Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

Miami Beach, Florida

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Smile! You're alive!


Beach-side Biceps

Beach-side Biceps

Peter Russell

SALE! $26.99 $29.99

Posing Room Shredded

Posing Room Shredded

Peter Russell

SALE! $26.99 $29.99

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About me

muscle worship, flexing, domination, role-play, ass play, cum shows


from DeputyDawg [570] on 11 August 2019

Had yet another amazing show.

All the other comments are understatements. Peter is freaking amazing !!!!

If you like bicep peaks, look no further !!!!!

He is super ripped and jacked too

But above all he is a super nice guy. NO attitude like man others !!!

This is why I will keep coming back to him

Peter Russell replied...
Biceps for dayzzzzzz lol thanks man!!

from Francis [740] on 6 July 2019

Peter always provide fantastic custom video for me. I will getting another video from him later.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you again!!

from dihricardo23 [5] on 21 June 2019

He's the best muscled alpha male. whre's his @ instagram account?

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks! ;)

from Kyosuke [180] on 19 June 2019

You're amazing muscle guy, Peter.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! ;)

from jeromeroundu2 [1628] on 8 June 2019

You know.... I am not sure if you brought the BEST concentration of any muscle group... with diet or focus on lines, striated muscle or PUNP! What I do know is you brought your BEST overall with stellar flexing and confidence (VERBIAGE) like a CHAMP physique! The ripped arms in your ride was the fuckin TOP performance EVER in a video..... No words can truly describe the AWESOME muscle you pack on to your frame! I love the fact you are massive enough to shred and bulk on a dime! 100% GOALS! 100% MOTIVATION..... MUSCLE is EVERYTHING! Your back dbl bis is truly what separates the PRO from the novice! Rear delts, traps, upper back, lats and back in general are PRO MATERIAL! Fuckin glutes and calves are so God damn developed .... its shows your true GENETICS! Your front symmetry is INCREDIBLE! That cross is stage perfection!

Biceps, pecs, front delts and chiseled abdominal is carved like fuckin ROCK!

And, those wheels definitely separate a bodybuilder from the low life! Them calves bulge from side to side! Perfect example of a PRO bodybuilder. Plus an EGO to match the MUSCLE

Everyone wants to be us P E R I O D!

All you muscle lovers buy his BestFlex vids and custom videos! Support this true CHAMP to BIGGER than life!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks again man! Putting in the work!!

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Age 35
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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