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Pure aesthetics waiting to be discovered.

24, 186cm (6'1"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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from caldermark [5545] on 23 August 2017

I recently ordered a second video from Michael. He made a great JO video, displaying great energy and a huge shot. His body is in excellent shape. He was prompt and professional. I plan to order more videos from this fine model.

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you Mark.

from hypnopowerman [615] on 5 August 2017

Made the mistake of trusting him again after a long time of not working with him. Today marks a month since I paid for a custom video. One excuse after another but I still waited patiently. Did not think that he would scam me because I thought that he was better than this. Reported fraud to paypal. Would not recommend. Please avoid :(

Divine Hercules replied...
You send the payment to my friend after I told you I was in vacation.We did the video for you but you blocked me from Skype.I could not sended that week because I was in vacation.You got refunded and I sended the video to your mail adress.Please delete the bad review.Is not ok I gave you refund and sended the video.

from hypnopowerman [615] on 7 January 2017

This review is a follow-up to my last post. Tudor reached out to me shortly after my last review and humbly apologized for his delay in getting me the custom video I requested for. He took the negative feedback I left him very seriously and wanted to make up for it. He took personal accountability for his own actions that led to our misunderstanding and he came through as he has done for me numerous times in the past. Yhe custom video he sent me was of excellent quality and he surpassed all my expectations. After my last review, I was more than ready to just move forward but I am deeply appreciative of Tudor's commitment to me as his customer in spite of this misunderstanding and repairing his reputation on the best flex site. Like I said in my previous post, I thought that Tudor was a really nice guy and after this most recent encounter with him, I am glad that I was not wrong in my perception of his character. Thank you Tudor. We're all human and we make mistakes but thank you for not giving up on me. I wish you the very best.

from hypnopowerman [615] on 4 January 2017

Thought that this guy was legit because of prior experience working with him. Not sure what's happened to him but he reaches out to me asking for help. Although cash strapped, I obliged and paid him for a custom video since I did not think that he would try to scam me. Been waiting more more than 2 months for him to follow through with video request, but he either comes out with some excuse or does not respond at all. Promised to send me my payment back now that he's back on his feet and he has not done so. I still think he's a good guy but not sure what's going on with him and why he just screwed a good customer. Buyer beware that you might get scammed.

from plh [350] on 5 December 2016

Just received a custom video that was done with almost no notice. I was very specific in what I wanted and it exceeded my expectations. I plan on doing more videos with this handsome man who has the most beautiful blue eyes I've seen

from caldermark [5545] on 6 October 2016

I just ordered my first video from Michael and I am very impressed. He has a great body and particularly wonderful abs. He was very cooperative and has a fine "package" which he worked over well. I plan to buy more videos from him.

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you my friend.Glad you are pleased.

from hellotwink123 [15] on 24 September 2016

5* He did a great show where he showed exactly what I asked for an amazing price! I'd love to have another show in future. I recommend 100%

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you.

from hypnopowerman [615] on 21 September 2016

Highly recommended!!! Johnny did such a great job on my custom video request. It's very rarely that I collaborate with a model who not only looks and sounds great on video but who can actually deliver on role play requests with such commitment that you can't wait to request for the next video. Johnny is a great communicator and honest professional. He actually asked questions before working on my custom video request to make sure he delivered on my expectations. More importantly, he was listened and was so open minded. If you are still trying to figure out if you want to reach out to Johnny or not, then I hope this review sets you straight. Hope you still have time for me Johnny because I know that its only a matter of time before other people realize how great you are. Thanks again buddy!

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you my friend.I love working with you too.

from Sammael [1215] on 20 September 2016

Loved the show, great body, beautiful face and a really nice guy in general.

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you buddy.Appreciate it.

from qeturi [15] on 8 September 2016

Great guy, very nice show. Reliable. Highly recommended.

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you my good friend.

from sub_guy [30] on 30 January 2016

Nice cam show. Great guy too. I will be having more with him.

Divine Hercules replied...
thanks :D

from Libert [665] on 20 January 2016

That guy do it for me a great hot show, recommended

Divine Hercules replied...
thanks :D

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Age 24
Height 186cm (6'1")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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