30, 179cm (5'10"), 105kg (231 lbs)

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About me

Please add me and follow my skype highlights, my instagram as well as my snapchat for the most interaction with me directly! The links are all found here on my profile!

UPDATE March 22nd 2018: I am currently in the process of setting up my social media in order to be available and interact with all of you on a regular and consistent basis FINALLY! I will keep fresh available content streaming to u here on my best flex profile, on skype, Instagram and snapchat!

I have a lot of leg work i am currently in the process of getting done so i can interact with everyone consistently moving forward. But look for me to be rocking and rolling on skype and all social media platforms across the board!

Please be patient with me over the next few days with my response time on ALL social media platforms!

Im available for live chat and videos on skype. you can find me posting and live broadcasting on instagram, as well as interacting on snapchat!

While i appreciate the compliments. i DO NOT do anything nude or sexual. I have so much to offer everyone and i am absolutely NOT selling my dick or sex here on the internet no matter where u find me. I dont need that kind of attention no matter how much money u offer me. My vision is HUGE and i hope u decide to be a part of it and find enjoyment in doing it.

At the end of the day we are all here surfing the internet looking to have a good time, enjoy life and maybe even make a connection. My purpose for being here and being available to all of you, is to not only help u enjoy your life a little more. But at the same time help make mine better as well by having fun, interacting and doing something that makes us feel good!

If you dont have skype or use instagram, you can email me at But you should def get on board and come follow along with me on social media!

Ill look forward to connecting with all of you!


from djmuscleflex [4455] on 18 February 2018

I had my 5th custom video with him. I put him in various scenes to see how they would play out and he took the scenes into directions that I would never have thought of. He is once of the nicest people that I have had to deal when it comes to doing these custom videos, because you just never know what is going to happen. Extremely easy to work with. His personality comes out in the videos and even though his body is HUGE, his personality and heart are way bigger. He personalized every video that I have ever had from him (5) so far and he just keeps me in AWE every single time. Again, I will say, look at his reviews and tell me that you wouldn't want to have a private cam or Custom Video from Gaston. His Body is ROCKIN, his personality is ROCKIN. You will not be disappointed with him at all !!!!!!

Gaston replied...
Hey D****! man thanks so much for this awesome review. your ideas are super original and ive had a lot of fun with them. i know u do some regular business with the guys on the site, and to each one u so kindly call spectacular and great and leave glowing reviews where u see fit, which is great, im so glad u have so many positive experiences! but i can tell u went above and beyond here in this review. you've very eloquently told us your experience and u left us feeling like your experience with me was genuinely different and positive. and im so glad to see your point of view be so positive when it comes to me. Ill look forward with interacting with u more in the future when given the opportunity. was a real genuine pleasure!

from nsmith987 [220] on 15 February 2018

Absolutely a delight to work with. Really kind, helpful and was quick to make my requested video. He did everything I wanted for the video to perfection. The whole process was smooth and easy. If you're looking for a flexing vid with an incredibly good looking guy with an amazing body, I highly recommended him. I'll definitely be requesting more from him in the future.

from Wondering00 [5] on 8 February 2018

I had my first came show EVER with Gaston tonight, and he was amazing. He made me feel comfortable, even though I was very nervous. His muscles are HUGE and his kindness and small are even bigger. It was A++ and I can’t wait until next time.

from djmuscleflex [4455] on 7 February 2018

I have ordered 3 custom videos, so far, and I am here to tell you that I have never been blown away like I have been with Gaston. The way he pulls off the scene is remarkable. I have given him scene's with some criteria and then let his creativity flow with them. Little details that he pulls to the scene is just extraordinary. He is extremely easy to work with and keeps you informed if there is going to be a delay. Extremely professional when dealing with him. He has muscle that won't quit Personality + Muscles + Adaptability = GASTON. You will not go wrong if you do a custom video with Gaston. You will be in AWE, just like I am with every video that he does !!!!

from seattlelilrunt [70] on 7 February 2018

Had another show with this muscle god. Totally awesome and open minded. Always willing to try new things and roll with it. Showed awesome control of his bicep muscle flexing. And he definitely made sure that he didn’t leave any idea I had go to waste. Ready for round 3!

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Age 30
Height 179cm (5'10")
Weight 105kg (231 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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