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bodybuilder, flex, posing, veins, pump, muscular

31, 175cm (5'9"), 92kg (202 lbs)

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DarioDeMarco has 30 reviews.

from tycho27 [1122] on 30 July 2019

Amazing body,amazing personality! true ALPHA!

from smoothmuscleoz [236] on 8 June 2019

Dario is really easy to communicate with, very friendly, and delivers his perfect physique with professionalism and charm. Truly five stars.

from Fzpanda [1325] on 24 March 2019


Speedy delivery. Smooth transaction.

from Ragabrel [570] on 4 March 2019

Dario had a video in my inbox within 24 hours of receiving payment and looks just as good as he does in his videos on here. I've already ordered my next video from him. He's definitely a must if you like smooth tan studs with huge chests.

from frankiep [395] on 3 March 2019

Finally after trying to find him online same time as I am I got to see him in all his muscular glory. His body is that of a muscle god and he knows how to show it off and makes sure you are having a great time .Amazing rock hard vascular biceps & forearms and knows how to flex them. I have got to say an amazing show..

from Hymn [35] on 25 February 2019

Dario is the perfect master. He is a great performer, and will create the fantasy you would like to see perfectly.

His physique is in an excellent state, and you will not find any better on here. His facial aesthetic is also just beautiful.

If you want to treat yourself, go to Dario. Worth every penny.

from Ethan [205] on 9 December 2018

First cam show with Dario & it was awesome.
Amazing shape & really friendly sexy man.
Highly recommended.
Thanks for the great time Dario. See you soon.

from Sammael [1575] on 26 February 2018

It is impossible to get enough of Dario. He has a body that is beyond words, does an amazingly sensual flexing routine and finds the best camera angles.

from Chris_CJ78 [360] on 15 February 2018


Great can show! Thanks!

from petemac [835] on 9 August 2017


Dario's muscles are incredible! I could worship his huge pecs and bulging biceps for hours. He fulfilled my requests happily and put on a great show.

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 8 April 2017

Amazing amazing amazing! A very super videochat with a person so kind that let you feel comfortable for all show. A bomb ripped body with a lovely chest and arms...... He move s his body like a good stripper. I want to see him so soon that i cant wait....... I can SAy choose him!!!.

from oriapplepie [535] on 17 December 2016

Got myself the first video from Dario. We discussed what to do in the video and Dario delivered everything detaily. I am pleased :) And Dario sent the video on time as well :D

from rubeng2016 [290] on 24 September 2016

I had a cam show from Dario and was very pleased. He has a great body, and his legs are unbelievable. He's also a great guy, not a clock watcher.

from Jay.45 [3082] on 20 April 2016

this dude is for real !!! contest quality muscle and shreds and confidence and alpha quality show. will be sure to return to this guy !!! you will not be disappointed

DarioDeMarco replied...
waiting you bro anytime....lets flex hard you know

from Kensoudojo [103] on 5 March 2016

Dario is such a honest and friendly person, I was so thrilled when he came straight from gym all pumped and ready to act as my muscle alpha who needed to be worshipped and satisfied! Such a hot young guy! Wonderful personality, killer smile and such a alpha muscle god! Oh boy, I am sure to come again. It's Dario's body and courtesy that make me want to come back!

from ray4710 [3197] on 28 February 2016

Ordered a video from Dario and I can garanteeyou there is no better built man around. He is so perfectly built, so cut and shredded with huge muscles and what makes him better than the other guys is that he is the best poser I have seen. He flexes slow and deliberate to make sure you get to enjoy everyone of his perfect sculpted muscles. This guy is a must!

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you ray you will have your video has you asked.

from Coolmanrico [826] on 23 April 2015

Received my first custom video from Dario and it left me drooling and craving more. Dario is incredibly handsome and man what a body.

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you

from Sammael [1575] on 11 April 2015

Just had a cam show that blew my mind. Dario is ripped, moves like a pro, smooth and tanned and with bulging muscles all over. Amazing guy!

from luker81 [442] on 12 March 2015

nice boy, very serious and sexy!

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 3 March 2015

Amazing guy, very professional and great to look at. His body is beutiful, he's cute and he's very accomodating to your requests. and all for a reasonable price. I will definately be back for a second show with this stud.

from sfo13m [7136] on 19 February 2015

After reading the reviews for Dario, I decided to get a private video. I was happy to confirm the positive reviews.

Dario is a professional, smart cam guy, with a body full of muscles. My private video was great.

I will return to Dario for more.

DarioDeMarco replied...
im glad to know that my friend. You are welcome anytime. I'll be here for you.tnx

from luker81 [442] on 3 February 2015

nice boy, smartly and i like you leather jacket.

try it.

DarioDeMarco replied...
Anytime bro

from shyguy [495] on 23 October 2014

I would give 10 stars for Dario. Watching him pump his muscles and the oil and flex them was a treat! Suburb muscle definition..really knows how to show them off!

DarioDeMarco replied...
of course my friend always for you.tnx

from jonjon [340] on 20 October 2014

Amazing guy, very professional and great to look at. His body is beutiful, he's cute and he's very accomodating to your requests. and all for a reasonable price. I will definately be back for a second show with this stud.

from AdamJuicyJames [5] on 3 October 2014

PERFECTION. By far one of the most gorgeous & sexiest men alive! Dario doesn't disappoint.

DarioDeMarco replied...
im glad to know you enjoyed the show. tnx

from Ando [15] on 16 September 2014

Dario is gorgeous. Beautiful smooth muscles that he knows how to flex and very responsive to my requests. Yum!

DarioDeMarco replied...
always for my fans tnx

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 23 August 2014

100% recommended. Gorgeous face. Amazing shape. Loves to flex. I'll definitely be back for more.

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you

from paul duchai [490] on 21 August 2014

Hello Guys.... This athlete has the charisma the muscle attitude and the muscle control to give his clients the best possible muscle posing and flexing of his unique physique. His knowledge of showing the muscle from all angles which he craves from the motivation received pushes him to pump until his veins in his peaked biceps pop with a roadmap to enjoy. Ask him to pump and he will pump out a piece of gym equipment to pump his rounded shaped frontal and side delts to bring the peaks of size to his biceps until the sweat enhances each muscle under the lights. A mortal with godlike qualities to give the best pleasure possible in his state of the art CAMSHOW. Recommend this model muscled athlete 10+++++

DarioDeMarco replied...
thanks my friend

from Sammael [1575] on 16 August 2014

Fantastic guy, zero body fat and a shitload of muscles. Knew exactly how to pose and move like a true artist. Very nice guy.

DarioDeMarco replied...

from donnybrasco [45] on 10 August 2014

Dario is without question the best on this site. He's beautiful like a model with the body of a greek god. And he's so sweet, smart and accommodating. He was open to all of my requests and even made suggestions!! He's great at flexing but also very sensual if that's what you like. I can't recommend him highly enough. You WILL NOT be disappointed. What a beautiful chest and kill glutes. I plan on seeing him again later this week. He's THAT GOOD. Thanks, Dario!

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you my are welcome anytime

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Age 31
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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