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23, 175cm (5'9"), 70kg (154 lbs)

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MuscleGod11 has 168 reviews.

from Jay.45 [3082] on 15 March 2020

a fuken god. he used his muscles to make me drip so hard and I resisted and he still broke me in half...muscle god

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 21 December 2019

I hate to do this but it has been almost 2 months after I ordered a custom videos and now he's stopped responding me altogether (I can see he is online on skype but not responding). He used to be really reliable but I now I give up so I have to leave my bad review here.

He messaged me asking if I want another video. I said okay and we agreed on the details after I transfer money to him he told me he will make a video soon but then went missing for 2 weeks. I messaged him twice and he told me he was in another country during the 2 weeks and had a problem so he can't do it at the time (right, but he was the one who asked me if I want a video) and would make that video the next day. Then he disappeared again and completely ignore my message.

I have given him my positive review about him before, you can look it up but now it's not like that anymore, unfortunately.

from thaifaggot [10] on 19 August 2019

He is real alpha male i ve seen. sorry for that. I just wanna temp him how cruel he is and he proved to me he is the1

from frankiep [395] on 11 June 2019

Been a pretty long while since i saw him last but happy to say he is looking better than ever and still gives u a gr8 show

from coolio00 [605] on 14 April 2019

Videos for years with him, always delivers them on time and a great person. Highly recommended!

from tycho27 [1122] on 23 March 2019



from jessmack [715] on 21 August 2018


great roleplayer. delivered agreed custom video as specified

from Fzpanda [1325] on 8 July 2018

very easy to work with. Next day delivery. Highly recommended

from littlelunch [6354] on 4 July 2018

I just receive my first custom from MuscleGod11. He went to great efforts to bring in every detail of my idea and delivered an excellent video. It's good to find a guy that can bring more than just muscles to the table. He really put some passion and thought behind it, and it was refreshing to see.

Add to this he is extremely gracious and polite to deal with plus he keeps to the schedule promised when I ordered, something that has been lacking of late with other models.

A great first video, there will be more!

from a90 [410] on 21 June 2018

This man is amazing at his art. He is creative, open minded and a good actor. Recommended. Also very straight forward and honest. I do not think you can do better on best flex.

from musclefan1 [3235] on 17 May 2018

I had a cam show with MuscleGod11. It was awesome perfect muscles to worship with cocky talk and good dominion. It was a great show his muscles getting bigger and he loves to show off his muscles for cam. Thx man!

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 17 April 2018

I ordered a video a while back. We had some problem but it did finally work out in the end. He paid attention to everything I requested. Very nice guy to deal with!

from luker81 [442] on 14 April 2018

Today I had a cam show with my super muscle boy! He dressed very sexy with your thight red underwear and your fancy leather jacket (I love much this)! Like usual we make a wonderful play rol and enjoying much my self! Very sexy! A big hug my sweety powerful boy

from luker81 [442] on 5 April 2018

Just finished another great experience with my prefer muscle buddy! Fancy and exciting more and more! Highly recommend

from Sharken2 [5] on 18 March 2018

Such an awesome performer , kind , attentive , very professional I had no problems or issues with him, everything was perfect because he paid attention to every detail I wanted and due to his expirience he knows how to make a great show!

from luker81 [442] on 17 March 2018

Yesterday was another great experience with muscleGod 11! I just need to see in cam a nice cocky muscle boy with fancy sunglass, leather jacket (my prefer clothes) and very thigh jeans! Nice talking with he and sexy poses for me! Big hug nice boy!

from luker81 [442] on 13 March 2018

Another cam with my best muscle boy! Always dressed very sexy! I love your fresh beauty and your charisma! I like this boy very much ! Big hug my muscle friend! Always highly recommend

from luker81 [442] on 11 March 2018

Just finished a special cam with my muscle friend! I love do cam with this nice muscle boy! I love your best body, his ability to understood my phantasy and you sexy clothes! I appreciate much you forgot to see watch! I think is a special boy with a sexy perfect body! Big hug my special friend

from IMJ009 [1185] on 10 March 2018

The name says it all! If you want to be dominated by a true alpha, get in touch with him

from gmara777 [75] on 6 March 2018

I have been a fan of MuscleGod11 since day one and i have enjoyed watching this stud turn into a real god. He is the best performer i have ever seen with an incredible attitude. Fasten your seatbelt, this guy rocks!

from stevep [187] on 27 February 2018

You have a barber that gives you just what you want, a bartender that knows what you need before you ask, or a waiter who knows what you are hungry for just by looking at you. Why not have a muscleman who knows what you want, what you need, and what you are hungry for...all before you even say a word. Musclegod11 is THAT man! He has done this for me many times before and with my most recent show I don't really have to say anything because he already knows what will satisfy me. Oh sure, I could certainly have a decent time with another muscleman who might get me hard after some flexing and maybe even make me cum if he flexed enough; but why settle for just a decent man when you can have someone who knows you and cares about your needs? Get to know Musclegod11 TODAY...and allow him to get to know YOU! The best thing you will ever do I promise!

from caldermark [9155] on 25 February 2018

I just received another awesome video from Musclegod 11. He has made both flexing and sexy videos for me. All are outstanding. He successfully makes videos to a customer's requests. His physique is great and continues to improve. I look forward to more videos from this muscle stud!

from Paola.germenia [20] on 22 February 2018

It's unbelievable how some people still look for other guys. I had another show with him and still he is the most majestic model. Powerful, confident, a true master. The number one for sure. No one can mach or get to his level. He is perfection.

from luker81 [442] on 19 February 2018

I had another cam show with this fancy muscle boy! Your body growing and more and more definition! I love your phantasy and your ability in to play rol game! Big hug my friend

from Dons [115] on 18 February 2018

just the best of the best

from debonaire [1797] on 15 February 2018

I bought the Captain America video from him and it was awesome! Strong. Dominant. Cocky. Just like every superhero should be. He takes pride in improving the production value of his videos and really cares about delivering a product you'll love. He's nice and very professional. And if you're looking for an amazing role player with an equally amazing body he is the guy for you.

from IMJ009 [1185] on 15 February 2018

If you like to be owned by the one and only superior alpha God, then you should get into contact with him!
He knows exactly what you want and how to give it to you

from musclefan1 [3235] on 12 February 2018

He is the best Alpha Male I have ever seen. Bought some vids from him he is the perfect muscled God. He has perfect muscles to admire and worship them. This guy is so dominating with hot cocky talk. Never seen so superior dominating Alpha Male with perfect muscles. You need to obey him and serve him. This guy needs to be worshipped.

from coolio00 [605] on 11 February 2018

An amazing guy to interact with. Perfectly accommodates your requests and has an incredible physique. A regular to enjoy and interact with time and time again :)

from hayna [305] on 5 February 2018

Perfect! Dominant, cocky, good looking, extremly good. The vid was this i want, he send fast.

from SteveShay10185 [615] on 5 February 2018

I have just had the most mind-blowing experience with musclegod. He instinctively knows how to connect with others and make them NEED to serve him. He is flawless, perfect, amazing, undeniable. I must do what he wants.

from musclefan1 [3235] on 3 February 2018

I have bought some vids from him. The vids are good het delivers what is asked. He is very dominant I like it so much, hope he will build more muscles in the future. I want buy more cocky vids in future.

from frankiep [395] on 28 January 2018

It had been a while since my last show with him due to time differential we were on at different times but was glad when he contacted me He had come up with a scenario he wanted to use and knowing how great he is at role playing i had said yes. Not only was he great at it his body had changed he was now bigger and more muscular and as usual great show

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 27 January 2018

MuscleGod11 is one of those rare models that values and respects his clients. He listens to what you want in a show or video and he steps into character with convincing ease. Tell him your fantasy - trust him with it - he will deliver. He is easy to talk to and very professional. I highly recommend the one-of-a-kind MG11 for shows and custom videos - he's definitely one of the good guys!

from Jguymx [10] on 26 January 2018

I had my first cam show with Muscle god11 and it was just the perfect start. This gorgeous man not only provides a great visual experience but a smart talk that shows he’s much more than a bunch of meat, like others around. Good English level, enough to understand and say whatever you may want and even give you some fun conversation too. If you want to have a different and greater experience definitely recommend this gifted guy!

from luker81 [442] on 25 January 2018

I had another cam show with this nice boy! He gives me everytime much fun and he is always more nice! His body growing and is very perfect! I give you a big hug my nice friend! Highly recommend

from stevep [187] on 24 January 2018

Every show I do with Musclegod11 is better than the one before! He gets better and better!!! And bigger and BIGGER! He knows just how to talk to me, flex for me and pump for me. Most importantly, he listens to what I ask, and not just what he feels like doing. He is here to make me happy...that is his make every show the best for you! That is what makes him the BEST!

from debonaire [1797] on 21 January 2018

I ordered a pretty detailed custom video and he did an AMAZING job. He’s an excellent role player and hit every detail perfectly. The video quality is great and he even did a little editing to get everything just right. He’s fair, trustworthy and truly cares about his clients.

from Dungu789 [485] on 4 January 2018

This guy is one of the best. He isvery accommodating into the requirements and needs. And he pays attention to details of whatever you want. I have had a camshow with him - very satisfied indeed. Great physique, great personality and highly recommended. Video and audio quality is good too. Winner all the way!

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 22 December 2017

This guy managed yet another amazing video. He pays attention to whatever details you asked him to do and will show you who is really in control!

from Jay.45 [3082] on 22 December 2017

This guy totally destroyed me !!! tried to resist the muscles but he dominated and flexed and made me explode !!! Great show and great interaction !!!!!

from a90 [410] on 10 December 2017

Another amazing video. I have now got three videos from this guy. Never get tired of him. Sheer professional. He is truly a find and no surprise the guy is number 1. Try him you won’t be disappointed.

from mervanca [5] on 4 December 2017

This guy is one of the best here on TBF. He is focused, and very accommodating into the requirements and needs of your demand. and too, he does both, recorded videos and camshows, unlike a lot of others can’t do recorded videos or can’t deliver the video in time. And he pays attention to details of whatever you want. I have had a few videos with him, satisfied every time. If you are not sure about a very complex plot or fantasy that you wish to have it fulfilled in video or just simply want a straightforward quick camshow, you can always ask him to do it, thus everything will be simply taken care of.

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 29 November 2017

I'm already getting another video from him! His attitude in the video is perfect. He does every detail we discussed and he is very professional when it comes to dealing with you as well. Can't wait for another one soon!

from Paola.germenia [20] on 28 November 2017

nothing will ever be said about this guy. In every show we have is beyond words. It's stupid to try to put in words the magnitude of his power. The only way to know is letting youself be under his control and buy one yourself

from luker81 [442] on 28 November 2017

I had another show with this nice and always more powerfull muscle boy! I can appreciated again his phantasy,his motivation, his capacity to understand my needs! I want say another thing, the thing most important, is a very honest boy! Highly recommend! A big hug my buddy and see you soon

from frankiep [395] on 28 November 2017

I saw him for the 1st time yesterday and was completely impressed with his professionalism while also being friendly and doing everything he could to make sure you were happy and satisfied with him. He is not a clock watcher does not rush the show. Physically he has an amazing body and enjoys showing it off and open to any requests you may have. As I said I saw him for the first time but im sure it wont be the last

from stevep [187] on 28 November 2017

I continue to have Musclegod11 as my ONLY muscleman for shows because he is the BEST. It is really that simple guys. We have done many shows together and know each other well. He knows what i like and what can get me to that just right place if ecstasy and excitement. And i know how to encourage him to keep pumping and bulging his muscles to take me there. There is NO OTHER muscleman that will consistently deliver like Musclegod11. I highly recommend him as your exclusive muscleman!

from Jayballet [4630] on 27 November 2017

This guy is a complete package deal. He is extremely professional and goes beyond all measures to make sure you are satisfied. He’s naturally dominant and has an uncanny ability to ready your personality and be able to play into your fantasy without having to tell him what you want. He’s sweet and down to earth too. My new facorite!

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 26 November 2017

I've just got a video recently. He is very pleasant to talk. Apart from that, he also amazing body and he knows how to show it off as well. His attitude in the video is exactly what I wanted. I'm already getting more videos from him!

from Shadeller [5] on 26 November 2017

If I could give more stars, I would. MuscleGod went above and beyond, and his body is to be admired. Will definitely be ordering more videos from him soon. He's obviously very good at knowing exactly what I want.

from jimlob98 [25] on 25 November 2017

Guys, you really must deal with him once in your lifetime. He is way beyond perfection. He is the person that you should have to chat with him. His personality and professionalism are above perfect. He always care about your feelings and ask for feedback about his video. Really you need to deal with him once. He's the one you are looking for. The muscles, attitude and of course his big heart. :)

from Salve4muscle [1028] on 23 November 2017

Great show, so alpha, will be getting more shows.

from a90 [410] on 23 November 2017

This guy is just so good at understanding his clients fantasy and acting it out. A talented guy as an actor and a strong character that can adapt to any role. Also great body and looks

from gmara777 [75] on 19 November 2017

I keep repeating myself but each time i think musclegod11 has reached perfection he proves me that he went even beyond. Blowing every standard! On top of a perfect bod, there is a fantastic attitude. When he is somewhere, everybody listen. He is sharp with a lot of drive. He will make every of your wishes come true. You ll never be disappointed and his powerful presence will shield you from the world!! What can i say?! he is great! Highly Recommended!

from Paola.germenia [20] on 18 November 2017

I've been looking for the perfect man for years. Now, i'll never have to look again. The definition of perfection, in every detail, is what makes this guy. Power, power and power: you can never get enough of his domination. No one, will ever be better, do better or at least be at his level. I feel like my life was meanless before he started to control my mind and body. I feel powerful enough to control every one else and happy to be strongly dominated by him.
Right now, i know for sure: he is born to control every single piece of everyone's world. Born to rule. Born to be a leader.

from a90 [410] on 17 November 2017

This guy is such a find just an amazing performer. He has a very strong character and personality that comes through in the confidence he shows when he acts. However, he also has true strength that he dosent try to bully people but acts politely and nicely. Just a great performer with a great body. Recommended for some great shows and acting. This guy is top rated for a reason

from Ray831 [1222] on 15 November 2017

Amazing guy to work with. Very sweet and gentle guy. Although things do get quite heated ;)
Love his muscles. I respect and like him a lot. We will definitely work further down the stretch. I want him to be a bit more dominating and show us what his strength can do ;)

from a90 [410] on 15 November 2017

What a lovely man this guy is, so warm and friendly. he is genuine and super good at what he does. definitely a great guy and you wont be disappointed if you chat to him. He speaks English, he is funny. He is open-minded and interesting. Dream man for anyone looking for everything from the muscle guys

from tetan [45] on 9 November 2017

I had some troubles with payment, he was so very patient and kind to wait for my payment issues to be fixed. he made my video exactly how i wanted and I enjoyed every minute of it. he's a great guy and definitely worth all the recognition he gets and every dollar. he's a 10/10.

from stevep [187] on 31 October 2017

I had another show with MuscleGod11 and it was perfection! He had just returned from the gym and his arms were pumped! He flexed and bounced them as I enjoy and spoke to me in the way I enjoy as well! He really KNOWS his clients and remembers what they enjoy and always delivers what they want and expect, but also adds a personal touch that goes beyond their wildest dreams! MuscleGodd11 is my buddy and will be my exclusive man for shows! He is the best!

MuscleGod11 replied...
Thank you Steve,for being so genuine person from day 1,when we interacted.After numerous shows,you are still that type of a guy,like you was on begining.Because of your positivity,our every next show becomes better.Stay that kind of person always.Thank you so much,my friend!

from luker81 [442] on 28 October 2017

Just finished one of several cam show with muscle god! I can appreciate again that nice boy! He was sexy, friendly and I love his phantasy! I can only recommend him because is a special boy! A big hug my friend

MuscleGod11 replied...
Luca has been my client for several months.Always honest,guy who show respect and understand me.With him shows are amazing.So big fun,adventure and fantasy with him.I am posting this,because he is one of the best client i have,such a good man,and always show support,when i need it.Thats why im posting this,to share how relation should be,between client and model. Luca bro...Big love for you.You are incredible person.

from akassaka [1577] on 22 October 2017

He is the most sexiest Muscle Alpha God in the world. He is genuinely sexy as fuck!!!!.. I love how he is so cocky and incredibly handsome. Specially his lips... I am in love. what a manly smile....fucking hot. He can dominate me anytime he likes with his strong man muscles. He keeps his promises and delivers you the best content u will ever desire. Thank u MuscleGod11!!!

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 21 October 2017

MuscleGod11 is unique and unlike any other model on this site. Aesthetically his proportions are a perfect balance of muscle, size, and definition. There is an aura of mystery surrounding him yet the first time you talk to him you feel like you've known him for a long time! I was asking him about a custom video and he suggested something totally different than anything I've ever gotten from a model. I trusted him and told him to create his vision, and what he created was an amazing video that took him nearly a week to complete. The finished video had special effects, a soundtrack, and numerous scenes that blended perfectly together to create a cinematic experience that was beautiful, sensual, a 10 minute erotic journey that he created using only his visions and creative talents. He is honest and respectful and understands very well the relationship between a model and his fans. MG11 is one of a kind - trust him and he will not let you down. I highly recommend the amazingly mysterious MuscleGod11.

from stevep [187] on 16 October 2017

Where can I begin to tell you how awesome this young man is? You have heard so many great things already here. Yes, he has an amazing body. Yes he knows how to give you a great show. Yes his muscles flex just as I like them to pop and flex.

So what is it about him that makes him SO special? He is a REAL person. With me he is himself; not a character, not a fantasy, not an image. He is like a guy next door, a best friend, a confidant. That one friend who understands you like no one else. We respect each other and encourage each other and share each other's life. We have a special freindship first, and he does amazing shows for me based on the fact that we are friends first and he wants to do his best for me because we are friends.

I know him and he knows me; so he knows what I like to see, what I like to hear, and what I need. I am proud of this young man and he is proud of me. If you are looking for a sensible young man who can be MORE than just your "basic fantasy muscle man", get to know this guy. You will not regret it! He is here to do his best for you and he will do just exactly that!

from JasR30 [5] on 13 October 2017

Recently got a video from him and I would definitely recommend him. Great body and face and quick to respond. Did everything I asked for and was quick to deliver the video. Will purchase from again.

from Fatty [641] on 11 October 2017

MG11 is just perfect. He takes control of me from the first second. Watching him flex his perfectly sculpted muscles is just a wonderful aesthetic experience, and he instinctively knows how I like to be treated.

He has great control of his perfect muscles - when he flexes his perfect arms, I am just putty in his hands! And his pecs, abs and legs are just as awesome!

There really is nothing to compare to being dominated by such an ideal man: he is masculine, confident and creative, and his body is a dream come true!

from AverageCuppaJoe [208] on 11 October 2017

Wow... MuscleGod11 is definitely worth your money and your time. He's smart, well-spoken, funny, charming, and it comes packaged within a sexy, muscled body. He is also patient, fair-minded, enthusiastic and creative ( and looks for such opportunities to be so from YOU guys, btw ). I highly recommend MuscleGod11 and will revisit him when I am able to do so.

from Andyt [30] on 10 October 2017

a little bit of camera troubles but he made it worth my time! great body and very kind and generous! i would recommend a show from this hunk!

from garsbuffoon [155] on 9 October 2017

I don't address him as MG. I prefer to use a friendly nickname that we agree on.

Considering the positive flow of reviews here, J (I just use initial here) doesn't really need reviews. He's already great throughout. Anymore reviews definitely need to be plus plus plus.

J was very comfortable with my directions and he was confident with any, which makes the show off session smooth and productive. He was eager to please and seemed to enjoy every moment of it. I like his cool attitude, which is why he has been getting plenty of positiveness in his profile. There is no need to doubt that J is indeed REAL.

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 7 October 2017

I had my first show with MG11 and he is perfect. He was engaged throughout the show and did everything I requested. His body is amazing and he was polite, respectful and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend him and will definitely be back for more. Thank you MuscleGod11 for a great experience!

from DaveDe [255] on 6 October 2017

This guy is fuckin amazing. Got a video from him and he did everything I asked and more. Total alpha dominant, but so easy to work with. Watched his video over and over. Total epitome of masculinity--definitely coming back for more from this guy.

from mefisto [15] on 6 October 2017

MuscleGod is amazing. Great session we had. He is so dominating. And his physique is amazing. I couldnot get enough. very verbal. Highly recommended. incredible Master

from matthewsirenson [5] on 30 September 2017

'It is rare that a sub or slave in this scene really finds what they are looking for. Searching bestflex or for muscle cam guys is like trying to scratch an itch, a deep itch at the very core of what passes as the sub's being. Of course many cam shows sort of satisfy the urge, at least for a little while. There is clear physical strength, perhaps play acting about dominance, but is it really power? It is power that the sub seeks, and in muscle god11 alone it is power that it finds. The truth is, slaves dont want muscle, they dont want strength, they want Purpose: they want to belong in that deep, endless, dark, embracing abyss that is the pure purpose of being a mere participant in another Being. Only in muscle god11 has this truth ever been disclosed, discovered and satisfied. Muscle God11 is not a cam master, not a muscle flexer- he is Power. He is the one all the other guys imitate when they flex, he is the one all the subs want to know when they watch their half-masters dance for money. Muscle God11 gently drew me to this realisation, and now I believe it is as much his mind that is writing this post as my own. I am not sure I have a mind anymore, i merely have Muscle God11- which is everything all of us will ever need.'

from luker81 [442] on 21 September 2017

An other cam with this nice boy! I give you, like usually,five stars he deserve it! I love you, your phantasy,your sexy dress, your sexy accessories, in particular I love your fancy leather jacket and new mask is very wonderfull! Obviously highly recommend and I want give you a big hug because he is a very trusty person! Hi my bro

from luker81 [442] on 8 September 2017

i had another cam with this very nice muscle boy! He was very very sexy like usually and he know just satisfy my phantasy! Like usually i can say defently highly recomended. A big hug my buddy see you soon obviously.

from Poklars9090 [20] on 4 September 2017

This guy has it all, great body, good manners, creativity and cocky attitude. The HD camera makes it even sexier and way realistic, it almost felt like a live performance. True alpha and true musclegod. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. Highly recommended ;)

from oyomian [115] on 4 September 2017

This guy is really great, he made a custom video for me with my request and was very quick with delivering it to me. The video was everything I wanted, which was fantastic! He's got an amazing body, he's very kind and will work with you on what you like. I highly recommend him to anyone.

from stevep [187] on 26 August 2017

I had my second show with MuscleGod11 today and it was even better than the first. With his amazing body and sensual voice, he created the perfect atmosphere for me to enjoy. Anything I requested he performed perfectly and instantly. Curling an object, flexing just right, saying the things I wanted to was all there! If you want to do a show that is designed just for you and your pleasures, this is the man for you!

from luker81 [442] on 24 August 2017

I just finished an other fancy came with this nice boy! I can say only good words about you! He know like to satisfy my phantasies! Highly recommend! A big hug musclegod and a big kiss

from tycho27 [1122] on 17 August 2017

MASTER MUSCLEGOD is the most sexy being on earth. He is dominant and supreme. His muscles are golden and perfect. they glisten in the sun, they ripple like waves, the are hard like rock. This is the best camshow ever. Go try it!

from Googam [440] on 13 August 2017

Great guy to deal with and a great product delivered. He gave me exactly what I wanted, and he gave me it quickly. He is a really strong performer who really understands what his customers want. Loved it.

from luker81 [442] on 10 August 2017

I just finished a best caman show with this best and nice boy! I'm lucky to contact him! With him amazing is guaranteed! Highly recommend! Thanks my buddy

from stevep [187] on 8 August 2017

I connected with MuscleGod11 today and did a show with him almost immediately! From our conversation online I knew he would be just what I was looking for. Sweet, gentle, and aiming to please. We had a wonderful show together and he surpassed everything I imagined. He had taken the time to read the notes I sent about my turn-ons and did all I asked. What I loved most though, honestly was his smile! That made him so much more enjoyable; I could tell he was enjoying our time together as well and that made a big difference from other shows I have done with other guys. After the show, we continued our conversation online for quite awhile and I enjoyed getting to know him more and he was interested in me as well. Thank you to The Best Flex for making the payment process SO EASY and fast and for highlighting a nice young man like MuscleGod11! I will be doing this again soon!

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 6 August 2017

Just recently had another cam show with this stud and his name is truly fitting. He is the real muscle god. Although I have to say his abs are by far one of the best. They are so perfectly defined and rock solid. It's def worth getting a show from this hunk just to see his washboard abs. I will for sure be returning for another show.

from Graphp [55] on 5 August 2017

Long dick, big muscles, barely any body fat, and a nice guy. Can't ask for more. Thanks, musclegod!

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 29 July 2017

Very nice show and very good looking! He was also very pleasant and easy to work with!

from luker81 [442] on 28 July 2017

I had another cam show with this great boy! He give me a very pleasure time he satisfy all my phantasy! Always highly recommend

from Phil [55] on 23 July 2017

Great body. Great show. I highly recommand

from luker81 [442] on 20 July 2017

i had another fancy cam show with this nice and powerfull boy! he is smartly, honest and know use all your phantasy to enjoy me. Highly recommended

from luker81 [442] on 11 July 2017

i had another cam with this nice boy, very nice, very sexy, and very amazing, i can suggest to try you. I hope to do soon another cam shoow. Good night

from mary_b [35] on 4 July 2017

Great guy to do business with. Received my first video from him and it was everything I wanted.

from luker81 [442] on 30 June 2017

Very serious boy, amazing and sexy, He un dertstood soon like to satisfy me! I see you again

from getdownnow5 [30] on 25 June 2017

Best master hands down. I want to serve him over and over. He is so amazing. So worth every Penney.

from slave4muscle1 [695] on 24 June 2017

Strong hard muscle god, perfect body to worship. Excelleent show!

from steveaaa [131] on 23 June 2017

Musclegod11 gives the best shows on here and he is a super nice person VERY good at showing of, interacting and seducing his viewers. He is super nice to deal with, very fair and trustwothy - it doesnt get better than this!

from robero1975 [290] on 19 June 2017

:) :)

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 15 June 2017

I had a show with MuscleGod11. He's such a nice and friendly guy. He's so huge, manly, strong, handsome and attractive that you'll be sure into him. He accepted all my requests such as pec bounce, rip his t-shirt etc. I have to say his show was so amazing. Well, it's not enough to give him five stars. 10 stars!!!! I'll request a show again soon. Thank you very much. See you soon on Skype

from M88T [5] on 15 June 2017

When I first encountered him on this site, I thought to myself that he is so gorgeous, so I hurried to add him on Skype. I was so frustrated that I had to wait a few minutes for him to add me back. When he did, I type quickly to say hello to catch his attention. He responded with hello which make me so exciting. I asked him straight away if he is free for the cam show, he said yes, he is. So I hurriedly agree to price and length of cam show and I sent it. A few minutes later, he calls me! Which make me blushing! When he appears on cam for the first time, my jaw dropped! Because he is so perfect in every way that I have never imagined so! I just sat there with open mouth in disbelief, his muscles are truly out of the world! He is nothing, but kind and courteous during cam show! When cam show ended, I feel so sad because I could spend a few more minutes in paradise with him! After few days, my mind is running away with the fantasy of him, and it makes me want to have the other cam show! You could say that he is CONQUEROR of my dreams!!

from inmovie89 [2655] on 15 June 2017

leaving reviews for 3rd time. amazing muscle god. always comeback for him

from GMA [10] on 13 June 2017

Very hot guy, very hot body, very hot show!

from Paola.germenia [20] on 13 June 2017

I work as a camgirl. Yeah, i'm a girl. At first, this website was for fun. Talking to cute guys and having a good time, but never serious. Then i added MuscleGod11 wishing to have the same experience, but it was so much more intense then i could ever imagine. I can't find words in any language that could show 10% of his magnitude as a man. He is beyond smart, gentle, detertmined and i don't have to talk about he's amazing good looking body and face. He will make you feel very special and at the same time feel so small close to his power. He will make you feel powerfull as much as you feel how insanely powerfull he is. I reached a point with him that i can dominate any boy on cam because i feel his power making me more confident and yet i cant imagine my life without his supportive domination over me. The experience with him is out of reach with words, you need to feel his eyes on webcam making you feel like your only reason in life is to serve him. One day, he'll turn into a huge dominator worldwide and i hope that in that time i look at him and feel the power emerging of his muscles. Powerful, Inteligent, crazy hot and everything anyone can look for in any human being. He is absolutly not like any guys you've talked before. I'm so glad to the happiness that has befallen over my life the moment i got to serve him. If you dare to add him, prepare yourself to the best sexual and life experience you can ever imagine.

from Jay.45 [3082] on 13 June 2017

this guy flexes hard and has great symmetry !!!!! do yourself a favor and go see him

from huck [107] on 12 June 2017

MG , is awesome he os out going and fun and he is so so strong , from his abs to his legs to his huge Cock , got to check him out

from Kamaswami [350] on 11 June 2017

I recently got a custom vid from Musclegod11 and I was very pleased. He was quick to respond, very friendly and professional, and delivered exactly what I asked for. If your into lean aesthetic physiques, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

from brown9999 [700] on 6 June 2017

A truly amazing experience and the shows keep getting more and more spectacular. The best!

from hypnopowerman [645] on 5 June 2017

Great experience working with him. He's honest and is eager to please. Highly recommended!

from getdownnow5 [30] on 4 June 2017

So amazing. I couldn't ask for me. He went above and beyond to give me exactly what I wanted. 5 stars will always come back.

from scarecrswiss717 [123] on 3 June 2017

This guy is the ultimate stud! For real. Did a show and he is genuine and great.

from brown9999 [700] on 2 June 2017

Another amazing show!

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 29 May 2017

His name says it all. He truly is THE MuscleGod. I was under his spell and in awe at his perfect physique. Like a Greek God. His great attitude and willingness to do a show quickly for me was much appreciated. I will for sure be returning for more.

from Drhays [407] on 27 May 2017

Fantastic show with MuscleGod! His body is perfect and he was playful and engaging. Highly recommended.

from DoonB [4027] on 4 May 2017

Easy to work with and looked awesome on cam!

from brown9999 [700] on 3 May 2017

Just. Fucking. Amazing.

from aaff34 [70] on 3 May 2017

Even though it was my first time requesting a cam show and followed up with a custom vid. This guy really does what he says he would do and it's really hard to find that on this site. Defnitly a must see 🤤 🤤...Kyle

from xorne [288] on 25 April 2017

Dominant and creative. The combination is lethal! And his body as ripped as ever increases his cocky behavior! I recommend!

from electrico7024 [5] on 24 April 2017

muy bueno

from Lrak [10] on 23 April 2017

I had an awesome show. He is very nice and he Looks fantastic. I defenetly recommend him.

from steveaaa [131] on 21 April 2017

Just had the second show with this young sensation. He is just as good as all the positive reviews says...and he is also a super nice guy to deal with and very likeable. He really puts a lot of effort into his body and his shows, and the results are stunning.
If you havent had a show with him, you definitely should - he is better than most...than all actually :)
How anyone can give this guy a bad review is a total mystery...

from inmovie89 [2655] on 21 April 2017

Two thumbs up!!!

from gmara777 [75] on 16 April 2017

Pay attention! Marvel on the move! This guy is by far the best guy i have ever seen. He has an incredibly ripped body, a very cocky attitude, a killer look and very sharp mind! You will never be disappointed with this muscle god!

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 16 April 2017

Another amazing pvt with this hot hunk! Amazing proportion of his ripped body where all is muscles! He is also alpha and hot guy and I love to see him jerking and cum a very big load! I will see him again and again

from 8insBriefsBulge [70] on 15 April 2017

Well, this guy is a sexy fukka. Built, ripped and with a sexy attitude, horny mannerisms and a sexy attitude, I was kept stiff from the minute he cam online..:) He's great to be with on cam, really relaxed, sexy and we had a great session. I'll definitely be back for some more of this perfectly muscled, handsome guy. Loads more..

from Fatty [641] on 15 April 2017

What a God! Strong, confident, dominant and addictive. Whether he is being kind and seductive, or vicious and dominant, I just can't stay away. His body is just heaven-sent to drive me nuts!!
He is the most dominant man I have ever encountered, unlike any other, and I just can't say no to him! Just a glimpse of his handsome face or awesomely sculpted body lets me know that i'll never get enough of him.
He knows the effect he has on me, and seems to enjoy it, which is just unbelievably hot!

from xorne [288] on 15 April 2017

He is becoming better and better!! A real brutal dominant muscleguy!! His creativity know no bound!! Which is very rare these days!! And his body is on par with his attitude!!!

from Gregbber [450] on 9 April 2017

Great video
Very responsive
Amazing condition!

from rubeng2016 [290] on 4 April 2017

The best guy! Have many show with him!

from evren93 [162] on 4 April 2017

Had a show last week with one of the sexiest guy ever.. i enjoyed every second with him. I was so confused of his muscles i didn't know where i should look at. His abs? His biceps? His chest? His back? Long story short - he definitely deserves the title musclegod

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 4 April 2017

I had my first show from MuscleGod11 yesterday, and We will see again for sure. He is just perfect! He picked up on what I wanted from the beginning, and just took control. So, so hot! His body is just awe-inspiring, rock-hard muscle upon rock-hard muscle, just flawless. His deep voice and alpha attitude are addictive - you will not be disappointe

from buckspa [185] on 2 April 2017

I got a video from MuscleGod11, which was exactly as promised and arrived quickly. He's a gorgeous young man, a great new cam guy.

from rubeng2016 [290] on 2 April 2017

Had another show MuscleGod! He keeps his promies. He's huge everywhere. Very verbal. Knows how to dominate. Also very nice and honest. Thanks man!

from kemik [860] on 2 April 2017

Yeah just bought yet another video off this guy, yet again fantastic service and hot quality video xxx

from Fatty [641] on 2 April 2017

How do you describe perfection?! This man has everything: a sensational body - he is obviously strong with solid, perfectly formed muscles. His abs, shoulders and chest need to be seen to be believed!! Just pure solid muscle.

His handsome face and deep, masculine voice just add to his appeal! And the great thing is that he knows the power he has, and obviously enjoys his dominance! With just a flex of his baseball biceps, he took ownership of me and put me on
my knees where I want to be!

I've just received my third video from Musclegod, and each one is better than the last! - I'm already eagerly awaiting the fourth! Every video from him is just an amazing experience, a perfect treat! Don't hesitate to contact him - he will bring your fantasies to life!

from freezer [445] on 2 April 2017

Very good loking stud. Very sey and cocky ahow.

from user1234 [80] on 1 April 2017

Great guy, responsive, gave a great show, will shop again.

from caldermark [9155] on 30 March 2017

I purchased my 4th video from him. I continue to be entertained and amazed by his good looks and great physique. He has many fine assets, both seen and unseen. I plan to buy more videos from him.

from xorne [288] on 30 March 2017

Rarely have I met a guy so confident and cocky about his physique and the effect it has on average guy!! and with jut reason!! He is very dominant and his shape is insane. I recommend!

from Muscle.23 [10] on 27 March 2017

Nice body u are so cute

from Muscle.23 [10] on 27 March 2017

I love your body u are so cute and handsom

from kemik [860] on 27 March 2017

Yeah recently purchased a video, great guy to deal with, hot body and was very accommodating to my requests. Will definitely be using this guy many times in the future.

from musclefan.77 [100] on 26 March 2017

Awesome show! Very hot Muscle.

from ray4710 [3197] on 25 March 2017

just got my first video from MuscleGod11 and this guy is amazing. Solid ripped muscles and a great poser, he understands how to make you want to worship his rock hard muscles. Give this MuscleGod a try, you will be glad you did

from solarwingae [65] on 25 March 2017

Wow... an amazing guy. First of all, he was polite and quick to respond to me when I first contact him. Others would be rude or would take days to respond but he was different. The show itself was great! His profile pictures are exactly what you get. He performed the show as I requested. Dreamy is all can think of. Just as others have stated, he is beyond ripped in the right places and delivered! Believe me, I was more than satisfied and in the future will book another show.

from ec9791 [310] on 25 March 2017

Just received a customized video from MuscleGod11, and it was done to perfection. Turnaround time was extremely fast, and he did exactly everything I wanted to see. Highly recommend.

from zman91134 [10] on 24 March 2017

best guy on here by far

from eurocasper [365] on 24 March 2017

Ripped guy, and responsive. Recommended.

from ddestef [150] on 23 March 2017

This guy is amazing. His body is ripped beyond belief, his muscles are bulging, and he's sexy as hell. He does exactly what you want and more and is also a very friendly guy. He's also got a very sexy accent. I can't recommend him highly enough! Amazing show!

from huck [107] on 20 March 2017

so this muscle dude is awesome he is huge and strong and rocks your house i can't waite to do another show

from leighton209 [1630] on 20 March 2017

I bought my first custom video from MuscleGod11, great video, he was really quick in delivering, got it within two hours and had everything I asked for. Amazing body too - his muscles looks bigger in the video than his pictures on here!Super easy to deal with too.

from P. Alex [340] on 19 March 2017

This was a very amazing show. He got into exactly what i wanted and his body is incredible. A+++

from tycho27 [1122] on 19 March 2017

Amazing experience: he is totally ripped and cocky and dominant! true ALPHA MALE! great camshow!!!

from Fatty [641] on 18 March 2017

I got my second video from this god-like man yesterday, and I am now eagerly awaiting my third! Just perfection, with chiselled abs, huge pecs and beautifully muscled arms. He understood exactly what I like, and he used that to own me completely!! Don't hesitate!

from fusion9876 [35] on 18 March 2017

This guys is amazing. great body and very friendly. He is definately worth ur pick!

from inmovie89 [2655] on 18 March 2017

Always amazing. Never disapoons

from bigger_is_better [20] on 18 March 2017

Great show, ripped body like in photos and hung AF.

from rubeng2016 [290] on 15 March 2017

Had an amazing show with this guy. He's really nice to talk to, very accommodating and mind blowingly attractive :) Professional, kind, quick and responsive.

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 15 March 2017

Had another awesome show with this muscle god, he is ripped and very friendly

from chelm [293] on 15 March 2017

no surprises - you get what's advertised... and it's f'in glorious

from Fatty [641] on 14 March 2017

I had my first video from MuscleGod11 yesterday, and I have already ordered my second. He is just perfect! He picked up on what I wanted from the beginning, and just took control. So, so hot! His body is just awe-inspiring, rock-hard muscle upon rock-hard muscle, just flawless. His deep voice and alpha attitude are addictive - you will not be disappointed!

from caldermark [9155] on 14 March 2017

I have purchased 3 videos. They are all excellent. He did everything I requested and is very friendly. His body is awesome, even better than his pictures. I plan to purchase more videos from this aesthetic muscle god.

from lembas32 [360] on 26 February 2017

I withdraw my previous negative review, I did get the video I asked for and it was worth the wait. This guy isn't a scammer, he just had a few problems and sorting the video out took a little longer than first anticipated by him.

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 25 January 2017

had a great show with this guy awesome body and very friendly

from steveaaa [131] on 24 January 2017

Had a great show with this muscle god. He has a perfect body and really awesome attitude, that you just have to love and adore. Can really recommened this young god!

from hotchilieboy21 [17] on 24 January 2017

Sympatic person with a very good talking english.

from rubeng2016 [290] on 24 January 2017

MuscleGod was amazing. Had a show with him last night and he was great. His show was super hot. Did everything I asked. I will be having another show in the near future!

from PeterA [270] on 22 January 2017

Great show with MuscleGod_11 - great physique and happy to chat whilst flexing. His camera isn't so good, so it's difficult to get all the definition / striations - but a good show nonetheless!

from muffin [570] on 21 January 2017

Top performer, ripped as hell... 10 out of 10

from gmara777 [75] on 19 January 2017

The best ever met. His creativity has no limit. Incredible body and attitude. A must! Do not hesitate to play with Fanatic! He will make you drop to your knees!

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