Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

Miami Beach, Florida

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Smile! You're alive!


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About me

muscle worship, flexing, domination, role-play, ass play, cum shows


from muscleluvr302 [444] on 4 December 2019


Had a great giant teacher video from this guy and he is very nice and sexy as always, one of the very best bodybuilders on this site!

Peter Russell replied...
#1 student. I taught you well lol. Thank you!!

from jeromeroundu2 [2577] on 30 November 2019

BIG. P…. I want to thank you for your commitment in providing stellar flex vids on demand! You are an artist in several ways. One, the requested content is exactly what is provided. You are a brilliant videographer, cinematographer, showman and director. The play on light, sound and direction of the video is nothing less then professional! You never hold back and always provide BADASS impeccable content video after video. Two, the physique you have sculpted is nothing less than PERFECT and an example of hard work, dedication and knowhow in bodybuilding. 100% MOTIVATION homes! Finally, your art in posing is simply PRO! The way you engage each muscle to flex with perfect precision showing off striations, lines, separation, MASS, definition and vascularity is your prized possession!

Like the caps read…. BIG. P – BADASS – PERFECT – MOTIVATION – PRO – MASS!

Bathroom Blitz is one of your BEST posing videos to date! Again, the way you engage each muscle group on the traps and wheels is fuckin mind blowing! You engage each muscle group while showing off the best example of each muscle. The detail that each muscle can do while engaged and ripping striations, lines, separation, vascularity while showing off MASS is nothing but ELITE! No other motherfucker can do what you do P E R I O D ! ! !

Peter Russell replied...
These reviews are over the top! Thanks so much man!!!

from jeromeroundu2 [2577] on 11 November 2019

appreciate the “Hulks gym T-shirt” brotha…. righteous! However, you could fuckin wear whatever the you want, and it would be legit! You are a FREAK! Your back is absolutely one of your BEST muscle groups…. The detail, composition, lines and separation are like Dorian Yates. The entire muscle group is laced in veins! Your hammies are like NO ONE else diced and lined like a PRO! Your adductor, semimembranosus, biceps femoris and semitendinosus are superior to most! The mass, density, detail, and cuts are cray!


When flexin double bis…. Your triceps are laced in veins…. The abs and obliques are so fuckin cut and detailed… jesus fuck bro! STAGE READY! I could go on and on Peter! Traps, delts, pecs, bis, lats, quads, hammies, glutes, calves!

You are my fuckin #hero! All gains, every day, every minute…. A fuckin GREAT bodybuilder. I will support you to the end…. What is your end? Cause… I will still support!

I start training next week! Doc released me, but I am still in physical therapy …. Here I GO! Need you more than EVER!

Peter Russell replied...
Peter “smash!” THANK YOU!!

from jeromeroundu2 [2577] on 4 November 2019

On your first video in February, you probably could have walked on any local bodybuilding stage and placed. What you bring now is NEXT LEVEL! Your personal prep has you ready for qualifier status! You are absolutely 100% motivation ….. And, your entire physique is nothing but sexy! You are a FREAK!

I wanted your physique relaxed because I wanted to see the muscular size. The perception of MASS quality with proportion, definition and symmetry is incredible! The PROPORTION of muscular development in comparison to each muscle group is spot on! Your DEFINITION reveals every fuckin muscle on your body…. You have deeper lines, striations and muscle separation because of the absence of subcutaneous body fat. And, your abdominals and obliques are proof of elite definition! Your vascularity has always been present but now is truly incredible. Your veins got veins! Your SYMMETRY is nothing but perfect! This is what separates a novice from the PRO’s. Your PRESENCE in front of the camera completely illustrates your charisma, poise and skin tone when you rip muscle flexing. You displayed your physique to its maximum potential! Complete Package

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure to share the experience and journey with you! Not. Done. Yet!!

from jeromeroundu2 [2577] on 31 October 2019

Calling all bodybuilders and muscle lovers! I been working with Peter since February 2, 2019, he has altered his diet several times in the last 10 months putting on MASS. It has been cool AF to watch the transformation from muscular MASS to ripped and diced! He is not done yet guys. He continues to improve the physique while looking stage ready! Honestly, I look forward to the final package!

In one scene, he takes off his hat and adjusts his hair to styled. While fucking with the hair, the conditioned, full MASS and density of his physique (not even flexing) is nothing but STELLAR! MASS, full, and vascular muscle in the pecs, biceps and triceps and all RIPPED when he does flex in the video! The entire physique is incredible from the calves to the traps! Nothing but aesthetic!

You looking for muscle in the Back, Legs (checkout the calves….CRAZY), Chest, Shoulders, Traps, Forearms, Triceps or his infamous PeAkEd biceps…. Peter is the BestFlex P E R I O D ! This bro is cool as fuck and will supply an EPIC video! Buy and Support Peter Russell!

Peter Russell replied...
Bro you bet your ass NOT DONE YET! Thanks again for being part of this process!! In it to WIN IT!

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Age 35
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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