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24, 187cm (6'2"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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Wayne has 14 reviews.

from Mattjames [995] on 17 November 2019

Great guy. Easy to communicate with. Did a great video and exactly what I asked for. Exceptionally muscular body and great look. If you haven't got a video from him yet, you should right away. A 150% recommend.

from Yazmik [290] on 9 November 2019

Hi I ordered a custom video from him. He is a very handsome muscular man, with a beautiful face. Communication with him was very good and he did everything I wanted to see. Video was clean in HD quality too. He is an honest and serious man and paying was easy. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this man. Thank you it was amazing!

from Fzpanda [1390] on 31 October 2019

Ordered a 100 eu custom from this model. For this price , you would expect some type of professionalism. But nope, the next day, I was told he can only do half of the video, which I agreed to; then the following day, I was told that he can’t even do half that day, but he will film the next day. One week after, nothing. I gave him 2 stars instead of 1 because he refunded 80% of my payment. But what a joke and time waster !

Wayne replied...
I sent u back all money and i explained u i cant do your request !!!

from petemac [840] on 29 October 2019

Already had a great show with Wayne, so I decided to have him do a custom video. He got it to me the next day and fulfilled my requests perfectly. His body is phenomenal, real top quality muscle and a good performer. Highly recommend!

from toughveins [285] on 25 October 2019

Wayne is super responsive and ripped! He sent me the video real quick. His body is phenomenal and make sure you guys don't miss it!

from harlanny [8396] on 24 October 2019

I was scammed by his fake profile, I don't know why my previous post was removed, I didn't appreciate that and makes me wonder about the value of reviews on here. After being scammed I then found his correct skype profile for the real Wayne to purchase some pre-made videos. I found him not to be very empathetic and he set a very high price for already existing content.

Wayne replied...
A bad review just becasue i didnt want to make 4 vids at very cheap price ...very rude!!!

from Musclelover11 [1126] on 21 October 2019

I just had my first video from Wayne. He is amazingly nice and very easy to deal with and I got my video within 24hours.

The video was outstanding, he is a work of art, sculpted like a Greek god, insane ripped physique and he is also very very handsome. I felt so small, weak and drooled at his pefection and verbal dominance. I will definitely come back for more.

Also please beware of the fake waynestar90. - with a dot. He is a scammer and I almost fell for him. Don't make the mistake of paying a loser who make it a job to scam and catfish others.

from petemac [840] on 21 October 2019


This stud is in incredible shape! Tall, ripped and solid. He is easy to work with and knows how to show off his huge muscles. 100% prime muscle god for sure!

from Sparkle12425 [428] on 20 October 2019

damn sexy first ever cam show with this incredible hunk.wow!! im so amaze how nice and beautiful he looks on cam.He flexes his sexy ripped muscles that makes u dont wanna look away he an alpha and will make u feel impress. highly recommended.

from Francis [910] on 20 October 2019

Had my first great show with Wayne. Amazing body, ripped, muscular body & shredded physique especially his handsome face will melt your soul. he love flexing and showing off, makes sure you enjoyed the show and does whatever you ask for. I just can't stop watching him. Highly recommended. Definitely will come back for another show soon.

from zipper [1555] on 20 October 2019

I ordered my first custom pics from him and wow! He was extremely good and his body and face are beyond perfection!! He is very honest and very nice to me. Highly recommended!!

from surfahripz16 [1077] on 20 October 2019

Wayne is another member of the New Generation of serious gymrats ... and aesthetically he is at the top of the list of promising BBs.

He is very friendly to talk to and unlike some other TBFers I've met he didn't call me a "timewaster" just because I wanted more than the routine flexing (even though I enjoy muscle worship just as much as the next person here).

So I asked for a live Skype cam show and the European delivered the role-play with a spot-on cock-hard performance. More importantly, he played the role as if he was born for it, as I think domination is in his DNA.

Definitely honest and a 5***** TBF new member who (if he keeps serious about his muscle development) will be welcoming a lot of new online worshipers.

from Aala [144] on 19 October 2019

I had my first show with him and I can only say that he is perfect. An absolutely perfect body and so nice to deal with. He has a charming smile and a voice that makes me weak. He did everything I asked him to do. I will definitely come back.

from SteveShay10185 [625] on 19 October 2019

Speechless. Just finished a session with him, he is perfection. Body and face are stunning. Very interactive on a live cam show. He will deliver any fantasy you have. Total muscle god, model like sculpted, powerful body, handsome face.

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Age 24
Height 187cm (6'2")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mixed


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