. Easy going laid back person to give the best of himself and that's MUSCLE. Recommend highly, get in line and schedule your worship session NOW

from Coolmanrico [887] on 11 June 2014

I ordered one of his custom video from him. The video was undeniable hot and he looked amazing. So why the neutral rating, it turns out he gave me one of his videos posted on this site and charged me more than I would have paid if I had just bought it off the site.

from Walter Pazzi [780] on 8 April 2014

What i can say about him he s amazing, ripped and a very kind guy..... You Will not be tired to see him every time

from tomc198 [2437] on 22 February 2014

Not sure how you were swindled, I get shows from Farris on almost a weekly basis. Nobody flexes like Farris!!!

from nc73921 [75] on 10 February 2014

Hope you enjoy getting swindled. He says one thing and then doesn't do it.

from paul duchai [495] on 10 December 2013

I have experienced an amazing muscleworship session with the musclegod from the land of ROMANIA. His body is symmetrical and hard with vascularity galore and flexes and poses with the intensity of passion for his fans. I recommend FARRIS ++++++++ and beyond. You will have the best excitement possible once he displays the physique with all the alpha make he exhudes...Thank you FARRIS

from brandonssmart [5] on 24 November 2013

Amazing guy, amazing show. I wanna see him again and again. That ASS!!! Wow!

from tomc198 [2437] on 19 October 2013

Just had another show with Farris incredible! And talk about strong!!!! Ask him to crush an apple! it's incredible!

from hotshot2o [320] on 19 July 2013

Great pecs abs biceps hair perfection

from musclepup [5175] on 27 April 2013

I have purchased several custom vids from Farris. He always delivers and gives me exactly what I request. A great guy!

from Tomino [50] on 7 April 2013

He posed once for me. He is very kind and friendly. Awesome body and big heart. I was absolutly satisfied with his show. Highly recommened.

from elmc2 [87] on 6 January 2013

Absolutely beautiful speciman of a man! Look foreward to a muscle worshipping cam show on skype soon (burlgoat62).

from gamblinbear [903] on 20 November 2012

Great Muscle and AWESOME biceps!
Also love those Tats!

BigXander replied...
thank you my friend...i wait for you on skype to have some fun: farris.xxl

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Age 39
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved


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