Gaston 2.0

I will be using snapchat to interact directly with everyone that follows me; please add

30, 179cm (5'10"), 107kg (235 lbs)

Chicago, Illinois

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I will be using snapchat to interact directly with everyone that follows me; please add


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About me

Snapchat: Gastonmuscle

EVERY individual has a different need or desire when it comes to their webcam model of choice. With my charisma, personality, and good looks, i am able to fill most ANY role your life may need. So i encourage u to reach out to me and see what role i can play in your life.

While ive had a rocky past here, i have strategized a plan to stay on top of webcamming and keep as closely connected to all of u as possible. So in order to maintain a closer connection with ALL of my fans in 2018, i will be utilizing SNAPCHAT to give u all an inside look into my life as well as keep in touch with all of you in a much more personal way. So please add me on snapchat; Gastonmuscle.

Im excited to announce that am getting ready to compete in july of 2018 and i will also be doing my first professional photo-shoots as well! Id love for all of you to add me and follow along as i make progress in all aspects of my life. I will be journaling my training, food, lifestyle, selfies, and randomness! Ill be promoting the shit out of this to get as many of u to follow along as possible!

A little about myself: Im a 5'11", 230lb accomplished bodybuilder. I enjoy meeting new people and do my best to make everyone happy. I utilize skype, as well as my access to those on "flirt for free" to connect with as many fans as possible. I flex, I chat, I role play, and am open to all sorts of ideas. I have even forged relationships where i find myself being a life coach, counselor and confidante to those that need it. However i will tell u that im NOT for everyone. i dont do nudity and i prefer to connect with my fans on a much more personal level. I HIGHLY encourage u to reach out to me for a different kind of webcam experience where i treat u like a person with feelings and not an object or dollar sign. Im a judgement free zone and will support u in any way i can!

What u see in my profile pictures is what u get when camming or buying videos. Im ALWAYS in shape and well groomed. I take pride in my appearance and i make sure i present my best possible package to all my fans! I highly encourage u to follow me on social media to keep up to date on my appearance and life!

Dont let my nice demeanor fool you, should u desire a cocky asshole, i can certainly oblige! Just be specific in what you're looking for and i will fulfill that need or desire!

I wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you that has ever reached out to me, bought a video from me, purchased a live show, said nice things, or helped support me in ANY way. I cant thank u guys enough for all your love and support.

Much Love to each and every one of you guys and i'll look forward to hearing from each one of you! Im VERY excited moving forward into 2018 and i hope you all join me on this journey!.

Dont forget to add me on skype and SNAPCHAT!

Skype: Gastonmuscle

Snapchat: Gastonmuscle


from Wiggy on 14 September 2017

Honestly one of the best guys on this site. If you have had issues reaching him in the past, please try again. I have had nothing but great conversations with the guy and he absolutely loves to please his fans. He can change character in a switch and go from hardcore verbal dominating to super friendly guy. Love this guy, highly recommended.

Gaston 2.0 replied...
Matt! dude thanks so much man! You're absolutely great and i wanna thank u for going out of your way and helping me with the review. Its always good to hear from you and so glad we came together online! Much love to you and talk soon!

from bazzagood on 4 September 2017

great guy and I will be seeing more of this guy! very nice and accommodating, I only have a selected group of guys I cam with and he will be one of them!

Gaston 2.0 replied...
And im totally honored to be a part of that select few! I really appreciate you reaching out to me and im so glad you enjoyed yourself during our show. Ill very much look forward to getting together again when things settle down for you!

from musclefuel on 4 September 2017

Gaston took my unusual request and made it into a reality with ease. Without too much description, he played into the role I desired perfectly. I couldn't ask for more from him. I thank him for delivering even with his own life going on. I look forward to seeing him achieve any goals and getting bigger. Thanks again, Gaston!

Gaston 2.0 replied...
Hey youre welcome! it was absolutely my pleasure! im super glad we were in such sync for your video and it worked out so well. I really appreciate u reaching out to me and allowing me to do this video for u. Ill very much look forward to getting together again!

from wack0333 on 29 August 2017

This dude is the real deal

Gaston 2.0 replied...
Short, sweet, and to the point! And couldnt be more appreciated! thanks for reaching out to me and thanks so much for the nice review. Ill look forward to getting together again soon.

from Shawn_1978 on 24 August 2017

I just received my 4th custom video from Gaston today. He has had some scheduling issues lately, so I had to wait awhile to get this video from him. But, let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! Once again, Gaston delivered a very unique, and very well done video!

Gaston continues to amaze me with his incredible physique and how he keeps it looking so good, all year round. His muscle mass and definition is always beautiful and just seems to look even better and sexier with each new video I receive from him. Gaston Is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He's smart, sexy, funny, charming, and very charismatic as well. He goes out of his way to make sure you get the best possible live show and/or custom video that he can give you.

Thanks again, Gaston, for another exceptionally well done, custom video! And I swear if they ever come out with a bodybuilding magazine that has "The 25 Most Beautiful Bodybuilders" section, you would get my vote man. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out. You are very inspiring and I hope that I can learn from you on how to get in even better shape for myself. As always, I wish you and your family much love, and you even greater success with your bodybuilding career! God Bless!

Gaston 2.0 replied...
I wanted u to know reading this review really made me feel good. I had a bit of a tough day and this helped a lot. Thanks so much shawn, ur a great guy! Much love to you!

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Age 30
Height 179cm (5'10")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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