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28, 183cm (6'0"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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EnhancedAdonis has 107 reviews.

from DoonB [5259] on 8 January 2021

Regularly buying from him, always delivers. If you like huge biceps he is your guy. Getting prepped for the stage soon so support him now!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks doon my friend!

from msclelover [276] on 8 September 2020

Had my first show with EnhancedAdonis a few days ago - absolutely incredible. So easy to deal with and so huge ;) Will definitely be back for more!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Definitely brother. Thank you!

from macsfire [492] on 5 September 2020

he is the real dominant alpha all betas dream of. i really wish he would consider me as one of his slaves. he is the best. huge in every shape and form.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
You know it

from P. Alex [420] on 4 September 2020

Great first show with this stud. Amazing body and incredibly friendly. All the positive reviews are true and I recommend him highly

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot buddy

from IMJ009 [1225] on 24 August 2020

He's my God!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thats me

from jexmappelle [155] on 10 August 2020

Bought a video for him, the quality and the detail is really amazing! I was actually surprised how much he was able to deliver on my needs. He looks 100% like his pictures and videos - like he's swole and shredded 24/7. it took a bit to deliver the video to me but i guess we all are facing a rough time with the coronavirus around. 10/10 would def. recommend! :)

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you man, really appreciate your feedback

from vulcan [315] on 11 July 2020

Quick turnout on the custom video....professional and courteous.....you ain't gonna be sorry with this guy.....great shape and good personality to go with it

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Much appreciated my man!

from cdt88 [230] on 10 July 2020

Requested a custom with some requests that were not the norm, and he killed it! He hit every note that I wanted him to, and look amazing while doing; this guy is HUGE. Body is perfect with a sexy voice too. Will definitely be getting more from him in the future

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you bro! No problem at all! EA x

from feandkh [335] on 22 May 2020

Requested a creative custom some time last month and Adonis executed it perfectly. My gosh, and the way he does roleplay too especially with that body build is perfection. Thanks Adonis!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks very much for your feedback mate! You’re most welcome!

from usefulpig [717] on 12 May 2020

Wow! An absolute GOD. Rock hard muscle. Perfection. Massive.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
You know it!

from oilboy4u [1005] on 10 May 2020

Just bought a premade video from him. Amazing. Fast to deliver and easy to work with. Ordering a custom vid because I think he will be amazing at the fantasy scene I like to have performed. Looking forward to letting ya all know how it goes!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks my man, great customer and look forward to plenty more business mate!

from Shiwa [403] on 9 April 2020

I just can't get enough, it's getting better and better with every video. He has it all: handsome, kind, massive and an outstanding talent to present his huge body. For me he's pure perfection from head to toe and I can't wait to order another video!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Much appreciated my brother

from DoonB [5259] on 8 April 2020

Thick and beefy muscle! This is the guy you sneak a glance at in the gym to see how heavy he’s lifting. Videos are always top class.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Doon! Hope you’re well my man

from Drippy_ [260] on 16 March 2020

This is my second time doing business with Adonis and I must say, he is an absolute pleasure to work with! In addition to having a beautiful, rock solid, greek god-like physique. He's also incredibly nice and really open to different ideas. Communication was superb, very responsive, and he delivered my video exactly when he promised, maybe even sooner! I definitely recommend giving him a chance! One of the few trustworthy and respectful guys you'll meet here. Thank you for the amazing video Adonis! <3

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you very much mate

from Shiwa [403] on 17 January 2020

This guy is phenomenal! Massive and ripped muscles, a talent to present his breathtaking body and very kind and respectful.
His videos are without doubt stunning and hot.
This turns every second into an experience I'll never ever forget!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
My man! Thank you and appreciate the feedback! EA x

from BOBTON [21] on 13 January 2020

I saw Adonis on here and he caught my interest. I have a passion for muscle guys in shorts and underpants. He did me a video just how I like it - he just knew what to do to satisfy a guy who has my interest. I can fully recommend him and the video was great quality. Thanks again.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
You’re welcome my friend - thank you and look forward to more videos and shows!

from musclefuel [241] on 28 November 2019

Wish I could give 6 stars. He did an amazing job at completing my request. Honestly, I've become a regular customer as I'm very happy with everything I purchase from him. Trust me, if you love the classic bodybuilder physique and someone dominant, this is your guy! You won't be disappointed.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot my man!

from Scepter [12] on 22 October 2019

Enhanced Adonis put on an impressive display of his beautiful body emphasizing certain areas as I had requested. He was very accommodating, helpful and delivered the video quickly as promised. He even got me past a technical glitch! If you want a great showman and great service he is your muscle man of choice!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you very much mate!!!

from Fean [645] on 20 October 2019

Adonis is one of the best person u can find here...
For me the most important thing is the honesty, and Adonis is really honest.

I ask a custumer video and he is really open for every request and he done a video just in 2 days...Really speed!!

His body is perfect and he is too a good person.

Thanks for all Adonis.

U the best!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you mate really enjoyed the unique video idea! Looking forward to doing more :)

from IMJ009 [1225] on 27 August 2019

Adonis is perfection!
He looks exactly like he does in his pics - always in perfect form.
He executes his videos and shows perfectly, just like how you asked.
Great quality.
Very constructive and easy to work with.


EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you bro

from LE95 [120] on 25 August 2019

I've always had a great experience with Adonis, always pleased with the content I've received. Adonis is really easy to talk to, is always open to ideas and looks amazing. Would highly recommend checking him out.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Much appreciated my man! Thank you Liam bro

from DoonB [5259] on 24 August 2019

Regularly buy from him without any problems. He always looks great in his videos but looking really big and lean right now!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you doon! Top guy!

from aixois1978 [255] on 20 August 2019

First custom video and very very pleased ! Delivered within 24 hours, he knows exactly what to do to please you. Very kind, easy to talk to, you can trust him, he is really as on pics. One of the best of the bestflex.It was the first but not the last video i think ! I should have put 10 stars if possible.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
That means a lot mate thank you very much - yes plenty more custom for sure!

from biglad [89] on 17 August 2019

Had my first cam with Adonis last night, he's a great guy! Very friendly and easy going, and a great body to go with it. If you like vascular and ripped PLUS big muscle too, you can't go wrong.

Saving now for a trip to bonnie Scotland to witness this guy 'in the flesh'!!!

Cheers pal!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
My Welsh pal! Legend mate - you are also a very good dude

from rubengar88 [55] on 17 August 2019

Is a real massive monster, a beast, he knows perfectly how to make you feel your deeper desires come true, and every thing you ask for to make, he makes for you. Is a real alpha beast and is 100000% recommendable.
Order a show is a dream come true.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
I appreciate loyalty and you certainly have shown it Ruben- thank you mate

from Marsoulan [801] on 15 August 2019

I have purchased my first custom video from him yesterday. He has a sixth sense to understand exactly what you want and the result is what you expected. As for me, I love verbal muscle worship videos : no disappointment with Enhanced Adonis. Very friendly man with muscle and a brain. Philippe

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Really glad you enjoyed Philippe my friend! Always open to videos like these - I love them!

from Musclelover11 [1306] on 13 August 2019

Got my video within an hour of order.

EnhancedAdonis does not only have the body of a god, he also looks like one.
It was a great video and everything I hoped for and more - Handsome, ripped, very verbal and has a spectacular presence.

I will definitely come back for more. He dominated me to submission. A 100% recommend.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you I appreciate it ????????

from harlanny [9346] on 12 August 2019

I purchased my first 2 videos from him tonight. Nice guy, great vascularity, very easy to do business with. No bs, just big fucking muscle! Thanks.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you mate! Very good customer! Fast transaction!

from Shiwa [403] on 7 August 2019

This guy made me speechless. Just wow. First, he responded really fast and was interested in what kind of video I want to see. After some details he said, he would do it in the afternoon. And he did. One of the fastest transfers ever.
And what he delivered was out of this world: amazing body, hot in general and a pleasure to watch this god flex in every way. Every second was an unique experience, I couldn't stop watching! That was a 15/10 in rating and I will definitely come back for more!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Legend mate! Thank you very much bro!

from qwresbdy [230] on 7 August 2019

Perfect dominant alpha beast... With so sexy body and face! Pecs, shoulders, biceps, forarms, quads...He overpowered and owned me in few flexing and squeezing poses.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers buddy ;)

from ADAM1 [9507] on 16 July 2019

I have purchased quite a few videos from Adonis. Happy with them all. He is friendly guy, good communication, super high-quality HD camera, and he fulfills all requests in timely manner. He is well-shaped and has gotten a lot bigger since I first started to deal with him. And he has all his weight in all the right places!

Planning my next video now!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you very much my friend! Always great fun doing videos with you!

from Sparkle12425 [443] on 11 July 2019

i just had my first cam show from this incredible hunk! Wow so gorgeous and very beautiful muscles, he is really kind and very nice to talk to and will satisfied your desires whatever you requirements. highly recommended. I will return back to get more for this bearded beast.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you bro! You too are a very good guy! Can do shows whenever you like brother

from bravomuscle [25] on 11 July 2019

The best muscle on here! He is really big and does exactly what you want! For a good price!
Ive been in this muscle worship for years iver never meet someone so perfect like adonis! Give him a try you wont regret it. He has you coming back for more and more! Bought my first video and paid for another one right after! He shows you want true muscle is all about! I love those amazing biceps and pecs!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you very much my friend and look forward to lots more ;) you’re addicted now

from Olliki [170] on 17 June 2019

Just bought some custom vids of him ....really amazing guy!
All requests done and a nice conversation too!
Amazing muscles and veins!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Pleasure mate! Plenty more videos to come ;)

from alexp [260] on 17 June 2019

Just done flex camshow with him. Great body, just as in photos. Friendly guy. Nice clear video.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you mate!

from Hymn [35] on 7 December 2018

Stuff of legends ;) By far the biggest guy on here, matches pictures perfectly. Videos are quality stuff too. Had a minor miscommunication but resolved it like a gent.
Couldn't recommend him enough tbh.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Glad we sorted it out and keep you coming back for plenty more! ;)

from Bicepworshipfanatic [30] on 3 December 2018

Always a fun experience! Sexy guy, huge biceps, and actually cares about giving me what I want. Totally worth it! <3

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks my man!

from ADAM1 [9507] on 17 September 2018

Got my 2nd video today. Nice guy, reliable, killer body, professional correspondence. Nothing else to ask for!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Looking forward to the next ;)

from ADAM1 [9507] on 16 September 2018

Received custom video. Very impressed with camera quality, and requests I gave him were honored. Also timely delivery. Am already working on another video.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you my friend! Pleasure doing business with you! You’re a genuinely decent guy!

from Bicepworshipfanatic [30] on 21 August 2018

So I've had a few shows with Enhanced and he's given me everything I could ask for without fail. Always on time -never beats-around-the-bush- and always comes through with whatever I ask for. He's great at getting into roles, and really tries to give you exactly what you're asking for. Never misses a trick, this one! ;)

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Always great to cam with you mate!

from quiksilver85 [60] on 21 August 2018

What more can i say that hasnt been previously mentioned before? Hes truly amazing, sexy, big muscles, hes truly genuine, caring to your needs, overall caring guy, def a keeper!!

Cant wait for more with this stud! He deserves 10 stars!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Haha my man ;) cheers brother!!

from qwresbdy [230] on 26 July 2018

I do not write many comments usually, because it is humiliating to tell than we are admiring of a beautiful muscular body... But in front of Adonis, I have to admit that I am totally dominated ! The skin, the thighs, its abs, his muscles, his forearm, its smile and its attitude make me smell so powerless to try to resist him! He can explode us physically, turn( and return) us mentally and control all ours secrets desires in one flex ! i wrttting your review Mister so powerful and hot body...

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you very much! A pleasure and look Forward to our next show ;)

from Spacewizard543 [5] on 28 May 2018

Built like a tank but has a heart of gold. Knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, really good experience! Had fun admiring a real man's body haha :)

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot brother! Plenty more where that came from!

from spacekid09821 [5] on 28 May 2018

Huge butt, Huge biceps, massive chest. The guy's got it all, and he fucking knows it!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Damn right bro haha ;)

from Flexfun9 [6] on 28 May 2018

Amazing custom vid- longer than I paid for, too! Gave me everything I asked for and a little extra at the end ;) Perfect guy, thanks a lot!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Not at all bro! Thank you for your custom!

from Franklovesmusclesssss [18] on 28 May 2018

Yeah he has a history of bad reviews, and being unresponsive, but Enhanced has drastically changed. Quick back-and-forth messaging, easy to organise shows, and very open to ideas. 10 stars if i could.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers brother

from bazza123 [155] on 11 May 2018

I have to say having had so many previous bad experiences with other models
Enhanced Adonis restored my faith in this business .
I asked for a custom video with certain specifics and he was more than happy to full fill them talking at length before hand to ensure they were met.
Very punctual guy and of course his body always in great shape a pleasure to see. I highly recommend him

EnhancedAdonis replied...
I’m glad I’ve restored your faith Andrew! You’re a good guy and look forward to doing plenty more business with you!

from Muscleflexfan290 [25] on 2 May 2018

Just had my second show with Enhanced. Same experience, very pleased with how easily he gets into character, too! Still would definitely recommend to anyone! Any previously bad reviews are obviously from a rude customer's perspective... it doesn't sound at all like the guy i know!

Thanks again, buddy! <3

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you for your kind words mate!

from Markthemusclefan [5] on 2 May 2018

Pics aren't representative of how massive this guys is!! Shockingly pumped jock who really knows how to show off his perfect physique!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
You know it Mark! Glad you enjoyed my man!

from Antwalk20 [5] on 23 April 2018

So... honest review? Mind = BLOWN! Biggest biceps on bestflex! Amazing quads, and GLUTES that make me melt!!! God I'm so happy I found you. Thank you for being you!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you my man!! Look forward to plenty more ;)

from Bicepsbeballin [10] on 23 April 2018

Thanks for the show today! Nice, respectful and gentleman-like. Would recommend to anybody

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Not at all brother! Anytime!

from Sam Hotep [25] on 22 April 2018

Thanks again, Enhanced! Another show this afternoon after your post-gym PUMP! Might I just add that your muscles really POP after an intense workout! As always, I'm a satisfied customer :p

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks Sam!

from Ash_Cayden439 [10] on 22 April 2018

Thanks for a great experience, Enhanced. Brilliant show. Really knows how to treat worshippers! Muscles look way bigger on cam too ;) Nice surprise there!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Great to hear that! Thank you for your kind words

from Lmorton90220 [5] on 22 April 2018

Hey mate, thanks for the vid! He sent it incredibly fast (within the same day), and it wasn't remotely rushed. Very, very impressed here!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
No problem! Always enjoy doing them man so hit me up anytime!

from Davewood1212 [5] on 22 April 2018

Just finished our first show... happy to say he blew my mind!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Glad you enjoyed brother !

from Einlondon [105] on 8 April 2018

Just bought a video from EA... It was hot as hell, and he is such a nice guy. You can tell he really enjoys being a part of our little culture, and knows how to please ;) New favourite.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Haha our little culture! Hell yes man!

from Sucka4muscless [20] on 5 April 2018

Dude was hella quick and responsive... Got back to me with my requests in a couple minutes and we jumped straight in. No bullshit, no acting, just pure cocky musclegod :)

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you for your kind words bud x

from Spacewizard420 [10] on 5 April 2018

Recently bought a 10 min cam show and he was AWESOME!! Very alpha and macho, mega thick veiny biceps too! Perfection!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Look forward to more my man ;)

from Sam Hotep [25] on 5 April 2018

Nice custom came through pretty rapidly. Everything I asked for and then some! Very very pleased

EnhancedAdonis replied...
No problem mate! Always a pleasure!

from fartsniffer00 [20] on 5 April 2018

God Enhanced is pure muscle perfection! Big, burly and beautiful muscles. Chill and easy to speak to, too! 10* from me!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you man!

from Francis [965] on 14 March 2018

I have a great show with EnhancedAdonis, he is very responsive to my request, do the show what ever I ask for, a perfect bodybuilder not to be missed with. Definitely will come back for more!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot my man!

from Woollies [30] on 11 March 2018

Great custom video from EnhancedAdonis, he was really easy to speak to and was more than happy to discuss my scenario.. He got the video to me within a day of my ordering it. He looked great in Lycra and has HUGE thighs and a superb ass!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Haha fantastic! Glad you appreciate the leggings round my huge QUADS! Look forward to doing more brother!

from dcbrit [2750] on 4 March 2018

Bought some vids from this huge guy and have to say they’re awesome! If you like big thick muscles and even thicker veins then this is your guy!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
That’s me ;) appreciated mate!

from timo.muscle [495] on 1 March 2018

he's the right man if you're into massive muscles and veins
nice guy btw

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot bro!

from maxmusclehunk [415] on 27 February 2018

Sexiest hunk ever! I had a live show with him and had the best time ever. His perfectly proportioned muscles are so aesthetically pleasing to watch and he does everything you request. Highly recommended and will definitely be back for more!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers mate!! Was a pleasure!

from marin [30] on 7 February 2018

I was in shock at his pics and the video he made for me was amazing! It was my first video I bought from him and he did not disappoint. He is HUGE, and POWERFUL, and VERY DOMINATE. There are little words that can describe how amazing and powerful he is! I am going to buy one soon again.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you my friend!

from Jguymx [10] on 31 January 2018

Bought a show from EnhancedAdonis and it was rather hot and impressive. This Alpha really knows how to make your worshipping wishes come true with his big muscles, deep voice and cool attitude. Smart guy who knows how to make quick business and the show was extreme pleasure! Can't wait to get more fo his perfection! Highly recommended! And he even replies to your reviews, what's better than that?

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Pleasure! Looking forward to doing loads more shows with you bro! Top guy! X

from DoonB [5259] on 30 January 2018

Bought several more videos from Enhanced. He’s every bit as big as his pictures, is great to work with and delivers quickly.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks Doon my man <3

from sltm197777 [1060] on 23 January 2018

WOW. I've done a few shows now with Enhanced Adonis and every time I am blown away by the size of his muscles, his masculinity and ability to dominate me into submission. As well as being amazing at role play, he's equally a really nice guy who is cool to chat with. 6 stars.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Means a lot bro thank you and I’m so glad you enjoy ;)

from Alimacx [1480] on 18 January 2018

A really good lad - easy to deal with, good chat and an amazing physique. Have gotten a few vids from him and been blown away by his body - huge, full muscles, crazy veins, amazing proportions- particularly big fan of his pecs and shoulders! And those arms! The sort of body that gets inside your head and drives you a wee bit crazy, along with a ridiculously handsome face - I’m sort of addicted... Highly recommended.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
ALways an absolute pleasure Ali my friend! You’re a top bloke and here’s to many more years of a very fun filled friendship! Lucky to have such fantastic support!

from carpark [170] on 14 January 2018

he's really the hottest guy on this website, best body I've ever seen!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Appreciated brother! Much love x

from scam3347 [5] on 11 January 2018

Previously had some problems, but enhanced Adonis recently contacted me and rectified the issues, providing me with new material and some other things.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Glad we could sort things out my man!

from alex_28 [603] on 11 January 2018

This man is really something I sent him money for a show on skype, but he couldn't do a show the time we had agreed. Instead he made me a 2 part video and it was awesome! I hope I can have a camshow with him soon, cus the video made me wanting more... ;) So handsome and with killerbody! :) I will be back man!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Alex mate!

from DoonB [5259] on 11 January 2018

Bought a premade video from him and he sent me the download link within a few minutes of payment. Really friendly guy and looks like a damn monster on cam.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you mate! Looking forward to all the new video ideas you’re coming up with!

from maxmuscle1000.80 [20] on 11 January 2018

Great guy to speak to with a great physique to match. Hightly recommend.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks my man!

from papat34 [165] on 11 January 2018

I really don’t understand the negative reviews here. This is one of the friendliest people on here and the best built! Anyways, purchased a few videos and they were amazing! We are very lucky to have athletes like this on the site!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Patrick. True gentleman and plenty more to come!

from luster3644 [260] on 11 January 2018

Nice guy, pleasant and genuine to deal with. The video was good too.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Glad you enjoyed bro!

from papat34 [165] on 11 January 2018

I really don’t understand the negative reviews here. This is one of the friendliest people on here and the best built! Anyways, purchased a few videos and they were amazing! We are very lucky to have athletes like this on the site!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Patrick. True gentleman and plenty more to come!

from Ash_Cayden439 [10] on 10 January 2018

Very pleased with my custom, happy to do business again

EnhancedAdonis replied...

from tycho27 [1282] on 9 January 2018

huge ALPHA!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
TYCHO BRAHE! Anytime mate!

from mslover [135] on 9 January 2018

He does deliver. I dunno what you guys are talking about him not doing a video. I got a video from him and was satisfied. These negative reviews are absolutely ludicrous. He keeps his word. Always go back to him

EnhancedAdonis replied...
My man! Thank you! Plenty more coming your way ;)

from Muscleworship4lifeyo [5] on 4 January 2018

Nice quick show before his morning workout! Got on promptly after I sent the cash and he didn't let me down!! Straight up cocky flexing in my face, exactly as the doctor ordered! Enhanced is a really cool guy, anyone else who hasn't had a show yet, you're missing out massively!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Look forward to doing plenty more mate!

from Bicepsbeballin [10] on 3 January 2018

Enhanced is a delight. Perfect muscles, super sexy physique. Cam started as soon as he received payment. Very easy going. Not forceful or demanding. Doesn't judge those odd requests ;) Massive biceps, thick veins, gorgeous accent. What else is there to say? He's an adonis for christ sake!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Much love bro

from Spacewizard420 [10] on 3 January 2018

So Enhanced has had some pretty shocking reviews on here... are you sure you've met the right guy?? He's funny, chatty, very accommodating to your requests. Happily flexed for me after I paid, no fuss, no bullshit on his end at all! Just a very genuine, Scottish sweetheart! I'd recommend!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Somebody has clearly been trying to ruin my rep! Not to worry going to speak to Dan about it! Really glad you enjoyed mate! Thanks!

from Simon Cromwell [5] on 23 December 2017

Very pleased with the show! Big, bulky and a great bit show off!! ;) Nice and easy to speak to- down to earth guy :) Totally recommended for everyone!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Pleasure Simon!

from Sam Hotep [25] on 20 December 2017

Really enjoyed our cam show! Biggest bum in Britain!! Tree-trunk legs and biceps that look like they about to BURST!! Very nice and easy going guy whos very friendly :)))) Just ask him what you like and he delivers! Superman!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Hahahaha ;)

from Muscleflexfan290 [25] on 20 December 2017

Paid for a flex show with Enhanced and he delivered. Lasted the agreed amount of time, very communicative, easy to get along with. He's very open to your individual kinks, so don't be shy to ask him about it! And I'll have to add, he's got one of the best bodies I've ever seen!! I'd highly recommend him to anyone! :)

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks bro!! Pleasure!

from ywtbo [85] on 18 December 2017

************************* AVOID *************************************
Again- ordered custom video. Took payment/ kept promising / seemed genuine but didn’t come to anything
Seems to be a repeating story ,

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Contact me on Skype to resolve issue if not already resolved - Enhanced Adonis.

from Sucka4muscless [20] on 15 December 2017

No idea what the other reviews are talking about frankly. Enhanced is honestly a delight. Very easy to talk to and quick to respond. I ordered a short custom video with flexing and cocky talk, (the usual deal), and he delivered exactly what I ordered no sweat. If I could, I'd rate him a lot more than 5*. 100% recommend to anyone!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers man! You’re a top bloke!

from mb707 [550] on 4 December 2017

Paid for a custom video with EnhancedAdonis-he seemed genuine and friendly. He sent pictures and audio to confirm identity. He promised to deliver video next day, but didn’t send. He has kept on postponing this. I was fine with this, originally and said that was fine-but it’s been more than one week and he is no longer responding to messages.

Such a shame, he seemed honest.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Get me on Skype mate - Enhanced Adonis! Genuinely confused at what you’re talking about! Please talk to me so we can resolve this! EA x

from MikesBigArms [3106] on 9 November 2017

I just had a great show with Enhanced Adonis, and decided I'd write a review. He is a real friendly, polite & articulate guy who knows how to please a muscle worshiper like me. His style of posing, especially his close up views are amazingly hot. His physique is very thick and aesthetic, and looks like the pictures in his profile. He's not a clock watcher. He's just a big boy with a beautiful, jacked up body, that will put you over the edge in minutes... 5 STARS

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you Mike!

from DallasBB [3465] on 7 November 2017

First, his pictures don't do him any justice. When he came on line, I was blown away. He looked like the perfect man i would draw! Perfect physique and, man, does this guy know how to flex and pose....so hot.

And, that face!!!! It will melt you, and you'll find yourself crushing on him hard. He is a super nice guy with an incredible manner that makes you feel very comfortable very quickly.

HIGHLY recommended. He is the real deal, and a super nice guy, too.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Hahaha my man ;) You are a top bloke we'll get plenty more shows in! Really nice to meet you bud x

from Csb9273 [10] on 6 November 2017

Had a cam show with EAdonis. He was enthusiastic during the show, but the Skype connection was not as clear as it could have been. In fairness, he did tell me that he was having connectivity issues. His shape was very nice, but slightly off from his pics - still a hot show, though. He is a nice guy.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks mate

from longbyname [1112] on 5 November 2017

Sensational show such a gentleman to deal with and went above and beyond to ensure I had a satisfactory experience

EnhancedAdonis replied...
No problem! Glad you enjoyed!

from Md33 [115] on 1 November 2017

A gentleman to deal with, knows what he is doing and how best to demonstrate his physique. Awesome physique!! Can see why he is in such high demand!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers bro !

from fartsniffer00 [20] on 20 October 2017

I love this man. Kind, considerate, punctual (which is so nice!). He's so accommodating and takes upon any role you throw at him. I've had a couple shows/vids from him and I can honestly say i've never been disappointed before. He's always so reliable. Can't see why everyone else is voting 1 star?

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you bud

from slave4muscle1 [695] on 18 October 2017

Muscle perfection! Easy to work with. On cam as soon as he received payment, and gave a hot, hard muscle show. Strong smooth muscle ... thick veins ... sexy accent ... definitely need more of this REAL adonis!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Pleasure bro! Thanks! ;)

from mb707 [550] on 18 October 2017

Dealt with this guy when he was on the site previously - he talks the talk, and we arranged a video, but after payment he scammed me and never delivered and stopped responding to messages.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Get me on Skype i'll see you right my man

from mslover [135] on 17 October 2017

He means what he says. You have to catch him in the wee hours of the morning. Otherwise, he verified himself and delivered on what I asked. I will definitely come back

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thank you mate

from N [35] on 14 October 2015

Why didn't I read the reviews...! Terrible!! Avoid....! All talk, he kept in touch, got me to transfer money as his PayPal didn't work then I haven't heard from him. Waste of time, waste of money... Bit of a low-life really... AVOID!

from Alex0721 [310] on 30 September 2015

He was super pushy and demanding. Told me he would do a show, then kept making excuses. Now, after a few weeks, nothing. Buyer beware!

from German muscle fan [135] on 28 September 2015

Bought a show from him... all of a sudden he has cam problems... and now, nearly three weeks later, still no show. VERY disappointed!!!

from mslover [135] on 10 September 2015

To put it simply: Truely amazing😁😁😁😁

from dsams87 [65] on 20 May 2015

Really handsome and got a great body. Would go to him again!

from longbyname [1112] on 4 February 2015

Highly recommend he knows how to please and is very handsome

from Alimacx [1480] on 3 February 2015

Awesome lad with an awesome bod - a cool guy to chat to and an awesome flexer - highly recommended.

from papat34 [165] on 3 February 2015

Really cool guy and loves to flex. A must buy for muscle fans.

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