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35, 164cm (5'5"), 92kg (202 lbs)

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Peter Russell has 128 reviews.

from chompsticks.15 [1260] on 10 January 2021

Thanks for all the custom videos! Maybe ordered 5 now and they just keep getting better! His body is absolutely perfect and he knows how to please!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU! :):):)

from zoltan [15] on 1 November 2020

Just received my 3rd custom video. Russell's pics here and on his instagram confirm his exceptional powerful physique. Classic physique. Although, the ripped thickness, size and perfect symmetry are really best displayed in video.  Not to mention the he-man hairy torso, alpha voice and golden tan.  Add his classic physique to a roleplay scenario and it's an unbeatable experience. I gave Russell a simple outline and he returned with a video with much more content that I even had thought of, thanks to his creativity. It seems that when Russell takes on a role he creates a script with scene descriptions and dialogue. That's the only way I can imagine how he brings the roleplay to life.  This video was actually happening. I was just a witness to it. Reality Video. Look forward to many more.

Peter Russell replied...
Super fun! Thank you!

from nicegent [275] on 6 October 2020

I got in contact recently with Peter for another custom video. He is always amazing, and goes above and beyond to accommodate my requests.

I will have repeat business with him no doubt, as he never disappoints. Gorgeous and very friendly to work with, can't get enough.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

from RBJ89 [2241] on 24 September 2020

Received my custom from him a couple of days ago and he was amazing. It was a pretty odd request but he still delivered and never made me feel stupid for asking about it.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU!

from zoltan [15] on 12 September 2020

My 2nd roleplay video from Peter. Nailed it again. How he is able to take an outline of an idea and turn it into a cinematic experience is award winning. The creative dialogue, facial and eye expressions, body movements, manly voice and wardow all come together in perfect execution. Each scene sets up the next scene and so on until the final scene which encapsulates the theme of the video.Even though he is a one man operation, he is able to introduce characters into the video that one believes are actually there.The physique, it's obvious, is exceptional. From the delts, pecs, lats,bi's/tri's, down thru the abs, connecting with glutes then on to the  quads and finish at the calves. No weak spots. The hair on the torso is just added alphaness, to a man that exudes alpha He-Man personna. Looking forward to seeing how Peter handles my next roleplay idea I throw at him.

Peter Russell replied...
Hello again and thank you! My pleasure :)

from beefy4muscle [3695] on 11 September 2020

I think he just sent me the hottest custom ever!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Ask and you shall receive ;) lol

from ke1234nt [170] on 10 September 2020

I have bought several of his videos and if your are a muscle worshipper this man is for you! He also made me a personal video and it was EVERYTHING I asked for and more. Amazing body and muscle posing and HUGE cum shot!!

Peter Russell replied...
thanks for the review!!!! XxxOoo

from beefy4muscle [3695] on 10 September 2020

Amazing first custom from this massive powerful daddy!!! Wow! To imagine being destroyed between his thighs!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Like a watermelon ???? lol

from RBJ89 [2241] on 17 July 2020


I'll admit it's been awhile since I worked with him. I came in to clean out my review list which had piled up. I can't remember exactly what this transaction was but I know he was easy to get in contact with and very honest with me.

Peter Russell replied...
Hey thanks sooo much. I super appreciate the love :)

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 16 April 2020


Hands down, you have some of the BEST fuckin wheels in bodybuilding! Them fuckin trunks are so god damn massive, vascular and striated. You got lines everywhere and them calves are nothing but diamonds! So fuckin awesome Peter!

Peter Russell replied...
“Wheel Appeal” thanks bro!!

from newrobb [146] on 9 April 2020

i bought a bicep worship video ("all about biceps"- i think it was called
) for Russel's list of vids. he got to have some of the nastiest 'ceps i have EVER seen. so peaked, so split, so detailed and striated and fibrous. HAIL! i love how arrogant he is and love is direct talk about how me (the viewer) can't get enough of seeing them. and he shows his awesome forearms as well. i truly worship him and he always, always makes me shoot ropes. i worship those 'ceps.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks man! I’m the nicest mean guy , meanest nice guy you could meet lol. Happy to entertain. Thanks again :)

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 8 April 2020

Peter…. Your shoulder video was EPIC!!!! Unbelievable yet not surprised the job shooting your shoulders…. These pumpkins were DOPE AF! All three heads with BADASS representation! Striated and vascular like a fuckin PRO! All that said…. Them fuckin traps were damn near Olympia status! Never seen your traps (both sides) laced in veins like present! Them FUCKIN CANYONS hovering over them cannonballs!!!!!! The back of the traps when pullin shrugs was so fuckin DOPE. 100% motivation! That muscle is so fuckin developed that it defines the back minus the wings! Your confidence when flexing is nothing but amazing!

I have seen every muscle group 5 to 10 times over….. I never get tired of seeing your gains and muscle development…. I am sure you are tired of showing the same muscle groups over and over and over again…. BUT…. I want to continue to explore your gains and development. I will try to come up with different flex vids…. I appreciate you more than you know!

Balance training and bodyweight training does work build muscle while getting lean. That said, only the over developed physique with years of bodybuilding training could master this technique! Peter…. Although enhanced, your genetics is nothing but incredible! VERY FEW MOTHERFUCKERs can do what you do and represent like you! PERIOD!

Peter Russell replied...
My man! You know I’m not playing! Thanks for the continued motivation to bring my best..means so much to me!

from gr8jays777 [710] on 7 April 2020

Awful customer service. Asked to do a show, and for some reason he instantly flipped a switch and became defensive.

Peter Russell replied...
I kindly ask everyone to respect boundaries. I shouldn’t have to say no 100 times. Thanks again everyone. 9/10 of you are AWESOME.

from lovelats [295] on 4 March 2020

BEST CUSTOM VIDEO EVER! Easy to talk with, accommodating, very conscious of doing exactly as requested and his jaw-dropping, flawless physique is top-notch. His posing is stunning and he knows how to show off all his accomplishments perfectly. This charming, funny, generous, beautiful god of the bodybuilding world is one NOT to be missed. Super high quality, delivered within 24 hours and amazing content. I for one am now a super-fan of this incredible man and can't wait to see him again! Thanks!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure! Thank you so much for the kind words. LOVE. IT.

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 22 February 2020

My review to Peter's latest custom video....

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the exceptional…. NO…. EXTRAORDINARY filmmaking. I really appreciate that you took the time to show me what your physique looked like after eating pancakes! It was fuckin epic to see the physique change after feeding. The different locations and scenes have always been a bonus in the vids you shoot. THANK YOU, PETER! Your demeanor and script while shooting was outstanding! Completely matched the physique I was watching. You are nothing but AWESOME man!!!!

Fuckin JACKED in your t-shirt! Vascularity rips right through the shirt. Detail on every muscle group shows through the shirt. Zipper effect on the triceps! Jesus fuck brotha! Your most muscular has been enhanced by a factor of 10. Clam shell effect is more noticeable then EVER since working with you! Not just looking at striations…. I fuckin see FIBERS! Your delts are truly shaped like fuckin cannon balls. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular, and all the veins in your upper torso come to life. Your fuckin veins got veins NOW! All three heads are a BADASS example of an experienced and exceptional bodybuilder! The front delts look so fuckin cool and tie into the upper pecs. MASSIVE development on the bad boys! One of your BEST developments are the deep cuts and striations on them traps! Them fuckers are more vascular then I have ever seen before.

The mass you built in the lower trapezius muscle just below the traps on them shoulders are striated, full and detailed as fuck in prep. The rhomboid minor, scapula, teres major is clearly ripped and striated when hitting a back dbl bi…. Your lat spread is WICKED as fuck! The muscles in the upper back are separated and clearly present when flexing a lat spread. The serratus posterior development is nothing but PRO my dude! Your rear delts separate from teres major and separate from the latissimus muscle. You are a PRO bodybuilder for a god damn reason!!

Your secrete weapon my man is your WHEELS! I honestly cannot think of another bodybuilder today that has the development in the legs like YOU! Your MASS, deep cuts, lines, striations and vascularity out weight any other motherfucker in bodybuilding today…. In my opinion. You truly deserve the name 'Quadzilla'. Fuckin diced quads with every muscle represented in them wheels, bulls’ balls calves and cinder block glutes…. You have a fuckin GIFT that most can not stand up to in bodybuilding!


Motherfucker….. YOU explode! The vascularity is so fuckin incredible! With your thin skin and carb load them veins increase 1 to 1.5 mm in size! After eating your traps were laced in veins. The size of the veins in your forearms looked incredible! Including your chest, biceps and triceps. Homie, veins were popping from the center of your back! The density of your muscle looked RAD AS FUCK! EVERY fiber increased in size!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure to show you what I got! We just getting started!!!! Thank u!!!

from zoltan [15] on 15 February 2020

Just received my 1st custom video from Peter. I will start with the obvious which is apparent  from his vids and pics. Ruggedly handsome, rock hard, ripped musculature, hot artistic posing ability and alpha voice. Now the not so obvious.I gave Peter a fairly lengthy roleplay outline, which he followed, but its what he filled in with his dialogue, physical action, facial expressions, camera angles and interpretation  that made my idea explode on the screen. Surprises frame after frame. Martin Scorsese is famous for his story telling ability in his films. Taxi Driver, Ragging Bull etc. The cinematic world had Martin, and if one wants a custom roleplay video, like I did, one has Peter.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Patience pays! :):) MUCH appreciated

from Flex4me888 [15] on 6 January 2020

He is the best muscle guy on here. Fantastic body, sexy voice. Pecs to die for. I'm addicted to this muscle daddy.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you! Im the one daddy that NEVER disappoints ;)

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 3 January 2020

BIG P is a fuckin BEAST! This dude delivered yet another EPIC custom video like no other can do on The BestFlex! “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” is without a doubt one of his BEST performances! The video was a ‘Pump and Pose’ video…. The request was a leg and bicep video. This iron bro completes a leg workout (off cam) then rips muscle with legs laced in veins. Them veins ran throughout the quads and calves like lightning bolts, and when he hit a pose them veins POPPED! The calves are perfect diamond shape with the largest untrained carats on The BestFlex…. Muscle Maturity! Peter’s hammies tuned so tight that you can see the five-muscle makeup striated AF! His glutes (aka ASS) is ripped! The striations on the glutes so defined that one would think walnuts! This brother’s money maker is the biceps with PeAkS like no other, but his PRO stature is absolutely in his legs and back! This bodybuilder showed every angle of his PeAkEd biceps… Vascular as fuck and triceps that bulge from both sides of the arm… Again, laced in veins. While he pointed out new gains like the split bicep, I noticed them peak upon peak before he pointed them out. Boys there is no other person on this site that can perform, flex and showcase PRO MUSCLE MASS like BIG P. Do yourself a fav…. Ask Peter to FLEX! Buy his videos and support this incredible bodybuilder.

Peter Russell replied...
OVER THE TOP!! thanks again sooooo much. We. Ain’t. Done. YET!!

from Francis [965] on 1 January 2020

As usual peter provide me amazing video again, thumb up

Peter Russell replied...
These videos were awesome! Thank You. Always fun to make.

from Ray831 [1547] on 26 December 2019

Great guy to work with. He is sweet and very polite. Overall recommend.

Peter Russell replied...
I’m not sure if I would call me sweet but I will take it lol. Seriously, thanks :)

from RBJ89 [2241] on 25 December 2019


Sorry I guess the review didn't send, but this guy was pretty awesome and really delivered a great custom video.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks AGAIN!!!

from RBJ89 [2241] on 22 December 2019

I got my custom video and it was everything I hoped for. He's great at communicating and working with you!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

from muscleluvr302 [449] on 4 December 2019


Had a great giant teacher video from this guy and he is very nice and sexy as always, one of the very best bodybuilders on this site!

Peter Russell replied...
#1 student. I taught you well lol. Thank you!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 30 November 2019

BIG. P…. I want to thank you for your commitment in providing stellar flex vids on demand! You are an artist in several ways. One, the requested content is exactly what is provided. You are a brilliant videographer, cinematographer, showman and director. The play on light, sound and direction of the video is nothing less then professional! You never hold back and always provide BADASS impeccable content video after video. Two, the physique you have sculpted is nothing less than PERFECT and an example of hard work, dedication and knowhow in bodybuilding. 100% MOTIVATION homes! Finally, your art in posing is simply PRO! The way you engage each muscle to flex with perfect precision showing off striations, lines, separation, MASS, definition and vascularity is your prized possession!

Like the caps read…. BIG. P – BADASS – PERFECT – MOTIVATION – PRO – MASS!

Bathroom Blitz is one of your BEST posing videos to date! Again, the way you engage each muscle group on the traps and wheels is fuckin mind blowing! You engage each muscle group while showing off the best example of each muscle. The detail that each muscle can do while engaged and ripping striations, lines, separation, vascularity while showing off MASS is nothing but ELITE! No other motherfucker can do what you do P E R I O D ! ! !

Peter Russell replied...
These reviews are over the top! Thanks so much man!!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 11 November 2019

appreciate the “Hulks gym T-shirt” brotha…. righteous! However, you could fuckin wear whatever the you want, and it would be legit! You are a FREAK! Your back is absolutely one of your BEST muscle groups…. The detail, composition, lines and separation are like Dorian Yates. The entire muscle group is laced in veins! Your hammies are like NO ONE else diced and lined like a PRO! Your adductor, semimembranosus, biceps femoris and semitendinosus are superior to most! The mass, density, detail, and cuts are cray!


When flexin double bis…. Your triceps are laced in veins…. The abs and obliques are so fuckin cut and detailed… jesus fuck bro! STAGE READY! I could go on and on Peter! Traps, delts, pecs, bis, lats, quads, hammies, glutes, calves!

You are my fuckin #hero! All gains, every day, every minute…. A fuckin GREAT bodybuilder. I will support you to the end…. What is your end? Cause… I will still support!

I start training next week! Doc released me, but I am still in physical therapy …. Here I GO! Need you more than EVER!

Peter Russell replied...
Peter “smash!” THANK YOU!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 4 November 2019

On your first video in February, you probably could have walked on any local bodybuilding stage and placed. What you bring now is NEXT LEVEL! Your personal prep has you ready for qualifier status! You are absolutely 100% motivation ….. And, your entire physique is nothing but sexy! You are a FREAK!

I wanted your physique relaxed because I wanted to see the muscular size. The perception of MASS quality with proportion, definition and symmetry is incredible! The PROPORTION of muscular development in comparison to each muscle group is spot on! Your DEFINITION reveals every fuckin muscle on your body…. You have deeper lines, striations and muscle separation because of the absence of subcutaneous body fat. And, your abdominals and obliques are proof of elite definition! Your vascularity has always been present but now is truly incredible. Your veins got veins! Your SYMMETRY is nothing but perfect! This is what separates a novice from the PRO’s. Your PRESENCE in front of the camera completely illustrates your charisma, poise and skin tone when you rip muscle flexing. You displayed your physique to its maximum potential! Complete Package

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure to share the experience and journey with you! Not. Done. Yet!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 31 October 2019

Calling all bodybuilders and muscle lovers! I been working with Peter since February 2, 2019, he has altered his diet several times in the last 10 months putting on MASS. It has been cool AF to watch the transformation from muscular MASS to ripped and diced! He is not done yet guys. He continues to improve the physique while looking stage ready! Honestly, I look forward to the final package!

In one scene, he takes off his hat and adjusts his hair to styled. While fucking with the hair, the conditioned, full MASS and density of his physique (not even flexing) is nothing but STELLAR! MASS, full, and vascular muscle in the pecs, biceps and triceps and all RIPPED when he does flex in the video! The entire physique is incredible from the calves to the traps! Nothing but aesthetic!

You looking for muscle in the Back, Legs (checkout the calves….CRAZY), Chest, Shoulders, Traps, Forearms, Triceps or his infamous PeAkEd biceps…. Peter is the BestFlex P E R I O D ! This bro is cool as fuck and will supply an EPIC video! Buy and Support Peter Russell!

Peter Russell replied...
Bro you bet your ass NOT DONE YET! Thanks again for being part of this process!! In it to WIN IT!

from DeputyDawg [1020] on 29 October 2019

Ive had yet another show with Peter.

I'm running out of great things to say. What more can one say about a muscle god like him. He has the goods to back it up. Man does he have the goods.

But also as I have said before, super NICE guy and NO ATTITUDE.

I will continue to come back to see him!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Awww thanks again man. compliments like this are fuel for my fire!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 18 October 2019

At first look of the video, I thought goddamn look at the pump on your physique. You looked incredible. Extremely muscled! Every muscle group PRESENT with lines and striations! I thought, okay no pump room, however, the physique looks sick! Then, I learn…. This was a preview before hitting the gym and pump room. The difference between pre and post workout was exceptionally noticeable. How full you were after lifting was incredible! This is now the BEST video you ever shot! How you can manipulate your physique after a workout or meal is incredible. This is nothing but PRO! You are the BEST fuckin showman on cam today! No other fucker can even remotely compete with you and your physique!

(BICEPS & FOREARMS) So, it has been two + weeks from your last video. Your condition has improved immensely. The muscle bellies bow outward when the biceps are engaged on the front dbl bis pushing well-developed PeAkS as usual. But, post workout, the fuckers are so goddamn enlarged that every cut and line enforce your PUMP to Olympia stature (fuck PRO bro)! Them fuckers are extremely developed laced in vascularity and striated like a motha fuckin CHAMP! Perfect symmetry!!!! Perfect PeAkS!

Your palmaris longus muscle extrudes on the forearms. The entire brachioradialis muscle is very well developed. Them forearm muscles are all genetics my man!

(TRAPS) When you fuckin rip a most muscular, the trapezius muscle extrudes up into the middle neck (splenius capitis). These muscles are extremely developed, THICK, striated and the front explodes with vascularity. The Rhomboids minor and major on the upper part of the back are clearly present Peter….. Probably the best traps next to Ronnie Coleman!

(TRICEPS) The brachii medial head and brachii long head are extremely present on the front DBL BI and fuckin ties into the armpit (almost tapered) …. INCREDIBLE! The separation between the bicep and triceps is clear and well defined! And, when you extend your arm …. The horseshoes explode! I have never noticed how them fuckers hang with arm straightened cut, striated and laced in veins.

(CHEST) The entire mass is extremely developed. When you pose most muscular, the upper pectoral splits and umbrellas over the lower pectoral. It is nothing but of an elite bodybuilder that can tie the upper pectoral into the front delts. When relaxed them lower pecs stand full and create a shelf over the abdominals. 100% MOTIVATION!!!! The entire muscle striates when posing a lat spread…. Separating lower, middle and upper pectoral! This muscle folds and bends like mature fuckin muscle!

(DELTOIDS) cannonball ….. YEP! This muscle group is probably your secret weapon on a bodybuilding stage! You are fuckin HUGE …. But your shoulders separate an experienced bodybuilder from a PRO bodybuilder! Your medial deltoid is the fuckin cannonball. Rounded and very well developed. The posterior deltoid is ripped and striated. Clear lines separating the deltoid to the back. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular. All three heads are a BADASS example of a exceptional bodybuilder!!! When you hit a back double bi…. The delts are like a softball glove…. Look like a bunch of bananas peaking over the back! Dude better than Nasser El Sonbaty, Dexter Jackson, Flex Wheeler, Victor Martinez, Kevin Levrone!!!! Absolutely …. 100% …. STELLAR AS FUCK!

Fan4Life… honored to know you!

Peter Russell replied...
Now THIS is a #100 review done over the top! I’m humbled and inspired. Glad to know you as well!!! Thanks again so much for the compliments and MOTIVATION. No. Days. Off!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 16 September 2019

Calling all muscle worshipers and bodybuilders! There is NO fuckin dude on The BestFlex or any other site that performs like Peter! This guy is a perfect example of the male form!!

I have been in contact with this guy for about a year now..... Each video on The BestFlex or custom video is fuckin incredible!

His detail to shooting a vid and body composition is like no other bodybuilder on the scene today! Dude is easy to work with and appreciates those that admire muscle.... Truthfully, He will flex like the PRO he is with confidence and verbally fuckin blow your mind!

His physique is incredible..... Always lean AF with striated muscle, vascularity and PUMPED MUSCLE..... There is no other like Peter Russell!!! Seriously!!! Support this FREAK so he can continue to fuckin build muscle

Peter Russell replied...
You are one of the reasons I love what I do my man! Thanks again for the support. I know you all have many choices and I appreciate that you choose me ;)

from musclelover80 [115] on 23 August 2019


Peter has went above and beyond on my request. This was my first custom request from a bodybuilder and I must say, Peter has well and truly delivered and went above and beyond my expectations. The muscles on this man are unreal, he sure knows how to flex. But above all, he’s such a gentleman, such a pleasant person to deal with and is very prompt with his replies. If you are looking for a custom request, please get in touch with this guy; you will not be disappointed. I’ll be putting in more custom requests with Peter very soon. Thanks again Peter; keep up the flexing x

from Francis [965] on 21 August 2019

Peter give me another fantastic custom video as per my request, he is in good shape and his biceps peak are amazing. Well done for my video, will come back for another request soon.

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure as always! Thank YOU!

from DeputyDawg [1020] on 11 August 2019

Had yet another amazing show.

All the other comments are understatements. Peter is freaking amazing !!!!

If you like bicep peaks, look no further !!!!!

He is super ripped and jacked too

But above all he is a super nice guy. NO attitude like man others !!!

This is why I will keep coming back to him

Peter Russell replied...
Biceps for dayzzzzzz lol thanks man!!

from Francis [965] on 6 July 2019

Peter always provide fantastic custom video for me. I will getting another video from him later.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you again!!

from dihricardo23 [5] on 21 June 2019

He's the best muscled alpha male. whre's his @ instagram account?

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks! ;)

from Kyosuke [180] on 19 June 2019

You're amazing muscle guy, Peter.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! ;)

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 8 June 2019

You know.... I am not sure if you brought the BEST concentration of any muscle group... with diet or focus on lines, striated muscle or PUNP! What I do know is you brought your BEST overall with stellar flexing and confidence (VERBIAGE) like a CHAMP physique! The ripped arms in your ride was the fuckin TOP performance EVER in a video..... No words can truly describe the AWESOME muscle you pack on to your frame! I love the fact you are massive enough to shred and bulk on a dime! 100% GOALS! 100% MOTIVATION..... MUSCLE is EVERYTHING! Your back dbl bis is truly what separates the PRO from the novice! Rear delts, traps, upper back, lats and back in general are PRO MATERIAL! Fuckin glutes and calves are so God damn developed .... its shows your true GENETICS! Your front symmetry is INCREDIBLE! That cross is stage perfection!

Biceps, pecs, front delts and chiseled abdominal is carved like fuckin ROCK!

And, those wheels definitely separate a bodybuilder from the low life! Them calves bulge from side to side! Perfect example of a PRO bodybuilder. Plus an EGO to match the MUSCLE

Everyone wants to be us P E R I O D!

All you muscle lovers buy his BestFlex vids and custom videos! Support this true CHAMP to BIGGER than life!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks again man! Putting in the work!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 26 May 2019

There is NO dude on The BestFlex that can provide a custom video or BestFlex vid like Peter Russell P E R I O D!!!! His physique is of a PRO (Earning his card), and his showmanship overshadows all other performers! Truthfully, The BestFlex is showcasing some GREAT male physiques…. Bodybuilders that are competitors. I follow and know a few in the bodybuilding arena, and some guys that so conditioned have to be a competitor. Nevertheless, only one dude takes his competitive physique and showcases through thoughtful showmanship. This bodybuilding brother is Peter Russell. Let me define of “thoughtful” ….. Russell allows you to direct the video. He honors all your suggested direction, BUT he does it with a twist…. HIS WAY! NOTE – be patient cause it takes a minute to create a PROPER video! You want a turnaround video go elsewhere and be less than satisfied. I am competing in my first show this summer, and Peter has been all MOTIVATIONAL! He indirectly (but intentional) has helped me on flexing and showmanship! Buy The BestFlex videos! Support this BEAST and purchase custom vids….
What can you expect with a Peter Russell vid? His fuckin calves bulge like two nut sacks (DIAMONDS) guys. The veins laced on his physique are like lightening bolts that POP when flexed. His bicep peaks are WICKED as FUCK and the veins that trace along the top of the biceps are prevalent. His quads have that zipper affect while his FAT cock suspends between the trunks. Ask him to POP a mostmusclar (crab pose), cause again, veins run through the pecs, delts, bis and traps. He can vacuum the abs with ease and POP the six pack to a washboard. His back is like a fuckin christmas tree…. Or, ask Peter to roll his pecs…. Striated like a motherfucker! Gents….. this dude is a brick wall…. SOLID MUSCLE! Most importantly, request verbiage….. He will talk to you like he was PRESENT…. Russell is all MOTIVATION, a great bodybuilder, showman and all around a good dude! He is honest to his word and demands ALL EYES ON GREATNESS….. PETER RUSSELL! Buy video content and support this exceptional bodybuilder!
If you are intolerant to MUSCLE, Peter is not for you! But, the question is ….. Why the fuck you on The BestFlex?

Peter Russell replied...
Wow! Now that’s a review!! Thanks for being part of my journey!

from Vballguy84 [295] on 14 May 2019

Wow, Muscle King Peter Russell captivated me from beginning to end in his newest video, "Muscle Driver." He takes a daily activitiy in which every muscle fan fantasizes of on a daily basis: in this particular instance, a competition ready bodybuilder uber driver. As soon as the viewer walks up to the car, the Muscle King takes u into your muscle fantasy. The scenery, timeline, communication delivery is so casual and realistic I felt that I was sitting right next to the Muscle King himself conversating with him. I found myself reaching over to him to feel his muscles as he instructs throughout the video. Huge striated muscles, vascularity galore, monstrous pecs, and bicep peaks that will blow ur mind. I mean like softballs trying to escape from his arm, PEAK. His double bi, ab flex is definately pause-worthy as is many other poses throughout. Definatley a 10/10 in my personal "Fantasy Factor" rating. Gonna be hard to top this one, but looking forward to future videos.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks so much! Arrange for a ride anytime! Lol

from Alcave [685] on 11 May 2019

Great body and great guy

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! :)

from timmy1371 [246] on 30 April 2019

Received my custom video from Peter and all I can say is WOW. I gave him the scenario and a couple of suggestions and let me be the first to say that he went above and beyond even my wildest fantasy. I was reluctant at first because I have been burnt by custom video's that fell short of my request or didn't come at all. After reading and studying the reviews I gave him a shot. I will DEFINATELY be ordering more in the very near future. Made me feel like I was right there with him and that body, those arms, those peaks and those snake like veins on those arms and shoulders, simply perfection. This hunk of manly eye candy is the real deal here folks. If your thinking of ordering a video, don't hesitate and order. TRUST you will not be disappointed!!!!! Folks this man right here is the PERFECT example of how to stack SEXY. Now time to watch my video again for the 20th time today. Thanks again Peter, you ROCK like the rocks in your arms!!!! Much Love to you and Stay Blessed!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
All I can think to reply is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :):):)....ALWAYS trying my best to deliver the WOW factor...See you soon!

from Muscleloverboy [159] on 19 April 2019

I just bought some videos from Peter!! Awesome physique baby!! I Love you!! ??

Peter Russell replied...
Sweet! I love the love!! thank you

from looker9 [255] on 8 April 2019

Wow! So this true Muscle God did a custom video and I can’t say enough! The muscle, the veins, the attitude. Sooooooo sexy. If you haven’t booked one don’t wait.
He took my fantasy and made it a reality. I’ve already booked another scenario.
Peter is magnificent and knows what his fans want and need from a hot bodybuilder!
Don’t miss out!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks so much for the compliments!! :):)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 31 March 2019

My Mouth just keeps dropping the more videos that I receive from Peter. He draws you into his muscle world and then BAM. His imagination is off the charts. You can tell he takes his time for each scene. He loves showing off and look at the hard work that he puts into his body. I can't get enough of Peter. He is such a natural at this. !!!!

Peter Russell replied...
I can't get enough either!!! Thanks so much!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 26 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #8.... BIG MUSCLE FLEX

BUY and support this BB. First, this dude creates the best vids on the BestFlex PERIOD. He takes direction extremely well and delivers a PROPER fuckin vid! Second, Peter has a conditioned and an award winning physique like NO OTHER on the BestFlex! Third, if you are a bodybuilder, Peter will provide tips and know how in the bodybuilding arena. Fourth, his MUSCLE is conditioned and shredded like a true competitor. Finally, Peter's vascularity is like a goddamn google road map. His toros and wheels are laced in veins. His diet exacerbates the vascularity as he pumps his MUSCLE!

Striated, Grainy, Separation & Lines all surround sculpted MUSCLE on his physique. 100% MOTIVATION for bodybuilders!

Gentlemen..... no matter what you are looking for in a vid.... There is nothing like a video from Peter Russell! This motherfucker with rob you of any preconceived notion of bodybuilding and it's meaning to build MUSCLE! His posing is EPIC and he flexes HARD! Every fiber intended to POP at the correct instant that he rips his muscle in a flex! I ramble .... but, I know what is PROPER stage presence....

Just ask PR to rip some leg shots and/or POP his veins.... He will verbally assault your ears as he RIPS MUSCLE! Support Peter Russell.... You will not regret it!

Peace homies

Peter Russell replied...
Always trying to get better!! THANK YOU!!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 20 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #7.... FULL AF!

I am not sure of your end goals bro? But, you get leaner and better by the week.... u are not competing cause you still have hair on them pits.... Like a fuckin BEAST.... you are better than the last vid!

You are a fuckin BADASS!

Your lower pecs are RIPPED AF when you tweek the pecs.... ur back is PRO MATERIAL dude!

Them calves are..... SERIOUSLY... some of the best lookin BULLS in bodybuilding! Fuckin DIAMONDS

Calling all bodybuilders.... I am tellin you... you will learn! Posing, diet and the tricks of the trade!


those homies that worship MUSCLE! Fuck the rest! Peter will blow you away!

Peter Russell replied...
“Pump city” ;) thanks again!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 14 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #6 Veinsanity

Never have I felt like I been in the presence of GREATNESS until I watch your vids! I watch one vid before every workout. You are a flexing example of DISCIPLINE and 100% MOTIVATION!

Damn right you mention Branch while posing mostmuscular. I see Shawn Smith when you smash mostmuscular! The front delts and traps POP, and the separation in your pecs is at a winning level….. But, them outside bicep peaks are nothing less than PRO. I cannot believe the density of that brachialis muscle man!

Them rear delts, supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles fuckin rip when flexing a back double bi. And, that bicep peak towers over the arm! All the cuts, lines and separation on your side arm bulge on a back dbl bi and the tris fuckin hang BRO!

Them top level quadriceps…. Jesus Fuck man! You lookin like Paul Demayo bro. Them quads showin all 4 Heads and laced in veinsanity. How the fuck did you get that zipper look on rectus femoris? That zipper effect on them quads is fuckin sick as FUCK and the BADDEST motha fuckin striations I have ever seen. Peter…. You got them genetics and proven by them 2 bulls…. Them fuckers are made up of 4 cut diamonds not even measurable in carats.

And finally, the way you look in a tank and ball cap is BOSS AF! Your comments and statements while flexing are words to lift by. The way you point out the features of your physique while flexing is DOPE AF!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks dude! The pump is the cure!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 12 March 2019

Peter Russell custom video #5.... Let me say this and no offense to any member to this site, I am not the normal to theBestFlex. I follow and support P Russell cause he delivers the BEST of theBestFlex. No other bodybuilder can deliver a video like Russell! This bodybuilder is PRO material with no expectation for a title.

My request was the following: show unpumped muscle (bis and tris) flexing..... then.... workout and show the PUMP! This bodybuilder is so shredded that a pump looked flat; however sit massive unlike others. I will say his veins were full and LARGE! No doubt a contender by no fault. This homie is PRO material....

For the vid.... His veins laced the entire inner bicep and tricep. You can see the pumped vein run over his bicep as it peaks to a POINT! Motherfucker is a goddamn road map. laced in veins and stage ready... Judge criteria.....
Stage Presence
Peter Russell meets all criteria.... I am following a future PRO!

Buy his vids, ask for custom vids and just support! Bodybuilder at his BEST

Peter Russell replied...
Video #6 on the way! VEINSANITY!! ????????????????

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 11 March 2019

Custom video a last week #4. No words can describe the motivation Peter is bringin to the cam.... Calling all bodybuilders to seriously follow and check out Russell's current condition! No disrespect to the dudes that just love muscle.... Really no disrespect..... However, you fuckers that are building muscle day by day...... Peter is your fuckin ticket to a G O A L ! This guy wrecks all on the BestFlex ....... He represents the BEST in bodybuilding P E R I O D! Fucker is competition ready with no plans to compete..... WTF.... Ask this dude to verbally describe his present condition.... Calling all bodybuilders to look and witness your goal! That said, all you dudes that love muscle..... your eyes will bleed! This dude is fuckin JACKED AF with a stage present physique! My first show is in July.... I look fuckin pathetic when I look at Peter's non ass competitive physique! Peter, much respect with the physique you built and conditioned! Truly, you are a GREAT BODYBUILDER! For the guys, that love muscle should support and follow this BEAST. If you are a bodybuilder, you are dumb not to subscribe! Just fuckin BLIND! Real fuckin deal!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Muscle school is in session! lol thanks again man! You motivate me to motivate all of you!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 4 March 2019

I have ordered many videos from Peter and I can say hands down, he is one of the nicest, most professional men on this network. I have given him some crazy and not so crazy scenes and he not only hits them out of the ball park, but hits a grand slam. If you like muscles, then look no further than Peter. You can absolutely tell the amount of work he puts into his body and it definitely shows. You add his body to his personality and you get one of the best men on the best flex network. PERIOD !!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Always a blast to film for you!! THANKS!!!

from hypnopowerman [905] on 2 March 2019

Got my latest custom video request from Peter today. Peter gets better and better each time he works on my video requests. You can tell immediately that this is something he loves to do. Let's just say my role play requests have a script that's almost two pages long and he hits it out of the ballpark every time. If bestflex could give out awards, he should be in the hall of fame. Thanks Peter for your professionalism and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure as always! I do LOVE “making movies” lol see you again soon!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 22 February 2019

Peter Russell custom MOTIVATION Flex. My 3rd custom vid – Calling all bodybuilders or MUSCLE lovers…. Check this dude OUT! So, I sent Peter a couple requests, however, I left the direction to Peter. Homie honored my few requests and provided an EPIC flex video at his own direction…… His condition is 100% competition bodybuilder, although, he has no current plans to compete. His pecs are ripped, striated and roll until his fuckin VEINS POP throughout the chest, traps and delts. Just ask him for a mostmuscular! His delts and back of a CHAMP, and his wheels of a PRO! Okay, Peter has constant veins in his guns and them fuckers are ripped to a PeAk. Note the brachialis muscle in the arms developed like no other! The muscle sends the peak almost to a point! Russell is genetically gifted with a fuckin cool demeanor. Criteria of a winning bodybuilding like Peter: MASS (CHECK), Definition (CHECK), Proportion (CHECK, Symmetry (CHECK) & Stage Presence (CHECK). I am following a PRO!

Let me say this, it is the stage presence, or (video content he provides) and MASS that sets him apart from the rest on the BestFlex! SO….. STOP clownin around and support this brotha to PRO!!!! He is the best of the best on the BestFlex!


Peter Russell replied...
BOOM!! Tell em brotha! Seriously, thanks a lot. I love muscle too!!

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 9 February 2019

Second custom vid....

Russell is a FREAK of nature boys! If you are into MUSCLE and/or a bodybuilder, order your custom video NOW! This dude honored every request, and he provided exceptional additional content with zero instruction. He is theBestFlex only on point performer of MUSCLE! Plus, if you want verbiage in the custom vid,….. your ears will bleed with wanting more chatter. Russell admits he has zero contests scheduled. If he would step on a stage tomorrow (no prep) he probably would wreck the fuckin stage! For the muscle…. His vacuum, bicep PeAkS, vascularity, teardrop quads (with veins), diamond calves, V-tapered lats (fuckin christmas tree boys), traps and delts laced with VIENS ….. ORDER NOW! This BB is exceptional…. Watch his vids before a workout cause he is 100% motivation. You guys into slender (physique competition dudes) Russell is NOT for you! Suggested not for dudes wanting a twink bodybuilder! For the skeptic, Russell is down to earth, easy to work with and fuckin GREAT at his trade! ORDER NOW!!!! The BEST muscle on theBestFlex! No other matters……

Peter Russell replied...
Fuck man! One of the nicest and best reviews EVER! Thank YOU so much!!!!!

from Brody [30] on 5 February 2019

You have to chat with Peter Russell. He's one of the hottest, and nicest guys here. a great show, and super hot. I love this man.

Peter Russell replied...
Awwww thanks man! Nice to meet ya :)

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 3 February 2019

Ordered a cam show from Russell.... Guys on this site should do the same and take a lesson! So should YOU! First, he is cool AF and very easy to communicate with. Second, he honored my requests to a fault and exceeded expectations. Third, he has a world class physique. Russell is a bodybuilder that can compete and WIN his class. My first show is July 2019. I told him this via convo..... This dude finishes with mandatory poses.... If I was a bodybuilding judge, I would score him high on: Mass, Definition, Proportion, Symmetry and stage presence! If you love MUSCLE or a bodybuilder looking for motivation..... NO dude on the BestFlex can deliver a better cam show! P E R I O D Buy and support this bodybuilder! I maybe following a future PRO!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
"Quarter turn to the right gentlemen....." LOL Thanks man! My pleasure!!!

from nicegent [275] on 31 January 2019

This guy is incredible! He made me the custom video of my dreams, and im ordering more from him. I can't say enough how awesome he was in the first video. His body, the acting, and video quality, and pricing were all terrific. And the turnaround time was impressive and very quick. I recommend anyone to ordering a custom vid from him. I can't wait to see more!

Peter Russell replied...
Great first session! We will have to hit another “workout” soon! ;) THANKS

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 19 January 2019

What can I say about Peter that already hasn't been said. The way he does my videos is just sheer perfection. He can hold a pose and let you admire while staying within the story line. BTW - The stories that I give him can be intense and detailed and Peter just pulls them off like nothing. Every time I give him a scene, I wait in anticipation on what he will come up with next. His personality and body are absolutely mind blowing !!!

Peter Russell replied...
Duuuuuuuude!!! I love this! Thank you!!!!

from popetristn [2491] on 12 January 2019

I have now had Peter do a second video and I have to say - the second one is even better than the first and the experience was just as wonderful. If you're considering buying a personalized video from Peter - DO IT NOW! He's looking absolutely amazing - ripped to shreds and huge! His arms, forearms, and abs are my favorites and among his most excellent features. He keeps the video really personal if you like and has a great sense of humor! I will look forward to asking him for more in the future. But, truth be told, I find it hard to get through even a few minutes with one before I get, uh, how shall I say, distracted! Can't say enough good things about Peter and his videos. Thanks, Pete. I really enjoy the ones you've made. You are just wonderful to work with!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you man! It’s always a pleasure for me!

from maxwellmuscl [45] on 18 December 2018

did a cam session with peter, and it was awesome. his body just won't stop--every cut, shred, and every line, major veinage on top of the sweep. he also has one of the sexiest smiles going. super in every way!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank u!! All smiles :):):):)

from DallasBB [3465] on 15 December 2018

First things first....I almost don't want to write this review because I want him all to

So, we've all had good experiences with some pretty hot bodybuilders. Peter BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY. Not only is his body one of the hottest you will ever see, he makes every fantasy you have come to life better than you even imagined. Each video I get from him is somehow hotter than the last, giving me exactly what I asked for but taking it to an even higher level. He is so charismatic and sexy, and flexes better than anyone if I've ever seen.

And, THOSE BICEPS! I'm a bicep nut. Always have been. And I've seen some great biceps in my day. But Peter's are INSANE. PEAKS for days, and flexes them hotter than anyone. Period. That outside peak sends me over the edge (and over the edge, and over the edge...right Peter??? lol). And, once he knows what drives you crazy, he is out to give you that and then some.


Peter Russell replied...
Sincerely flattered. Thank you!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 12 December 2018

This Review is actually 25 Stars. I gave Peter a 5 Part Story line and not only did he nail it on the head, his role playing abilities and what he brings to the videos can match celebrities on TV. He takes each individual part and makes them his own and adds his own flair which is just truly amazing. I love to work with Peter on my ideas as I know that they will come back better than I laid them out. But the one that threw me over was part 5. The muscle control that he has with his ABS, just was mind boggling. I watched that part over and over again just because it was that intense !!! Peter is extremely nice to work with, he has an awesome personality and his body is just rockin. You won't go wrong with Peter !!! He will blow you away !!!

Peter Russell replied...
You da man!! Ab rolls and vaccuums for dayzzzz my man! ;) thanks so much again!!

from DeputyDawg [1020] on 10 December 2018

Just had another amazing cam show with this muscle god.

First show focused on those amazing bicep peaks. This time I got to see more - lats, quads pecs. He has it all. He is the real deal !!!

So worth seeing him and will be back again!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Peaks on peaks! Thanks!!

from DeputyDawg [1020] on 25 November 2018

Seriously one of the best cam shows I have had in a long time.

Super nice easy going guy. NO attitude (like many on here). Didn't watch the clock. Super personable, friendly. We communicated well together.

Now lets not forget the elephant in the room - those biceps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

HUGE peaks !!!!

Definitely will go back to see more!!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks so much!! ????????????????

from popetristn [2491] on 20 November 2018

I am so overwhelmed right now that I'm not sure I'll say enough good things here but, if you want a GREAT video, get in touch with Peter right away!

I read some of the reviews that suggested that he was nice to work with and that he was very accommodating ... all understatements!

Peter is not only amazing to look at, he's just a fantastic guy and so prompt in his responses.
I've done a couple of these with different people and they've all been great experiences so far and Peter was just beyond words.

The video he did for me THE NEXT DAY was just CRAZY EXCELLENT! His body is outrageous... biceps for days, huge forearms, great everything but his willingness to show off and his ability to seduce on camera is over the edge!

If you're thinking of doing it - don't EVEN hesitate... it will be the happiest money you'll spend for the year!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure!!! Thank YOU again!!

from DallasBB [3465] on 19 November 2018

So, I saw a video of Peter's on TBF. Blew my mind; incredible body, insane biceps (I'm THE bicep nut) and sexy, sexy posing. I contacted him for a custom video, and first let me say he was BEYOND nice and accommodating. Super easy to chat with, and one hell of a nice guy.

My first video came in, very timely, and it was waaaay better than I imagined. He listened to everything I asked for, and then made it better. Best poser ever, and he is so freaking sexy and connected to you (yeah, yeah it's a video, but he IS) that you feel you are in the room with him. It was the best video I had received ever.

I then ordered a second, and it simply blew my mind. I had to take breaks from it because, let's just say I was getting too excited. BEYOND what I asked for in all the right ways. It was like he was reading my mind. He totally got me after just one video with me, and it was, without sounding exaggerated, perfection.

I just ordered a third. lol


Peter Russell replied...
I couldnt be happier that you’re so happy! Sooo appreciated!! :)

from Francis [965] on 18 November 2018

Peter is the best. Delivered the video on time and exactly what I asked for. Perfect body and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

Peter Russell replied...
Awesome! Thank u!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 1 November 2018

Everytime I order from Peter, what he delivers is more than a masterpiece. It is a work or art. My latest video lead to cocky flexing and let me tell you. HIs body is big, hard and just oozing sexiness. You can tell that Peter like what he does because he just gives over 100%. He has put a lot of hard work in his body and it completely shows. He has a Wit and Charm about him that makes you wanting more and more. If you have never tried Peter, then you absolutely don't know what you are missing. He is one of the best on this website !!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks again!! Always a blast!!

from Francis [965] on 20 October 2018

Just got another amazing custom video from Peter. He is SO INCREDIBLE, he know how to make you feel like you are right in front of him watching him to how he pose & flex. Definitely worth everything.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you for being so supportive!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 17 October 2018

I just received another custom video request from Peter and I can tell you one thing. The attention to detail that this man puts into his videos, only a handful of models on this website actually come thru. He takes your ideas and just runs with them. Even sometimes delivering way above what is asked on the video. He makes improvements with each video. He is one of the nicest individuals to deal with an he has a wicked smile. He has a personality that is just full of life and he has a body that is just unreal to believe. Kudos to one of the top performers on the best flex website !!!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU for being a TOP knotch supporter. Your compliments fuel me to do my very best!

from ADAM1 [9507] on 8 October 2018

In my latest video, Peter really showed me his "strong arm of the law".
Perfect mix of fantasy and reality!

Peter Russell replied...
“Sir, you have the right to remain silent.....” I love it! Thanks!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 2 October 2018

My video was completely over the top. The amount of details that he follows thru is just insane from just basic sounds to setting the tone of the video. Peter just continually blows me away with each video that he produces. He is completely a natural at this. Just can't get enough of this man. More to follow soon !!

Peter Russell replied...
I love it!!!!!! Thank you!!

from ADAM1 [9507] on 27 September 2018

I am continually in awe over the phenomenal videos he produces. He puts 110% into every production.

World-class physique, spectacular HD-quality footage, and attention to detail keep me coming back for more!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you again!! My pleasure! :)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 26 September 2018

Another Custom from Peter. He gives over 100% in all of his videos. He has the looks, the personality and the killer body for muscle worship. He really really puts his personality into every one of his videos. His body is just absolutely insane !!! But he is one of the nicest people to deal with.

Peter Russell replied...
I have the BEST fans!! Thank you!

from aixois1978 [255] on 19 September 2018

This guy is really amazing, exactly as on pics, i have received a custom video, he knows how to please you ! He answers quickly, hight quality of vid and sound also. And he's got those arms and what a smile ! You can trust him without any problem.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you! I aim to please :)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 19 September 2018

Peter is one of the few models on the bestflex network that continuously raise the bar. You can absolutely tell that he loves this because when you view the results of the scenario that you provide, you feel like you are in the same room with him. I would hate to be on the wrong side of Peter. Excellent Work. You can see all of the positive reviews. THEY ARE ALL TRUE. Do Not miss out on him. He is a real find !!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Always fun my man!

from ADAM1 [9507] on 13 September 2018

I just got the most over-the-top, out-of-this-world videos you could ever imagine. I gave Pete a role-play scenario and he acted it out beyond my wildest expectations! I am in total awe. He has me begging for more. Zowie!

Peter Russell replied...
Awesome! Can’t wait for the next!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 12 September 2018

This man is huge and built and is just one of the nicest guys here on the bestflex. Peter really is the complete package. He has the looks, the body, the personality and the muscle. When he flexes in my custom videos, it is just unreal how much muscle is on that frame. Peter for me is a muscle worshipers dream come true. He is one of the best out there. I have never been disappointed with anything he has done. Give him a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Peter Russell replied...
“Sir I’m gonna need you to turn around and spread ‘em” LOL THANK YOU AS ALWAYS!

from kaw79 [6] on 11 September 2018

I asked for a custom was more than I could imagine!! Absolutely wonderful Man!!!! I will be back for more!!!

Peter Russell replied...
This video was soooo much fun to make! THANK YOU!!

from ADAM1 [9507] on 9 September 2018

Received custom video yesterday. Friendly, professional correspondence. Video Delivered on time. Very high-quality HD camera. Fulfilled all requests!

Definitely recommend, and already planning for more videos. Thanks!

Peter Russell replied...
I love what I do! Thank you!!

from hypnopowerman [905] on 8 September 2018

Received another hot and sexy role play video from Peter. Thank you for making this video even better than the last. Absolutely great customer service and great communication. Very highly recommended!

Peter Russell replied...
I love filming for you! Thank you!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 6 September 2018

Peter is a godsend to this site. He is one of the nicest individuals to work with. You give him a scenario to perform and look out everybody. He takes the scene and truly makes it his own. His personality bursts thru when he creates your custom videos. Depending on what you desire from him on a custom video, he can be dominate, charming, humorous, serious, or anything in between. Now his body is just eye popping and mind blowing. He is one of the biggest ones on this site. When I get my custom videos, you can't help but be awestruck in what he presents you. If you don't think Peter is the real deal, then you have no clue on what you are missing. There are quite a few on this site that you should be weary of, Peter is NOT one of them. You really need to give him a shot, he will not disappoint you at all. He has NEVER disappointed me.

Peter Russell replied...
My man! Thank you for the kind words! I love performing for you and hope to make many more! Thanks again. ALWAYS appreciated :)

from Francis [965] on 1 September 2018

Another amazing custom video he made for me and go beyond my expected. Every details was in line. Thank you Peter, definitely will be back often.

Peter Russell replied...
Pleasure as usual! ;)????????????

from muscdiz [205] on 27 August 2018

Could all these reviews really be true? Could this man be the real deal? One word, "Yes!" I recently ordered a custom muscle worship video from Peter and he delivered an amazing experience. Peter listened to my request and truly cared about bringing my muscle worship fantasy to a reality. He took my simple sketch and totally made it his own. He made me feel like I was right there with him. His sultry eyes, sexy voice and friendly smile made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. In addition to his outgoing personality and charm, he's built like a Greek god. Even Hercules would be envious. His flexing and posing was top notch. He even improvised a little intro to the video as he "arrived at my place" for our muscle worship video. This was totally unexpected and showed that he truly loves his craft. If you enjoy hot muscle worship then look no further than Peter.

Peter Russell replied...
Two words: THANK YOU!!! :)

from Francis [965] on 12 August 2018

Received another great video from Peter, sexy guy, delivered on time! Thank you.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! See you soon! ;)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 26 July 2018

Another Freaking Fantastic Video from Peter. He is very energetic in my videos. He loves to flex and you can tell that he does. His Rock hard body will make you drool for days. Even to the expressions are just awesome. He is also very keen on the little things. My Video included being in a night club setting and he had music playing in the background. Details are flawless. You won't go wrong with Peter.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!!

from Francis [965] on 24 July 2018

Just had another show with Peter, he getting better and better each day. His body are amazing, ripped, shredded and are in contest shape condition. Peter is very reponsive to my request, do as per my request. Definitely will come back for more again.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

from qwigybo [170] on 28 June 2018

Having been burned before in the past I'm very, very cautious about doing shows with new guys.After reading all his glowing reviews I decided to give him a go and all I can say is "Wow". Very easy and professional to do business with. He did his best to make sure everything was alright down to the lighting. He's very open-minded and intuitive, to the point that he quickly figures out what to say and do before you even have a chance to ask him. Very handsome and a absolutely killer physique. I definitely will be back. Often.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks for the snappy review man! :) LOL

from luster3644 [260] on 28 June 2018

Saw all the positive reviews on here and decided to order two videos from Peter; and I'm just going to echo all the positive reviews on here. Peter is really professional, pleasant to deal with. And, his videos are smoking hot. He takes my requests seriously and gave me two awesome videos.

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure as usual! Thank YOU so much!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 24 June 2018

Peter just finished up one of the craziest 5 part series that I have ever come up with. Let me tell you it was perfection. Peter is an extraordinarily nice man to work with. His personality is over the top in my view. He can go from mild to angry to concerned to just insane at the drop of a hat.

My custom videos can be very detailed but Peter has handled it like it was nothing. Some of my scene's are quite detailed and if you use your imagination you see them acted out right in front of you. I spliced my 5 part's into a mini series that just flows right into each other. Now that takes talent. He used different lenses, effects, and it almost gives you the idea of a hollywood set without all of the sets.

His body is CUT - HARD and Vascular. The size of him will just blow you away. He does like to pose and flex for his fans and I received plenty of that in my scenes.

You will not go wrong with Peter. If you haven't given him a try, then you have no clue what you are missing !!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
So frickin cool! Making movies! I. Love. It!!!!!

from Shawn_1978 [614] on 21 June 2018

After an incredibly awesome first custom video experience from Peter, I ordered my second custom video from him yesterday and received it this morning! I had told Peter I wanted this video to be even sexier and steamier than the last one, if it was possible for him to one up the first one. Well, Peter was definitely up to the challenge and he managed to amaze me once again!

In this video, Peter first showed off for me, in a pair of white jeans that were even tighter to his quads and glutes than the first pair were in my first video. He posed in them, along with a black tank top. His muscular physique looks even better than ever. He is even more lean and more vascular, since he is currently dieting for a bodybuilding contest in 6 weeks!

Another way that Peter amazed me in the video is because I was shocked that he'd used a muscle worship scenario that I'd written for him to read awhile back and I didn't expect him to use that scenario at all. And this was only the tip of the former iceberg that would rapidly begin melting away from the incredible heatwave that is Peter Russell!

Peter not only gave me an even more erotic, sexier display of muscle, but when the tank top came off and the jeans dropped, I was in muscle worship heaven when I saw what Peter was wearing under them! Black leather posing briefs! Talk about a surprise! I didn't know it was coming, and I'd mentioned to Peter about not wanting to know what he would be wearing when the jeans came off, since I wanted to be surprised. Well, Peter surprised me, alright, and then some! Peter had me turned on from the first moment the video began and my lust for his even better looking muscled physique, just increased by the minute! And it definitely doesn't hurt that Peter is really easy on the eyes too! He's very handsome, has really sexy eyes, and a great beaming smile!

If you have a muscle worship fantasy or fetish that you need brought to life and fulfilled, then Peter is the man to do it for you! Peter is so easy to do business with and easy to talk to when it comes to ideas for videos, and his response time is excellent when getting videos dealt, done, and delivered!

If you haven't yet ordered a custom video from Peter, now would be the time, while he's in his best condition yet, and will only get better and better looking in the next few weeks!

Thank you so much, Peter, for blowing me away once again, with this beyond amazing 2nd custom video! I really appreciate you, taking the time to do it, and putting so much thought and creativity into each and every video you do.

Much love to you, man, and good luck with your bodybuilding show coming up! Bring the gold home, muscle man! God Bless!

Peter Russell replied...
Wow! This review is over the top! Thank YOU!!

from debonaire [1797] on 21 June 2018

I've bought a handful of custom videos from Peter. Words cannot express how amazing he is. It was a pleasure working with him. He went above and beyond to deliver videos that were amazing. He took the scripts I wrote and elevated them. He added different accents and nuances that made the stories come to life in great and interesting ways. It's one thing to find a model who is good at this but when you find someone who truly enjoys the work then you've found someone special. He truly wants to make the video and the experience great for his clients. And with each video, he just gets better and better. Do yourself a favor and reach out to him. You won't regret it.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU again so much! These were some of the most fun videos that I have made!

from Francis [965] on 13 June 2018

I have purchase many time custom videos and show with him. Only one word to mention: One of the best, he is very kind, friendly and easy going, peter will try to do his best to fulfil his customer. Highly recommended to everyone in thebestflex

Peter Russell replied...
wow! thank you so much for the kind words...I really do appreciate the positive vibes!

from peter12 [135] on 10 June 2018

Peter is amazing and one of the best bodybuilders and cam guys around! I have known him a while now and he is handsome, kind, intelligent and ALWAYS goes out of his way to make sure the experience is world class! His body is insane and to die for. Peter takes real pride in making sure you have an excellent time and is ALWAYS polite! The best guy around!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you thank you thank you ????????

from CuteStudMD [85] on 9 June 2018

I have had nothing but the most positive experiences with Peter. He is always very friendly, and willing to do his best to please his customers. I have chatted with him at length on Skype, and he has never rushed me or seemed to be in a hurry. I have ordered several videos from him with very complex scenarios, and he always delivers above and beyond what I even ask for. You can read all of my previous comments below. Peter is a class act, and I will definitely be doing more videos with him.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks again stud!! :) really sweet of you. You are one of the good guys too ????????????????

from musclepup [4960] on 9 June 2018

I've purchased many custom videos from Peter. He is one of the most professional and reliable bodybuilders on this site. Not only is he in excellent condition year-round but he also enjoys flexing and showing off his hard work. He understands what muscle fans want. Pete always delivers my vids promptly and he gives me exactly what I request. Plus he's a genuinely nice guy which makes him even hotter!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you. YOU are one of the good guys and why I love doing what I do! ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks again :)

from Persikvlad [55] on 9 June 2018

this man is arrogant and rude.. he is nice at first and very friendly.. days after paying him for a show and asked if he is available he just flared up to me and told me "SET A FUCKING SCHEDULE" he could have said it nicely..i am a customer and i already paid him.. i just asked him nicely and after our heated conversation i said to him "lets meet halfway im sorry" i told him that because i really was sorry if i irritated him but that was never my intention & if i got angrier he probably would not refund my money.. but he is just really arrogant and rude and until now he never gave me a refund...dont be deceived by this guy.. he is really nice but after paying him he just used me and my money... i might be the only one who has a negative feedback with this guy but this is my actual can keep the money if you lied to me to give me a refund... you probably needed it more than i do..have a nice day..

Peter Russell replied...
Need I say more? Lol obviously anyone who reads this can see that you’re crazy lol. Thank you for proving my point for me. I hope no one else has to deal with you. You need help.

from CuteStudMD [85] on 3 June 2018

I have done several videos with Peter in the past, and he has always delivered a high-quality product. However, this time he went WAY above and beyond what I even expected. He got what I wanted down to the smallest detail, and even put in things that made the product even better. He is a very easy guy to work with, and you can tell he really enjoys what he does. Very kind and considerate when speaking to him,and delivers your product quickly. If there were an opportunity to give him a 6 star rating, I would do so without hesitation. He is definitely one of the best on this site!

Peter Russell replied...
Definitely was fun making this one! Thank you again sooo much ????????

from Fzpanda [1735] on 30 May 2018

Pleasure to work with. Plan to get my 3rd video soon.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you man!!

from jmx2749 [70] on 27 May 2018

I just had my first show with Peter - his body is incredible and he's far more handsome than his pictures suggest. He's also a great guy, very friendly, and really knew how to move and put on a show.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks man. Always fun :)

from Francis [965] on 27 May 2018

Just have another show with peter, Only one word to describe: One of the best, his muscular body and amazing physique. He is very responsive to my request, do the show what ever I ask for, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. Peter is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Totally muscle tool that loves to flex and show off! Thank You Peter!!! Definitely will come back for more show.

Peter Russell replied...
Muscle tool lol. I love it Lol. Thanks!!

from Shawn_1978 [614] on 26 May 2018

I received my first ever custom video from Peter today! And it was one of the hottest, sexiest, steamiest, muscle worship videos ever! Peter took my muscle worship fantasies and fetishes and literally blew me away with his creativity and his dazzling and erotic display of muscular perfection! Peter already understood what I wanted in the video, but what he ended up giving me, was above and beyond my expectations. I felt like I was right there in the room with him, as he flexed and posed his body for me to enjoy and appreciate. First he did it in a tight shirt and form fitting jeans, then stripped down to a pair of blue posing briefs that looked amazing on him! It was clear to me, in the video, that Peter wanted me to enjoy and love every inch of his physique. From in the clothes to out of them, Peter was on fire! He took the material given for him to play out and he mastered it! Peter had my full attention from start to finish in the video and I didn't want to tear my eyes away from him for one minute! My lust and desire for his muscles was in full force! I think Peter has made this muscle worship video for me, untouchable! It's going to be hard to imagine our next video topping this one. Something about this one is going to remain extra special. But I'm sure if anyone can possible top it, It would be Peter!

Thank you so much, Peter, for a beyond amazing first experience! I throughly enjoyed every minute of the video, and will be watching it again and again! You're that amazing, man! I wish you much love, and even greater success in your bodybuilding career for many more years to come. God Bless!

Peter Russell replied...
Wow!!! So nice of you! I can’t thank you enough and tell how you how much I appreciate this! :) see you soon!

from spenny781 [1522] on 20 May 2018

This GOD is amazing! the perfect body, amazing work, accommodates everything you wish for. peter is sooooo nice as well, easy to work with and very quick at getting your video out to you. i could not recommend enough! we've done many videos now and many more to come.
one of the best guys out there!

from jstevens [1545] on 16 May 2018

Peter made an outstanding custom video that followed my requests perfectly in a way that was fun and even better than what I had asked for - highly recommended!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

from Francis [965] on 7 May 2018

Have received my custom video and did exactly what I wanted, the videos he delivered to me was amazing. Peter is absolute stunning, ripped & shredded by looking at this individual huge muscle, veins, biceps & abs will blow your mind. I highly recommended Peter to everyone not to be missed. Definitely will come back for more

Peter Russell replied...
Awesome!! Thank you!!

from P. Alex [425] on 4 May 2018

I received a video from Peter and I have to say that all the reviews on him are spot on. It was an incredibly hot video and did everything I wanted and more. His body is ridiculous and he is very easy to deal with - i had the video the next day as promised. Plus, he really is a nice guy to talk with too. A definite must if you like hard ripped muscle

Peter Russell replied...
Always fun. Thanks you! ????????

from RobotMonster [3430] on 27 April 2018

Peter is a total muscle stud. We discussed a custom video and he delivered perfectly! This guy is super nice and totally reliable. And the video he made was very custom - even using my name (so i know it wasn't pulled from an inventory).
i'll be going back for more ... and more! :-)

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 23 April 2018

Another Custom Video delivered and WOW. Peter delivered another spectacular video for me. He really gets into the scenes and will ask questions to make sure that he understand what you want from him. Very Very Professional man to work with. Never lets me down !!!! He is a MUST for any muscle worshiper. Has a body that just won't quit !!!!!

Peter Russell replied...

from gethyn123 [860] on 23 April 2018

Really really nice guy - quick turnaround and professional - so good I went straight back for another custom vid. Can't recommend enough

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you! I always try my best :)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 18 April 2018

Received another one of his custom videos. Peter is truly a remarkable person. Very personable, easy to deal with, delivers timely, body to die for. Glad the he decided to join the bestflex network. He is one of the good guys on here. Absolutely blows me away with everything that I have requested. He strives to get all of your requests done properly and he is not afraid to ask questions to clarify what you want. Thank You.

Peter Russell replied...
Always a pleasure to work with you! ????????????????

from mbperry [245] on 17 April 2018

Very nice guy and very easy to work with. He took some custom photos for me and did a fantastic job at delivering what I wanted to see. Highly recommended. A+

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! ????????????????

from hypnopowerman [905] on 15 April 2018

Received my 2nd custom video from Peter. Hot! Hot! Hot! Easy communication like last time. Completed my request in two days. Highly recommended! A+++!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!!

from CuteStudMD [85] on 15 April 2018

I've done yet another video with Peter, and he never ceases to deliver. Very easy to work with, and always sends a top quality product. I highly recommend you buy a video from this amazing guy!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you so much!!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 13 April 2018

WOW WOW AND WOW. Another Custom Video delivered from Peter. This man is HUGE and just very well built. He gave me a surprise in my last video that just left me speechless. He is one of the nicest people to work with. I am so glad that I took my chances with him. He is one to support !!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Always a pleasure to work with you! ????????????????

from hypnopowerman [905] on 11 April 2018

Yay!!! So happy to have connected with Peter. I've worked with multiple models on this site and Peter is one of the best. I usually keep my expectations low when asking for custom role play videos so I was floored when I received Peter's video. He took the time to really understand what I was looking for and committed to my request. It took him 2 days to finish the video and his communication was solid all throughout the process. Highly professional model. He takes his service seriously and he seemed very humble. I hope to work with him on another custom video request shortly. Thank you Peter!

Peter Russell replied...
Happy to connect !!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 11 April 2018

Another A+ Custom from Peter. He constantly delivers and delivers. His body just makes me melt. They way he acts out my scenes is just awesome. He is very easy to work with and puts a lot of thought into a scene. I recently discovered his Calves, which I normally don't bother with but WOW. They look like they are in a constant state of Flex.

Peter Russell replied...
Always a pleasure;)

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 6 April 2018

I just received my next Custom Video from Peter. His body is a temple and his personality just makes it all the better. I asked for cocky and aggressive when needed and did he deliver. He also has facial expressions that match what he is doing. Personality wise, love working with Peter. He has a very sexy voice, body and personality. Not to be missed. Never had a bad experience with him.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank u again! Love what I do!! ????????

from chris.89 [680] on 30 March 2018

Awesome showman!! Has a big huge physique and he knows and loves to show it off. I highly recommend!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank u!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 24 March 2018

What can I say. Peter is Ripped, HUGE and he is one of the easiest people to work with. I have 3 different kinds of Custom Scenarios that I usually have people act out and I wasn't sure that Peter could do it. Holy Shit, was I wrong. He not only did the scene perfectly, I know now that he could do the few more scenes that I was holding out. He has a Sexy Voice and he can deliver a scene and give me those muscles that I crave !!! More to Come !!!!

from Coolmanrico [826] on 23 March 2018

Received my 1st custom video from this Muscle God and all I could say was wow. He took the description I wrote for him and made it his own. Very handsome with a sexy voice and what a body! Huge and ripped with veins covering his arm, chest and legs.Definitely will come back for more.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you so much!

from Maddog [495] on 22 March 2018

This man is really handsome and SEXY and great to deal with...I have ordered 4 videos now from him and the content just keeps getting hotter and hotter. This guy is super jacked, incredibly masculine and fun to deal with. Quick turn around, keeps in touch and gives you exactly what you ask for!
From mild to wild as they say and he covers it all.

from CuteStudMD [85] on 21 March 2018

I just received the second video I ordered from Peter. This one was a bit more complex, but he delivered 100%! He was very patient and asked clarifying questions to ensure that I got the product I wanted. He goes out of his way to ensure his customer is satisfied, and I will definitely be ordering more videos from him. He is laid back, easy-going, and delivers the videos within 48 hours.

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 18 March 2018

Got my 3rd Custom Video from Peter. OMG He is the Total Package. I am an upper body kind of person but his Quads are Enormous - WOW. He has a magnetic personality. Executed my scene's perfectly. Soon I will had more scenes for him to do that are different but I have no doubt that he will pull them off. Contact him for Custom Videos and Shows, experience the Total Package

from gigator39 [315] on 17 March 2018

Got a custom video from Peter not long ago. The video was great. He understood what I wanted and delivered and I could tell he really cared that I was getting what I asked for, which I appreciate. There was a little bit of a delay as he let me know he was traveling when I initially contacted him. He let me know the wi-fi was worse than expected in his temporary location and the video was very large. He kept me up to date on any delays from his original provided date and still got it to me very quickly. Peter is seriously ripped and looks great. Also an A+ performer. 5 stars and highly recommended.

Peter Russell replied...
thank you for the review and your patience!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 16 March 2018

I just Received my 2nd Custom Video from Peter. OMG. He is a Natural for this. He has one of those voices that just melt you and he is extremely easy to work with. Very polite and considerate. My interactions with him have been Excellent. That body...Woooff. He is HUGE and HARD all over and that BICEP Peak is unreal. He loves to pose and flex and he loves showing it off. He can also be a tease in his videos. He keeps you up to date on where he is with his video and I don't worry about him and his delivery. RECOMMENDED HIGHLY !!!

Peter Russell replied...
thank YOU sooooo much again!!!

from djmuscleflex [18347] on 11 March 2018

OMG. I just came across this profile and ordered a Custom Video based on the above 2 reviews. I can say that they don't even describe what I just got on my video. When I ask for a custom video the first time, I am more basic because I am not sure what to expect. MIND BLOWN....Peter delivered something that made me speechless. He has a freaking huge body and knows what to do with your request. He is Sexy and has a voice that is just addictive. We had no problems communicating back and forth. He was very professional and quick to act. I have about 6-9 bodybuilders that I have requested videos over the last 2 months and they are the ones that I will support as long as they continue to do Custom Videos. You will NOT go wrong if you request a Custom Video from him. Do yourself a favor and try him out. You will be sorry if you didn't

Peter Russell replied...
thank u soooooo much!

from debonaire [1797] on 11 March 2018

This guy is the real deal!!! I ordered a detailed custom and he did an AMAZING job!!! He really got into the role play and hit all the points. I can tell he really took the time to give me what I wanted. His movement of the camera was superb. I never felt like there were parts where I didn't see him. He's an all around nice guy and his physique is beyond words. Order from him. You won't be disappointed.

Peter Russell replied...
so glad u are happy!!

from Francis [965] on 10 March 2018

Have my first cam show with Peter. I just can't get enough of him, huge bicep and shredded body & do exactly what I asking for. If you are looking for a bodybuilder & muscle show do hit him up he won't disappoint you.

Peter Russell replied...
HUGE and HARD lol thank u!

from Jakester [1750] on 10 March 2018

I have several custom videos and done a couple of shows with Peter.
He looks INCREDIBLE...a RIPPED MUSCULAR Physique and he knows how to flex and pose like a PRO. He is also the NICEST person...he is cool..awesome..and he makes great videos...does fantastic shows.
He is confident...alpha..good showman too....and he will try his best to do what you are looking for.
He is an AWESOME MUSCLE GOD. Great to deal with.....I plan on being a client for a long time. I highly will not be disappointed.

Peter Russell replied...
thank u Jake!!!

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