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Possibly the only TBF performer who authentically personifies the Big Muscle Daddy persona, in all his dominate, aggressive, muscle worshiping display of masculinity, is Pete. He's the real deal.

Hero9424 [935] on 28 Aug 2022

Peter Russell replied...
Fuck I love hearing this!

Just received my 18th video from Russell. Combinations of custom and premade videos from Bestflex. This one was a custom and as always he nailed it. I gave him an introductory scenario and allowed him to run with it. The result was more than I could have wanted. He is so creative with action and dialogue that never disappoints. Russell is superior when it comes to roleplay. Herculean classic physique, tanned and hairy and super alpha. What more could one ask. He has been bulking on his onlyfans channel as he prepares to compete. The progress should not be missed. Do yourselves a favor and order a video. Be warned once you experience Russell you will be hooked.

zoltan [30] on 17 Jun 2022

Peter Russell replied...
I LOVE to hear this! Thank YOU!!

Super bummed to be writing this. I had previously bought a video from Peter and had a good experience, so decided to buy another. He was super friendly and professional, just like the first time I contacted him. We agreed to a video and I paid him on May 12th. He said it would take a few days to make. May 16th I checked in and he said he would get it that weekend. May 22nd I check in and he said a few more days. May 24th he said he would need to refund me the money and would send that. After this, he started ignoring my messages. June 3rd I sent him a request for a refund and he declined it. I've tried getting in touch with him through email and he seems to be ignoring all forms of communication. Bummed to say this but I would not trust this guy anymore.

kentwake [905] on 12 Jun 2022

Verified review

Just finished a show with Peter and it was amazing. This man is a mountain of muscle and he presents himself in such a beautiful way. I am still in awe of how handsome and muscled he is! He is truly a magnificent person and a man I will certainly spend time with again! Thank you for everything Peter!

pharoah755 [56] on 30 Apr 2022

Peter Russell replied...
Sorry for seeing this so late! Thank you!!!

I contacted Peter about a year ago about a custom; he was very polite and professional. We ended up having a conversation about other day-to-day stuff, you know, kind of like meeting up for coffee. He gave me a refund before filming (it was alright, we both had our problems at the time to deal with).
After being able to save enough for another video (he’s not wildly expensive, I’m just unemployed and unwise with money), I reached out and requested another video. He showed the same behavior after a year and we chatted for a bit and caught up. Within a day or two, I received my custom video and it was exactly what I asked for with a little extra flair added in. He’s TOO powerful to be subdued and chill and I gave him feedback on it. He apologized for it a few minutes ago, like dude, no, don’t apologize for being AMAZING. I like it when dudes take the time and effort to create something of high quality for their fans, it shows good initiative. It’s also professional, in my opinion, to take the extra time to ask what exactly it is that a fan wants so they can perform as stellar as they can. He was happy with the feedback that I gave, and took the time to chat a little more with me. I think I’m the most satisfied with the consistency, he’s the same professional after a year and he doesn’t have any high expectations from his fans after so long. When the time comes though, I’m definitely coming back for more.

bitchcraft96 [824] on 23 Mar 2022

Just got my first custom video from this stud and will defiantly be getting more. He was professional, communicated well throughout the time, and delivered exactly what I asked for. Highly recommend.

Wiggy [370] on 18 Feb 2022

Peter Russell replied...
Sorry to see this so late. Thank you!!!

After over 3 and a half years since our second custom video, I reached out to Peter again for a third one because it's been LONG overdue!

Peter was in better shape then ever and he showed off another pair of tight jeans that his muscle ass and huge quads filled out very nicely!

His biceps are even more peaked and defined then I remember, and Peter made sure to flex his biceps, front double and rear double, pumping them and posing his muscles and body to turn me on, and he did that big time!

Peter's muscle definition and vascularity continues to blow my mind, as he continues to stay in incredible shape all year round!

Since we went to the muscle worship theme "Bicep Boss" Peter portrayed the role perfectly! I mean, what can I say? He really is "The Boss of Biceps" and that's a cold hard fact! From start to finish in this video, Peter was sexy, and seductive with his posing, and flexing, making sure to tease and torture his muscle worshipper with his incredibly hard muscles, waiting to see just how long I would be able to last before his peaked biceps, incredible chest, ripped abs, rock hard glutes, and super strong quads made me erupt! Well, Peter made this video even sexier than the first 2 I got from him, and as always, he manages to 1up any video that he creates for anyone who truly appreciates muscle and lusts after it, wanting to worship it all! Peter has also gotten even more handsome that it's hard to believe that he is past 40 and still looks this sexy and amazing. But, then, he is proof that with hard work and consistency, you can look amazing at any age if you're willing to put in the work for it! Peter's bicep peaks are unrivaled in shape, by any other, which makes his physique unique and in a class by itself that nobody can outdo! I could tell that Peter had a great time making this video as it has been a long 3 years since we connected! I'm glad we did, because Peter showed me, once more, why I need to keep coming back for more and worshipping his muscles more often: Because there's sure to be even more amazing attire that he can model and show off for me on his perfect physique! And a lot more fun scenarios that he can act out for me! I can't wait to see more of him!

Thank you, Peter, so very much, for doing this video for me. It's like a belated birthday present to me, since my birthday was on December 3rd, and you made sure I deserved the best presentation of yourself that you could give me! From the choice of jeans to wear, along with the sexy red posing trunks, and the incredible muscle flexing, pumping, and posing you did, you were fire in this video's entirety! Thank you, buddy! I will never forget it! You not only made my birthday special with this video, but you made this entire year of 2021 for me, special, too!

I wish you much love as you continue with your bodybuilding endeavors! I can't wait to see what you do in 2022! God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [741] on 8 Dec 2021

Pete is the best. I have requested a lot of custom videos and every time, follows through beyond my expectations. He makes my dreams come true and really gets into the scenarios. He's also one of the friendliest guys on here and very responsive. I also enjoy seeing his progress and it shows a lot. He looks incredible and I can't wait for the next video. Definitely reach out to Pete if you haven't, you won't regret it.

nicegent [755] on 25 Sep 2021

Peter Russell replied...
As always, thanks soooo much. I love making these type of videos. Thank YOU!!

I request a video with him, paid for it but he did not deliver it, instead, he sent me two other videos, which I let slide. Paid him again, and he sent me a complementary video but did not deliver as well. I guess there is too much on the plate. Tried to communicate with him on skype, but was just ignored.

Fagpussyboi [255] on 7 Aug 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Give em an inch and they want a mile lol. Thanks for the review!

I absolutely Love Pete. HIs Custom Videos are works of art. I am trying a new themed story line and Pete is always the 1st to try out a new vision because I really want to see what he is going to do with it. His Custom's are true Productions. He really works with a scene and just own's it. He is extremely ripped as of this video and the vascularity is beyond comprehension. He truly does look like a road map. You can imagine that his skin is just stretched to the limit containing all of that muscle. My scene's are not difficult but I like the story to go along with the muscle and that was done 1,000% above what I had even imagined. For me, Pete has never done anything that is just okay, it is always Supreme !!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 1 Jun 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Dr. Russell to save the day! Lol thanks soooo much as always. I love making these videos!

Received my custom video today and let me say. It was everything I expected and more. It's amazing how after giving this STUD a scenario he can create your wildest dream come true. Very personable, easy to work with, always delivers above and beyond. Highly, Highly recommend to anyone looking for quality as well as desirable. Uffff, the magic this man can create with that body and smile!!! needs way more than a 5 star rating.. Peter my dude, thanks again for the amazing video. As always loved every second of it. and remember You're AWESOME!!!!

timmy1371 [376] on 12 May 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Bro!!! This was def one of my favorites to make! Always a pleasure! Thanks ALWAYS

New custom video received. All the custom ones in the past had a central theme, a mini series. This one was a deviation requiring difficult logistics and inventive filming. One example of many, in order to convey the action with emphasis, Russell slowed the action down, not slomo, just enough in recording to produce the desired effect. Something I had not even considered and was totally surprised by it and really enjoyed and appreciated his thoughtfulness to ensure my experience was complete. Russell Muscle Productions have always been creatively, top notch, 5 star. Just order 1 custom video and you will see, but be forewarned 1 won't be enough.BTW: his classic muscular physique is a given and to see it in action is memorable. 

zoltan [30] on 8 May 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Sometimes you gotta take one for the team lol THANK YOU!!

Fun Fact: The 1st Video that I ever received from Peter was March 2018. 3 Years later and I am still getting videos from Peter. I went thru my entire Peter collection of Custom Videos, I have over 40+ Videos from Peter. That is over 6 Hours of Muscle from Peter. You can actually see 2018 and then just now with his latest Custom Request, the amount of hard work with his physique. It is quite amazing what he has done over 3 years and what he continues to do. When I submit an idea to Peter, I don't have to even really detail that much as he knows exactly what I like in my videos. That is TRUST. Peter continuously amazes me with his approach to my stories and his amazing physique, even thru the Pandemic, there didn't appear to be anytime where he lost muscle mass or definition. This should tell you that Peter is one of those individuals that is trustworthy with your ideas and he has one of the best physiques out on TBF. This is only April 2021, there are 8 more months to go yet.

djmuscleflex [22872] on 20 Apr 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Man! This review literally makes me blush. More than kind words. Thank YOU !!

Peter is one of my favorite models to get videos from. He does my role play requests supremely and it comes completely natural to him. I've bought at least 6 videos from him, just got the newest one. He's always friendly and easy to reach out to with requests, can't wait for more. :)

nicegent [755] on 30 Mar 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Hey right back at ya! Thank YOU!

Just received my 5th custom roleplay video from Peter. It is part of an ongoing seguel. Peter has been able to carry the sequel without making it seem repetitive. Very creative with dialogue and action. He turns fantasy into reality. Peter owns the roleplay scenario.  Add to that a classic proportioned muscular physique with manly hairy adornment and  a commanding voice, it's an unbeatable combination. I have several of his ready made videos as well.  That's how I came to the act of ordering custom videos. Peter is the consummate professional in producing and delivering the videos. One cannot go wrong with a Rusell production.

zoltan [30] on 29 Mar 2021

Peter Russell replied...
LOVE making these! Thanks again and again for the compliments and support!

I received my first custom video.It was ok,nothing overwhelming.I do not understand the hype. He is very easy to communicate , he delivered it withing 48 hours.

Chris12 [135] on 15 Mar 2021

Peter Russell replied...
To each their own! Thanks for the support! I

I have been a supporter of Pete for over 2 years and I can and will say that Pete is one of the best out here. When I give him a scenario to act out, he goes over and above what is asked. It has gotten to the point, where I just give him a fantasy to act out and he goes to town. He knows exactly what I want and he gives it to me. I have such respect for Pete. He is quite literally one of the nicest individuals on this network. I have never seen a more consistent physique. Most bodybuilders go between cycles of bulk and cut and i am sure that Pete does the same, however it is very hard to tell between the both. He LOVES to show of his hard work and it shows on the Custom Videos that he produces. For all the new people who are curious on Pete and his videos. Rest assured that Pete will not let you down !!!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 1 Mar 2021

Peter Russell replied...
I’m genuinely flattered by this. I’m so thankful that that I have a guy like you supporting me. Thank u thank u thank u!!

This is really a mid-review but I figured I would go ahead and give kudos. Peter is always amazing to work with. He wants to make sure his customers are satisfied. I ordered another custom video from Peter, and due to outside factors, it's taking a little longer than expected, understandably so. But I was pleasantly surprised he sent me another video to tide me over with watching him pump and flex. He's a ton of fun. I appreciate him very much and hope to continue buying vids from him.

nicegent [755] on 21 Feb 2021

Peter Russell replied...
I appreciate your patience!! Thank u!!

Thanks for all the custom videos! Maybe ordered 5 now and they just keep getting better! His body is absolutely perfect and he knows how to please!

chompsticks.15 [2241] on 10 Jan 2021

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU! :):):)

Just received my 3rd custom video. Russell's pics here and on his instagram confirm his exceptional powerful physique. Classic physique. Although, the ripped thickness, size and perfect symmetry are really best displayed in video.  Not to mention the he-man hairy torso, alpha voice and golden tan.  Add his classic physique to a roleplay scenario and it's an unbeatable experience. I gave Russell a simple outline and he returned with a video with much more content that I even had thought of, thanks to his creativity. It seems that when Russell takes on a role he creates a script with scene descriptions and dialogue. That's the only way I can imagine how he brings the roleplay to life.  This video was actually happening. I was just a witness to it. Reality Video. Look forward to many more.

zoltan [30] on 1 Nov 2020

Peter Russell replied...
Super fun! Thank you!

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