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young muscular handsome bodybuilder

27, 175cm (5'9"), 104kg (229 lbs)

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Hungry beast has 48 reviews.

from fagslavex16 [464] on 20 February 2021

Conman, took the money never showed up with the video.

from bazzagood [191] on 26 April 2020

Great show! he is simply massive and loves to show it off! ask him for a most muscular and as he flexes more and more veins start showing up as he flexes! thanks for the great show!

from bigfatass [36] on 6 September 2019

istenem de jó pasi!

from Shiwa [518] on 21 July 2019

Says he does custom videos (even here it's written in the description) but after that he just doesn't respond. Only wants to do shows. Not responsive and really arrogant. There are much much better guys on this site!

from obedienceandshame [2260] on 12 July 2019

I sent him money and I never heard from him again. He's garbage. Why worship and serve if he doesn't give you the time of day? That's not how this works. Don't waste your time or your money on this piece of trash.

Hungry beast replied...
i think it was the fake profile, i wrote in my bio to use flexcode first

from TomHansen [64] on 5 July 2019

Not worth spending even $10 on this guy. I cant believe he still has 5 stars here.

Hungry beast replied...
i am sorry, but why do you think that?

from king1157 [152] on 2 July 2019

I bought a few videos and this guy was amazing. I was in Europe so asked to meet him in Budapest. I was not prepared for how amazing he looked. He was totally into muscle worship and flexing. I wish I was in Budapest longer because I would have seen him more! I will be back to Budapest for sure!!!!

from TheEternalLegend [789] on 29 May 2019

Arrogant asshole, stay away. Says he does custom videos, agreed on a price, disappeared. This guy doesn’t even do nudity, you’re just paying for some generic meathead to flex in clothing.

from Francis [965] on 12 May 2019

Have another camshow with Hungary Beast, Ripped, muscular, fantastic. what to say, absolutely amazing. What I've asked he put into real life. A very trustworthy man. Highly recommended.

Very well suggested muscle god

from ADAM1 [9667] on 27 April 2019

Waste of time, and a bit arrogant. Contacted him for video, after a few back and forth messages, agreed on price, and said he would do video that week. After not hearing from him, sent him another message asking for update, his reply: "I dont know when will i have time i am in the gym all day", without elaborating further. Waited a few more days and after not hearing from him again, requested another update. Now he says he only does live shows.

Here is the 1st line of his profile above: "I am doing live skype shows and custom videos!"

Seems so friendly in his videos (on TBF), but didn't seem that way to me in conversation.

from Francis [965] on 6 January 2019

New beginning and another new show with Beast. He is great always provide top performance show for me. More & more show with him again for sure.

from pecslicker [230] on 11 November 2018

I had my first show with him, and he is incredibly massive, he LOVES to flex and squeeze his huge muscles.
if you are looking for muscle worship he is the one to have a show with!
I will buy a lot of shows with him for sure

from Francis [965] on 11 November 2018

Just done my show with Beast, I was so shock during the show with him, Beast getting more and more huge, ripped and massive body He is so hot that you can't turn away even asking for more. What I asked for in my show and he did exactly what I want. He is really a showman and knows what a muscle worshiper needs and wants. One of the most hottest models on the Best Flex Site !!!!

from jt3333_33 [4023] on 8 November 2018

This man is a freaking beast! I've gotten a handful of his videos now and I'm always impressed with his size and good looks. Wow! You owe it to yourself to show respect to this musclehunk!

from Francis [965] on 3 September 2018

Had another show with Beast. He's really huge, did his best for me! love it! And most importantly nice & easy to deal with. Highly recommanded. Definitly will come back for more & more again

from Francis [965] on 1 September 2018

Had my first show with Muscle Beast, he is INCREDIABLE amazing body, big everywhere, big arm, huge, ripped & shredded body, I just can't stop watching him. He is easy to communicate and do as per my instruction. Highly recommended. Definitely will come back for another show soon.

from bazzagood [191] on 30 August 2018

Been following this guy for a long time and he is a beast, hope to meet him in real person one day and admire how big and solid he is, can't wait to do a cam show with him again, hopefully soon!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4532] on 9 May 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

To Bodybuilders and those that follow Bodybuilders …. FOLLOW and SUPPORT the HUNGRY BEAST!!!! This f*ucker is 100% MOTIVATION for BB’s that compete!!! For those peeps that follow bodybuilders…. the HUNGRY BEAST is the REAL DEAL! I have been following the BEAST via Instagram, YouTube and theBestFlex for years. This guy’s transformation over the years is SICK AF! Honestly, the BEAST is the BEST BB on theBestFlex! Minus the vids available on theBestFlex, his custom vids are PROPER AF! He takes direction like a CHAMP and delivers a grade A product. A one stop shop GENTS! This BEAST is the RIGHTEOUS! Also, this dude is kind AF…. Never met a nicer dude P E R I O D

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from pomona [2900] on 30 March 2018

I have a custom video from Hungry beast. It was the first purchase I made with him and it was perfect. He proposed that I pay for the video only if I liked it. The video followed rigorously the previously requested and was very well recorded, in HD.
This guy's not just muscles, he's a gentleman! I'll buy again, without a doubt. He is in good shape.

from iheatrad.97 [2470] on 29 November 2017

I ordered a few videos from him a while back. Very easy to deal with and very massive as well.

from alex_28 [629] on 29 November 2017

I had a camshow with him last night.. Wow, this guy is so handsome, big, muscular and hot! Will be back for sure! :)

from bazzagood [191] on 30 August 2017

Great guy and amazing muscles!! cant wait to do a cam show with him again!!

Hungry beast replied...
thank you! :)

from Minkhailov94 [5] on 19 January 2017

he is extreeem sexyyyy !!!

from msclelover [286] on 5 December 2016

Just had an amazing first show with this beast! Absolutely huge and amazing vascularity.

Can't wait for the next one!

from Truman [15] on 23 October 2016

Though only 23, Hungry Beast has been camming for years. He's a handsome, reliable, nice pro BB who gives great shows!

from gardenweasel [70] on 12 October 2016

Have had several cam shows with Hungry Beast. Besides that incredible body and handsome face, he is a hot, responsive poser, with an amazingly sexy verbal attitude too. Just amazing: comfortable in his own skin and enjoys showing off.

from jngrand93 [305] on 1 September 2016

Awesome guy! Very easy to deal with and very reliable. The custom video I ordered was everything that I wanted. Definitely recommend this guy to anyone (especially fans of muscle control). Amazing!

from petemac [1035] on 29 January 2016

Got one of his recent vids and did a cam show. Great guy! Total power stud and rock hard!

Hungry beast replied...
thank you!

from Big boys [5] on 4 October 2015

He is so handsome n built ! Dissapointd to see you shave head . So many bald muscle guys . Your hair made U a boy muscle God ! I Mis it !

Hungry beast replied...
Thanks, I grew it back ;)

from chelm [293] on 7 September 2015

Perfect shape, great camshow!

Hungry beast replied...

from slave4muscle.79 [51] on 24 February 2015

Indeed a great Master !!

from cory [6] on 17 November 2014

HungyBeast - young alpha male, boyish looks & extremely built! Proudly flexing his massive muscles, his whole body bulging & ripped, huge all over...everything huge! Fall to my knees, totally freaking out...begging!!

from Coolmanrico [826] on 16 November 2014

Tried to contact him for another video many time over the past month, with no luck. Don't know rather he just busy or ignoring me. :(

from Relty [5] on 20 October 2014

Great body, awesome videos; You really should make your own YouTube channel bro

*Thumbs up*

from laseren [135] on 16 September 2014

your videos are amazing! The smile when flexing is soooo hot!! pls don't cut your hair :-D

Hungry beast replied...
I am glad that you like them! :) I won't cut it :D

from Hairshine [65] on 5 September 2014

You are one hot, sexy guy!! I've only seen your video teasers but that's enough to know how muscular you are.

Hungry beast replied...
Thanks! You should watch the whole video ;)

from PAMuscleLover [271] on 1 September 2014

Just saw his video, "Bicep Fantasy 3" and WOW!! LOVE the guns on this guy!! He says they're only 17.75 in. (45 cm) but they look bigger!! Can't wait to see what else this kid will come out with!

Hungry beast replied...
Thank you! I am happy that You like my video :)

from flaneurism [20] on 30 August 2014

We did a cam show yesterday and it was excellent. Good picture quality and lighting. Great posing and reasonable prices. His physique is top, massive and cut. Tree trunk legs, giant back, huge arms and ripped abs. Highly recommended.

Hungry beast replied...
Thanks! :) I hope you enjoyed the show :)

from Porter [190] on 17 August 2014

If I could I'd make this reviews rating more than positive ! I'm really amazed that you read my review and got a new camera and everything! The lighting is fantastic and the 1080p hd is so high quality, we can see everything! You're doing an awesome job Hungry Beast and I can't wait to see more of your videos.


Hungry beast replied...
Thank you! :) I will make a lot of videos :)

from Punky4011 [6] on 12 August 2014

Wow, what can I say really nice body and pretty sexy too... all a package..
Come to Buenos Aires... you get enjoy, really buddy!!
Go ahaead with these show...I'm a fan of u
Bye buddy!!

Hungry beast replied...
Thanks :)

from Porter [190] on 5 August 2014

The Hungry Beast is indeed a muscle man to remember. He's massive for someone so young and should be an inspiration to whoever wants to transform their body. My only problems with his videos is the audio and somewhat the quality. While speaking in his videos, it's a little static and low pitched. The lighting and quality could be improved as well but nothing too bad.

I do wish he uploaded more though, it'd be better if he made videos as well. But overall, I give the Hungry Beast an A-. Good job bro and keep up the good work!

Hungry beast replied...
Thank you very much! :) I will get a new camera soon :)

from Jsyr [30] on 27 July 2014

Hia videos are okay, but he asks for money dor cam shows, but the cam show never happens.He just takes the money and run. If you like his videos buy them, but don't get sucked into his Master/slave bit or cam show scam.

from Bipfan.96 [10] on 18 July 2014

Hungry Beast is the sexiest bodybuilders I hired for a web cam. Beautiful smile, enviable symmetry, impressive, well marked and venous muscles. I hired him for a 15 minute show and I am hungry for more. I'd like to see him compete in Europe. He is great!

Hungry beast replied...
thanks :)

from Coolmanrico [826] on 15 July 2014

I received a custom video from Hungry Beast and loved it. He got boyish good looks and the body of a God. Seriously nothing is more amazing then watching the veins appears all over his body as he flexes. Can't wait until our next video.

from Bipfan.96 [10] on 27 June 2014

I have right now a cam show with Hungry Beast. I'm astonished. He is amazing, awesome! I've hired over 20 cam show, and this is the best! Has size, definition, veins everywhere, a lovely smile, and he is very friendly. I will return to skype as many time as I can.

from thetallg [819] on 26 May 2014

jesus his size is insane. even bulked up he still has insane definition, veins even still popping out of his abs. very confident in general and does not mind turning it up if you ask him to.

from beefy4muscle [4175] on 11 February 2014

He is amazing!!

from supermuscleworship [80] on 1 December 2013

Very easy and pleasant to deal with, delivered on the same day, exactly as asked.

His body is amazing!

Highly recommended

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Age 27
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 104kg (229 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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