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A young, tatted up stud with a southern accent. Plenty of experience dominating my guys and makin em weak for more!

22, 180cm (5'11"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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Tyson Carter has 87 reviews.

from musclefuel [249] on 24 July 2021

He's stellar at what he does. His lean muscled body makes for an awesome dominator in videos. I throughly enjoy the content he makes. As a return customer, I look forward to requesting more.

from tinashe [190] on 9 April 2021

Ordered a custom video from Ty. Extremely kind, generous, and VERY VERY open!!! Also really quick and trustworthy. Ty has gotten this fantastic reputation for a reason!

Would definitely recommend 100%!

from cccarlosss [570] on 22 January 2021

Great show recently , nice guy great body !!

from tiger1985 [120] on 22 September 2020

This man is such a stud. I have gotten several videos from him, both pre-made & customs and cannot complain about a single one. They are all phenomenal!

from Ozsport63 [1846] on 23 August 2020


awesome video

from hypnopowerman [905] on 14 August 2020

I just received my first custom role play video from Ty. So impressed by his enthusiasm in accepting my fantasy role play request. He looks great and has such a positive personality that comes through in his video. Very easy to communicate with from the very beginning, not snobbish at all. Upfront about what he could do and what his limitations were do deeply appreciated his honesty. That being said, for what he said he could do, he absolutely made sure he did extraordinarily well. I was smiling ear to ear watching his video. Looking forward to next request. Thank you Ty!

from iheatrad.97 [2855] on 8 June 2020


Very fast and professional. Nice guy to talk to. Also, good shape and fun custom video. He's gorgeous. See you again soon Ty :)

from Elivthade4 [620] on 31 May 2020


Tyson did my request really fast and was very responsive to my questions.

from musclerider [115] on 26 May 2020

I just ordered a custom video from this guy and I really appreciated it! It was a complicated roleplay script, and he got most of it right. When I point out the few details he missed, he didn't get mad, but rather mad me a free mini video covering the missed part. He's awesome

from Albeit89 [815] on 24 May 2020

I just got my first video from him recently and I must say, he has such a sexy voice and a lean, toned, muscular body! Put that together with his amazing and dominant demeanor and you get an awesome show! I absolutely loved what I got from him and he was so easy to talk to! Looking forward to seeing everything he can do in the future!

from iestynovich [504] on 9 May 2020

For screen chutzpah, Tyson's like a young James Dean or Brando - in that line. His Southern manners mean he's easy to deal with, and the video I ordered was delivered the same day. He is astonishing in it. Looks fantastic, is a great actor and the content is erotic way beyond what I'd hoped for.

from Jerrbear1993 [140] on 24 April 2020

Have to say that Tyson is one awesome dude. He was super quick on getting me my custom vid I asked for and made sure to include everything that I asked for. I was super appreciative of his speed and great acting in his video. I will definitely be back to either get a show or another video.

If you want someone that is sexy and does good work and listens to you I would go withTyson.

from Shiwa [518] on 9 April 2020


My second custom video and its almost unbelievable how incredible this guy is! I wanted a role play and man...what he delivered was 150% on point. One of my fantasies turned into reality! Into a breathtaking reality I won't ever forget. He's also getting pretty ripped these days, especially his rock hard legs.
Always a pleasure to watch this handsome stud flexing. Besides that he's respectful and really a nice guy. There should be an option to rate more than 5 stars. 5 stars for his little toe maybe.
So give him a try. Its worth every penny.

from Samson71 [1850] on 2 April 2020


Hot tats and hard muscles. A winner in my books!

from Samson71 [1850] on 2 April 2020


Cocky attitude and some great flexing. Highly recommend!

from Shiwa [518] on 11 March 2020


Breathtakingly hot! The video I ordered was beyond what I imagined! A pleasure from the first second to the last, will be definitely back for more!

from Zoomzombie [55] on 27 February 2020

I write this after just watching the custom vid Tyson sent over, and wow.

Not only did he go above and beyond, he also was extremely professional and collaborating with him to get the vid just right was truly awesome and easy going.

I can’t recommend him enough. He’s your guy for RP definitely.

from Connor Reece [15] on 21 February 2020

A really great guy with a good attitude and extremely sexy. Knows what he is doing and cares about doing things the right way.

from Trueheart75 [280] on 19 January 2020

Just did a video with Tyson, he's really nice guys. He sent me a extra video of him posing with Daniel Carter for free because his underwear didn't arrive in time. He's a stand up cam guy for sure!

from Jaynuke1 [8215] on 20 December 2019

I just got another custom video from Ty and decided to throw him a curveball this time. He nailed it!! He’s a natural at every aspect of this business. From the flexing, role playing and ad lib, it’s astonishing to say the least. Very nicely done my friend!!!

from Jaynuke1 [8215] on 16 December 2019

Just got another custom video from Ty. He was very professional and easy to talk to. He made sure to understand what I wanted in the video and then made it happen.

He’s a jacked guy that enjoys showing off and making your requests become reality. Highly recommended!!!

from Trueheart75 [280] on 7 December 2019

Just bought another video, it was well worth it. Great personality, great ass, pretty boy looks to boot. What can I say this guy is defintely worth it. Hopefully I can see him a jockstrap one day or maybe a skimpy wrestling singlet :)

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 9 October 2019

Tyson is not only a great performer, but he is an all-around amazing dude to talk to. You will feel completely relaxed during the show as if you're talking to an old friend. (And if you're not into feeling relaxed - he can take on any role!) He is very creative and genuinely enjoys getting into what you need for a show.
Good looks, great physique, amazing flexing, and a charming personality. Fantastic roleplay and detailed imagination. Thanks for some memorable shows!!

from surfahripz16 [1157] on 14 September 2019

Tyson is one of TBF’s new breed of str8 bodybuilders: very easy to talk to because he has no issues with your sexual orientation or your age. He just loves being worshiped and expects you to service him to that end.

With a solid physique and a great attitude, this dude has every right to be cocky AF. And he has every right to play the role of the in-your-face Alpha as he roughs you up and turns you into what you consciously or subconsciously are – submissive and subservient.

Guarantee 5***** performance.

Tyson Carter replied...
Always a blast doing the dominant roles! I appreciate ya homie, I’m happy to act out whatever fantasy my guys have whether it’s dominant, submissive, or some wild role like a teacher or boss, or student, honestly just fun as fuck being able to act out a scene and making it perfect with my own stud flare

from vulcan [365] on 13 September 2019

WARNING...if you are about to ask Ty for a Custom Vid here is a quick warning.....if you do , you will Not be able to stop from getting more lol. This guy is awesome. He is also one of the most down to Earth people one could hope to meet. From the other comments here , it looks like he gives 110% to everyone. Ty is a mind-reader at knowing exactly what you want in a video. Check him out now!

from Trueheart75 [280] on 11 September 2019

Dude, where do I start, first of all this is probably the nicest, sweetest cam guy you'll ever contact. Off the bat he's very professional and pleasant. He has a southern cockiest about him but it never ventures into "cringe" territory. I'm working on a limited budget since I only have a part-time to work but this guy actually worked out a deal that was affordable. Now let's get into the "meat" of things. Ass...like if you like ass...this guy gotz ass. He has a nice bulge too, he wore a white thong that shows the outline of his dick and you will not be disappointed if you ask to see him in one. Overrall, the video was a 10 1/2 and top it off he went over the five minute limit. By alot!!! Super surprised and glad I met this aquintance. Will be doing shows in the future :)

from Samson71 [1850] on 5 September 2019

This muscle stud delivered an awesome video to me the other day. His ripped upper body and cocky attitude are completely incredible. Can’t wait for more.

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 4 September 2019

I just finished another cam show with Tyson, and I cannot speak highly enough about this guy. His great looks are only surpassed by his amazing personality. He is super easy to talk to and will listen to all the ideas you have and the sprinkle in some ideas of his own. He can very quickly tune into what it is that you enjoy and then he just takes off and delivers a mind-blowing performance. A very genuine and trustworthy dude... don't miss out on getting a show or video from him!

from wwinsorii [45] on 24 August 2019

First vid purchased today. Super easy to work with and efficient. I'll be back.

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 22 August 2019

I just had my first cam show with Tyson, and I have to echo all the other positive reviews here... this dude is amazing! He took my idea for a roleplay and delivered on it with great acting skills. And his body looks just as great in clothes as it does out of them. If you're reading this, and haven't hit him up for a show yet, you should stop waiting and do it now!

from vulcan [365] on 21 August 2019

Got a custom video from Ty and ..well...I am lost for words....I guess I could use ones like Awesome / Amazing / Terrific but they wouldn't do him and his ability to carry of a custom video justice...and this wasn't even a dominant video type , yet he was incredible. This guy has it all...the looks , the accent , the perfectly proportioned muscular stature and the personality. In a nutshell , he is a true stud wrapped up in a genuine personality and tied with a bow of decency

from EthanTK [910] on 13 August 2019


Nice performer, great role playing, cocky attitude and hot body.

from cccarlosss [570] on 10 August 2019

10 star great show nice guy Highly recommend him !!!

from VentusHeart [1418] on 27 July 2019

The last time i worked with Tyson was one year ago.

My newest experience with him was a really good surprise : he became a very confident, charming, show stopping flex model. He delivered incredible poses, seductive talks and perfect attitude. He's very promising...

Thanks homie!!!!

from allmindbody [1770] on 27 July 2019

I have been viewing flexing cam shows for 6 years and I have never met anyone quite like Tyson. He is confident and cocky but knows how to play it. It was also obviouse that he enjoys what he does and feels comfortable in front of the camera. When adding this to the fact he has a sensational and carefully crafted physique, this made my cam show experience with Tyson one of the best ever.

from oriapplepie [762] on 18 July 2019

Got my first custom video from Tyson and I have to say his cocky but never rude attitude make me feeling so comfortable. As someone who grown up being bullied, it can be very triggering watching the alpha male type videos. Tyler really read what I wrote to him and bring the perfect balance of a very confident, cocky but caring stud. Now that is the kind of alpha male I am looking for.

I admit Tyler is one of the most handsome performers but his acting for role-play is also one of the best! Highly recommend if you are into roleplay.

from DrGregB [35] on 27 June 2019

I did a live Skype show earlier this week with Tyson, and it was great. He's super nice and follows through will all requests. He is in great shape and loves to flex and show off.

from DoonB [5653] on 26 June 2019

Every bit the movie star hunk, his role play, like his lean muscle, is flawless.

from Mitch.74 [50] on 10 June 2019

I contacted Ty yesterday for a custom video. He was very prompt and professional in the email exchange. His rates are very reasonable and the turn around for getting the video was very quick. He followed my requests while adding to the script in good ways. All in all this was a good experience.

from BrendenMuscle.52 [70] on 9 June 2019

Tyson is absolutely incredible and one of the best on this site. He is a true alpha and I couldn't look away the entire time. His build and muscles are out of this world.
He is also down to earth and great to talk with! I def need another show with him

from mj1500 [215] on 8 May 2019

I had an amazing intro to Tyson yesterday. I bought his most recent video and was so impressed that I reached out to him for my first custom. He was an engaging communicator and delivered exactly what I was looking for in just a few hours. He did a great job playing up my requests with some nice added touches. I definitely might be hooked!

from supermansearcher [5] on 4 May 2019

Wow just WOW!

This past week alone I have received two awesome custom videos from this powerhouse. A true Alpha!
His physique and intensity is amazing. The quality of the videos and speed of delivery is fantastic. Both videos received within a couple of hours of order.

Take a moment to discover and experience this true Alpha!

from Salve4muscle [1565] on 22 April 2019

Great guy, very professional. I accidentally send the money in the wrong currency and he still did my vid. Amazing, and he is so cocky and alpha.

from Cammybags [70] on 11 March 2019

Tyson was great! His rates are reasonable and he did a fantastic job with the script I gave him. He got the video to me the same day we started talking and was also super helpful when I was having tech issues. Plus he’s hot as hell!

from serfm1976 [285] on 9 March 2019

The best , awesome body

from harlanny [11283] on 21 February 2019

Hi, Tyson is great, easy to deal with quick on responding, delivering quality videos! I am quite pleased with the four videos I purchased from him and will purchase again.

from harlanny [11283] on 21 February 2019

Hi, Tyson is great, easy to deal with quick on responding, delivering quality videos! I am quite pleased with the four videos I purchased from him and will purchase again.

from DoonB [5653] on 1 February 2019

What happens when the hunk next door has a naughty streak? Awesome videos, Ty is out of this world hot. Gets to know what you like and gives it in spades. Right now he is so dry and shredded his skin just slides over all those rock hard muscles. I need a lie down now.

from cbutt09 [940] on 26 January 2019


Another great vid.

from freshwind22 [41] on 15 January 2019

Just got an awesome roleplay vid from Ty. I told him about a scenario I had in mind with a few details and he took and went above and beyond with it. The video far exceeded my expectations. He really got into the scene and made sure that I was happy with it.
I can highly recommend him! Also the vid was delieverd within a few hours. Thank you!!!
If you want a cocky young alpha you should hit him up!

from gigator39 [340] on 7 January 2019

Bought a great custom video from Ty earlier today. He captured what I wanted and delivered very shortly after our initial contact. Really impressed with the turn around and his professionalism. Ty looks great in action, at least as good as his photos and he really sold the scenario I asked for. I'd definitely do more shows with him in the future. Strongly recommended!

Tyson Carter replied...
Thank you! I’m glad I got you what you needed. I had a blast hooking you up homie.

from DoonB [5653] on 1 January 2019


Awesome video from Ty. He’s all alpha!

from DoonB [5653] on 18 December 2018

Had a great video from him, delivered right away. He’s looking shredded just now too!

from freshwind22 [41] on 16 December 2018

Just got another video from Ty. As always, everything was wonderful. Great communication, nice chat and excellent video. He did the video right after payment was send and I had it within the hour. His physique is getting more more defined and knows exactly how to pose and flex! Just a wonderful experience.
Thank you!!!

from TillXXX [573] on 19 November 2018

This was the first and LAST time I ever purchase anything from Tyson! Trying to workout details was a headache because he did not listen to me. If he did then My video would not have been a complete mess. Hhe did not do everything I asked either!

Tyson Carter replied...
Sorry homie, I always appreciate new ideas and ways to improve. Some people just don’t match. I’m sure many of my guys are beyond pleased with how I deliver so I apologize for the misunderstanding in what you were looking for.

from larrydope444 [690] on 3 November 2018

Ty is very easy to work with and very hot. The video was so much more than I was expecting. Would totally recommend getting video or a show from him.

from jkstad [105] on 28 October 2018

Tyson is really easy to deal with, prompt and responsive. He does a great show and his body is outstanding. He's a nice guy but responds to requests as well - well worth spending some time with!

from cbutt09 [940] on 22 October 2018

Honest, courteous, and maintains communication. He followed what I asked for in the video to a tee, and it was a great experience. I definitely wanna come back for more!

from Metgot [1520] on 13 October 2018

Ty is still my go to Teen Muscle God. I have gotten almost a dozen videos from him. He is so damn quick to get the video out to ya. He is for sure one cocky alpha muscle beast and he should be with his incredible looks and amazing physique! Since I have been getting videos from him, I can see him packing on size and still keeping pretty damn lean and vascular. He can do every scenario I request and blows it out of the water... Don't forget that deep sexy voice of his too! I would highly recommend him! I wish more that more guys doing custom videos had his motivation and drive!

Thanks for being an awesome Teen Muscle God:)

from VentusHeart [1418] on 10 October 2018

I've just dealt for the first time with Tyson. I had a great feeling about him and he lived up to my expectations... And even more!!!

He made what i asked with his very own touch: this is fire!!! (And very high quality)

He has a real photographic eye: the video has a lot of interesting visuals making him look epic.

Don't need to say he has a perfect body: really thick legs and butt... A nice contrast with his pure eyes and adonis face.

Overwise he's a really nice guy, careful and friendly.

I recommend Tyson and i'm so perched to deal once again with him.

from Twolve1 [2055] on 19 September 2018

Meant to leave feedback much earlier than this as got a custom video from Ty a month ago and it was great. Lots of cockiness in this guy. Did a great video and definitely looking forward to the next. - Gary

from Mikejk3232 [110] on 19 September 2018

Second video within less than 24 hours. Shows just how addictive Ty is and the power he has to bring me to my knees. And he gets better and bigger and more alpha.

from crawlden [297] on 19 September 2018

Tyson like others have stated is addictive. I am into the humiliation worship bicep scene and he is made to order. It's like he can read my mind, and more than satisfies my submissive fantasies. WoW.

from Mikejk3232 [110] on 17 September 2018

Just got my first video from this alpha muscle god and it won’t be my last. Like other reviewers have noted it’s easy to get addicted to Ty. So great to work with. Responsive and fast. And damn what a body! Finest around.

from skeet [40] on 4 September 2018

I've had several videos from Ty, he is a very enthusiastic alpha man, willing to please and follow any and all instructions. Ty has an amazing physical definition and reminds me of the hulk. If you haven't had a custom from Ty. I would highly recommend to check him out.

from Jay.45 [4283] on 29 July 2018

Thinking he might just do videos. Been over two months of contact but unable to set up a cam show.

from Kamaswami [350] on 19 June 2018

So I just received my 7th custom video from Tyson in basically the space of a month. To say that I have become addicted is an understatement. Ty has an amazingly proportionate physique, and he really knows how to play cocky. Super easy to work with, and consistently the fastest turn around time. I can't say enough good things.

from Kamaswami [350] on 28 May 2018

So I just got my first video from Ty and I'm sure it won't be the last. He was extremely quick to respond to my inquiries, and was extraordinarily easy to deal with. As for my video, well it was great. Ty does a fantastic job of showing off, and he's got a great physique, his pictures don't do him justice. I highly recommend him!

from Salve4muscle [1565] on 14 May 2018

Great guy, very easy to deal with and trust worthy. He shows that he cares about his fans. Very professional. He is young, hot and alpha.

from JoeNYC [5555] on 10 May 2018

I highly recommend Tyson Carter! have gotten two amazing custom videos from Ty (so far) and I have quickly become a huge fan of his! His extremely cocky attitude and style of showing off won me over immediately. Like someone mentioned in a review below, Ty knows exactly how to "own" you. He's got an incredible body and he absolutely loves to flex and pose and show off, which is a big part of what makes his videos so amazing. Don't make the same mistake that I almost made and be discouraged by his young age! Though he may only be 18 years old, when it comes to his customer service skills and his reliability and his desire to please, he is a total pro and way more mature than some other "cam guys" much older than him. Even when it comes to his screen presence on video, you would think that he's been doing this for years and years! I am really quite impressed with Ty in so many different ways. He is also an incredibly nice and friendly guy, which always makes communicating with him a very pleasant experience. He's also very fast at making videos. Both times, he sent me my video the day after requesting it. I really can't say enough great things about him! I'm actually about to request a third video from Ty on Skype right now, so I need to wrap up this review! ;)

from fffffddgd [965] on 24 April 2018

Tyson is hands down THE BEST. He knows how to own you and has the most incredible body. His custom videos are hot hot Hot!

from Metgot [1520] on 22 April 2018

Complete and total Teen Muscle GOD. Awesome to work with and he will get your videos out to you in no time! He is always willing to show off and tell you how incredible his muscles are.... I've already bought a few custom videos and will be getting many more!:)

from beefy4muscle [4805] on 1 April 2018

Bought custom vid this morning...was delivered couple hours later...very quick VERY awesome! Amazing god-like bod!

from jockboyrick [260] on 15 March 2018

Bought 2 more vids from Ty since my last reviews....and he's still fucking awesome!

Great prices, and he often gives more time than you pay for, always trying to please the customer while playing the alpha. And believe it, he knows how to be an alpha who can dom you, whether you want him to be nice or treat you like a faggot.

I've bought a lot of custom vids from alphas, but no one's been more responsive and quick than Ty. He gets the vids done and sent faster than anyone, sometimes within hours and never more than a day later. You'll never have to send him a note saying "It's been 6 weeks since I paid you. Where's my video?"

He's a gorgeous guy with great hair and thick, beautiful lips. He's got a killer body that he loves showing off and nipples that won't quit. He's got an ass that's perfection. He's got a bulge that lives up to the rest of him.

I def recommend Ty -- HIGHLY.

Rick ranger1rg at comcast dot net

from J@ckie123 [415] on 8 March 2018

Literally the best video I’ve ever received and can’t wait to buy more.

from GiantsToy [65] on 2 March 2018

I've actually been visiting this site for years, but never even registered (much less purchased a video) until Tyson came along. This young god is absolute perfection! Hoping to see a lot more of him!

from jockboyrick [260] on 26 February 2018

Ty is incredible. Responds right away to emails, makes and delivers custom vids within 24 hours, and does everything he can to please. Make a suggestion and Ty will do it, looking hot as fuck while he does, whether it's posing and flexing or dominating with rough verbal. For 18, he sure as fuck knows what he's doing. I've ordered 3 vids, and he gets better and better.

from LE95 [120] on 23 February 2018

Had an amazing experience with Tyson. As well as looking amazing, he's very accommodating, open minded and he completed my video request within the hour. Highly recommended!

from brouny12 [550] on 19 February 2018

Wow and amazing kid, great potential, he will definetly make if very far, I would love to support him in his endevors, great guy, wow!!!!! I will get more vids from him, and I do recommend him for anyone who wants a great video and he is fast at getting them to you!!!!!

from buckspa [185] on 12 February 2018

I've gotten several videos from Tyson. He's always been very responsive and easy to deal with. I was most impressed with the JO video; I've gotten a lot of these over the years and his is certainly one of the best. He's a very impressive young man, smart beyond his years, very customer-oriented.

from jasmine68 [322] on 2 February 2018

Had another perfect cam show with Ty. His equipment is improving including a new laptop and webcam so his shows just get better! For only 18 he has the size, proportion, and definition of guys well beyond that age and he really knows how to show off like a pro. What's great about Ty is how much he enjoys flexing and making sure you get the best show possible. Not many guys out there of this allround quality.

from DoonB [5653] on 31 January 2018

Bought my first video from Ty. He looks awesome on cam, draws you in with his good looks and tight physique. Will be arranging another real soon.

from jasmine68 [322] on 26 January 2018

As promised my review of my first cam show with Tyson that took place earlier this week. Nothing about this guy is a flaw. From the moment he got on cam I was mesmerized. His voice is powerful. His body is flawless. His posing is spot on. This guy knows exactly how to show off and drive you wild! He's cocky and confident but at the same time goes out of his way to make sure you are enjoying every moment of the show. There is no question he is the best I've seen and there is no question I will be ordering many more shows and vids. He sets the bar high but works hard to raise it.

from jasmine68 [322] on 25 January 2018

Ty is extraordinary in every way. Contacted him about a cam show and since our schedules didn't mesh at first he made a video first. This man not only has the finest physique around at such a young age he knows exactly how to show off that perfection. Ty is great to work with, accessible, professional, and a natural alpha! I've ordered many custom videos from many muscle gods but Ty blows them all out of the water. Eventually we did a cam show which deserves a separate review. Highly highly recommend Ty.

from longbyname [1147] on 20 January 2018

We got off to a rocky start but once he realised what I wanted he was sensational and left me wanting many many more!

from gofg [675] on 20 January 2018

Great first show hoping there’s more in future! Turns me on so much!

from freshwind22 [41] on 17 January 2018

Just ordered my first custom video from Tyson. Everything went well. Communication was great and he was open and accommodating. The photos really don't do him justice and he knows how to pose.
Definitely will be back for more!

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Age 22
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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