Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

Miami Beach, Florida

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Smile! You're alive!


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About me

muscle worship, flexing, domination, role-play, ass play, cum shows


from Flex4me888 [10] on 6 January 2020

He is the best muscle guy on here. Fantastic body, sexy voice. Pecs to die for. I'm addicted to this muscle daddy.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you! Im the one daddy that NEVER disappoints ;)

from jeromeroundu2 [2854] on 3 January 2020

BIG P is a fuckin BEAST! This dude delivered yet another EPIC custom video like no other can do on The BestFlex! “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” is without a doubt one of his BEST performances! The video was a ‘Pump and Pose’ video…. The request was a leg and bicep video. This iron bro completes a leg workout (off cam) then rips muscle with legs laced in veins. Them veins ran throughout the quads and calves like lightning bolts, and when he hit a pose them veins POPPED! The calves are perfect diamond shape with the largest untrained carats on The BestFlex…. Muscle Maturity! Peter’s hammies tuned so tight that you can see the five-muscle makeup striated AF! His glutes (aka ASS) is ripped! The striations on the glutes so defined that one would think walnuts! This brother’s money maker is the biceps with PeAkS like no other, but his PRO stature is absolutely in his legs and back! This bodybuilder showed every angle of his PeAkEd biceps… Vascular as fuck and triceps that bulge from both sides of the arm… Again, laced in veins. While he pointed out new gains like the split bicep, I noticed them peak upon peak before he pointed them out. Boys there is no other person on this site that can perform, flex and showcase PRO MUSCLE MASS like BIG P. Do yourself a fav…. Ask Peter to FLEX! Buy his videos and support this incredible bodybuilder.

Peter Russell replied...
OVER THE TOP!! thanks again sooooo much. We. Ain’t. Done. YET!!

from Francis [790] on 1 January 2020

As usual peter provide me amazing video again, thumb up

Peter Russell replied...
These videos were awesome! Thank You. Always fun to make.

from Ray831 [882] on 26 December 2019

Great guy to work with. He is sweet and very polite. Overall recommend.

Peter Russell replied...
I’m not sure if I would call me sweet but I will take it lol. Seriously, thanks :)

from RBJ89 [475] on 25 December 2019


Sorry I guess the review didn't send, but this guy was pretty awesome and really delivered a great custom video.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks AGAIN!!!

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Age 35
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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