Calin God

Im the definition of next level of dominance,in that world are 2 types of person who domine and who is dominated,and i am the best dominator

19, 190cm (6'3"), 117kg (257 lbs)

Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Im the definition of next level of dominance,in that world are 2 types of person who domine and who is dominated,and i am the best dominator


Hot Sweaty Flexing

Hot Sweaty Flexing

Calin God

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Bicep Peaks

Bicep Peaks

Calin God

SALE! $22.49 $24.99


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About me

First question,who i am?For first i am a simply god,i am everything you want,i can do everything i want without fear cause im a truly alpha male.I can take everything i want when i want,this is the norm for me.I did not understand why others feared me and feared my actions HOWEVER when I started to realize that my ruthless way of living was the reason I was feared, I started to take advantage of it.I was the go to guy when someone had an issue, I took care of those that needed protection without any attachment. Anyone at anytime is capable of turning so I am always alert and will handle situations the way real MEN handle situations. To sum this up, you are either born ruthless or you aren’t, it’s as simple as that. I perfect everything I come across, it took me less than a year to reach the top of The amount of reviews I have is like no other. I keep a very muscular aesthetic shape all year round without any drugs, I like the feeling of dominating someone at their own game while they are using the drug advantage. Taking charge is my way of life, it is what brings me joy. There is no tolerance for an excess of estrogen from a man which seems to be very common these days. Too much estrogen NOT enough Androgen.

Im available all the timeunless i go to the gym,or i eat,or when i sleep


Meet me

I'm available to meet in Cluj Napoca, Romania.


from jf1989 [220] on 19 July 2019

Total scammer. Requested a live show and we discussed what I wanted from the show. I sent payment and he sent me a pre-recorded video (he claims I wasn't clear enough saying I wanted a live show) which contained none of what I had requested anyway. Definitely one to avoid.

from trebazz [1941] on 12 July 2019

Promised me a video if I took my review down. He said he'd do it after the gym but it's been over a day and I haven't received anything. Blocked me from Skype, refused to refund me. Not the best person to be giving your money to right now if I'm being honest. I think it's because of the steroids.

from daddyBigcocK [65] on 10 July 2019

I have had many live cam shows with this guy and he is the best model i have meet here, friendly, good talk, hot muscle..i dont get neg review maybe same person?? Who knows but i rate this guy 10+

from harlanny [5496] on 7 July 2019

Purchased a video from Calin God, very nice,guy no bs, quick and delivered what I requested. He is obviously working hard to improve his physique and get even bigger. It is clear he is making fast gains and passionate about his training. I look forward to seeing how his physique evolves in the future. We will do business again.

from daddyBigcocK [65] on 23 June 2019

Despite sum of the reviews here I can only write based on my experience with Calin. He has always been prompt to reply, easy to talk to and willing to discuss your needs. Hes is friendly, the live show is hot and I cant get enough.

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Age 19
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 117kg (257 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


Location Cluj Napoca, Romania
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