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24, 180cm (5'11"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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from DBs [20845] on 22 September 2020


The only wrong thing about Father Ivan is the first part of his nickname: "fat". He has nothing fat! All what you will see is hard, dense and lean muscles! Beside his cute face, the body is unbelievable!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so much my friend!

from akassaka [1767] on 10 September 2020

I am in love with Father Ivan. He is truly incredible. His physique and body is to die for. He is very dedicated to his followers and it's shows how much he loves to do satisfy his fans. I just got my second custom video from him and this was so hot. I can't have enough of him. cannot wait to see more. Finally, thank you so much for letting us worship and follow you.

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so much Akif! Your support make me happy!

from Jaynuke1 [7585] on 4 September 2020

First custom video with Ivan. He is amazing. He made the video exactly as I requested. He is vert friendly and interested in delivering what you ask for. His physique is absolutely ripped. His arms are huge and vascular and his abs...Wow!! His abs look like steel!!
I agree will all the previous reviews, hes great and a rising star here on TBF!! I hope Ivan will agree to more videos in the future!!! Highly recommended, you wont be disappointed!!

Father Ivan replied...
Thanks you !! ????????

from akassaka [1767] on 26 August 2020

He is so INCREDIBLE. I am in love with him. He is just perfect in every way possible. Amazing body and muscle. Knows his audience and delivers exactly what others want. I just got a custom video from him and he delivered without delay and just the way I wanted. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to get more.

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Akassaka. This was my first experience and I liked it!

from Shiwa [383] on 21 August 2020

I don't even know where to start. This man is just incredible. In the meantime I bought three videos of him, each of them is unique and more than I had hoped for myself.
Just imagine: I wrote to Ivan for my first video. The answer came fast, friendly and he was generally very interested in details, but also in my person. In the meantime we just wrote, I had almost forgotten the video. Then he sent me the video and I was just thrilled. This combination of an awesome body and dominant posing was just brilliant.
I was addicted to this video. It is simply the whole package. This guy not only has a great body and knows how to present it. He also looks really good. Coupled with his personality it's just a jackpot of the highest order.

Every other video was a dream for me. I especially liked the last one, he learns a lot and is always happy to apply this newly learned knowledge. With this he offers me the best experience I could ever wish for. I could hardly believe myself what was presented to me. How can someone be so incredible?

This man is pure gold, diamond and more. You shouldn't even think twice about it and take the chance to see this guy in action. He is worth every single cent and you will fall for his charm, personality and body just like me.

Father Ivan replied...
Eevery time making a new video for you is something amazing, I really like working and communicating with you, thank you bro!

from hypnopowerman [800] on 19 August 2020

I received my first custom video from Ivan and can happily share that he’s the real deal. Incredible face, body and committed role player. The video quality of his custom video were top notch. Very easy to communicate, very fair in his rates, very respectful and professional. Highly recommended!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Hypnopower! Glad you liked it!

from Neal [755] on 17 August 2020

I’ve had yet another show with Ivan.

I'm running out of great things to say. What more can one say about a muscle god like him. He has the goods to back it up. Man does he have the goods. Great Adidas too!!!!

Super NICE guy and NO ATTITUDE.

I will continue to come back to see him!!!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so mucg bro!!

from gigator39 [270] on 16 August 2020

Second video with Ivan was better than the first one. Obviously he is a very good looking guy but also a very enthusiastic performer. Delivered everything as promised and was trustworthy in our interactions. Recommended!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Bob, I’m glad working for you!

from leanypi [285] on 9 August 2020

I contacted Ivan as I found his physique to be very proportional - he looks just like a greek statue come to life! Ivan was upfront and very accommodating with my request. I really enjoyed the good camera work as well as his dedication in editing the custom video so that his beautiful physique would be captured in the best way possible. Not many performers understand that the male body is an art form - and I feel Ivan has captured this perfectly in the video that I ordered.

The turnover time was also very reasonable - I caught him while he was away and even with his commitments he turned in a fantastic video!

I will definitely be back for more!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you su much Isaac! I will be wait :)

from feverish [50] on 29 July 2020

Just. INCREDIBLE.  I received my first custom video from Father Ivan, and I can't say enough good things here.  We started off with some technical difficulties around the payment process, but he was super patient, helpful and understanding throughout the whole ordeal.  Once that was resolved, I laid out my script, which included a fair amount of specific details, hoping that he'd be able to include most of them.  He was super eager to get going and was excited about the script. 

He was able to make the video right away-- I really appreciated the quick turnaround.  The video turned out way better than it did in my head...so my mind was totally blown!!!  He picked up on every detail I asked for, like ALL of them, and put it all together so it flowed with the script-- absolute perfection.  And a side note, I normally prefer the bulkier guys, but Father Ivan has an amazing body (obviously) and certainly knows how to work it.

Do yourself a favor and send your request over to this guy, he's the real deal!  I am already thinking about my next request. 

Father Ivan replied...
This is the most incredible review I've ever received! Thank you bro!

from cody0125 [115] on 29 July 2020

very handsome man with a gorgeous body, that’s obvious, and you never get tired of looking at him. You have been very patient despite the difficulties with the payment and have always responded in the day to my messages
just for that, thanks again, and in addition I got a video that filled me. I can’t wait to place a new order

from cody0125 [115] on 28 July 2020

very handsome man with a gorgeous body, that’s obvious, and you never get tired of looking at him. You have been very patient despite the difficulties with the payment and have always responded in the day to my messages
just for that, thanks again, and in addition I got a video that filled me. I can’t wait to place a new order

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Thomas!!

from squashme [705] on 27 July 2020

Got a great video from Ivan, very thankful for it. Beautiful body, great attitude, very attentive to details and performed very much as I asked for. Smooth transaction over all in terms of timing and payment. So thanks a ton, it's a pleasure!!

Father Ivan replied...
I was glad to work with you! Thanks

from randomguyy1111 [385] on 26 July 2020

Fast and very responsive. I was really impressed with your willingness and enthusiasm for me as a client despite language barriers. That's true customer service right there! :) As for my custom request, you sure did an awesome job, considering how complicated and specific my notes were.

For others on the fence about commissioning Father Ivan, I can tell you that what you put into your notes or script is what you will get out of it. Killer smile and physique.

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you very much, the video was really difficult and interesting :)

from popetristn [2256] on 26 July 2020


WHAT A SWEET GUY! And what an awesome body!
I can't say enough good things about Father Ivan. His body is incredible and he's so freaking good looking and so nice.

He got my request and did the video right away and was just a pleasure to communicate with.

This was my first custom video with him but it definitely won't be my last!

Highly recommend!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so much Terry! I will wait for new orders.

from 433725 [285] on 25 July 2020

Good looking and good actor for roleplays. The video was just so incredibly awesome. He knows how to present his body and I can't wait to see a guy like him improving in the future!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you!!

from gigator39 [270] on 24 July 2020

Good looking and good actor for roleplays. Delivered my video on time as promised.

Father Ivan replied...
thank you for ordering!

from someronerf [80] on 23 July 2020

Attentive to requests, looks nice, great poppers trainer!

from oriapplepie [545] on 17 July 2020

Got my second video from Ivan :) He's really easy to communicate and follow the details <3

from ikat123 [160] on 12 July 2020

Stellar service! Like the person below has stated, he is so approachable and friendly and is flexible and ethical with your demands. Equally important, he is NO clock watcher and is willing to perform past his assigned time to make sure the job is properly done. I got more than what I bargained for when dealing with Father Ivan!

from vulcan [255] on 11 July 2020

Didn't actually think he could pull off the custom I was after but wow , did he ever. Great guy, very approachable .....a real diamond. Video was fast , good price and good quality. Amazing body , like a Greek statue of old. Definately recommend him and will be getting another from him very soon

from PeterAndrews14 [51] on 7 July 2020

I've had several shows with Ivan now, and a couple of custom videos, and he just gets better and better, never failing to want to please and provide a perfect service. From his radiant, slightly boyish smile, to the soaring peaks of his gunz when he's flexing, Ivan is the total package, with the nicest personality to match too. If I could give him six stars I certainly would .... !

from oriapplepie [545] on 4 July 2020

Got my FIRST custom video from Father Ivan and he delivered it well :D He got the role play right, into the character from start to finish <3 He's easy to communicate with and boy he is so handsome :D And those big guns, the pecs, the abs? Ivan is 100% a great newcomer here :D

from DoonB [4698] on 1 July 2020

I’ve bought several videos from him so far. Really easy to work with, good prices, fast service and he looks great flexing.

from jexmappelle [155] on 26 June 2020


He did an amazing job on my request for a custom video and he's very responsive and friendly! I'd definitely recommend him :)

from azstar [227] on 26 June 2020

I just got my first custom video from Ivan. Thanks, Bestflex, he's the discovery of the century. He is very responsive, and communicates well. He's also incredibly handsome, sexy, and built! Mind boggling beautiful muscled body and he's so comfortable showing off for you. Money well spent.

from harlanny [8956] on 26 June 2020

I have purchased 8 videos from Ivan over the past two months. His physique is really great, and he has leaned up showing great definition, and his very friendly beautiful face. He is a nice guy, honest, a pleasure to deal with, delivering quality content. I will continue to purchase from him regularly as he sculpts his impressive physique.

from pomona [2565] on 26 June 2020

As an athlete and bodybuilder he is awesome but is also a model for magazine cover.
He gave himself 100 % in the custom videos and did everything I asked. Kind and outgoing, I'm sure he must be a loving father. I highly recommend him to everyone.

from Bob1234 [1640] on 26 June 2020

I recently ordered a custom video from Ivan. The video was amazing and his communication on skype was great. He is a super friendly person to talk to and he is very quick with his videos

from garsbuffoon [175] on 25 June 2020

I had cam sessions with Ivan twice so far. He is a very good looking dude. He wore eyeglass in both cam sessions and he still looks great with or without eyeglass. I will come back again - maybe try him without an eyeglass.

from PeterAndrews14 [51] on 22 June 2020

I saw Ivan last night for the most amazing cam show! Although it was late, and there were some technical difficulties with the transaction, he waited until everything was ready, and then BOOM - proceeded to give the most impressive flex show I've ever seen! He not only has an amazing body but. great personality too, and knows exactly what to do, and when to do it, to make a cam show with Ivan the most exciting experience. I can't wait for the next one!!

from nezri359 [270] on 21 June 2020

What an amazing specimen, and a really nice + thoughtful person! He knows exactly what you want and he delivers the perfect content!

from DBs [20845] on 21 June 2020


For cams or videos, Ivan is FANTASTIC! Recommend for everyone!

from DBs [20845] on 14 June 2020


I can not say enough great things about Ivan! I have done a few shows and just got a incredible custom video from him! They are all absolutely amazing and have been exactly what I requested. Ivan is always willing to please and offer the best you can wish! He is totally reliable, trustworthy and has a killing smile. Shape is even BETTER than in the pictures here, I highly recommend Ivan to everyone!!!!

from Shiwa [383] on 10 June 2020

Young dedicated, handsome and very nice guy! The video was just so incredibly awesome. He knows how to present his body and I can't wait to see a guy like him improving in the future!

from Shiwa [383] on 9 June 2020

Young dedicated, handsome and very nice guy! The video was just so incredibly awesome. He knows how to present his body and I can't wait to see a guy like him improving in the future!

from zipper [1760] on 8 June 2020

He is such a handsome man with great physique! Bought several custom videos so far and no regret! highly recommended

from Fzpanda [1610] on 7 June 2020

I have purchased several custom videos from Ivan already. He has always been reliable and consistently delivered my videos in a timely fashion. On top of his great personality, his muscle mass is lean and well defined. I would recommend him to the fan community.

from obedienceandshame [2060] on 7 June 2020

He gave me exactly what I asked for. His body is perfection. I am embarassed to say that he brought my tongue out and left me heaving like a dog. He's incredible.

from DBs [20845] on 5 June 2020

I had my first experience with Ivan just two days ago and I am already totally addicted! Everything was great since the first contact! He is very kind and made sure to do everything to make the show perfect! His physique is fantastic, incredibly ripped, strong and (wow!) so beautiful! I am sure everyone will fall in love for his muscles! Don’t wait, you will be just hypnotized!

from Paul in USA [172] on 12 May 2020

I made a long Skype pvt yesterday with this fine Russian specimen of manhood. He is fun to be with and likes to be admired. I am glad to have helped him :) This guy is a winner!

from DoonB [4698] on 11 May 2020

Bought my first custom video from him. Looks like a huge athletic hunk on cam and really easy going. ????????

from macsfire [484] on 7 May 2020

he is young, sexy and super confident =) he is sexy in a very natural way. loved every minute of the show =) thanks Ivan

from harlanny [8956] on 6 May 2020

I purchased 4 videos from him. He is a nice guy honest and trustworthy. He is new to this and you need to be very clear what you want in the video. He wants to do well but is learning. He has a beautiful physique and is a very handsome man.

from Paul in USA [172] on 1 May 2020

I have made several pvts with this fine physical specimen. He is proud of his physique --- who would not! Super nice. A REAL man in every way

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Age 24
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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