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18, 176cm (5'9"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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from oilboy4u [1112] on 6 September 2021

Not sure what I have done, but still nothing from him. Been since end of April 2021 that i paid and ordered my custom. Glad others have had something positive to say bout him, I wish i did at this point. I spend a lot of money on customs, and have had great experiences so I always come back as a regular customer. But getting scammed sucks. I even toss in extra money to cover baby oil/lotion and the cost of a tank top to rip off. Nothing crazy and how many muscle dudes do you know that doesnt have that laying around or near a store for a few dollars. Sad cuz I even said, I would be good with any flex vid at this point so I dont feel ripped off and angry. Nothing. Super cute and hot, was easy to chat with on skype, but being any sort of reliable professional is not there. Sad

Joe Muscle replied...
Lol u are the only one who keeps on giving negative reviews on my profile this year.If u had a real problem you could email or text me. If u did not, your problem does not exist .

from carnage1122 [561] on 27 August 2021

Had a custom video from Joe and oh my gawd he looks soo big and thick and muscular. Joe looks amazing and he communicates well and easy to work with. If you are looking for massive thick muscles look no further! I definitely recommend and will be coming back for more. Joe is honest and delivers everything that we agreed to. No dramas, no fuss Definite 5/5

from benoit3 [1220] on 12 June 2021

It's astonishing to see such thick, hard muscles on such a young athlete. Joe is also smart, charming, easy-gong, uninhibited and sexy. Give him a try and fall under his spell....

from squashme [755] on 28 May 2021

I'm happy to update my previous negative review and thanks to Joe for reaching out quickly and fixing things, providing even an extra vid as an excuse. So Joe, thanks again for your work, really appreciated it!

from oilboy4u [1112] on 22 May 2021

What started out great has gone sour. Easy to talk to and arrange a custom vid, gave a great price, and payed him a extra $20 for being so generous and easy to deal with. He was upfront and honest that he couldn't do the vid exactly to my specs but would do the best he could an give a good show. I am fine with that. But then the waiting game started. We all know how that if and how it usually ends, we get screwed. Been over a month and not heard back from him on skype. He checks in here and has a good review from 10 days ago. Just don't get it. Always try to support and promote good guys, and I thought he was, I was excited. But sadly we all fall prey to scammers. Hopefully this will somehow workout and then I will update my review, but for now I can't. Sad.

from Manvers.16 [303] on 12 May 2021

This guy just gives, and gives, and gives some more.
You just have to keep coming back. While you chould pray he has trained his massive quads or atomic traps before he flexes for you I found myself asking for a totally no-pump body flex video and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Joe Muscle is better just as he is than most guys are straight out of the gym.

A SENSATIONAL built Alpha Musclestud.

thanks Joe 100%

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 22 April 2021

Received my 2nd Video from Joe. LOVED IT. His physique is amazing. He has a thickness about his muscles and hard. He is very pleasant to deal with. Will be back for more, that is for sure !!!!

from Manvers.16 [303] on 10 April 2021

I have had fantastic experiences with Joe Muscle.
Believe me, he is absolutely off the scale hot, huge, pumped and a really pleasant guy.
No hesitation- Five star PLUS for this utterly amazing massive Musclestud Sexgod.

Thanks Joe ???????????? keep pumping !!!

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 31 March 2021

Received my 1st Custom Video from Joe and it just blew me away. You realliy can't get an idea of his muscle until you do a show. He is a thick dense bodybuilder. LOVED his video. He listened to the instructions and did my custom video proud. Absolutely will do another Video with him.

from qwresbdy [400] on 29 March 2021

Perfect muscle guy

from leanhairy [435] on 26 March 2021

Great body and nice guy. 1st show with him has been a very positive experience

from tightshirts [58] on 14 March 2021


Joe is amazing! Muscle perfection! A very nice honest guy!

from Ozsport63 [2038] on 22 December 2020

received a great custom video from Joe Muscle, this guy is huge and is going to be a bodybuilding champion, very friendly and easy to deal with, check him out.
Great biceps, they are 49cm

from Fzpanda [1840] on 6 November 2020

Arranged a custom video with Joe. Spent quite a bit of time to discuss the video details with him, and we both agreed that the video would be delivered in one day. Two weeks later , nothing. Big time waster.

Joe Muscle replied...
You sent me no money ... so i don’t know why you are so upset... u should understand I don’t want to record that video.. If i did any mistake and u sent me money , But the video has not been delivered until now, please write me on Skype , or send me an email .. I can refund ur money . I’m sorry for this issue even though I don’t think that this is true.. by the way , please contact me , so I can refund ur money asap if K made any mistake.. Thank you! Have a nice day .

from MikesBigArms [3626] on 20 October 2020

Joe is AMAZING. I just received my 3rd custom video from this hunky muscle stud, and all I can say is WOW !! Joe is a big boy, thickly muscled, with world class forearms & biceps. This guy has a bright future in competitive bodybuilding. He has outstanding genetics, and has a lot of growing years ahead, for a guy that's only 18 years old. Joe delivers his video's very fast. He does everything I request. He is genuinely, eager to please and is a great poser. But, I think for me, the best part about Joe is his personality. He is polite, honest & a real gentleman. It is very easy to do business with him, and I'll definitely be back for more vids & shows. I highly recommend Joe Muscle85 *****5 Stars

from davparis [607] on 13 August 2020

wow, this man is just amazing. His muscles are so perfect ! Thanks a lot for that impressive show. What a man ! ...

from Techno12 [2759] on 17 May 2020

I had an issue to address about my video but refuses to respond.

Joe Muscle replied...
I don’t think that’s true. Maybe I didn’t see your message. DM me again so I can return ur money if u are right.

from andrew1989 [65] on 17 May 2020

Joe is an amazing guy, he has big and beautiful body and great personality. He did video just like I had asked him. I highly recomend him!

from yoshi22 [357] on 5 May 2020

He is a tenacious guy, who made the agreed custom video, even with a leg injury. A solid man but also a great poser. If he accepts, I'll be a recurring buyer. Highly recommend

from armmuscles1 [230] on 30 April 2020

Really friendly guy. Beautiful posing

from gibson [615] on 25 April 2020

I like him. Answered quickly and great cooperation. Your physique is fantastic. I like his big muscles and he is really nice. Good work!

from ucl1964 [2775] on 29 March 2020

Sent me a fantastic video. really big biceps!! Quick delivery.

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Age 18
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Shaved
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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