Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

Orlando, Florida

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Smile! You're alive!


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About me

muscle worship, flexing, domination, role-play, ass play, cum shows


from djmuscleflex [18822] on 1 March 2021

I have been a supporter of Pete for over 2 years and I can and will say that Pete is one of the best out here. When I give him a scenario to act out, he goes over and above what is asked. It has gotten to the point, where I just give him a fantasy to act out and he goes to town. He knows exactly what I want and he gives it to me. I have such respect for Pete. He is quite literally one of the nicest individuals on this network. I have never seen a more consistent physique. Most bodybuilders go between cycles of bulk and cut and i am sure that Pete does the same, however it is very hard to tell between the both. He LOVES to show of his hard work and it shows on the Custom Videos that he produces. For all the new people who are curious on Pete and his videos. Rest assured that Pete will not let you down !!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
I’m genuinely flattered by this. I’m so thankful that that I have a guy like you supporting me. Thank u thank u thank u!!

from nicegent [305] on 21 February 2021

This is really a mid-review but I figured I would go ahead and give kudos. Peter is always amazing to work with. He wants to make sure his customers are satisfied. I ordered another custom video from Peter, and due to outside factors, it's taking a little longer than expected, understandably so. But I was pleasantly surprised he sent me another video to tide me over with watching him pump and flex. He's a ton of fun. I appreciate him very much and hope to continue buying vids from him.

Peter Russell replied...
I appreciate your patience!! Thank u!!

from chompsticks.15 [1295] on 10 January 2021

Thanks for all the custom videos! Maybe ordered 5 now and they just keep getting better! His body is absolutely perfect and he knows how to please!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU! :):):)

from zoltan [15] on 1 November 2020

Just received my 3rd custom video. Russell's pics here and on his instagram confirm his exceptional powerful physique. Classic physique. Although, the ripped thickness, size and perfect symmetry are really best displayed in video.  Not to mention the he-man hairy torso, alpha voice and golden tan.  Add his classic physique to a roleplay scenario and it's an unbeatable experience. I gave Russell a simple outline and he returned with a video with much more content that I even had thought of, thanks to his creativity. It seems that when Russell takes on a role he creates a script with scene descriptions and dialogue. That's the only way I can imagine how he brings the roleplay to life.  This video was actually happening. I was just a witness to it. Reality Video. Look forward to many more.

Peter Russell replied...
Super fun! Thank you!

from nicegent [305] on 6 October 2020

I got in contact recently with Peter for another custom video. He is always amazing, and goes above and beyond to accommodate my requests.

I will have repeat business with him no doubt, as he never disappoints. Gorgeous and very friendly to work with, can't get enough.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

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Age 35
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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