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i.m an young bodybuilder ready for action

24, 180cm (5'11"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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from vulcan [230] on 29 June 2020

So , since I sent the $80 I have had no response or video for the agreed time delivery. So, either this guy is a clever trickster , someone else has set up a duplicate skype account that he is unaware of or he has two accounts, one for business transactions and one for scams...if any of the above are true , it might be safer going with someone else in case you get fooled by the wrong person ( which I hope is true ) or fooled by this guy

from aixois1978 [190] on 22 January 2020

I just had my first video from Claudiu and it was a great experience. Exactly as on the pics you can see here, very easy to deal with, friendly, he did his best to respect what I asked for. He made it in 2 days only and I have not been disapointed ! I recommend him very much. It was my first time and i hope not the last ;-)

from debonaire1978 [910] on 4 January 2020

This man is unbelievable. I ordered a custom video from him and it was absolutely amazing! He is great at role playing and exceeded my expectations!

from 1212 [50] on 6 December 2019

I've just received my first video... This guy is simply the best of the best, everyone should get a video from him! Claudiu is just a god: huge muscles (bigger than the pictures and getting bigger by the day), perfect personality, sexy voice and face and very powerful. His presence is just breathtaking. He is also a very easy and kind person to deal with, attending your requests. Nothing more to say than GOD ALPHA MUSCLES. Can't wait to get another video from him and see how he grows bigger and better!

from gethyn123 [855] on 4 July 2019

Ok - so I've had a few vids in the past - always great. This time he was late which was a bit annoying but then all forgiven because he over-delivered :) Genuinely good guy

from Bludog [2347] on 23 May 2019

I just received my first custom video from Claudiu. It was smoking was his body. And Claudiu was wonderful to work with. He delivered exactly what I asked for, and delivered it on the day we agreed. I mean really the man has a rock solid body and a dick that could direct traffic. More than worth the purchase. I'm be back to more.

from murakamiboy [5] on 8 October 2017

I contacted Claudiu a few days ago to buy a custom video from him. He was very nice and friendly. He delivered the promised video in two days only. He perfectly understood what I wanted to see and made all my wishes come true. Claudiu is simply the most handsome man ever, and it was a pleasure to deal with him. I will definitely order another video from him very soon. Thanks Claudiu !

from Ragabrel [570] on 30 July 2017

I just got a video from Claudiu. He looked better than his pictures and did everything we agreed on. I'll be getting some more from him.

from gsplover [702] on 6 June 2017

oddly enough, he contacted me and rectified the previous scam. It was a good show too. So I would now recommend this gent.... he's hot, flexes well, nicely endowed, and has a nice ending

Claudiu replied...
Thank u! And sorry again for the missunderstanding

from lavigne [10] on 12 April 2017

You gave me your ex-girlfriend's paypal account, and when I haven't heard from you, I spoke with her and she told me she didn't want anything to do with you and your dirty business (a few months ago) I never received a thing from you!!
Look, a lot of people have talked to her because of you!! (your paypal account is blocked cause a lot of people have reported about your tricks/deceptions

Claudiu replied...
I think u confuse me my friend.

from gsplover [702] on 12 April 2017

This is becoming a pissing match, but his rebuttal to my review indicates a different view of the situation than mine. He did not contact me two days in a row to do a show. I contacted him. He said he was away or was tired. The only time he contacted me was to do a show at that moment and I had an appointment in a short time. He said he would do a refund and never did. So not only is this guy a scammer, he also can;t be believed.

from lavigne [10] on 6 April 2017

GSplover: That's true! He is a scammer and untrustworthy! he's always on skype or facebook. he is laughing at us because he's sending the same shows everyone and sometimes he can be very unpleasant.
once and never again!!

Claudiu replied...
Who are u? And with what i scammed u?

from gsplover [702] on 6 April 2017

This guy is a scamnmer and untrustworthy. I paid for a show using skrill but the processing was slow. He didn't want to give a show until he had the money. I asked him to notify me when he got payment. he never did. I contacted him after I saw that the payment was processed. All I got in infrequent eventual responses were that he was not home or some vague reassurance. I then saw him on flirt and knew that he had no intention of providing a show. I finally was able to chat and said he did not want to give me a show and would refund the payment. A day later and no payment. He will undoubtedly say that I was rude, which I was not. All I said was that he should keep the customer informed with some status when they have paid for a show. This guy is not trustworthy nor honest. I definitely wouldn't do business with him because skrill can be slow and he probably won't deliver if he has a chance to avoid the commitment.

Claudiu replied...
First of all i told to do the show and u didnt wanted because after we agreed on a cum show u changed your mind and wanted something different. I told u 2 days in a row to do the show and you were busy

from RobotMonster [2600] on 4 February 2017

Claudiu is the REAL DEAL! So incredibly hot and very friendly and easy to work with!

from scottyboy [190] on 17 January 2017


be back for more

from SareN.76 [569] on 6 August 2016

Claudiu awesome changed a great body and I especially liked his big...look forward to the new video.

from xorne [303] on 4 January 2016

An impressive and intimidating physique! Very professional Camshow! I can only recommend!

from Glassofpiss [40] on 25 August 2015

Very professional one, the video i asked was perfect and hot. A real king to worship!

from garsbuffoon [170] on 26 July 2015

Although there are 5 negative reviews, 1 of them is actually mixed or neutral.

I may sound like I'm defending Claudiu, but I will address 4 negative reviews.

- "I paid for a video from this guy but he never delivered and won't respond to me on Skype. Very unfortunate."
This is a common negative review that can be said by as many as other people. I don't have issue communicating with Claudiu. I never ask for any custom video. He does everything well in all webcamming session with him. Is it only 1 video?

"This guy is a fraud. He will steal your money and disappear. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!"
Somehow this is another common negative review that many people can easily say. The majority does not agree with this review.

"B E W A R E!!!!! This guy a con artist. Paid him for show on email thru paypal. he cheated me and run away with my money. No show I receive."
You may be very upset, but it is not very cool to reveal a Paypal address like this. I have informed Claudiu about this. This review (which I'm also guilty on reviewing myself) should be removed or at least the Paypal address part. I think there is an issue with the reviewer.

"what a fraud!! all the negative comments are true, and he replied it acting just like didnt do all of that. just send payment for his live show, and he never call me back and even reject my call!! what a jerk"
There are 4 truly negative reviews among all 23. One thing is obvious. This review is offensive calling someone a jerk. Somehow the other 19 reviews including me do not agree. I see a problem with this expression "he never call me back and even reject my call" Skype is not a cell phone or landline. There is something missing with this expression.

Let me add another satisfying experience:
My 4th time with Claudiu. He is very HOT, SEXY, HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL and any equal words that can describe him in all caps. We communicated well. He never objects to my ideas or my instructions. Of course, all of them are doable. I will be back.

from davidiandavidian [95] on 16 July 2015

what a fraud!! all the negative comments are true, and he replied it acting just like didnt do all of that. just send payment for his live show, and he never call me back and even reject my call!! what a jerk

Claudiu replied...
u havent sent me anymoney my friend, i told u clear that i dont do anything for free and now u are trying to do bad things

from hockey_muscle_fan [5] on 21 June 2015

I purchased a few videos from Claudio which were good. However, about a month ago I sent money on paypal for another one but video was delivered to me. and now wont respond on skype. dissapointing

from musclepup [4440] on 21 April 2015

I am happy to report that Claudiu has now delivered the video I purchased so we are good.

from Bandit [10] on 4 April 2015

amazing young bodybuilding talent..wonna see more videos here

from jon.visit1 [70] on 26 February 2015

He said he was busy. He sent me back the money. I think he a nice guy after all. Thanks.

from jon.visit1 [70] on 24 February 2015

B E W A R E!!!!! This guy a con artist. Paid him for show on email thru paypal. he cheated me and run away with my money. No show I receive.

Claudiu replied...
who are u man? that u say I cheated u?

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 14 February 2015

Really beautiful athlete and body. Very nice flex show!!!!

from garsbuffoon [170] on 11 September 2014

I had cam show off sessions with him three times already. He did what I was looking for and he delivered. I will come back for sure.

I don't understand or am confused about commenting that this guy is a fraud or take away money without delivering. Maybe you were commenting on the wrong guy or you added the wrong Skype or who knows. I am sorry, but I had good experience with him.

from Twolve1 [1330] on 5 August 2014

Did a custom video with Claudiu and it was a great video and produced timely. Would recommend him to others!

from Twolve1 [1330] on 3 August 2014

purchased a couple videos from Claudiu and they are really good videos. He was grood to working with, responsive and has a great physique. Videos were also very clear. Look forward to working with him again.

from jeni [291] on 29 May 2014

I've had at least 5 shows with Claudiu, and they were all sexy and fun. He's very direct and honest, and have never had any problems with him whatsoever. He's always ripped and ready to play :P

Claudiu replied...
thank u ! and i can;t wait to meet again

from buckdowdy [55] on 21 May 2014

This guy is a fraud. He will steal your money and disappear. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

Claudiu replied...
you are a fraud man! u didn't sent the money! and u wanted a free show

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 8 April 2014

Amazing guy with ripped muscles he s very sexy durino The great private s that he does.... I want to see every day lol

from papat34 [165] on 7 April 2014

Really cool athlete. One should at least buy a vid or five.

from luvmuscle [136] on 14 January 2014

I bought a video from him that was very good. Then I bought a second one which was not what we had discussed at all, yet it cost more than the first one. I'm still waiting to hear from him again and hopefully work something out...

from elmc2 [87] on 2 January 2014

just had a show with this hot man. Great show and Claudiu was very nice and accommodating. Ameazing body, abs and chest are amazing.

from gritando1 [15] on 28 December 2013

he is truly amazing!

from gamblinbear [637] on 16 December 2013

Great Cam Show...

AWESOME biceps and ALL of his muscles looked great on cam! A must see for all true fans of muscle....

from DoonB [4145] on 10 December 2013

On my second custom video. Looks great on cam and likes to show off.

from DoonB [4145] on 5 December 2013

Nice guy, looks better on cam than his pics.

from DBs [18154] on 16 November 2013

Great body!

Claudiu replied...
i am glad that u like it:D

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Age 24
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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