Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

Miami Beach, Florida

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Smile! You're alive!


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About me

muscle worship, flexing, domination, role-play, ass play, cum shows


from Muscleloverboy [152] on 19 April 2019

I just bought some videos from Peter!! Awesome physique baby!! I Love you!! ??

Peter Russell replied...
Sweet! I love the love!! thank you

from looker9 [135] on 8 April 2019

Wow! So this true Muscle God did a custom video and I can’t say enough! The muscle, the veins, the attitude. Sooooooo sexy. If you haven’t booked one don’t wait.
He took my fantasy and made it a reality. I’ve already booked another scenario.
Peter is magnificent and knows what his fans want and need from a hot bodybuilder!
Don’t miss out!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks so much for the compliments!! :):)

from djmuscleflex [13755] on 31 March 2019

My Mouth just keeps dropping the more videos that I receive from Peter. He draws you into his muscle world and then BAM. His imagination is off the charts. You can tell he takes his time for each scene. He loves showing off and look at the hard work that he puts into his body. I can't get enough of Peter. He is such a natural at this. !!!!

Peter Russell replied...
I can't get enough either!!! Thanks so much!!

from jeromeroundu2 [1589] on 26 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #8.... BIG MUSCLE FLEX

BUY and support this BB. First, this dude creates the best vids on the BestFlex PERIOD. He takes direction extremely well and delivers a PROPER fuckin vid! Second, Peter has a conditioned and an award winning physique like NO OTHER on the BestFlex! Third, if you are a bodybuilder, Peter will provide tips and know how in the bodybuilding arena. Fourth, his MUSCLE is conditioned and shredded like a true competitor. Finally, Peter's vascularity is like a goddamn google road map. His toros and wheels are laced in veins. His diet exacerbates the vascularity as he pumps his MUSCLE!

Striated, Grainy, Separation & Lines all surround sculpted MUSCLE on his physique. 100% MOTIVATION for bodybuilders!

Gentlemen..... no matter what you are looking for in a vid.... There is nothing like a video from Peter Russell! This motherfucker with rob you of any preconceived notion of bodybuilding and it's meaning to build MUSCLE! His posing is EPIC and he flexes HARD! Every fiber intended to POP at the correct instant that he rips his muscle in a flex! I ramble .... but, I know what is PROPER stage presence....

Just ask PR to rip some leg shots and/or POP his veins.... He will verbally assault your ears as he RIPS MUSCLE! Support Peter Russell.... You will not regret it!

Peace homies

Peter Russell replied...
Always trying to get better!! THANK YOU!!!

from jeromeroundu2 [1589] on 20 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #7.... FULL AF!

I am not sure of your end goals bro? But, you get leaner and better by the week.... u are not competing cause you still have hair on them pits.... Like a fuckin BEAST.... you are better than the last vid!

You are a fuckin BADASS!

Your lower pecs are RIPPED AF when you tweek the pecs.... ur back is PRO MATERIAL dude!

Them calves are..... SERIOUSLY... some of the best lookin BULLS in bodybuilding! Fuckin DIAMONDS

Calling all bodybuilders.... I am tellin you... you will learn! Posing, diet and the tricks of the trade!


those homies that worship MUSCLE! Fuck the rest! Peter will blow you away!

Peter Russell replied...
“Pump city” ;) thanks again!!

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Age 35
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 92kg (202 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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